RO Drinking Water Plant Project Report



You can download the RO Drinking Water Plant project report in PDF format on this website immediately. If you want to start RO Drinking water plant and get bank loan to arrange funds for this business then check out information in detail from our customized project Report on RO water for Mudra and PMEGP Loan. 

If you want to start your RO drinking water plant business, then its process will be like this. Demand for pure drinking water is increasing rapidly in both rural and urban areas of India. It is a business run every season. There is enough space available to work in this industry.

There is enough space in this business for you. You can start a small plant by investing up to Rs 10 lakh. You can set up large plants with a more high production capacity of 100 lakh. 

Project report of RO Water Treatment Plant 

If you are planning to start your own RO Drinking Water Plant then you need to read this page till the end so that you can grab all the important information about the Drinking Water Plant Project Report in India. This project report will help you step by step to start this business and earn profits.

In India, all small and big towns and cities have problems with the supply of pure water due to water pollution and groundwater level going down.

Henceforth, there is a need for usable and pure drinking water and it is exponentially growing. The RO drinking water supply business has come into action to resolve this problem and give you safe and pure drinking water to use and drink.

The RO Water Supply has an evergreen demand in the market because everyone likes to drink pure water. Thus there is room to start this business. You need to go through the basics of this business first.

For beginning with a commercial RO Drinking water plant, you must start with a small RO Manufacturing plant first. Like starting 500 LPH or 1000 Liter per hour plant is fine in the beginning. Before starting with the Drinking water purifier plant business you need to check for TDS and other water minerals because the working of your plant and its design completely depends on it.

Spending time in the beginning to grab information about the market, research on mineral water and the target customers. TDC and Minerals vary from area to area. Once you acquire all the relevant information, you are a step ahead in starting the RO Drinking Water Plant business.

Why Buy a RO Mineral Water Plant Project Report?

A project report on the RO drinking water manufacturing plant is necessary for the following reasons.

  1. Helps the investor to make an investment decision in the RO drinking water manufacturing business.
  2. Makes the entrepreneur aware of the various aspects of the RO drinking water business.
  3. Helps in understanding the RO drinking water manufacturing process.
  4. Serves as a sample report to prepare RO Mineral Water Plant project reports for other purposes.

How to start RO Drinking water plant in India?

Here are the steps to start RO Drinking water plant in India.

Choose an appropriate location to start mineral water plant in India

You need to arrange a space of atleast 1000 square feet to start a mineral water plant in India. The layout of this plant shouls be designed in accordance with the tools and equipments you need to buy to start the process of purifying water to maximize efficacy. You should choose the location that has close proximity to the distribution and marketing areas. It will thus become easy to reduce the total cost of transportation.

Buy Machinery and Raw Material

You require different types of tools and equipments to use in water processing plant. You need to choose the right machinery as per your budget and decided packaging. You can buy a fully automatic or fully automatic machinery. You should choose the one thst suits your budget and helps to attain your goals.

Here is the list of raw material that you need to arrange for starting RO Drinking water plant in India.

  • Reagents
  • Bottles
  • Chemical
  • Bottle caps
  • Cartons
  • Pouches

Arrange compulsory licenses and Register Your Business

RO Drinking water plant whether big or small need different licenses and permits from the government to start the operations. The licenses needed for RO Plant may vary from state to state. Therefore you must first determine the laws of state government.

Get Business Registered

Company incorporation is a legal process that needs to be done when you want to form your own company and establish it. A company that is incorporated works independently as a legal establishment under the laws.

You can acknowledge your company as Limited, Inc. etc. It is a legal entity that is different from owners.

The difference between incorporation and registration needs to be understood when you want to establish your RO Drinking water plant.

Business registration doesn’t facilitate the protection of personal assets. The reason for the same are that your registered company is more than the licneses that you need to operate it.

ISI Certification From Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) For RO Drinking Water Plan in India

ISI Certification mark is a standard compliance mark that is made for particular products in India. The mark justifies that you product aligns to the Indian Standards as per BIS. It is compulsory for you get it before stating your RO Drinking water plant. It is also mandatory for your business to get tested potable water also under BIS Norms. You can apply for this certification online and the officials from BIS Department will fo through your compliance. Your sample may be checked by them.

