Top 50 Small Business Ideas for Women in India in 2022

Top 50 Small Business Ideas for Women in India in 2022

Are you a woman who can’t live without her passion? Ever thought of being an entrepreneur? Do you think that 2022 can be your year? If your answer to all these questions is yes then we are here to update you on some of the best small business ideas for women in India in 2022. Are you worried about the funds?

Do you think a start-up will be expensive? To clear the air, not all start-ups need a great deal of money. The small business industry is something that we will expose to you today. All the below-mentioned small business ideas are very affordable as they require little to no investment. Let us learn about these 50 ideas one by one with the requirements, trends, and their scope.

List of Best Small Startup Business Ideas for Women

To help women start small businesses, we have compiled a list of the best business opportunities for 2022.

1) Paper Crafts Making:

Some people look for special things to gift. One of the things that can make others go ‘aww’ and cherish your gift can be papercrafts. We see a lot of greetings, scrapbooks, explosion boxes, and much more on the internet these days. This is one of the coolest small business ideas for women in India in 2022. Making paper crafts needs a minimal amount of investment as all you need to spend is on craft supplies. You can recover that very easily from the selling price with utmost profits.

You can ask your customers to pay for the delivery costs. For setting up a workshop, you just need your room cleaned up and social media accounts to promote your work. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook will be apt for the purpose. In this way, paper crafts making suits the women who want to work from home and have limited resources.

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2) Merchandise Store:

Nowadays, we are living in the world of growing anime geeks, growing fandoms, and a great following of movies and television series. We all have heard of the infamous Harry Potter series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994), Naruto, Money Heist, and more. What we do not know is that the people are passionate about collecting the props and merchandise from the show they are in love with.

If you open a merchandise store, one can only imagine its success in this scenario. The investment in this unique best Startup idea for women will bring you success. You can earn from home and just take help from the resources available on the Internet to get your hands on the merchandise or to create them on your own.

Successful Home Based Opportunities for Ladies

To help women start a successful home-based small business, we present a list of opportunities.

Candle Making Business Idea for Women

3) Candle Making:

Candles might sound boring and non-promising, but that is not the case. We are using candles more than light these days. They serve as beautiful decorations, showpieces, fragrance providers, and so on. People are following trends to propose and celebrate things in candle lights. We often find beautifully decorated candles in shops and they dazzle us. The fragrant candles are heavily used in aromatherapies and baths. If you are a woman who knows the art of candle making then all you need to invest in is wax, molds, and a couple of other supplements and you are good to go.For more information please read detailed business plan of Candle Manufacturing.

Soap Making Business Idea for Women
4) Soap Making:

Soaps are a daily need product. However, the demand for homemade natural soaps is rising day by day. It can be a blooming small business idea for women in India in 2022 as the demand is global. Women who are from chemistry backgrounds just need to invest in soap-making materials. As for the packaging, subtle and minimal packaging is all you need. The quality of the soap will be the key to the success of your business. You can use different social media platforms to promote your products and get yourself a website. Hence, soap making is yet another small business idea for women in India in 2022 that will be a success plan for you.

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5) Jewelry Making:

Indian handicrafts are unmatched in the world market. They are not unique, but also represent the deep and thick cultures of our country. There are diverse styles in them too. If you have the skills to design and make jewelry at home, then nothing can stop you. However, you need a little investment in beads, strings, and other kinds of jewelry-making raw materials. We all are well aware of how expensive handmade pieces of jewelry are, so you can easily earn multiples of your investment. Handmade pieces of jewelry are trending and this small business idea for women in India in 2022 can take their popularity to the pinnacle.

Bags Making Business Idea for Women
6) Bag Making:

We use bags at least a couple of times a day. With the concern of environmental pollution, plastic bags are now not used as much as before. People are becoming aware of their actions that can negatively affect the environment. Considering all these facts, the demand for cloth, jute, and paper bags is ascending with each passing day. So doesn’t this give us another great small business idea for women in India in 2022? In the name of investment, all you need is cloth, jute, or paper. The better and sturdier bags you make, the smoother your entrepreneurial life goes. They might sell at a cheap rate but they always go out in bulk and will always bring good returns. Housewives can easily start a bag-making business.

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7) Embroidery:

It is a beautiful form of handwork that can make any piece of cloth extraordinary. Other than embroidering clothes and other apparel, people use this art for decors. People make wall hanging, hoops, and other types of home decoratives using embroidery. You can start with almost zero investment and earn a lot with this small business. For exhibiting your work, social media is best. This small business idea for women in India in 2022 suits the women who know needlework and have some expertise in it. These kinds of home decorations are attention grabbers and have a great scope of development shortly. Do you still have double thoughts? For guidance, you can always turn to sources present on the Internet.

