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You can immediate download the Paper Bag Manufacturing sample project report format template, in MS excel or word / pdf format.

Paper bags are recycled. Additionally, these bags come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Additionally, these are biodegradable items. Therefore, in most cities, plastic carry bags have been replaced with paper carry bags.

Nowadays, paper carry bags have a versatile use. Additionally, these bags also help promote the brands of product-based companies. The manufacturing process is not complicated. The business demands a small space for operations. Additionally, it calls for small to medium capital investment, to begin with.

You can start a business in many ways. You can produce paper bags either manually or commercially with the help of a machine. So, you will need to fix your business model.

Determine whether you want to start the business as home-based or set up a small manufacturing unit. According to this, you will need a paper carry bag to plan to do business.

Before writing the plan, you must first do a market survey. Try to identify specific demand for specific designs and sizes.

Additionally, identify local industries and companies that regularly use paper bags. Also, identify your rivals who are already in the market.

If you want to set up a commercial unit, you have to know the industry first. In writing the project report, mention what type of organization you want to create. Also, mention your business objective, mission, and vision. Calculate financials, including input costs and expected ROI. Besides, there is a plan and money for product incentives.

How to Download Paper Bag Manufacturing Sample Project Report 

Gone are the days waiting at the door of the expert , as a result, get you Paper Bag Manufacturing  sample report in hand, now you can instantly download report in excel or word format.

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Here is a 10 step paper bag manufacturing project and for business plan report

1. Use of different types of paper bags and sizes

  • Textile shops
  • Jewelry Store
  • The bakery
  • Shoe / Slippers Shops
  • Grocery Shops
  • Fancy Shops
  • Book shops
  • Gift shop
  • Sweet Shops
  • Snack Store
  • Meat / Fish Shops
  • Vegetable Shops
  • Stationery Shops
  • Hardware Shops
  • All departmental shops and consumer shops 

2. Major Size of Paper Bag

Size in inches and size in cm

  • 4.25X 6 / 11X15
  • 2 5.25X7.5 / 13X19
  • 3 6.75X8.5 / 17X22
  • 4 8.25X10 / 21X25
  • 5 9.75X12.75 / 25X34
  • 6 10.5X16 / 25X34 

3. Paper Bag Market Potential and Opportunities

Paper is an environmentally friendly product. It is made from natural raw materials and as a final product, paper is biodegradable. There is no real competitive product of paper.

The plastic that was rated as an alternative to paper lost the race, being unprofessional. Additionally, the demand for paper bags has increased with the establishment of shopping complexes and consumer stores.

Actually, after the ban on plastic bags and pouches, the demand for paper bags and pouches increases manifold. Also, this product has good export potential.

The consumption of paper boards already used in the packaging industry is increasing. Therefore, it is an attractive proposition for new entrepreneurs to start a paper bag making business.

4. Business Registration and Licensing

Typically, this type of business does not demand huge licenses and permissions. The first thing to do before starting a business is to obtain a business license from the local municipal authority.

You will have to apply for Udyam Registration and GST registration later. However, you should check the local rules and regulations of your state. 

5. Business cost of making paper bags

In starting this business, you have to invest according to the production of finished goods. Broadly, you will have to invest in the purchase of space, machinery, and raw materials. Additionally, you will need to hire skilled manpower for unit operation, marketing, distribution, and administration.

An investment of around Rs 10 lakh will be required to start a paper bag manufacturing business.

6. Unit Setup

If you want to start a commercial unit, you must obtain a location for unit operation. According to the size of your business, you will need to get the location. However, you can start and run a small manufacturing business with 1000 sq ft of space.

Determine specific locations for production operations, storage, and other necessary tasks. Additionally, you must have an electricity connection and water resources for regular unit operations.

7. Machinery

Basically, you can run the unit on an automated machine. Medium paper bag making machine with gazetted facility, bottom and center pasting, with 2 HP electric motor and control panel, is complete by type.

8. Raw Material

Definitely, you will need the same raw material. And that is paper. You will need 60 GSM and 40 GSM mixed size recycled kraft paper. Additionally, you will need to purchase glue, eyelid, and ribbon to make the bag handles.

9. Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

First, obtain the required size of the bag by fixing the flat plate to the size plate or the exact size plate for the satchel on the machine. Obtain the tube length by changing the shape gear wheel, each of which represents one centimeter in tooth length.

After the tube is cut by the beater to the correct size according to the size gear, the delivery cylinder is pushed forward through the conveyor rollers.