Raw and Processed Water Testing Reports

Once you get the BIS License, you have to get report for raw and processed water tested from BIS. To fulfil this purpose, you have to move ahead to LWTL that is local water testing lab.

Food License From FSSAI 

FSSAI License is mandatory to obtain from food safety and standard authority of India as it is a water plant and water comes under food. If you operate your water plant without FSSAI license you are charged with heavy penalties. It is a compulsory document that is required for packaged water plant in India. 

Small Scale Industry Registration

SSI registration is very important for the growth of small scale industries in the country. If you want to avail the benefits of the government schemes and subsidies, you should apply for this registration.

Pollution Control Certificate for Water Plant in India from SPCB

The state pollution control board offers pollution control certificate against your officially filed E-Application and softcopy of these documents.

  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Number of DG Sets at your plant with the power rating.
  • Detail of equipment with power rating
  • Plant schematic that is attested by required personnel.

Other Certifications Required For Starting RO Drinking Water Plant in India

  • Degree and Medical Certificate from officials concerned with water filtration process.
  • Microbiologist degree and medical certificate for testing
  • Medical Certificate for workers
  • N.O.C from Gram Panchayat

Essential Compliances For RO Water Plant

Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954. This act relates to protection of interest of the users who finally consume water.

The Ministry of Water Resources regulates the ground water use in India.

Section 5 of Environment Protection Act 1986, CGWA has made compulsory for all the packaged water units to obtain registration along with prescribed Performa.

FSSAI Standards For RO Water Plant

RO Drinking Water Plant needs to comply with the standards set by FSSAI.

RO Drinking Water Plant needs to undergo the following steps of treatment like:

    • Decantation
    • Filtration
    • A combination of filtration
    • Aerations
    • Filtration with membrane filter depth filter
    • Cartridge filter
    • Activated carbon filtration
    • Demineralization
    • Re-mineralization
    • Reverse osmosis

The packagers need to ensure that RO Water is completely disinfected and a level of microorganisms needs to be maintained below the scientifically accepted level for safe production of clear water.

Packagers need to folow the desalinization process to treat water. Sealed containers with different containers, capacities and forms need to stay safe for direct consumption of water.

Water needs to be subjected to re-mineralization process and the ingredients being utilized must confirm the food grade and pharma grade quality.

Registration Process For RO Drinking Water Plant

You will have to get your business registered before starting it. Thus you should know where to go and how to get your RO drinking water purifier business plant registered. Here are the details.

The first step is to get your company registered and get a name to it so that it has an identity in the market. You will also have to register your business with BIS which is the Bureau Of Indian Standards because it is a human consumable item.

What are the licenses required for starting RO Drinking Water Plant in India?

Here is the license that is compulsory to obtain autostart your drinking water purifier plant.

  • Pest Control Certificate
  • Feed Water Test report from a laboratory
  • Pollution Control Certificate from local pollution control board office
  • ISI Certification
  • AOA and MOA of business
  • Small-scale industry registration certificate
  • Current Bank Account
  • Trade Mark
  • GST Registration
  • Trade License
  • Firm Registration 
  •  MSME Udyam Registration 
  • Water test report
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certificate

Water Purification Process in RO Drinking Water Plant in India

Accum Water

Raw water is allowed to pump to storage tanks and then it is made in contact with alum for coagulation with insoluble matters and heavy metals.

Discarding Impurities

Water is allowed to completely settle on the tank flor. This takes around an our. Further osmosis technique is used to discard or get rid of impurities from the water. 

Chlorine Gas Bubbling Process

The purified water is introduced in the chlorination tank and here disinfection starts by bubbling chlorine gas process. 

Sand Filteration

Water is passed through sand filtration where the undissolved impurities are trapped in this process.

Carbon Filtration

Colour, and odour from water is removed and dechlorination is done using carbon filtration. 

Micro Filters

In this process, water is passed using micro filters for disinfection that is further folowed by ultraviolet disinfection system. 

Bottle Filling

In this process RO Water is pumped into bottles using bottle filling equipments and then send for capping where bottles are sealed with caps using ozone generator. 


Mineral water is finally packed for transportation and sale in the market. 

When to start RO Drinking Water Plant Business

The best time to start this business is in February and March.

Investment Required For RO Drinking Water Plant

The investment required for this business is low in comparison to other business projects. It also depends on various factors that I am going to discuss below.