8) Clothing brand:

If you are someone with a knick for designing, this small business idea for women in India in 2022 is for you. You can start your couture with beautiful self-made designs and tailor them. Your Made in India label is a great start for the country too. As we know that the country is moving towards self-reliance this opens several gates for you to grow and eliminates several competitors. You will require a room or studio to start your business and the raw materials. However, once your brand comes into the light of popularity and consumers feel like buying them, you are in for a ride.

9) Accessories Brand:

Besides clothing, there are accessories like shoes, bands, belts, and whatnot. These are the options that you can consider to grow in. Any of these small business ideas for women in India in 2022 can be your fit. Your knowledge of their manufacturing will be the biggest investment. Other than that, you will need things like leather, hooks, and other such things as raw material. But why will there be a good deal when there are several brands already out there? The key is uniqueness in designs and pricing techniques. You will always make profits even smaller profits count in the start.

Salon Business Idea for Women
10) Salon:

It is one of the most popular and trending small businesses that Indian women are seen running. This makes it a full-fledged go for 2022 as well. You can do a course on beauticians and then you can start your salon. You will get paid for your skills and the only investment is the space for setting up the salon, electricity bill, and other types of equipment. The more services you include, the more people you attract. Your work finishing will also affect the profits you make. Besides, you can charge your customers for the services you like.

11) Bakery:

Are you someone who bakes incredibly well? Do people love cakes, pastries, cupcakes, or anything else baked by you? If the answer is yes, then this small business idea for women in India in 2022 is for you.

Confectionery items are always wanted around us. Back in the days, only weddings and birthdays required a cake, but now, anniversaries, achievements, and much more need a cake for the celebration. You will need to invest in the raw materials for the things you make and a small shop you want to set up. Besides, you can open a home-based bakery as well. With practice, you will learn how to decorate cakes and other things if you do not know already. The prices of confectionery items are always based on how they look, so it demands your skills for a high return on investment. For more information read bakery project report.

12) Restaurant:

In India, we have various food cultures and food enthusiasts in every house. People are never tired of eating out, especially when there is a restaurant nearby. Do you think that your culinary skills can win hearts? In that case, restaurants are the best idea for small businesses for you. You can easily set up one near you and be the head chef. However, there will be some initial investment like the place to set up the restaurant, furniture, kitchenware, helpers, and a few more things. Still, your returns will be enough to make you profits if your food is liked by the customers. Read our project report for more details on the restaurant.

13) Pickel Making:

Traditionally, every Indian home has its recipes for different types of pickles. They mix and match the spices and herbs to bring natural and mind-blowing flavors. Indian pickles are known worldwide and people across the globe look for handmade pickles. In this case, a small business idea for women in India in 2022 gets born. This business suits best the women who want to be based at home for their homes for their start-up. Your investment will be on the raw materials to make the order, you can also ask for an advance if the order is big.

14) Cafe:

Cafes and bistros are trending for the last couple of years. If you know coffee and another beverage making, setting up a cafe can be the best choice. The latte’s with art sells at sky-high price and the pay is for the skill that you have. It means you get incredible profits from a little investment. Cafes require almost the same amount and structure of investment as restaurants. This can be considered as a fancy small business idea for women in India in 2022. So if you have learned this skill then you can start right away. Besides, if you are passionate to learn, you can start learning about coffee now and start your business with updated knowledge.

15) Content Writing:

One of the best work-from-home opportunities for women who want to start or resume working and are interested in writing. There are more than a thousand freelance opportunities in this field for you to grab. You need no investment to start content writing except for an internet connection and laptop, PC, or even a smartphone. All these are already in our lives, so the investment becomes zero. However, the pay for write-ups is very high. Your hobby of writing and researching will be a boon to you and bring unseen profits through content writing. Doesn’t this make it an incredible small business idea for women in India in 2022?

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16) Proofreading:

After content writing, one needs to edit the content. The person who edits the write-ups and does the grammar and fluency correction is known as a content editor or a proofreader. This is something that you can easily do from your home and you will need your knowledge in the grammatical syntax. In the name of investment, you will need the same resources as a content writing start-up. For those who want to work part-time from their home and earn enough money, proofreading is the best option.

17) Blogging:

We surf on the Internet all the time and come across blogs. The people behind those content are called bloggers. To become a blogger on a particular niche like travel, food, entertainment, or anything else, you have to pen down or make a video of what you think about a related topic. Then comes the publishing and your work is now in front of billions of people who use the Internet every day. To make a career out of blogging, you need a little to zero investment, as publishing content on the web costs nothing. However, for setting up a blogging channel, you need some very easy technical skills. Once your viewer rate grows, you can take on advertising things around you.

