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Project Report Bank applies and abides by a certain set of quality standards. The team has policies and procedures in-house to identify, control, design, and maintain the quality of our service.

The report contains all the calculations required for the bank loan up to Rs.10 Crore as per the accepted banking guidelines in each bank and NBFC. Includes information sought by government departments while preparing the document.

The project report is available in a clean and attractive format, containing financial and technical details of the business. The information is in the report in a graphical form and an easily understandable format.

  • Team of Highly skilled Staff
  • International Documentation Standards
  • Free and Paid Sales Service

Delivering a document that suits your purpose is our goal. Feel free to contact our educated project report experts for your dream projects.

Well-written and impressive project reports for your business can be yours in a gist of time.

For the ones reading this page, you deserve the best!

With our dedicated and experienced professionals and research infrastructure, we assure to help businesses, reduce tough difficulties and realize their noteworthy desires.

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Excellent Project Report

A detailed project report is a deep analysis that involves all the significant aspects of a proposed business initiative that determines the path of its success. Business success depends on the return on the money invested, however, other factors also play their role like demand for product, competitor analysis, growth estimation, socio-economic conditions, community benefit etc.

Our DPR consists of entire feasibility study like the assessment of the plan viability or project. Our team of educated and experienced professionals study, analyse the project feasibility, of your proposed project to confirm whether the project or business you are choosing will be successful or not.  This study aims to note the problems and issues that you may face in your project in the near future.

Benefit of Smart Project Report

A well written DPR has numerous benefits like assisting managers to access the pros and cons of starting a project before actually investing your capital and time in the same. Our detailed and well explored project report helps provide the management of the company, with all the important information that can help prevent the foreseen risks in your business. This complete study helps entrepreneurs make good growth decisions.

You will get a lot of information about your proposed project and know how it would work, what all barriers will block your path, who your competitors would be, what is the target market, how to overcome hurdles etc. A well explored and crafted document by our professionals will help you to convince your investors and bank and they can make up their mind to invest in your business.

A well crafted detailed project report is a formal document of commitment made with standard format that defines all significant information covering all important aspects of your project for making investment decision. Project Report is not just required to obtain financial assistance from bank or financial institution or funding agency but it is also an essential document that you must have so that you can form an opinion while availing various benefits and avail all the incentives offered under the State Government or Central Government for MSME sector.


How do you deliver a project report and when?

You can get the report in PDF file format by e-mail or WhatsApp. We will deliver the report within 7 (seven) days once you pay.

Which Information do I need to provide about my business?

You will need to provide a few basic information related to your project/business.

  • Name of Applicant (proprietor/Firm)
  • Brief introduction/ Nature of business 
  • Mobile No.
  • Email ID
  • Proposed Unit Address / Location
  • Total Cost of Project
  • Total Amount of Loan
  • Caste Category ST/SC/OBC/GEN
  • Name of Scheme PMEGP/MUDRA etc.
  • Quotation of machinery and other items if available with you.
  • In addition, any information that may help prepare this report.

You can give any of the above information available to you. The remaining information will be captured by us as per the general practice.

How can I make a payment for buying project report?

You can pay through any one of the following options.

Option – A : 

Step 1: Adding a project report to your basket.

Step 2: Click on the Proceed to Checkout button.

Step 3: Finalise checking out and make payment

Option – B :

Pay by scanning the given code

Smart Project QrCode 10 Cr for loan
















Option – C :

Pay through RTGS, NEFT and IMPS

A/C No : 36363109921 IFSC : ICIC0000104
Beneficiary – PRB Consultancy Services
Bank – ICICI Bank Ltd
Branch – CMS Lower Parel, Mumbai

Key Contents We Cover

  • 100% Bankable
  • Profitability Statement 10 Yr.
  • Balance Sheet 10 Yr.
  • Accurate Calculations
  • Unbeatable Quality
  • Impressive
  • Acceptable to Bank NBFC Govt.
  • As per the Banking Guidelines
  • 4 Edits (6 Months Validity)
  • Delivery in 7 Days
  • DSCR
  • P&L
  • BS
  • Project Profile in Detail
  • BEP Analysis
  • Ratios Calculation
  • CMA Data
  • Graphics & Pictorial View
  • SWOT Analysis
  • MPBF
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Industry Outlook
  • Market Outlook
  • Production Process
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Fund Flow Statement
  • Promoters Profile
  • Revenue Model
  • Machinery Details with Images
  • HR Planning
  • Location Analysis

Can we see sample project report?

Yes, you can get our sample report by sending message on whatsapp number 9993234091.

How to confirm that this report will be accepted by banks and government departments?

The reports are prepared by our experts keeping in mind the guidelines of the bank and the concerned department. This report is accepted by all. If you have doubts, you can confirm with them by presenting our sample report to the concerned authority before availing our services.

Can we get the report with formula in excel format?

You can get the report in Excel format by paying an additional fee of Rs.500.

Can I get any discount on fees?

After evaluating the volume of work and operational cost, we have quoted the charges to prepare the project report. We assure that we provide satisfactory work; therefore, it shall not be possible for us to negotiate on price. If you are looking for the best service, then believe you are at the right place.

What will be the fee for preparing the project report for the bank loan up to Rs.10 Crore?

You will have to pay INR 15000 (Fifteen thousand rupees) for preparing the project report for the bank loan up to Rs.10 Crore.

The industry report shows a fee of Rs 500, but why is it being charged more?

You can download the report on this website by paying a fee of Rs.500. The reports given in Rs 500 are useful to get information about various aspects of business. But this report is not useful for bank loans and other government schemes.

When is the fee to be paid for preparing the report?

You will have to make an advance payment of rupees fifteen thousand for preparing the report up to Rs.10 Crore.

Can you provide CA certified report?

No, there is no signed or stamped required by CA to submit a project report in the bank, this is a plan or future data which is submitted by an entrepreneur in a bank or institution where applied for the loan. 

Do you also provide services for countries outside India?

No, our services are provided in India only.

Can I come and meet you physically at your office?

No, we only provide online services.

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