The cost that you have to incur to look for land or acquire licenses and permissions also adds to the investment cost. Investment is the main concern of every business in India. The funds that are needed to start this business are huge. The machinery that is required takes a lot of funds. You can start RO Drinking water Plant on a medium or large scale and invest between Rs 30 to 40 Lakh.

For medium scale, you need to invest a sum of Rs 30 to 40 lakh and for a large scale business, you need to invest a sum of Rs 40 to 60 lakh.

  • The water TDS and minerals at the location of your business.
  • The production capacity of your RO Drinking water plant.
  • Business set up cost
  • Transportation Cost
  • Water source feed and chemistry

Water packaging choice and production and packaging. It is up to you whether you choose pouches, jars or bottles.

Considering the above points we calculate the basic investment cost of the RO Drinking water plant. You can also spend less than this if you want to invest in a 100 LPH RO Plant.

But in the future, when the capacity, manufacturing and packaging of filtered water increases, you can initially increase the cost of investment as well. It can go to Rs 70 lakh also.

Technical Aspects of Raw Water Purification

  1. Coagulation process – We add alum chemicals in raw water to remove impurities. Alum chemistry produces positive charges. The alum clings together with the negative charge of the spares and forms large particles. Large particles remove from the water. For the process of coagulation, keep water stable for one hour.
  2. Reverse Osmosis – You easily remove dissolved impurities such as salts from water by the RO process.
  3. Chlorination – Chlorination kills the bubbling bacteria and other microbes in the tank.
  4. Sand Filtration – Remove unwanted impurities through a sand filter.
  5. Carbon Filtration De-chlorination – After sand filtering, the carbon passes the water through the filter which removes odour and colour.
  6. Packing and Bottling – After the de-chlorination of carbon filtering, the purified water fills in bottles and jars.
Difference between mineral water plant and RO packaged drinking water plant

First of all, you should understand the difference between a packed drinking water plant and a mineral water plant. Without understanding this difference, we cannot move forward in the right direction.

  • Packaged drinking water or bottled water plant – processes bore well water in it. Reduce TDS in bore well water with the help of the RO process. RO process i.e. reverses the osmosis process. RO process packaged drinking water does not contain minerals.
  • Mineral Water Plant – In this plant we use natural sources such as spring water and mountain water. These waters contain minerals. Which is beneficial for human health? Add more minerals to the water when necessary in the process of a water plant. Important minerals found in these waters are sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.

The RO water bottling plant project report has been prepared for the RO drinking water plant packaged drinking water plant. RO drinking water plant is also known as a bottled drinking water project.

Profit Margin Calculation of RO Drinking Water Plant

To earn profit from a business is the desire of every businessman. Every individual who wishes to start a business thinks about profit-making first. How a businessman can earn profits is a major concern. Thus we are going to calculate the expected profit from this business.

Annual Profit from RO Business

The main challenge in the RO Drinking water business is to capture the market. Although the demand for filtered water in the market is increasing still to attract people from famous brands to your brand is tough and challenging.

It is expected that you can make a profit of Rs 4 lakh or above per month from this business if you set it up on a large scale.

People who are health conscious have more awareness for drinking safe mineral water and thus giving you huge profits.

If the daily production is 8000 bottles then the annual production is 8000X365= 2920000 bottles.

Total number of Crates considering 12 bottles in one crate

 2920000/12 = 24,333 Crates annually.

If the selling price of one crate is Rs 80 the cost of selling 24333 crates of mineral water= is Rs 80 X 24333= Rs 1 crore 94 lakh. This is the annual turnover. From this, you need to subtract the cost of investment and you get the total profit earned annually.

For calculation of the cost of manufacturing, you need to include the staff salary, raw material expenses, transportation expenses, electricity and telephone expenses, lab expenses and other expenses too.

The total production cost for 24333 crates of packages of drinking water turns out to be around Rs 12 Lakhs. Thus the annual cost of production is Rs 1 crore 44 lakh. Total profit turns out to be Rs 1 crore 94 Lakh – Rs 1 crore 44 Lakhs that is Rs 50 lakh annually.

You can download the RO drinking water plant project report to know about minute points that can help you.

