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Nail polish making business is a small scale business with profitable source in the cosmetic industry. The process used for this industry is simple and complete raw materials available easily all over the country.  These days nail polish is a very common beauty cosmetic item, and the price varies from Rs 50 to 1000. However, more costly branded nail paints are available in the market, used by every age group, females.

In cosmetics, it’s a million-dollar industry. It is a varnish kind of product that is used to decorate and to protect fingers or toenails. These days, demand multiplies in every area due to different reasons like higher income sources, preference to look better, and look more glamorous.

This nail polish project report is draft to provide every feasible detail on how to start a nail polishing manufacturing business on a small, medium, or large scale. However, this product demands planning, marketing, and a lot of promotions.

Steps to Plan Guide to Start Nail Polish Making Business

Market Research

The first necessary step is to do market research for any business plan; otherwise, you cannot start a business. A person who wants to start a business must go for a comprehensive study and collect information related to the size of the market, product in demand, competitors in the market, etc. and research for the online market and competitors selling most products.

Training required

Before starting a nail polish business, training is necessary as basic knowledge is a must before starting any business. This is the additional support for you if you have knowledge of chemistry in your educational background, which will help understand processes and formulas. These days you can have online classes to get better knowledge.

Business Plan and project report

A clear project report of Manufacturing of Nail Polish Paint is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. You wish to contemplate some important, like your initial costs, your target market, and how long it’ll see you interrupt even. Draft a proper Nail Polish project report that describes your expected income, product and repair lines, expansion plans, and other details of your business. A well-drafted project report will facilitate you in applying for any bank loan.

Company structure

When making company structure, discuss with professionals, and share your business plan thoughts to execute further. As per their guidance, start making your business structure to run your work. If you are new in this business or learner, form a proprietorship company or form LLP if you want to separate personal assets from business assets.

Business Registration & Licenses

When you start any business, you need to obtain different licenses and do registrations with government agencies. Firstly, check your state law where you want to start a business. Contact your local authorities to understand what licenses and permits are required to start a business. Some basic requirements are as follows:

  1. Registration of your firm with ROC (Registrar of Companies) and carefully choose the form for your business.
  2. Get Trade License from the local Municipal authority.
  3. As per Indian laws, you need to apply for a cosmetics manufacturing license according to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
  4. Apply for ‘NOC’ from the Pollution Control Board
  5. Through trademark registration, you can protect your brand name.
  6. Apply for GST registration.
  7. If you want to start export, then apply for the FDA. In countries like the US, The Food and Drug Administration categorizes nail polish as a cosmetic item. However, the FDA does not have strict regulations like food items, and it does not ask manufacturers to mention any warnings of misusing but still have to apply for this license.

Finance & Business Insurance arrangements

For planning any business, finances are a major requirement, and it is necessary to prepare your business project report professionally. Try to contact potential investors with your project report to convince them for funds and talk to business insurance providers to get the best insurance coverage.

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Raw Materials 

There are different processes available for making nail polish, and as per your requirement, you can procure raw materials.  The main ingredients required are

  • Plasticizers,
  • Dyes and pigments,
  • Solvents,
  • Adhesive polymers,
  • Resins,
  • Thickening agents,
  • Ultraviolet stabilizers
  • Container for packing

There are different types of nail paint available in the market, and all Nail polishes present with different formulas and raw materials. Although, basic formula and manufacturing process is the same and as per finishes, there is a wide range of shades available like Matte, Sheer, Pearl, Metallic, Glitter, Shimmer, Frost, Luster, creme, etc. also these days, quick-drying, base coat and topcoat nail polishes available. The topcoat provides shine and prevents chipping and fading your nail paint, and paints stay longer on your nails, and basecoat protects nails from discoloration due to repeated usage of dark colors.

In starting, go for small productions with general items and later do experiments with different colors after checking recent trends in the market. The most important factor in getting success in the nail polish manufacturing business is color.

Manufacturing Process

Steps of making nail polish:

  1. Take a photographic film or cellulose Nitrate.
  2. Wash it well
  3. Chop into small pieces
  4. Dissolve into the solvent (ether, ethyl alcohol, or Emyleacitate)
  5. Mix castor oil and digylthalate mixed in this, so that nail paint is not removed easily.
  6. Colors and shades are mixed in it according to dust.
  7. Now the final mixture is put into bottles and presented to markets.

This is the easy business in the chemical industry compared to other chemical industry businesses, although like any beauty product, this product demands sales promotion and effortless distribution.

Plant Setup & Machinery

Before initiating the business, it is advisable to have a project report to understand the premises and other requirements. Generally, for a small setup, 1000 sq.ft. The area is sufficient for manufacturing operations. Furthermore, you need utilities like electricity, water, and skilled manpower and transportation facilities for distribution

Machinery requirement:

  • Chemical Mixer
  • Stirrer
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Weighing Balances
  • Laboratory apparatus
  • Automatic liquid filling machine etc.
Pricing your product

Pricing your products is based on competition as others are also making the same products. You need to take the decision very carefully while pricing your products. Do market surveys deeply and then go for prices, whether fix or negotiable.