18) Online Tutorial:

Online tutorials are growing rapidly after the outbreak of the Covid-19. You can showcase your skills and make tutorials on youtube or platforms like Instagram to attract the audience. If people like your content then you can arrange workshops from time to time and earn more. Your investment will be your talent and the materials you use to exhibit your talent and skills. People are always eager to learn the easier way so your technique matters heavily on your popularity. You will require some exposure through social media sites then you are good to go.

19) Hobby Classes:

People these days want to grow more than what they learn in books. They pay attention to their hobbies and want to groom themselves. Running a hobby class can be the best small business idea for women in India in 2022 as there are only a few classes like that, but the people who want to pursue their hobbies are more in number and increasing every day. If you have a couple or even one big spare room within your house, then you do not even need to spend on the place. Your concern can be the hobby teachers as you can be someone who can teach two-three things. The charges for these classes are hearty and they will cover your investment expenses very easily.

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20) Baby Sitting Nursery:

In this working culture where parents have to be at the office and there is no one to take care of the baby at home, babysitters are the only solution that they seek. However, some are not comfortable with the idea of a stranger in their house. In such cases, babysitting nurseries are popular. You need to makeover a place into a child-friendly playground to keep them engaged while their parents work peacefully in the office. You can charge hourly, day-wise, or in any other form, you like. In a delicate matter like child care, no one takes chances but you still need to keep your prices in check.

Yoga Trainer Business Idea for Women
21) Yoga Trainer:

Yoga is an infamous exercising technique from ancient India. People all around the world look up to our country for yoga practices. It makes being a yoga trainer a great small business idea for women in India in 2022. You can set up your practice center anywhere around you or in your house. Besides you can train people online or in public places like parks. Some people even look for personal yoga trainers, and they are mostly women. So, the scope of success in this field is limitless. If you practice daily, then you can consider this idea.

22) Music Teaching Academy:

Music can be considered a healing tool in a world full of people lacking inner peace. If you are a tuned person and have any experience in the teaching of musical instruments, then this is the idea for you. Opening a Music Teaching Academy is a good choice for women who know how to play classical instruments. It does make a good small business idea for women in India in 2022. You will need to invest in a place or can turn one of the rooms in your house into a music academy. In this way, this business brings maximum profits with the smallest investment.

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23) Dance Instructing Academy:

Besides dancing, people let go of negativity by expressing them. One of the most common ways to express yourself is dancing. If you are a trained classical dancer or have expertise in any other genre like hip-hop, salsa, and so on, you can consider opening a Dance Instructing Academy. You will need a studio of a bigger size for dance practices and maybe an assistant too. However, you can also start slow with teaching online and later open a physical class on demand. This will also increase the chance of your success in the field.

24) Women Sanitary Product Making:

Sanitation is a serious topic. Women bleed every month and to keep themselves clean they use different types of sanitary products. I don’t see the need to explain the scope of this business, but this belongs to our list of Top 50 small business ideas for women in India in 2022. In a small business, you can create products such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and period panties. These products need some investment from the manufacturer but sell at high prices. Also read sanitary napkins project report.

25) Makeup Artist:

Makeup is a non-detachable part of society these days. People from show business are always exposed to makeup and commoners are also used to making up when they need it. This small business idea for women in India in 2022 opens various other makeup doors. For example runaway makeup artist or bridal makeup artist. These are only a few examples. You need some training and take up courses if you are new to this area. However, you can easily find whatever you need on the Internet.

26) Nail Art Studio:

Are you fond of painting nails? Do you also like to draw patterns on them? Did you learn nail art techniques? If you are giving an affirmation to all these questions then opening a nail art studio is your way to success. Every other girl on this planet is in love with nail paints and nail arts on long nails. We can also say that they are a bit obsessed. You do not need much to start this business but only nail paints and decorations. For the studio, you can turn one of the rooms in your house into it. People are ever ready to spend thousands on nail arts, so you can only imagine how successful you can be.

27) Shoe Brand:

After apparel, accessories, and bags shoe brands come next. Footwears are very popular and if we talk about the kind of Indian footwear then there is no bound to the designs of those. Starting your shoe brand can seem challenging in the beginning due to competitors but as soon as you get the hold of things and know how things work, your business will bloom. This can be a curative small business idea for women in India in 2022 with low investment and high profits.

