Wood Business Ideas Best 20 Profitable Startup Opportunities In India

Wood Business Ideas Best 20 Profitable Startup Opportunities

Are you looking for a business in woodworking? Here are Wood Business Ideas that you can choose from.

In the latest years, wooden furniture has increased demand for itself in modern designs. The wooden furniture is available in teak, sal, cedar, and rosewood mostly. We can react to the changes that have started so far in the furniture market. India’s furniture market is becoming organized now.

From developing infrastructure to housing projects, wood is in demand everywhere. This generates growth in the market. Since the competition is increasing, we can buy low-cost wooden furniture in the country.

Latest Wood Startup Plans For Entrepreneurs

Woodworking is a traditional industry. It is existing since the early years. Now it is among the fast-growing industries in the world.                                           

Woodworking and wood carvings are the early age industry and one of the fastest-growing industries in any developed and developing economy. If you want to enter this industry and are not sure which one to start, find here a list of the most profitable low-cost woodworking business ideas.

Apart from mainstream wooden furniture,  wooden handicraft also possesses a vast cultural and ethnic diversity which a wood worker applies to a range of themes, techniques, and crafts. Much of this growth is used as fuel by the huge demand for the domestic market and access to modern machinery to meet this demand.

Technology up-gradation & capacity expansion is a strong focus area today for the woodworking business entities in India. Start a wood business and make handsome earning. Sell wood from home and get orders of the consignment that you have to ship.

Latest 20 Profitable Wood Work Plans

Wooden Pencil Manufacturing Plan

The wooden pencil has a huge demand in the market. There you can start pencil manufacturing business in India. Students, artists, and teachers use them maximum. HB and 2B pencils are popular these days. In the era of smart technology, pencils have a good demand. Entrepreneurs must come up with new ideas for manufacturing pencils and luring kids.

Focusing on quality and cost is primarily important. One can start wooden pencil manufacturing projects on a small and large scales. You can sell the pencils directly in the schools because nowadays, schools give stationery to students during admissions.

We can start an export business of wooden pencils also. The increasing population and strength of students are the reason for the success of pencil startups. Startup of pencil manufacturing can earn you high profits.

Bamboo Sticks Startup Ideas

Bamboo is evergreen plant of the grass family and raw material for various other products. It is a forestry product that produces wood too. The countries where bamboo is famous as trees are the ones that use it for the wood purposes only.

You can start a bamboo crafts business using bamboo sticks and sell items of craft online and offline. Craft making with bamboo is a small-scale startup opportunity in India. The best business of wood that you can start from home is crafted with bamboo. It is a stress-free setup. Bamboo shoot is very useful as you can start bamboo shoot pickles business and sell it in the market.

Being eco-friendly and durable business, bamboo sticks are in great demand. As a business opportunity, you can sell bamboo sticks to other business men who make useful products from it and make money.

For more information read: Bamboo Sticks Project Report

Career In Wood Recycling Business

Timber Recycling Business is a term that helps to make useful products of wood from the waste wood. Every waste product can be useful if there is intention to use them. Many countries like Australia and Newzealand, effort to re-use waste items and among them one is wood.

You can make useful wood from the old one that is environmentally friendly too. You can save trees by recycling wood and save the environment along with making profits for your self. Wood recycling business is highly profitable if you manufacture chip boards, fibreboard, etc. Your business can get government assistance because you are helping the country save wood resources.

Largest benefit of wood recycling opportunities is reducing space that is filled with dumplings of wood. Therefore start environment friendly business with open-minded approach and make money.

Plywood Manufacturing

Ply manufacturing business is a large scale business set up. It is made from the thin layers like stacking wood. This is engineered wood that is useful to make furniture and wardrobes. The plywood has wood fiber sheets too. The ply is helpful in making many items of wood from furniture to interiors are also done with plyboards. The cost of plyboards is high and you will be glad to know that India is the largest manufacture of plywood in Asia. Thus the demand of plywood is high in the market. Henceforth, you can set up a plywood industry and sell the plyboards and make large profits from large scale ply setup.