It is pasted and the bag is moved to the delivery table by a folding cylinder. Finally, the machine drops the bag and distributes it in a vertical stack.

In the manufacture of bags, you will need to be careful about quality control. Originally, there is no such standard. However, you have to print the quality, size, and pattern on paper according to the customer’s specifications.

10. Promote Your Paper Bag Making Business

No business gets long term success without the right publicity. So, you need to promote paper bags as well. However, according to your target demographic, you will need to promote the bag. You may also attract two different types of customers. One is a person who looks for a piece of paper bag. And other institutions seek bulk quantities.

Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report on Paper Bag Manufacturing 

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Project at a Glance
  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Promoters and Management
  • Background
  • Market Demand Potential
  • Location of the Project
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Projected Profitability Statement
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Term Loan Repayment Schedule
  • Ratio Analysis & Assumptions
  • Expenses Detail
  • SWOT
  • Conclusion & Recommendations

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.

Sample Project Report Format

In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart etc. as and when required or deemed fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations which is necessary for the Investor/bank.

You will get the  report data Paper Bag Manufacturing in PDF or MS word. Which you can use easily. You can also modify the information according to your need. You will be able to access the data easily according to the your requirement. Additionally you can easily convert the data to PDF format.

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For whom are these formats useful?
  1. CA Chartered Accountants
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In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

SWOT Analysis for Paper Bag Manufacturing Project

Strength: Paper bag manufacturing businesses are never going to fail because nowadays everywhere in the supermarket, restaurants, Kirana store, jewelry shops, an others, there is a use of paper bags only. These bags are biodegradable and after the ban on plastic by the government, the business of paper bags started flourishing in many cities. Also, the paper bag manufacturing market would never going to fail due the tendency of its daily utilization. It requires less capital and it is labor-intensive.

Weakness: The paper bag manufacturing industry is very big where the new comers have to make extra efforts to stand into the industry. So, you have to face a large number of competitions and with your hard work and branding, you can become the talk of the market. As the paper isn’t that much costly so the bag manufacturing business may not give you that much profit that you want but yes, in long-term and in bulk selling, it is profitable.

Opportunities: In India, the paper bag making business is one of the most profitable small scale industry business that has having so many opportunities. For startup, you only make a deal with any nearby supermarket store or even Pizzas, Burgers are pack for delivery in paper bags, you can also make a deal with them. You may also sell your paper bag on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. and gradually, you can have tie-ups with other big brands, chain outlets, and government offices.

Threats: The threat of the paper bag manufacturing business is that now it may not be much profitable. However, threats are not much as this has obtained a green flag to make the country more eco-friendly. 


If you want to start a small scale manufacturing business with less capital then a paper bag making business is a great option for you. Even, if you have enough space at home, you can start a business home-based as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements of paper bags in the market?

As the government urged a ban on poly bags for environmental reasons, even some states and cities acted to ban poly bags altogether. Hence paper bag manufacturing has taken over the market. Where some time ago paper bags were only used in brands because they were well designed and expensive for small business owners. But now you can get the quality of different types and low-grade paper bags which depends on the demand of your city and market. You can easily know and understand market expectations by making it your business.

This business also has export potential as every country is serious about pollution points caused by plastic waste so they are banning plastic and there we can easily export our bags.

What are the license and registration required for the paper bag manufacturing business?

If you want to start a small scale paper bag manufacturing business then you can start it from your home also by taking only a trade license. But if you want to start at a higher level then you have to register your company with the ROC which is the Registrar of Companies, then you have to start with a trade license for which you can apply to the local municipal authority of your city. You also have to register in the MSME Udyam Registration unit which is Small Scale Industries from DIC which is a primary registration center. The paper bag industry also requires BIS certification which is the Bureau of Indian Standards.

What is the process of making a paper bag?

First, you have to set the paper in the machine, then you have to fill the gum and printing ink in the machine. You must also determine the speed required to make the paper bag according to the speed of the machine and the requirement of the customers. After starting the machine the paper through will start going from the machine and it will automatically start producing paper bags. And thus, you will get your paper bags ready in a second. If you have a paper bag with the necessary paper handle, then you have to stick the handle on it.

Business Plan project report

A clear paper bag manufacturing project report  is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. You wish to contemplate some important, like your initial costs, your target market, and how long it’ll see you interrupt even. Draft a proper paper bag manufacturing project report that describes your expected income, product and repair lines, expansion plans, and other details of your business. A well-drafted project report will facilitate you in applying for any bank loan. Therefore, you can get a well-draft project report from our website


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