28) Catering Business:

We Indians are fond of celebrations and food at the parties is a compulsion. This shows that catering can be a good start-up for women in India this year. Home-made food is always appreciated and if the caterers are women who rule the kitchen then there is no doubt in the customer’s heart and mind. The investment rate is high due to the best quality of food products one uses but in return, the payment is also very great in this business. In some cases, the caterers get bookings and tips on the same functions and free publicity as well.

29) Juice Stations:

In the times when people do not have time to make vegetables or eat fruits, they have found a delicious way to intake them. Yes, I am talking about juices, smoothies, and crushes. You will find at least two to three juice corners in our nearby market and the demand is still high. This gives us yet another small business idea for women in India in 2022. The investment required will be for fruits, vegetables, a juicer, some utensils, a place to set up the shop, and a few other things. You can easily gain profits from this easy and healthy start-up.

30) Decorating Services:

At parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions are they sad or happy we need decorations. Different decorations can be found as per the occasions and this opens another small business door for women in India. Decorating services require some knowledge of interiors and design with a vision of things. You can always ask for advance for such services that can be used as an investment on the project and then the rest of the payment can be counted as profits. Besides, after a few occasions, you will see that you already have got too many types of decoratives in your store to make an occasion as lively as it has to be.

31) Natural Beauty Product Making:

Beauty products are something that our generation pays special attention to. People are skinning health concerns and think of it as a part of the self-love and self-care process. If you can provide homemade beauty products, you will go insane by looking at your products’ demand. Natural homemade products are considered more trustworthy by the customers when compared to other chemical beauty products. Although you need proper knowledge of the things you are adding and mixing to make a product. They require some basic investment but the finished products sell at high prices.

32) Natural Healthcare Product Making:

Health is considered the prime factor of everyone’s life. We live in a world where supplementary health products are all around us. So why not start your own small business of natural health care products to help people in their self-care endeavors? You can take up this idea and start producing natural health care products at home and sell them online through the Internet and later as per your convenience get a physical store as well.

Tailoring Work from Home
33) Tailoring Business:

Indian women are very surplus when it comes to house chores, they even know the basic tailoring which they learned from their elders. But what if you learned tailoring from a professional? Isn’t it a waste if you don’t put that skill into use? Opening a tailoring boutique will be the best small business idea for women in India in 2022 who know how to stitch. There is little to no investment if you have a stitching machine. Besides, handmade or tailored clothes are charged more than ready-made clothes. Also, people prefer wearing clothes that fit them and tailored clothing suits their taste.

34) Cooking Classes:

Do people often ask for your recipes? If yes, then why not consider starting cooking classes? You can not only share the recipes but also teach and guide people on how to do it. This business is more like tutoring kids and requires no investment. However, you get enough fees to support yourself and become independent. Cooking classes can be the right fit for married women and for those who have kids.

35) Event Planning Business:

There are events taking place every 10 minutes. And every event needs planning and management. If you are an organizer and a person who can make outstanding plans then this job is for you. It is a start-up that you can do straight from your home without stepping outside. This makes this small business idea for women in India in 2022 highly favorable for the women section. You do not need to invest other than your advertisements and get huge profits.

36) Plant Nursery:

Plants are a vital part of our ecosystem. Some people like gardening and are very serious about it. Besides, in India, it is very common to see at least two-three types of plants in every house. In this type of scene, opening a plant nursery can be beneficial. If you like gardening too, then you can easily start this business. You need to invest in manure or fertilizers and pots while the rest is in nature. A small plant costs at least 20-30 rupees which is way more than what you spent on it.

37) Chocolate Making Business:

Chocolates are undeniably a great attraction for every age group. Do you like making chocolates at home? How about starting a business selling homemade chocolates? Yes, homemade chocolates are way more in demand as they convey true desires and one can get them customized as well. So, if you think that you can do a few customizations on your designs and come up with new recipes then the floor is yours.

38) Social Media Influencer:

In the world of social networks, everyone knows who a social media influencer is. You will be amazed by the growth and learning opportunities in the field. If you want to work from home with zero investments and earn thousands in a month, this can be your type of thing. Your confidence and expertise in some niches will make you a good social media influencer. However, you need to be creative and unique in what you do.

39) Digital Marketer:

There are e-commerce websites everywhere. Behind those websites, we have digital marketers who work incredibly to design, market and optimize those sites. The only investment from their end is their knowledge of the technology and current trends. So all you need is that much. After that, you can ask for the amount you find worth the service without any money investment from your end. Isn’t it amazing?