How to start Wood Carving Business

Wood carving startup allows you to make beautiful designs on wood using different tools that help you carve ethnic designs on wood. It is the talent of an artist who can create beautiful designs on wood. Patterns are very common on doors, tables, chairs, etc. That is all wood carving.

Skill and experience is needed to do wood carving beautiful designs. The small tools can make beautiful sculptures and figures of wood. You can start sculpture-making business on large scale by carving wood business ideas. There is hige scope of wood carving business in India because not everyone can do it.

With this startup of wood carving for entrepreneurs, you can make simple furniture look elegant. Elegant things are sold at high prices in India and abroad. Therefore start this venture and earn high profits. All you need to do is to keep the skilled workers on salaried basis. The contracts you get for wood designing at homes, pay you to advance.

You can use this advance to give salary to your employees and the remaining is your profit.

Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Opportunity- Small Scale Business Idea

A profitable business of wood for men in India is the wooden furniture business in which you can make the best designs of wooden furniture and sell them.

Wooden furniture is required in every house. Not only this people keep buying so much stuff on daily basis that they don’t get place to store it. This demands wooden almirah in the houses. Again a profitable wooden almirah business in India gets a hike in sales.

Wooden furniture making is a wide term in which you can make TV Units of wood near me, Almirah of wood, beds, sofas, chairs, etc. If you want to start making furniture in 1 niche then choose wooden tables as the raw material used is sell and sale is more.

You need to consider the setup place and go ahead with this business. Online selling of a business is also in trend. People are crazy about buying online items of wood that don’t cost them high. You can start online trading of wood furniture and capture the market with no stop. You can get crores of customers who will be ready to buy your latest furniture designs.

Start A Candle Holder Business

A very lucrative wood business idea is candle holder makes. The best opportunity for entrepreneurs in India is candle holder manufacturing. You can start this business on a small scale and later capture the wide market by growing it steadily.

A candle holder business requires very less wood to make one stand. Couples who love candlelight dinners do buy them. In hotels and restaurants too, the demand is high. Customers buy the holders for candles as decorative pieces too. Therefore you have a wide market to capture.

Sell Woodworking Equipment and Supplies

Sell the equipment the wood workers require and make money. Selling wood supplies is a profitable startup idea. The reason behind this is the demand for wood items nearby. If you are living in an area where there is less requirement for these items. You need not worry. As there is huge demand for woodworking equipment online, you can sell them there.

Start woodwork supplies business as part-time or full time with a small investment and make good income. You can later expand the entire unit for wood supplies and capture the target audience on a large scale.

I would recommend you to start the sale of wood tools in a busy market so that you catch the local customers.

Woodworking Tutorials- Wood Business Idea Without Investment

If you are skilled and wish to teach somebody who wants to learn the art of furniture making. You can start a woodworking tutorial and earn money. You will get a number of students in your locality who might join you to learn carpentry in easy ways. This is the best wood business idea to make money without investment.

As you know this is the era of online. Therefore if you wish to start woodwork youtube channel you will get millions of viewers who are interested to learn carpentry. You can even create your vlogs and post them on youtube. The skilled labor can see your vlogs for more designs and you can make money sitting at your home.

Prepare a short-term woodwork course and sell it online. Students might approach you to teach them. You can earn high profits, trust me.

Online Wooden Furniture

Many wood entrepreneurs in India are selling the wooden furniture online. The online platform has given better opportunities to all the small-scale traders of wood to establish their business on a large scale.

All you need to do is create attractive wood items, advertise online and sell them to the customers sitting in different countries. Selling wooden items online is a great business idea because you need not spend more money on promoting your items. The best idea for online wood products selling is crafts work because people are crazy about them and buy your items quickly.

