Medical Shop Project Report



Medical Shop Project Report is full of information to guide you about this highly profitable business in India. When you plan to start a new business, you should instantly download the format of the Pharmacy Store sample project report template.

Starting a medical shop is the best business in India as it is an evergreen business and highly profitable. This type of business does not suffer during economic up and downs. Recently, online purchases are in trend, but countertops are always important. This is a value-added service to the pharmacy.

Although, proper market analysis is very important before starting any business as we have to understand how well it will go.  

Here, we put all the ideas together to understand the basic requirements to open a medical shop like the business plan, documents, drug license, etc.

Along with the medical business, you can also think about starting a super store and grocery business project.

Medical Shop and Pharmacy Store Project Report

Before starting any business, you must prepare a business plan, and which basically consist of two parts technical and financial part. Now considering the technical part, it contains a market, machinery requirements, raw materials and technology used for production.

The financial part consists of the financial resources and profit of the business. It also includes the break-even, ROI, and payback time. This will help you in establishing your work and also helps in taking financial help from banks or other financial institutions. 

The main objective of the medical shop project report is to provide you with detailed information on technical and financial aspects so that you take all the right steps and decisions in establishing your business. The project report on the pharmacy store that is prepared by our team is well researched and can assist in your business as you might be stressed about the set-up, growth and expansion of the new venture. 

Now to start with the pharmacy business, the businessman needs to plan before moving towards the goal. You can follow our project report step by step to start your business. This is a very crucial step as you have to do full planning in starting the pharmacy business. 

How to Download Report 

It is very easy and quick to get your latest and updated Medical Pharmacy Shop Store sample project report in hand, as you can immediately download your project report in excel or word format.

First Step            –  Click add to basket  >>  Check Out  >>  Payment

Second Step       – Just after successful payment, you will get a link to download the report. You can download the report instantly from this link.

Status Of Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry in the Foreign Market

Indian pharmaceuticals are the 4th largest in the world because of its volume and 13th largest in terms of value which makes it one of the largest suppliers of generic drugs worldwide. It covers 20 per cent of total drug exports. Another important thing is that we have a large number of engineers and scientists working in this sector that are capable of taking this field to the next level and making pharmacy an important place in the global pharmaceuticals sector.

Over the last five years, there is a significant growth seen as more than 15 per cent based on CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) and the worldwide supply of drugs to cure AIDS is done by the Indian pharmacy industry which is 80 per cent of the total. 

By the end of 2022, the Indian pharmacy market is estimated to grow by 55 per cent and become the 6th largest pharmaceutical globally as stated by Mr Arun Singh, the Indian Ambassador to the USA.

How To Register Pharmacy Business

The first step in opening the pharmacy business is registration and for this, you have to find out which category of pharmacy you want to start. There is a different types of pharmacy businesses available in India like stand-alone, chain pharmacies, hospital or township pharmacies.

Indian pharmacy Act of 1948 is helpful in India for the registration of pharmacy business. According to this act, a pharmacist must register all his required particulars to the state government by way of an official gazette. Also, after submitting all the documents, a registration tribunal will decide on the registration process.

Standalone pharmacies are incorporated under the proprietorship or partnership constitution, but the chain, hospital, and township pharmacies are incorporated as a private limited company.

These days the business with Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is more popular and recognised in-between the standalone pharmacist as this is an emphasis on the partner’s right.

Registration Process for Medical Shop Business Project Plan

You need to submit the filled application form with required documents to the drug department office and the department will conduct your area audit. After satisfactory results, they can issue a certificate which is used for only one pharmacy shop.

If the pharmacist resigns, you need to apply again along with the original drug license and other required documents to update the name of the new pharmacist on the drug license.

Other additional documents must be submitted.

In case you need to update or renew the license, submit the original license, application form, and other documents again.

Medical Shop Sample Project Report Format  

It is difficult to effectively finish a business plan without having begun a far more comprehensive and informative report. Therefore, utilizing Pharmacy Store project report formats helps project professionals convey vital data on project progress, execution and success to the key partners that have an interest in the project.

However, this Pharmacy Store Project Report Template is intended to assist professionals with preparing their reports. We attempted to make the Format far reach and included depictions of the vital areas of a regular project report.