40) Virtual Assistant:

We all know what does an assistant does. However, the pandemic opened various job opportunities like being a virtual assistant. In this role you have to do the work of a regular assistant but through the web and from the comfort of your home. Yes, you read it right. All you need is talking and managing skills and keeping yourself reachable during the agreed working hours. The stipend is almost equal to that of a regular assistant if your performance is good enough.

41) Interior Designer:

Many Indian women have hidden talents like designing interiors. The proof of this is the various home fixtures we see at different homes. If you think that you can design the interiors or you are a professional interior designer, it’s time for you to shine. In 2022, the demand for interior designers is at its peak due to new construction everywhere. You need to invest some research time, skills, and talent of yours to earn four to five figures in a month.

42) Photographer:

Photography is often considered a hobby rather than a serious profession. That is not the case. People are insanely looking for good photographers for their pre-wedding, wedding, baby shower, and similar photoshoots. They also look for destination and modeling photographers. So if you are confident in your skills and ready to invest some time, you are in for a ride. You need to invest in camera lenses, lights, shades, and other such props, but they will be so worth it.

43) Translator:

If you are bilingual or multilingual, this small business idea is for you. Translators and Interpreters are in high demand these days. People are always looking for content to read or listen to, but sometimes, language becomes the barrier. In this case, translators play a key role. This translates one of the most creative small business ideas for women in India in 2022. You need zero investment and can pursue freelance. Besides, the payment for your work is high depending on the language demand.

Laundry Dry clean Startup
44) Laundry and Dry Cleaning:

People are busy these days and do not have time to complete the house chores. Laundry is something that people don’t usually feel like doing. Due to such reasons, laundry services are a fast-growing business these days. If you are thinking of a simple start-up then laundry and dry cleaning services are the best for you. You only need to invest in the electrical bill, washing and dry clean machine, and washing detergents. You can then easily start making money with this service.

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45) Pottery Making:

Indian art crafts represent the ethnic culture of the country. Potteries from India are heavily used as decoratives around the world. The utensils, diyas, sculptures, and other pottery products are of great value due to their aesthetics. In such a situation, pottery making sounds like another small business idea for women in India in 2022. You can start this business in your home. The investment is low when compared to the profits you earn. The painted and designer pottery sells at higher prices than the normal plain potteries.

46) Pet Grooming:

Everyone goes aww when they pass a cute pomeranian or a cute cat. People are always responsible for feeding and keeping their pets healthy and clean. However, some of them go one step ahead and look for pet grooming shops. They like getting cute haircuts for their pets and teaching them small tricks for treats. In this scenario, opening a pet grooming salon will be an amazing small business idea for women in India in 2022. With the right knowledge and little investment, you can get insane profits.

47) Customization Shop:

The word customization grabs the attention of the audience no matter what the scenario around is. You can open a customization shop and create customized T-shirts, cups, pillowcases, and more such items. The craze for such items has no bounds these days. Especially the couples and friends group like to customize things to show their love and bond. You need a few machines and knowledge of technicalities. The customized products sell at a high price in comparison to the making prices.

48) Art Academy:

Drawing, painting, and other art forms are proof of India’s heritage and culture. Due to our diversity, we have different types of art forms in different parts of our country. We can take Mandala and Warli art as examples. These arts serve as beautiful decors and gifting items and hence never go out of trend. Those who are confident and trained in some art forms can start an Art Academy. People are always interested in learning such things. You can start by teaching online and exposing your talent through social networking sites.

49) Knitting Classes:

Woolen items are beautiful and carry grace. However, handmade sweaters, shawls, caps, gloves, and other woolen items give a completely different aura. They radiate love and authenticity. In India, women have often been seen knitting during winters. Do you think that your knitting skills are worth teaching? If you think so, then opening a knitting class is the best idea for your small business. Your skills are the main focus of this business. You can open a physical class, online class, or tutorials on the Internet for the same.

50) Thrift Shop:

Thrifting is trending for more than a few reasons. It is considered eco-friendly, pocket-friendly, and celebs follow it. Opening a thrift store makes you more than a businesswoman, you will be a philanthropist. You will need a little sum of money to start this business and then you can earn it while delivering good quality thrift clothes. You can set up either an online or a physical thrift shop. If you are a person with a sense of fashion then you are halfway down the road.


All the above-mentioned small business ideas for women in India in 2022 are efficient ad a low budget. We focused on different kinds of businesses and tried to make a good blend. Some of them require technical and updated skills, while some need traditional talents. Every idea is unique here and has the scope to grow globally through the Internet. What do you think? We hope that you found your fit in this list and now have a basic idea of how you want to begin your journey as an entrepreneur. If you still have any questions, you can ask us in the comment section.

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