Where to Sell Nail Polish products

Always build your network of distributors and resellers who will sell your product further in the market to end consumers. Provide these dealers worthwhile commission, so they get desirous of selling your products, and now the day you can go for online stores and sell your products easily.

Promote Your Nail Polish Business

Initially, you start with the local market making relation with cosmetic retailers, beauty stores, salon owners, beauticians as these will be your prime customers. Later you can tie up with retail brands for large orders.

To build your brand in the market, it is important to have a dealer network also. Online working is also important these days to make your brand successful. You can create your website with product details and pricing. Also, create your business profile on social media to inform your followers about recent activities of your business, as this makes a good impression on the customer. Also, after purchase, they can provide feedback on the same website for your further business improvements.

Elements of the Nail Polish Project Report

The elements shown below are included in the project report of nail polish production.

Sr. No.Particulars
2Types Of Nail Polish
3Description Of Nail Polish Machine
4Nail Polish Market Analysis
5Machinery &Equipment’s Required
6Land &Building Required
7Labour Requirement
8Raw Material Requirement Of Nail Polish
9Nail Polish License &Registration
10Implementation Schedule
11Project At A Glance
12Cost Of Project
13Means Of Finance
14Computation Of Production
15Computation Of Sale
16Break Up Of Labour Charges
17Break Up Of Staff Charges
18Utility Charges
19Projected Profitability Statement
20Projected Balance Sheet
21Cash Flow Statement
22Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
23Traditional Method
242Nd Method
253Rd Method
26Computation Of Depreciation
27Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the market potential and its uses?

Nail polish potential is increasing in the market like it is for clothing and apparel, and people go for the latest trends and wait for more trends again. This industry will not age, but the great potential is because of the high demand for nail arts and trends, and nail paints come in different segmentation.

  • Appeal: matte, pearl, sheer, metallic, glitter.
  • Shades: refers to all sort of colors.
  • Art: sequence, stickers, etc., where nail polishes act as bases.


  • Used for coloring the nails.
  • Used in nail salons for services like manicure and pedicure.

These are primary uses of nail color but some unusual uses like:

  • Use for keeping the exclusive jewelry from tarnishing.
  • Used in a sealing envelope.
  • Nail care and prevent it from breaking further.
In what works does this project report help, and for whom is it beneficial?

Nail Polish project reports are helpful in the following tasks.

  • All important aspects of the business are covered in the report.
  • This report is helpful as a sample format in preparing project reports for various purposes.
    Assisted in the study of the project.
  • Private and government needs will also get help.
  • Project reports are necessary for getting a loan from the bank.
  • Necessary information will be provided to the investor.
  • This document is beneficial for cost accountants, company secretaries, and anyone who wants to prepare project reports.
Are there any Profits made in establishing the Nail paint business?

Yes, good profits earn every month through manufacturing nail polishes in between 1 lakhs- 2 lakhs per month.

What is the Target consumers come under Nail paint Business?

The target consumers for nail polish marketing are as follows:

  1. Women: Aged between 13 – 40 years is your target customers, and nail polishes as an essential part of self-grooming for the girls, teenagers wear nail color through art.
  2. Nail salons: At nail salons, nail polish can be sold at a discounted price and in bulk to the nail salons where the number of customers comes, and they have various demand in terms of colors, shades, and appeals.
  3. Retail cosmetic shops: The nail polishes made by you easily supply to retail cosmetic shops where nail polishes along with lipsticks, eye makeup products, etc. can sell. It is basically to attract customers those are not picky to go to only nail polish oriented shops.
  4. Fashion Industries: Nail polishes manufactured by you can be given in fashion industries, especially during fashion shows, to launch your nail polish colors and acquire this customer base too.
  5. Online audiences: Consumers between 18-30 years of age with a busy lifestyle like to be sophisticated also in their tastes and prefer online shopping. This helps you to collect reviews for your business and helps in business growth.
What is the Growth rate of this business?

The nail polish business has the potential for growth in the following ways:

  1. The nail polish industry grow at a CAGR of over 10% to reach $ 143.6 million by 2024
  2. Secondly, with the growth in the level of disposable income and advanced standard of living, even social media also influence people’s fashion choices that demand for nail care and grooming increases the need for nail polishes.
What is the Profit margin in this business?

By entering, in this type of business, the profit margins earn is around 20-25%.

The packaging is also an important concern. Why?

The packaging is an essential part of any product, and in the case of Nail polish, it comes under a transparent container with a fine brush and put a logo or brand name on the bottle. It can also be packed with a different model to provide unique features like the same cover of the nail polish with the same color inside, and all this helps to earn handsome profit.

Which project report should I buy along with my nail polish project report?

Along with Project Report for Nail Polish you can buy project reports for the following business.



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