Content of Medical Pharmacy Business Plan

Sr. No.Particulars
1Project at a Glance
2Highlights of The Project
3General Information and Location
4Promoter’s Background
5Project Introduction
6The Project Proposal
7The Products
8Prospect for Investment
9Potential Target Customers/Market
10Market Entry and Marketing Strategy
11Critical Success Factors
12Process Details and Technical Solutions
13 Process Flowchart
14Technical Solutions
15Installed and Operational Capacity
16Quality and Standards
17Raw Materials and Consumables
18Power and Utility
19Tentative Implementation Schedule
20Basis & Presumptions
21Capital Investment Estimates
22Computation of Working Capital Requirement
23Proposed Means of Financing
24Estimated Annual Sales Turnover
25Projected Profitability Statement
26Calculation of Interest Amount
27Depreciation Schedule
28Term Loan Repayment Schedule
29Debt Service Coverage Ratio
30Break-Even Analysis
31Projected Cash Flow Statement
32Projected Balance Sheet
33Internal Rate of Return
34Pay Back Period
35Statutory Permits and Business Licenses
36Important Steps to Start Pharmacy Store
37Tips to Identify Suitable Location
38Photographs of Furnitures, Fixtures & Equipment’s

License Needed for Pharmacy Store in India

Before you start selling, a pharmacist must obtain a drug license both from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and the State Drugs Standard Control Organization. Generally, two types of drug licenses are issued by the Drugs Control Organization.

Retail Drug License

To run the general chemist, shop this type of drug license is required. Moreover, to attain this license, the applicant requires a diploma or a degree in pharmacy from a recognized institute or university and deposits a prescribed fee to fulfil all described requirements.

Wholesale Drug License

This type of license is issued to those people or agencies that set up a wholesale pharmacy business for drugs and medicines. In this Retail Drug License, there are no strict laws and conditions. You can obtain this license conveniently as no harsh restrictions are found.

GST Registration for Pharmacy Business

Now to run your business in India you have to do GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration so that you can pay all your taxes through this. Also, if you don’t have GST then many respected hospitals and clinics will avoid doing business with you as you are violating tax laws.

What are the basic Requirements for obtaining Drug License for Pharmacy Store?

There are some requirements listed below which are required to be fulfilled for obtaining a drug license or starting a pharmacy in India:


To start a pharmacy or medical shop or wholesale outlet in India one needs a minimum area of 10 sq. meters for the store and if you are going to start both retail and wholesale then a minimum of 15 square meters is required. 

Storage Facility

Storage conditions for the medical shop are a very important factor, therefore, refrigerator and air conditioner in the premises are a must. Also, a computer and proper labelling are required. These both are helpful to create data and easily find out medicine in your shop. Secondly, it is helpful to maintain stocks and track expiry products. Refrigeration is mainly required for those drugs which need very low temperature or minus like for vials, injections, vaccines etc.

Technical Staff

In your pharmacy store, you cannot recruit a simple graduate or 12th-pass person. Here, the staff recruited must have a diploma or degree in pharmacy. Also, medicine sales should be done in the presence of a registered pharmacist approved by the department.

Documents required for Starting a Pharmacy Medical Shop Store Business in India

This is a list of documents required for obtaining a drug license to start a pharmacy or medical shop business in India:

  • Identity and Address Proof
  • Application form fill in the Right format
  • Covering Letter with applicant signed with name and designation of the applicant
  • Fee deposit Challan for obtaining drug license
  • Declaration form
  • Basis of possession, Proof of ownership, Important and major site plan for the premises
  • Certificate of Incorporation, MOA and Partnership Deed of business
  • Non-conviction Affidavit of proprietor/partners/ directors under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940
  • Registered pharmacist Affidavit or competent person working full time
  • Appointment letter of a registered pharmacist
How Much Does It Cost to Start a Pharmacy Franchise?

Opening franchise costs different like:

  • The investment cost for the Apollo pharmacy franchise is 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Also, commercial retail space is required.
  • Depending on the size and location of the store Medplus franchise cost is around 17 to 20 lakhs. From this amount, you have to invest 6 to 7 lakhs and the rest balance is obtained as a loan under a special scheme through the State Bank of India.
  • For Netmed Franchise cost is around 10 to 15 lakhs.
  • For Sanjivani pharmacy Franchise investment is around 10 to 20 lakhs and a 200-300 sq. ft. area is needed to start the business.
  • The investment cost for the Frank ross pharmacy franchise is 10 to 20 lakhs and commercial retail space to open the store.
Download Format of Pharmacy Shop Sample Project Report

You will get the Medical Pharmacy Shop Project report in PDF Format. You will be able to access the data easily according to your requirements. 

For Whom Is Medical Pharmacy Shop Store Project Report formats useful?

1) CA Chartered Accountants 

2) Tax Consultants

3) Small Business Owners

4) Students

In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

How To Set Up Pharmacy Shop Store In India?


Choosing a good place is a major thing or key to success for your business as this will help you to do well and establish your business in the market. Choose a place which is not very much occupied with old medical shops. For this, you need to survey different areas nearby hospitals, eye hospital, dental clinics or running markets for greater sales. It should be easily accessible to every customer including those in a wheelchair or with crutches or with injuries and disabilities.

