Top 15 Most Profitable and Successful Stationery Business Ideas

Top 15 Most Profitable and Successful Stationery Business Ideas

By stationery business ideas we mean a large number of products that we use. We specifically use stationery for writing and printing. It refers to non-paper items also like pens, art materials, pencils, etc. Stationery is a vast term that includes folders, pen-holders, streamers, and computer usable items. The level of education is increasing at a great speed. There is an increasing demand for stationery items in India.

E-Commerce has created additional demand for stationery. Since education is a never-ending process in schools. There are millions of schools in the country. Thus every student demands stationery. Not only the education sector, but offices also demand good stationery on daily basis.

Stationery business tends to grow by 10% every year. You can become a manufacturer of stationery items in India or a retailer of the same. Our website provides stationery business ideas in Hindi for you to read.

Starting A Stationery Venture In India

To start a stationery business is a great option for you to make money. Like every other business, this startup also comes with a risk. You can invest from 1 lakh to 10 lakhs or above in a stationery venture.

An entrepreneur needs to do a deep study and analysis to start a stationery manufacturing unit in India.

Top 15 Most Profitable Stationery Business Ideas

Here are the best money-making stationery business ideas that you can read in Hindi also on our website.

Stationery Shop

To own a stationery shop near me is the best option to start as a business. You can start a stationery shop at home only. Having a stationery selling point is the best option in stationery business ideas for women. A stationery shop can sell a wide range of products from pencils, sharpeners, notebooks, pens, registers, cardboard, and many more. Nowadays, stationery shops help kids with project materials also. A stationery shop sells stationery to its customers, and starts with a little investment too and later you can expand your business.

Stationery shops in India are making good profits because people demand stationery frequently, especially the students going to school who demand stationery items regularly. Any business that revolves around kids, can never get the sales down. Without any second thought in your mind, you can start a stationery outlet and make handsome earnings. The material that you have to sell is done online or by contacting the manufacturers of stationery items around me.

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Staple Pin Manufacturing

Everyone among us must have faced an ardent need for staple pins one time or the other in our life. As in we have assembled all the pages and when we got the stapler, the pins were not there. This is the moment we realize how important staple pins are and so is the staple pins-making business.

Although the staple pins business is a small-scale business it is a great idea in stationery items for making money. Staple pins startup has a huge market because this small stationery commodity is very important in every household, office, and school. Staple pins are a prerequisite of the paper industry. That’s the reason we say the most profitable small-scale stationery manufacturing idea is making staple pins.

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Wooden Pencil Manufacturing

Wooden pencils or lead pencils and clutch pencils are the running trend and demand of every student. The artists, teachers, or office workers, demand pencils, and thus the demand for this stationery can never decline. Usually, people use HB or 2B pencils as they are evergreen.

Although the trend of online education has promoted the need for tabs and online technology still the demand for pencils is increasing tremendously. There is great competition in the pencil-making business.

The reason for this is the trends in the design and style of pencils that you can design to attract kids. Thus if you can face the high competition with the high demand for pencils, you can start a pencil manufacturing unit in India on a small, medium, and large scale and make a huge amount of profits.

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Home Made Chalk Manufacturing Business

Chalks are the item we use in sectors like education, clothing, furniture. We use them to write on boards in schools and colleges. Chalks are available in a cylinder shape and come in different colors. The chalks that have maximum demand are white. The length of chalk is 70mm.

60% of the chalk is helpful in teaching. Chalk has a good demand throughout the country. Textile manufacturers use chalk to mark the measurement on cloth. The cost of chalk is very less. The demand for chalks in India is steady. You can start a chalk business in India at home only with a little investment of Rs 50,000. Being a small-scale business, chalk manufacturing is an easy and profitable startup idea.

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NoteBook Business

Exercise notebook is extensively used in India. Students and every other individual maintains notes in notebooks or registers. Notebooks come in different sizes and shapes. Notebook is used on a regular basis and thus its demand is always increasing.

India has around 20 crore students nationwide. They require notebooks to write and thus the market potential of the notebook manufacturing business is very high. School notebooks are an important part of a person’s life. Every student needs it throughout his education time. The demand for notebooks is maximum when the school re-opens for a new session.

Before you start manufacturing notebooks, you can visit stationery shops and get a pre-order of the number of copies to be manufactured and the quality to keep. This doesn’t make any wastage and you get to know the number of units you need to manufacture. Notebook business in India is a high-income-generating business that you can start on a medium scale.

Ball Point Pens Business

In modern times, ball pens are in big demand. From students to teachers to a working individual to a hotelier, everyone needs a pen. Students and teachers demand pens for writing like every other individual. You can start a ball pen manufacturing Unit from a small scale to a large scale. The scale of your business can decide your profits and your investment will decide the per-unit cost of a pen for you and also the price of the pen in the market.

You might never need to create a demand for a pen in the market because it is already very high, so what we have to do is to create a pen that people would love to use. One can capture a wide market with a ballpoint pen manufacturing business.

Anyone can surely manufacture pens in bulk in India and sell them in bulk too. Thus the raw material that you need to manufacture pens is high and therefore you can start pen making venture in India on a high scale. Now it is your choice whether you want to buy raw material at low cost and manufacture a cheap in price pen. You can also make an expensive pen that only high-class people can afford and create a brand for your pen company.

