Boutique Project Report



You can download the Boutique’s project report instantly here. The main objective of the project report of the boutique is to provide information about the business to the potential investor and entrepreneur.

To start a boutique business is a dream of many women who wants to achieve something and stand at their own feet to feel freedom in life. A boutique allows you to create something and also enjoyable to share with customers.

However, the success depends on the uniqueness that things cannot find in other stores. A boutique requires a comparatively small amount of capital to start, engages the creativity and passion of the owner to a great extent.

How to Download Boutique Project Report?

You do not need to wait for the project report. You can get the report instantly by paying a nominal fee. First, add the report to the shopping cart. After that, check out the cart. Pay the prescribed fee after checkout. You can download the report immediately after payment.

Steps needed to start a Boutique Business

Type of boutique

Decide the type of boutique you want to open

Three types of boutiques in term of stock goods – 

Consignment boutiqueRegular buy and sell retail boutiqueFranchisee boutique
In this, products are prepared by other designers and when item sold out percentage as their share provided after the item is sold.

Opening money for the inventory not required but with less profit.

Highly required to sell a lot of goods for profit.


In this products purchase at a wholesale price from manufacturers and sell at a higher cost to customers.

Higher profit earns but the initial investment required.

Required to purchase large quantities of the same style to get a discount.

Earn more money than the consignment boutique.

One time annual fee paid to the parent company to use brand name and logo.

High initial investments.

In this, you don’t have to convince the customers as you are selling brands which are already status developed in the market.

The fourth type, a retail outlet of a production house in which high investment required as compared to the last three because in this fabric procuring, production, labour etc. cost will be involved.

Decide the purpose of your business

Find out current trends and colours in the market to setup the business. Always find ways to make a profit and do cost cuttings.

Also, for running a successful business, enough education is required, which doesn’t mean a degree in fashion or marketing. A general education (Proper knowledge)is enough to run a business.

Type of Clothes


Survey the market to know the current trends and taste of the customer. Now decide the target market if you start your business near residential colonies than go for simple and sober clothes rather than funky styles.

Therefore, start selling with small quantity as this is a good trick for success and if demand increases, go for more quantity and try to provide better quality. Visit the stores which sell similar ideas to you and makeup list of the brands to carry in your store.

Source of funding

Enough funds required to carry this kind of business as there may not be any profit for the next 1 or 2 years. Also, it would help if you had patience in this business to prove itself.

Main things are required like space, employee’s salary, inventory money, for doing up store interiors, and some expenses.

You must have a boutique project before you can arrange to fund.

Business loan

It depends on location and whether you are purchasing store or renting cloth types, shop size, hiring employees, store interiors etc.

Also, check whether you have your capital to start a business or take from friends or family or take a loan. But always calculate risk when others are an investor in your business and plan accordingly.

Boutique business project reports are essential in the loan process. You should have a good project report even if you want to get capital from investors.


The most important part is location, and it all depends on your budget to find out the place and factors like busy mall with heavy traffic or quiet small residential area.

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Source of Raw Material

Decide from where you will source the clothes / fabric. Find out specialized manufacturers and take a few samples of different designs or ask for pictures on websites/catalogues. After that clinch as per your budget and quantity. For the particulars, designs ask them directly.

  • Find out the suppliers:
  • Check and visit wholesalers near your area.
  • Try to visit boutique owners at other places to collect information.
  • Also, you can purchase from online wholesalers like Alibaba from other countries.
  • Some boutiques prepare their designs and sell to others, and in this case, the quality provided is guaranteed.
  • Once your supplier decides than go for multiple purchasing (wholesale) for taking huge discounts. 

Price Decision

The right price will demolish your store so always decide the price as per your customer profile that can easily affordable to them and you earn a nice profit. Some boutiques have 100% mark up on wholesale pricing, which means twice the price of wholesale and add sales tax also if applicable.

Store Layout

However, the store decoration is important. Colour, shelves, interiors all contribute to decoration. The store looks like everybody wants to come inside. Because customer feel comfortable and must open their wallet to purchase. Try to decorate with attractive picture boards to make the ideal store layout.

Use mannequins to display clothes to attract customers or passersby.

