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Our report preparation team makes sure that the report is concise and transmits maximum information with minimum words. It guides you to show a roadmap for your business in the longer term. Every bank always has a look at your project report before they lend out any money. It’s important to have a report that’s clear with simple language, easy to understand and one that will offer a real insight into the business ideas that you have.


Manufacturing of Non Woven Bag Project

In addition, inform us if any modification is required in the report. Thereafter, we will amend the report and make it available to you immediately.

Environmentally friendly bags business, traditional polythene bags, are being banned all over the country, with constant concerns in the environment and safety of the environment. The government along with the citizens are showing their responsibilities for not using such bags day by day.

The situation led to huge production of non-woven carry bags and inspired business people to bring this non-woven carry bag business into full flow. Even the global trade market sees this initiative to generate huge revenue in the least amount of time.

Non-woven carry bags are fully biodegradable and are made from a combination of short and long-form fibers. The bag cannot be considered waterproof but proves to be the safest option for carrying the material. Either we talk about general ration stores, shopping malls, or any other merchandise store, all people are obliged to use non-woven carry bags due to strict government instructions.

Due to people’s dependence on such bags, there is considerable scope in the approach of the respective trade. Beneficial features including recyclability in nature, breathability, auto degradable exposure to sunlight, and non-production of toxic gases at the time of combustion make the product iconic in all aspects.

The eco-friendly bags business helps investors obtain government subsidies in addition to minimum commercial investments. Let us understand the business prerequisites in detail.

How to start a non-woven bag business. Non-woven Cloth Bag Business | Carry Bags Business | Eco-friendly Bag Business:

Non-Woven Bags Business |Non-Woven Fabric Bag Business | Carry bag business | The environmentally friendly bag business never demands the engagement of large numbers of workers for the process. The availability of one or two skilled persons will meet the requirements. Commercial machines take care of overall responsibilities from manufacturing to product development processes. Similar to other business strategies, this business also uses almost identical processes.

Business starts by analyzing and meeting the minimum business requirements. This business requires some machinery setups with space to install the entire system. According to research and reports, standard manufacturing, development, and distribution processes require an investment of at least 20 to 50 lakhs per purchase capacity. Other expenses depend on the quality of the machines, hiring skilled manpower, purchasing quality raw materials, and some other factors.

Machines are the biggest requirement for starting a non-woven carry bag business. Also, requirements exist for setting up a productive manufacturing plant, financial investment, hiring skilled manpower, and related business factors. The growth of business for hassle-free production of carry bags depends on purchasing super functional and highly productive machinery.

Non Woven Bag Making Machine

This machine setup meets fabric cutting requirements after going through the rollers phase. The size of the fabric matters to give the final touch to the carry bag. Without this machine setup, it becomes difficult to start a further production process.

Auto Handle Sealing Machine:

Bag handles are of no use without attachments. This machine meets the same requirements and helps in the productive attachment of non-woven carry bag handles. The machine helps generate the hydraulic pressure of the attachment process. Finally, the bag gets a basic approach to delivery processes.

Sealing machine type:

Handel Seal Machine, Handel Fixing Machine, Handel Punching Machine, Sewing machine, Non-Woven Fabric, Cutting Machine.

Printing machine:

Printing of the fabric of the bags to the needy designs means a lot for the delivery processes. Manufacturers print designs by default, or customers request designs according to their requirements. For example, the textile supplier would like the approach to the fabric like the imprint, and the sweet and beverage supplier would ask for related designs. This printing machine fulfills all such requirements and prepares the bags for distribution without any doubt.


This is the printing machine roller that helps to straighten the fabric of the bag. Straighter bag clothing will be very attractive external exposure when passed on to customers.

After meeting all the above machinery requirements, the bags are ready for supply. The concerned department or group of people packs the carry bags together and prepares them for further supplies.

Other Additional Requirements

Apart from the above, there are some additional requirements for this business. Let us have a look at a list of the following points: –

Place of business: Business requires employment of the best type of machinery for business. A coherent space would be required and the estimated land area should be at least 1500 square feet. A warehouse-like setup will also help in carrying out business processes.

Business registration process: It is mandatory to follow the government protocol for the establishment and implementation of a full-blown non-woven carry bag business. It is better to contact the local district administration and understand the full legal requirements for hassle-free operation.

Business Capital Requirement: The types of machinery are the primary source of investment for starting a business. Machines are expensive and require heavy investment. The cost of purchasing machinery pieces can range from around Rs.25k  to Rs.50k depending on quality and machinery suppliers.

Also, you need the necessary capital to purchase the raw materials that are helpful in the production of carrying bags. Finally, you must have the capital to employ manpower and reimburse them every month.

Carry Bag Type:

There are various types of non-woven carry bags including the following: –

  • Tie rope in non-woven carry bags.
  • T-shirt style bag with eco-friendly nature.
  • Bag with soft loop handle.
  • Shoe bag empowered with rope threading functionality.

All such non-woven carry bags are also biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly. Even, governments around the world prioritize the use of such bags over traditional polythene bags.


Project Report Format


In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart etc.. as and when required or deemed fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations including CMA which is necessary for the Investor/bank.


Key Points Cover in Detailed Project Report on Non Woven Bag Manufacturing


As mentioned above, Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Detailed Project Report (DPR) is a complete package that contains everything that requires getting funds up to 25 Crores (Twenty Five Crores). Checkout our DPR sample to make your vision more clear. Usually, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) is needed when you apply for a bank loan or Government scheme. Project Report Bank aims to create the reports accurately from the start and make sure that businessmen get the right value and results from the reports.