Start the online wood furniture sale and earn money by raising demand of your products online.

Laboratory Furniture Business Plan

One of the most versatile materials for furniture is wood. It is evergreen and in use everywhere. The wood furniture once made requires polishing, thus making the product look beautiful.

Laboratory furniture is both attractive and functional. It is designed in a manner it is used for performing tasks on it, on daily basis. Therefore the wood preferred is rough and tough.

The laboratory bench surface is made with proper finishing. It includes casework, benches, fume hoods, tables, etc. The Indian wooden industry has expanded by 35%. Therefore there is demand for laboratory furniture in that as well. Since the competition is high, your designs must be unique, your material should be good so that you can win over your competitors.

The demand for lab furniture in India is high, so this is one of the best wood business ideas for entrepreneurs to start.

Wooden Tooth Pick Manufacturing Business Idea

Toothpick is a small stick made of bamboo and wood. People use a toothpick to take out the detritus stuck in our teeth, which irritates us. We use toothpicks to eat fruit chats or snacks. The toothpick is a small-scale wood business idea for women. You can start it at your home even.

Market for toothpick is high and it is a daily consumable item. Therefore wooden tooth pick business is highly profitable. The per unit cost of a toothpick is very less. Therefore you can start a toothpick manufacturing unit and sell them to hotels, restaurants, street stalls, and departmental stores. The brand has nothing to take from toothpicks.

People take it seeing it is a toothpick and not its brand. You can sell toothpicks online also. Toothpicks can be exported to other countries as well to promote foreign exchange. Therefore wood business idea to start an export business is toothpick manufacturing.

Automatic Match Box Manufacturing

Matchbox is a product made from wood is very useful in kitchens. They come in different sizes and packing. One can consume them at homes and offices on daily basis. They are used in industries and temples too.

All-purpose match boxes are made of the paper boxes whereas the match stick carriers are also made using paper. Match sticks are commonly used in India but there is little scope of match stick exports. Thus you can easily start match box manufacturing business in India.

Therefore I recommend you manufacture match sticks and sell them in India only. You can also sell match sticks online too.

Wood Blog Business

Do you have complete knowledge of wood or are you a wood maker? If yes, you can start writing about latest business ideas of wood or recycling of wood online. All you need is to have knowledge and passion for writing. This is one of the best wood business ideas without investment for students.

Not only students, but wood blog business idea for men also is the best venture to start. Therefore keep posting blogs about wooden furniture on your website and attract traffic to earn money. Your target audience can be the public looking for the latest wood furniture designs, artists who want to make the latest furniture carving, or the information seekers on furniture.

Thus you can write keeping in mind the interest and queries of the readers’ ad create your content and promote it.

Wooden Pen Manufacturing Business

These days wooden pens are the main attraction among pens in the market. Since these pens look attractive, therefore they are trending nowadays. People love to receive gifts. You can gift customized wooden pens to your friends and family on special occasions. You can start wooden pen manufacturing business if you are already running pen manufacturing business in India.

You can start small-scale wooden pen manufacturing business on a medium scale and buy pens in bulk and customize them to sell in the market. This way you are a wooden pen retailer. You can be a pen manufacturer in the wood industry if you invest in the business on a large scale and install the wooden pen manufacturing machinery and required tools.

Buy woodworking tools and start the business on small scale and later expand it.

Sell Wooden Decor Items | Wall Hangings

You can start selling wooden décor items by manufacturing photo frames, vase, planers, jewellery boxes, toys etc. Wooden décor items get ready at less cost. Therefore you can start it as small-scale business and sell them to your customers. They can forward them as gifts to their friends.

Identification of the taste of the local public can take your business to another height. Wall Hangings are a common item for sale. You can design them in different sizes and styles and thus earn accordingly.

Selling wooden items is a lucrative opportunity, especially the wall hangings. You can hence grab this opportunity and sell wood items online.

