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Bamboos, which belong to the Poaceae family, are among the most versatile multipurpose forest tree grasses. Bamboos are found worldwide, with over 1250 species. However, they are mostly found in Southeast Asia. They are known to have over 1500 uses and are regarded as one of the world’s most economically significant plants.

The use of young bamboo shoots as food is a common practice. Bamboo shoots are low in fat and calories but high in fibre and water (approximately 90%). The months of June to October are the busiest for bookings. When the shoots reach a height of 15- 16 cm, they are normally harvested. Bamboo shoots are eaten raw or cooked due to their distinctive flavour and taste. Bamboo shoots are high in nutrients and active materials like vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants such flavones, phenols, and steroids.

Because of its abundant bamboo genetic resources, Northeast India’s bamboo shoot industry has a bright future. The current detailed project study was created with the prospective market opportunity of such units in mind. The major goal of such an endeavour is to make efficient use of the numerous resources available in the local area and to provide a year-round supply of products to market. Natural bamboo resources have been severely depleted due to habitat degradation and widespread usage of bamboos for food, handicraft, and construction.

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Project Description 

The new proposal entails the installation of a Bamboo Shoot Processing Unit at an appropriate site. The following are the main products of the planned project:

  • Bamboo Shoot Pickle
  • Bamboo Shoot Canned

Given the immense potential for value addition, the preparation of diverse bamboo shoot-based products is still traditional, local, and unstructured. This necessitates the creation of appropriate technologies and businesses for the preservation of bamboo shoots in various forms. It will cover the economic and ecological elements of bamboo and the region’s food security and nutritional problems.

Man, Material and Machine requirements will have a direct impact on the project so, it will be taken care of. The raw materials for the new proposal would be sourced locally. And the products prepared would then be sent to the market via distributors, wholesalers, and retailers after processing.

Market Opportunity 

Bamboo is becoming more popular because of its attractive look, strength, and hardness and its quick growth cycle and ability to be harvested sustainably. The bamboo market has a bright future. These latest advancements have opened up new possibilities for bamboo markets in rural development and poverty reduction efforts. The rise of near-source value-adding in modern supply chains, in particular, raises the sector’s economic impact on poor rural areas.

Apart from private families, restaurants, caterers, and other caterers have a high need for processed bamboo shoots. Consumer packs can be sold in convenience stores and supermarkets, and big packs can be sold to bulk customers.

The NE region, which is India’s most significant producer of bamboos, has a promising future for the bamboo shot business. However, for the time being, bamboo shoot production is primarily for local consumption. If correctly formed, the local bamboo shoot business would aid in the socio-economic development of the region and provide significant revenue for the government. However, effective marketing methods should be devised to maximise revenues by making bamboo shoot products available to many potential clients both inside and outside of the country.

Good quality maintenance, promotional campaigns such as offering special discounts, referrals, advertising, and partnering with buying houses could all be part of the proposed project’s marketing strategy.

Major Focus

The project will become a major focus because-

  • Livelihoods and income generation- The people will earn income and profit from the industry, living nearby during harvest season.
  • Economic revitalisation and job creation for the local community- This initiative will provide work in the surrounding area, particularly during harvest seasons. The majority, particularly women and the elderly, will find work.
  • Technical up-grading and innovation- Develop and implement new skills and processing technologies to raise the level of the processed food business, better-processed food quality, and even improve the food processing system. Therefore, rising resource efficiency and profits for long-term sustainable development.

Composition of Bamboo Shoot

The following is an example of a typical fresh bamboo shoot composition:

  • Moisture content- 88.80%
  • Protein- 3.90 per cent
  • Fat- 0.50 percent
  • Minerals account for 1.10 per cent of the total
  • Carbohydrates- 5.70 per cent
  • Calorie content- 43.00 Kcal

Things to Know before Processing of Bamboo Shoots-

Bamboo Shoots are sensitive bamboo plants 20-30 cm long, thin to a point, and weigh more than 1 kg; their size and weight vary greatly depending on location, soil depth and nutrition, watering and drainage conditions, rainfall, temperature, and soil fertility.

Bamboo Shoot species have been studied, compared, and published in detail. Bamboo shoots are abundant in potassium, carbs, and dietary fibres but low in fats and cholesterol. Shoots contain the cyanogenic glycoside taxiphyllin, which is bitter and must be leached or cooked for 8-10 minutes before eating.

Manufacturing Process-

  • Bamboo Shoot Pickle: “Bamboo shoots pickled” are prepared from young bamboo shoots mixed with the right spices in a small amount of oil. It can be kept in brine for a long time. When needed, pickled bamboo shoots are taken from the brine and utilised in cooking.
  • Bamboo Shoots Pickles Processing Techniques: Bamboo Shoots Pickles Processing begins with washing, cleaning, slicing, and trimming the shoots, then boiling for 10-15 minutes and keeping in a glass/bamboo container solution with 5% salt and 1% citric acid with an appropriate starter culture. The right ingredients and oil are then added and carefully blended. The container mouth is then tightly sealed and left under anaerobic conditions for a set period depending on the product.
  • Canning of Bamboo Shoot: “Canned bamboo shoot” is a product made from edible bamboo shoot packed in a packing medium with or without food additives and heat-processed before or after being sealed in a container to avoid spoiling or kill unwanted microbes.

Canning Bamboo Shoots Processing Techniques: Bamboo shoots have a high water content, which encourages the growth of unwanted microorganisms. The canning process helps reduce rancidity and inhibit the growth of microorganisms in bamboo shoots, allowing the products to last longer. Bamboo shoots are cut from the head and tail of the plant.

The bamboo shoots are chopped, sliced, and graded before being boiled, drained, and canned. The cans are filled with a salt solution that is allowed to evaporate. Cans are packed and retorted at a temperature of 100-230 degrees Celsius. Labelling and packing are completed when the cans have cooled.

Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report  

Project Report Table of Contents

Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose Of The Document
2Introduction  With Images
3Project Description
4Market Prospect
5Process Flow Diagram
6Quality Control
8Consumables, Power And Utility
9Installed Capacity
10Basis And Presumptions
11Project At A Glance
12Plant & Machinery
13Projected Balance Sheet
14Projected Profitability Statement
15Cash Flow Statement
16Computation Of Manufacturing
17Closing Stock
18Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
19Break Up of Labour
20Break Up of Salary
22Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
23Calculation of D.S.C.R
24Computation of Sale
26Break Even Point Analysis

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.


The Bamboo project will be a significant driver of rural development and reducing poverty. Whereas the Bamboo Shoot is accessible to simple processing methods to produce high value-added products. People are becoming more health-conscious and prefer healthier cuisine as their living standards improve in the country.

Although the country produces various pickles, bamboo shoot pickle is less common in the market due to the limited quantity of bamboo shoot pickles produced and its seasonal harvest.

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