Contents of RO Drinking Water Project report
Sr. No.Project At A Glance
1Highlights of The Project
2General Information And Location
3Promoters Background
4Project Introduction
5The Project Proposal
6Prospect For Investment
7Potential Target Customers/Market
8Market Entry And Marketing Strategy
9Critical Success Factors
10Process Details And Technical Aspect
11Process Flowchart
12Process Details of Battery Water
13Quality Specifications
14Installed And Operational Capacity
15Raw Materials And Consumables
16Power And Utility
17Tentative Implementation Schedule
18Basis & Presumptions
19Capital Investment Estimates
20Raw Materials Including Consumables/ Packaging
22Repair And Maintenance
23Administrative Expenses
24Computation of Working Capital Requirement
25Estimated Cost of The Project
26Proposed Means of Financing
27Estimated Annual Sales Turnover
28Projected Profitability Statement
29Calculation of Interest Amount
30Depreciation Schedule
31Term Loan Repayment Schedule
32Debt Service Coverage Ratio
33Break-Even Analysis
34Projected Cash Flow Statement
35Projected Balance Sheet
36Internal Rate of Return
37Pay Back Period
38Statutory Permits And Licenses
39Important Steps To Start Msme Business
40Tips To Identify Suitable Project Location
41Smart Tips To Follow In R.O. Water Plant Business
Overview of Drinking Purified Water

People know the importance of drinking safe water and so they prefer drinking purified water only. They are also aware of harmful diseases emerging these days so the rise in demand for purified water and RO Filtered water has increased.

Water is the basic need of people, so consumption of water is increasing daily. RO Drinking Water business has a market potential of Rs 162 million in recent years. The number is tremendously increasing also.

India has many urban and rural areas where safe and healthy drinking water facility is lacking. Thus these are government neglected areas. You can look for these areas and explore the potential market to start your drinking water business there.

Having many health benefits, the market demand for pure water is high and thus it can give you great profits.

Potential Market For RO Drinking Water Business

Local Shops

Local shops or stores are the nearest and easily accessible shops. They are near to your location and you can motivate them to sell your water by keeping them on display in their shops.


You can find mineral water bottles in retail shops. The retailers stock them in large numbers and have multiple brands of them. Thus you can use a good strategy and can convince them to sell your mineral water.

Super Markets

Supermarkets are the target market that you can grab orders from. the order in bulk and store for a la longer period. You may not receive bulk orders for mineral water but you can adopt the hit and trial method. Maybe you get big orders from supermarkets.

Online Retail Stores

Online selling has become popular these days and you can also list your brand of RO Drinking water online and contact online retail stores. You will be able to reach a large audience and increase the scope of your business. Among the best food busines ideas, RO drinking water comes on priority because you usually drink water frequently. Along with selling the RO Drinking water, you can initiate PET Preform or PET Bottle business as you need them to package your water. 

Scope of Starting RO Water Plant in India
  • In India, bottled water is consumed when safe drinking water is not available. You can start RO Drinking water plant to strive and eliminate this.
  • There is low risk in this business caused by demand of water bottles.
  • There is high profit margin while running water plant. If you are really eager to start this busines then our RO water plant project report pdf will be of great help. 
  • People can never stop consuming potable water.
  • It offers quick and guaranteed returns when you investment in this business. 
What are the raw materials required for RO Drinking Water Plant?

Like other businesses, the business also requires some raw materials that add to the product quality. Here is the list of raw materials that are required in the manufacturing of the RO Drinking Water business in India.

  • Bottle Loaders
  • Sealers
  • PET Bottles
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging Material
  • Alum
  • Water
  • Chlorine for chlorination
  • Sand Filters
  • Carbon Filters
Source Of Water For RO Drinking Water Business

It is crucial to determine the source of water and the proper place to store it as well. It is an important aspect to consider while setting up a RO Drinking water plant business in the country. You must know that mineral water plants should use water from natural resources like ponds, lakes etc.

Natural resources of water are the best source of water for your business. You must look for your location nearby if possible. You get various minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium etc from natural water.

It is beneficial for consumption. Once you decide upon this you must ensure that you have an area that has a big place to store water. A large reservoir is a great idea.

What is the machinery needed for Manufacturing RO Drinking Water?

Along with the raw material, you require the machines and tools to start the process of production of drinking water. The list of equipment is below.