Wooden Sitting Arrangements Business

People these days decorate their homes beautifully. The reason behind this is that people do not have time to explore new places frequently due to their busy life.

They feel at least one corner of the house should be a photo genic place or peace-giving. Therefore the public looks for wooden sitting arrangement in their balconies or terrace where they can spend quality time with their loved ones.

You can start a wooden sitting arrangement startup where you design special areas in houses with décor and seating. Using simple woodwork tools you can create sitting space and earn a lot of money. This is again a lucrative wood business idea with little or no investment.

Furniture Rentals Service

Furniture rentals is an attractive business idea in India especially in urban areas. There is a running trend of hiring furniture on Rent during special occasions. The reason behind this is that people usually have small houses so there is less space to buy and keep furniture that is used less.

When there is an occasion they raise demand for the needed furniture and get it arranged, Hence you can help them by providing furniture on rent in India. You can start an online furniture rental service and your customers can contact you. You can earn from your furniture and make good money. This is among the best wooden business ideas that do not require manufacturing.

Lap work Area Maker- Laptop Tables Manufacturing | Study Table Making Business 

Lap work Area Maker might be a new word for a number of people reading this article. Well, let me clear it. Working professionals need laptop tables for working while they are at home. This has increased demand for wooden laptop tables worldwide.

Laptop tables help to prevent us from medical problems. Therefore it is a must-buy an item if you are a professional and work on a laptop.

It is seen that working mothers make their kids sit next to them and teach. The students put their notebooks and write. Well, this is a wrong gesture. It is mandatory for such parents and students to buy wooden study tables for their kids so that they can sit and write comfortably while you are working next to them.

Therefore, the manufacturer of wooden items can make wooden study tables to sell online and offline along with making wooden laptop tables to sell in the market. The rise in demand for these items has given work opportunities to a number of skilled jobless workers.

Broom Manufacturing Business

Broom sticks are a useful item in every household. They are used for cleaning. You can start broom-making ventures and sell brooms. They have a great demand in the market. So you can make excellent profits from this startup. Broom Making Business has huge demand in India because it is a necesary item everywhere.

Broom is made with bamboo which we get from wood. So among all the plans mentioned in wood business ideas, it is the best.


Well these were the best ideas for profitable wood business opportunities that you have if you wish to start a new business. We hope our research was helpful in making up your mind for the best wood startup plan. You can read wood business ideas in Hindi on our website here.

Frequently Asked Questions On Wood Business Ideas
Is wooden business profitable?

Ofcourse wooden business is profitable. The reason behind it is the unique designs that are made and sold by the artists who carve on the wood. People are really fond of wood items that they can use to decorate and therefore the demand for this business is high. Hence, it is a profitable startup idea.

What wooden items sell well?

If i talk about the most sold wooden items then I would name a few like wooden wall hangings that people buy online, along with some photo frames and other decorative items. You will really appreciate the wooden crockery that people are fond of these days as it it the latest trending wood item sold in the market.

How can i make money with wood?

You can make money with wood by reading all our ideas that we have mentioned in our wooden business ideas article. One can earn money when you become entrepreneur of wood items. We can manufacture or provide wooden furniture services to your customers to satisfy them.

What woodworking project is most profitable?

All the wood working projects that you start are profitable. The reason for it is the demand of wood items in the country. The carving of wood is the most profitable venture of wood because people really admire and appreciate the hard work an artist does in it.

Where can I start wood business in India?

You can start wood business in India anywhere in the country. It has a wide scope throughout the nation. Raw material is also available everywhere buy you must try to avail it as the cheap rate. Grab the raw material from anywhere you find of good quality and less rate.

How can i start wood business in India?

You can start wood business by arranging the required capital for your business. You can arrange more capital and start large scale wooden startup or use less capital and go for small scale wood business opportunities available to you. The entrepreneur whether big or small, the profit making is always good in selling wooden items.

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