Racks/cupboards for display, and adequate storage and changing room availability in your boutique. Changing room with surrounding mirrors must be present to know how they look in the clothes they want to purchase.

If you have less space, consult space designer or professional to utilize effectively. Also use bright lights inside the change room and store that makes everything good. So spend money on lights as this is the basic need.

Point of Boutique Business Plan

All the following points have been kept in mind while preparing the boutique project report and business plan.

Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose Of The Document
3Production Process Flow
4Installed & Operational Capacities
5Critical Factors
6Geographical Potential For Investment
7Potential Target Markets
8Project Cost Summary
9Project At A Glance
10Projected Balance Sheet
11Projected Profitability Statement
12Cash Flow Statement
13Computation Of Manufacturing
14Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
15Break Up Of Labour
16Break Up Of Salary
17Computation Of Depreciation
18Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
19Calculation Of D.S.C.R
20Computation Of Sale
21Computation Of Electricity
22Break Even Point Analysis

Operational Procedures

Always make policies before starting a business. Therefore, record keeping is the basic requirement and makes them properly like Receipt books, taxes book, inventory books etc. hire an accountant for handling taxes and use good accounting software in your computer to keep important information safe.

However, store information like contacts of your customer to inform them future sales, and for inventory, maintain cash flow, for customer dealing or any refund policy. A project report helps understand the process of running a boutique.

Legal Requirements

  1. Decide a name for your business and make sure it is not a trademark for some other company
  2. Register your business.
  3. Open current business account; merchant account to process debit/ credit card transactions.
  4. Work on documentation as a business license, tax sellers’ permit, business insurance.
  5. Prepare social media profiles for your store.
  6. You must have a boutique project report to complete the legal formalities.
  7. Contact business development officer.
  8. Complete all legal formalities of selling goods like local laws etc.

This business can start either as a sole proprietorship, in the partnership or as a private limited company. In case if it is in partnership, then the agreement is drawn by a lawyer.

Employee Hiring

Firstly, if possible try to work on your own and when you start earning profits then only hire staff. But, on other side backup is required then go for temporary one or two persons like for cleaning, maintaining cash flow, as a salesperson. But assure yourself that, they maintain all policies.

Project Marketing plan

However, run different promotions on different occasions like for New Year, Valentine’s Day etc. and spread this to your customers. Give handsome discounts on these occasions on some products and customer will buy non discounted product also. Therefore, do Social Media Marketing using TV ads, print ads, blogging etc. to promote your store.

Always invest in the customer as customer will promote your store to others also.

For more market information, the report of the textile industry is attached with the project report of the boutique.

Business need

Followings things required to start a boutique: 

  • Scanner for bar code
  • Computer & Printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Credit card processing machine
  • Machine for printing barcode labels.
  • Mobile Telephone,
  • Office furniture and supplies,
  • Printed stationery like bills, receipts,
  • Hangers,
  • Dress forms/ mannequins,
  • Bags,
  • Clothing labels.
  • Receipt Bills include business name, address, phone number printed, return/ refund policy.
  • Provide Shopping bags as this work as a type of advertisement at free of cost for your boutique.
  • A good project report.
Business Plan

A clear project report of a boutique shop is vital to the success of an entrepreneur. The business plan describes initial costs, target market, expected income, expenses, product, and repairs. A good project proposal will facilitate you in bank loans, and government works.

Plan a grand opening

Try to do grand opening using local media coverage and go for the press release. 


Think about future or long term plans, but this doesn’t mean you open 4-5 stores. Go for online store and sell through Facebook/amazon, Flipkart etc. it’s small work but maintaining and getting long term success needs a lot of dedication, hard work etc.

Use of boutique project report

The ideal project report of a boutique is helpful for a variety of individuals. With the help of this project report, a business plan can be prepared for all business activities. With the help of this report, it will be helpful to prepare project reports for various purposes.

A project report is necessary to get a bank loan, take advantage of government schemes and complete the legal process. These Boutique Project Reports are useful for CAs, Tax Consultants, Students, and Small and Big Businessmen. You can get information about the project by purchasing the project report. Along with that, you must buy a project report for GYM health & fitness centre, flex printing business, coffee cafe shop and beauty parlor business. 


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