  • Generator
  • Weighing Scale
  • Gloves
  • Filters
  • Storage Tanks
  • Water Treatment Machines
  • Sterilizers
  • Water Dispensers
  • Water Filling Machines
  • Miscellaneous Machines
What is the manpower requirement in RO Drinking Water Plant?

For starting the RO Drinking water business in India, you require only skilled employees because the unskilled employees will take time to understand the process of filtering water and slow it down. Secondly, the machinery may stop working if they give wrong commands and you may incur a loss.

The number of required manpower that you need for a medium-scale drinking water purified business is 2 to 3. It depends on the machine type and the number can be increased too.

The manpower required for a large-scale RO Drinking water plant is 5 to 7. It completely depends on the machinery you choose to produce the filtered water.

How much land is required to start RO Drinking Water Plant in India?

A minimum of 1000 square feet of area is required to start a RO water bottling plant project report. RO Drinking Water purifier business requires land for storing raw material, equipment and tools and to carry the production process smoothly.

Tips for RO Drinking Water Plant Business Plan

The land you utilize for your new business should be at least 1000 square feet. Another important aspect is that your location should have access to a supply of water and electricity so that work goes on without stopping.

You should also stay close to suppliers so that you can have timely access to the raw material.

Your marketing campaign should be targeted and strong so that you can grab more attention from the mineral water brand. It is initially tough to establish your brand in the market thus the marketing strategy you choose should establish your brand well in the market.

The best way to create the brand name for your drinking water business is to grab the attention of your business by promoting it in the local area so that the word of mouth helps in publicizing your brand.

Bottle Suppliers For Water

You must find sufficient water bottle suppliers so that you can supply water to the customers. Since you are going to set up a new RO Drinking water business, you will require water bottle suppliers so that you can store water in the bottles.

If your plant is large, but the suppliers are less then you may face losses. Thus make efforts to get suppliers on time and from nearby.

RO Drinking water business plan
  1. Source of raw water – Firstly, of all, we have to decide on the source of raw water. The major sources of water may be bore wells or water provided by the municipal corporation. Raw water can supply from other sources.
  2. Raw water storage – In the secondly, stage, you have to store the raw water from the pumping system. There is no need to store raw water when using borewell water. The submersible pump operates for use of borewell water.
  3. Treatment system – The thirdly, stage of the water treatment process consists of the chlorine dosing system, water softening process, RO, UV sterilization, and ozone disinfection.
  4. Water testing – In the fourthly, step you have to test the purity of water in the laboratory. The tests of water do inside the lab according to prescribed parameters of micro and chemical.
  5. Storage of pure water – In the fifthly, phase, the pure water produced will be stored. Purely produced water pack in bottles, jars, and pouches.
Branding and marketing of ro water

Packaged drinking water demand in India is increasing rapidly. You can capture the market as soon as you start production. You can promote your brand. Marketing expenditure is also included in RO water plant project report pdf. 

RO Drinking Water Project Report Conclusion

It is complicated to produce RO Drinking water. The untreated water goes through several processes in the filtration process. The cost of setting up this business is proportionate to the volume of water that you want to produce.

Thus it is advised to have better clarity of your business plan before you invest the capital in this startup. Along with high profits, the employment of staff also makes this business a successful venture. Elaborate every important detail about your business in the RO Drinking Water Project Report for a bank loan.

Frequently asked questions on RO water purifier project report pdf
Is setting up RO Drinking water plant a profitable business idea?

It is a highly profitable idea. There is high demand for this business. It even involves low risk. This business offers you a quick and guaranteed return on your investment. It is a high profit-making business because no one is going to stop drinking potable water.

Where can I get RO Drinking water plant sample project report for bank loan pdf?

If you want to start drinking water plant you need to write a detailed RO water purifier project report pdf and submit it to the bank for loan. You can try our latest updated project report for RO drinking water plant and submit it in the bank and for licenses and permits as well.

How to write RO Drinking Water Plant project report in detail?

A detailed project report of mineral water plant is the one that contains every information about this business. From investment to cost to raw materials to set up to profits, everything is to be written in a project report format for RO water plant.

Can I download mineral water project report in the format of excel or word file ?

It is very simple to download the mineral water project report. You just need to make the payment and in some time our team will provide you the access to the project report format for ro water plant in pdf format. Later you can download it in excel or word.

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