The following are the key points we generally covers while making DPR, whichever relevant to your business :- 


  • Introduction to Project and Industry
  • Executive Summary
  • Profile of the business in the country
  • Project Evaluation – Social Angle
  • Analysis of basic variables
  • Socio- Economic Advantage
  • Impact on environment
  • Foreign Trade Income
  • Value addition
  • Import replacement
  • Technology assimilation and so on
  • Present condition of the business
  • Consumer Inclinations
  • Market Prerequisites
  • Market Portions
  • Distribution Channels
  • Market Qualities of the Item
  • Export Possibilities and Global Market
  • Marketing and selling game plans
  • SWOT Analysis

CMA Data – Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data

  • Particulars Of Existing / Proposed Bank Credit Facilities (Form – I)
  • Projected Profitability Statement ( Form – II)
  • Projected Balance Sheet (Form – III)
  • Comparative Operation Statement (Form – IV)
  • Maximum Permissible Bank Finance MPBF – (Form – V)
  • Cash Flow Statement – (Form – VI)

Monetary Projections Details Contains:

  • Cost of Project & Means of Finance
  • Details of Raw Materials 
  • Details of Utilities
  • Human Resources Planning 
  • Technical Manufacturing Business Process
  • Assumptions in monetary projections
  • Projected Sales & Production
  • Cost of Production and Profitability
  • Fund Flow Statement
  • Working Capital Cycle
  • DSCR – Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • BEP – Break Even Point Analysis
  • IRR – Internal Rate of Return
  • ISCR – Interest Service Coverage Ratio
  • Calculation of payback period
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Working Notes for Monetary Projections
  • EBIT – Earnings before interest and taxes
  • EBITDA – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
  • Cash Burn Rate
  • Discounted Cash Inflow & Outflow
  • NPV – Net Present Value
  • Net Worth

Report Size : 40 – 50 Pages,

In which, Financial Projections : 18 – 20 Pages

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SWOT Analysis Non Woven Bag manufacturing project report


A non-woven carry bag used over the polythene bags being an eco-friendly and cost-efficient bag. Therefore, the nonwoven carry bag business never demands a large number of workers. Nonwoven carry bag businesses can also expect a long-term profit and in the upcoming time, there is significant growth in this business. Better to invest now!


A nonwoven carry bag has low productivity and cost competitiveness. It needs product knowledge and expertise that an investor must know before starting this.


However, nonwoven carry bag business can be started on a low budget. It can also be started online or offline in both modes. Social media is also a powerful tool for potential customers to promote their non-woven carry bag manufacturing business and gain valuable insights through ‘social listening’.


Like any other business, one of the major threats is that maybe you are facing a potential economic downturn. It is a fact that economic slowdown affects purchasing/spending power. Another danger that you are likely to face is the arrival of a new non-woven bag manufacturing company at the same place where you are located.

Business Plan NON WOVEN BAG project report

A clear Non Woven Bag Project Report  is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. Therefore, you to contemplate some important, like your initial costs, your target market, and how long it’ll see you interrupt even. However, draft a proper Non Woven Bag Project Report that describes your expected income, product and repair lines, expansion plans, and other details of your business. Therefore, a well-drafted project report will facilitate you in applying for any bank loan. You can also get a well-draft project report report from our website


To sum up, non-woven carry bags are the largest business in the business worldwide. However, novice investors can imagine long-term returns with the same after a one-time successful investment. Government schemes will also help you to get the maximum percentage of the loan amount, which will make you stress-free from a big investment process. Get on with the business and expect long term profits.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. How to promote your non-woven carry bag businesses online?

Through social media non-woven cloth bag manufacturing businesses gain valuable insights through ‘social listening’. Through social listening, you can find out what customers are saying about your product, gain insight into their behavior, identify keywords and trends that appeal to your target market and therefore improve your customer service. Social media can help you create your business profile and attract new customers.

Q2. Is the nonwoven carry bag business profitable?

Yes, of course, it is very profitable, as I started my nonwoven bag making unit. Plastic is banned in all areas. Now everyone is using non-woven carry bags instead of plastic bags. Therefore, most people using these nonwoven bags in textile, big shops, malls, pharmacies, markets. These are also called eco-friendly bags. However, there is a very good market for non-woven materials supplied from China for non-woven bags, there is demand in all commercial and educational sector. On a small budget, you can start a non-weight carry bag unit. No need to invest big.

Q3. Is nonwoven carry bag are eco-friendly

It is spun and bonded using polypropylene fiber and is soft and air-permeable. Therefore, non-woven bags are made of non-biodegradable plastic. They are prepared on a machine by spreading plastic rolls.

Q4. What are the uses of nonwoven carry bags?

Non-woven bags can be sale online and at grocery stores, department stores, promotional companies, wine bags, cakes, and coffee bags, food bags also using large quantities of flour, rice, etc., garment bags, thermal bags to carry Can. Messenger bag, foldable bag, handbag with zipper, and drawstring gift bag.

Q5. Why use a nonwoven carry bag? And advantages of nonwoven bag

Alternatives to environmentally safe plastic bags promoting the latest policies about environmental protection. Therefore, nonwoven bags are a step in the direction. However, Nonwoven bags can be recycled and repeated. So using non-weight bags will not only save trees, but it will also attract your environmentally conscious customers.


  • Nonwoven bags are more durable and reliable.
  • They are strong and easy to use.
  • Available in various colors
  • Available in many design varieties to adapt to your specific industry.


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