Contact the local wholesaler dealer or manufacturing company 

Procure medicines directly from the manufacturer or wholesale dealers. Purchasing from the manufacturer can give you a big margin for profit since the manufacturer will provide the medicines at a comparatively lower price rather than the wholesaler but the drawback is that you have to buy in bulk and if you are new in this business then you should start with dealers only which are in contact with these kinds of companies.

Linkup with doctors

Maintain friendly contacts with doctors and clinics to set your business and further growth aspects.

Invest in Franchise 

Investing in the franchise or purchasing it is also another way to move in your business because the franchise provider also takes care of many things.

Store Space 

For any retail shop, you require around 10sq. meters area but if you want to start a combined business-like wholesale and retail then it requires 15 sq. meters at least as it helps to store various medicines for all age groups and different conditions. 

Who can open a medical store in India?

You need to fulfil some requirements provided by the Drug Control Department to open a medical shop. It is not mandatory that the shop head must be a pharmacist, but you must employ at least one registered pharmacist in your shop. 

How Much Investment Is Required For Starting A Medical Shop in India? 

It will cost around 3-4 lakhs for small cities and villages. Also, for a wholesale drug store, it goes up to 8 lakhs and the investment for Megacities will be even more.

Rules to Hire Pharmacist for Medical Shop Business Project

The person you hire must be registered, full-time available and approved by the state pharmacy council. But in a wholesale business store, you don’t need to hire a registered pharmacist. However, the person must have one year of experience in dealing drugs and medicines or matriculate person with 4 years’ experience.

In the presence of a registered pharmacist, drugs should be sold out and the license must carry the name of a pharmacist or qualified person who cannot do any other work while working with you.

Marketing and Advertisement of Pharmacy Shop

Marketing and advertisement help the locality or area to get aware of the particular medicine shop and help to increase sales. Promotion acts as a competitive sales aid and supports the business. Start marketing your business by distributing pamphlets or giving advertisements in local newspapers or displaying hoardings. Also, you can contact for online services and provide home delivery for free or by charging some minimal cost by providing handsome discounts. This can be a value-added service for your business. This is helpful for elder people or those staying alone. 

Profits earned by Medical Pharmacy SHOPS in India?

It completely depends on the type of drugs from 20% to 1000% or more on MRP. The highest profit is made on food supplements like proteins, saline, multivitamins, contraceptives, etc. To understand better profit margins business owners must analyze a particular area or locality. Along with medical business, you can earn good profits by starting a Pathology Diagnostic Center.

Conclusion Of Pharmacy Store Project Report

This is a growing business today and will continue to grow in future. So, if you understand each and every step and follow these important points your medical shop will be successful and can resist for a lifetime.

So, investing in this type of business is the best part to get success in business with great profit share.

Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Shop Project Report
Which course is required to open a medical store?

B-Pharma is required to open a medical shop in India.

Is B-Pharma compulsory for the medical store?

Of course B-Pharma is compulsory. If you don’t have then you need to hire a pharmacist.

What are the new rules for a medical store in India?

• Pharmacy License application form needs to be in the designated format. • Drug Licenses must be there that are received after paying a fee or Challan invoices. • Declaration form that must be in the prescribed format. • Blueprint for the premises. • Site Plan Blueprint of the premises.

Which license is required to open a medical store?

You need to avail a license from the drug control department to open a medical shop in India.

How much investment is required to open a medical shop? Which degree is required to open a medical shop?

You need a minimum investment of 2 lakh rupees to any amount that depends on the scale of your business to open a medical shop. A B-Pharma degree is required for opening a pharmacy shop. You can also hire a pharmacist oif you don’t have the degree.

How can I get medical store Licence?

To get a medical store license you must get a drug license that you can get it by applying online. You need to fill an application form online or offline and it should reach the duty incharge at drug control department. Once you submit the form you need to make the payment of required fee and attach all important documents. You will get the license in specified time.

How to open medical store without B Pharma? How much investment required to open medical store?

If you are a business man and don’t have a pharmacy degree then alos you can open a medical shop by hiring a B-Pharma degree holder or arranging for its certificate. You can invest from Rs 3 lakh to above to open a medical shop near me. Investment completely depends on the items you wish to keep for sale in stock and scale of business.

Which course is required for open medical store?

B Pharmacy course is required for opening a medical shop in India.

Which medical store franchise is best?

According to me, Apollo is the best because it offers its services 24 by 7. You can open your own medical shop and make it the best.

How do I get a medical store license without a degree?

You can get a medical store license if you show all relevant and important documents at the time of investment and also hire a pharmacist for your shop. If you don’t have a pharmacist degree then you need to arrange a certificate or an employee having B-Pharma Degree.

Which degree is required to open a medical store in India?

As a medical shop owner in India you need to have a pharmacist degree that you can obtain after completing your medical studies. MBBS or a B-Pharma degree or diploma is must. If you don’t have medical background and still you want to start your medical shop pr pharmacy then, you need to hire a pharmacist and invest.

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