Plastic Pencil Sharpener Startup For Men

Usually, pencil sharpeners are made of plastic. You get to buy electronic sharpeners also in the market but the evergreen demand in the market is for plastic sharpeners only. A number of 24 crore students are studying in schools in India and each one of them demands a sharpener. Thus the demand for sharpeners is always high.

This enables you to quickly decide to start a sharpener manufacturing business in India because you require less capital to invest in pencil sharpeners business and you need not work on generating the demand for your product. All you have to do is to make sharpeners, pack them and sell and count your money.

Wax Crayon Making Business- Small Investment High Profit

The basic raw material required to start a wax crayon setup is gypsum, calcium carbonate, and magnesium. Kids use crayons to do coloring. The art teachers prefer crayons over sketch colors because they do not leave their prints on the other page of the notebook and keep it clean. Kids like crayons that do smooth coloring and outlining. You can manufacture crayons and sell them on a small scale in India and generate income for yourself.

Customized Stationery Items Business- Personalised Stationery

In a few years, the trend for customized stationery items has risen. Be it customizing a pen and putting your name on it to a customized diary, is liked by everyone. One can gift customized stationery items as gifts on birthdays or special occasions and events like the new year etc.

You can start a customized stationery venture as a side business and cater to the needs of the market. It is a highly profitable business that can give you a good income as a part-time business. This business functions differently from other retail businesses.

Eraser Making Startup Plan

Erasers are in good demand among students and office workers. It is an important item. The eraser that we use to erase our mistakes is made of rubber. The two types of rubbers are natural and synthetic. Eraser is made from both these rubbers. The price of rubber is dynamic, thus you cannot state the exact price of the rubber. You can buy rubber online or offline and use it as a raw material in making erasers. The erasers are made using a machine. So you must buy the eraser-making machine and set it up for use.

Eraser manufacturing is done on small scale and is a good source of income for a businessman. You can make different shapes of erasers and sizes too. The kids get attracted to erasers very quickly, especially seeing the design and fragrance. Use this strategy to increase sales.

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A4 Paper Stationery Business Plan

A4 paper is mostly used in compiling documents, be it in magazines, letters, or forms. Printing Paper has the most common size of a sheet. In all the industries, A4-sized paper is used to print out important documents. Hard copies for engineer designs or question papers for students are all made on A4 size paper.

A4 paper is used by every individual in the world. People do not buy these sheets one on one but buy complete reams. In the time of online, the texts are printed for reading on A4 sheets only. This sheet is a very thin paper which we use and are versatile to use. Thus this multi-purpose sheet of paper has a good demand. You can surely start a reams manufacturing startup in India and sell it on a large scale to make money.

Geometry Sets manufacturing opportunity

Every school-going student in the world studies maths and thus needs a geometry set. Kids get bored with things and keep changing them. So they often insist on buying a new geometry set each time they study the geometry chapter in maths. If not the geometry set, they buy compass, protractor, or scale for sure.

You can therefore start a geometry set manufacturing unit on a medium scale and cater to the latest needs of the students. What exactly you can do is you can manufacture the basic geometry items and sell them in geometry sets also and individually also.

Thus if a student wants only a protractor, might not need to buy a complete geometry set. This way your product will surely meet the need of your target audience. Geometry sets making venture is a profitable business for Indians.

Glue Stick Startup stationery plan

Glue stick, adhesive, fevi stick, gum, or fevicol is the need of every child in the country. Not only school-going students but the office workers and college students need it too. You can start making adhesives at home very comfortable with small-scale investment and become a Glue stick entrepreneur near me.

The glue stick that we use to paste the torn sheets is an important item for everyone. The demand for fevicol and fevi stick is evergreen and you need not generate it, in the market. Without any stress, you can invest in this business because you need not strongly market this product.

File Making Stationery Business

A file-making business is a perfect choice for a profitable startup of stationery business ideas. Files are required by school students, college students, office workers, and also for storing documents in all the working departments and households. You can start a file designing business on small scale and cater to the demand for files in the market.

Pencil Box Making Machine

A pencil box is the need of every student. You have the business opportunity to manufacture different types of attractive and colorful pencil boxes and sell them in the market. The latest trends of pencil boxes are spiderman and other cartoon characters for boys and Barbie dolls and other girlie faces for girls.

You can research on the latest choice of the school going students and manufacture pencil box as some kids desire a small pencil box whereas others want double-decker pencil box, fulfill their demand also. The pencil box manufacturing idea is the most profitable stationery-making idea.


The stationery business ideas mentioned above are well researched and we have written them so that you can make up your mind to start the best business ideas in India. All the stationery-making plans are profitable opportunities for both men and women. You can explore other business ideas from the project report bank and suggest some to your friends.

Frequently asked questions on Stationery Business Ideas
What are the best stationery business ideas?

We have presented you with the best stationery business ideas among them the best are staple pins manufacturing business idea and pencil box manufacturing business idea.

Who can start a stationery business in India?

Both men and women can start a stationery business in India.

Where can I start a stationery business in India?

You can start a stationery business idea anywhere in India from your house even.

Is the stationery business profitable?

Yes, a stationery business is profitable because you can start it on a small scale and later expand it and it generates you good income because the demand for stationery items is very high in India.

How can I improve my stationery business?

You can improve your stationery business by analyzing the hurdles and mistakes you or your team are making.

What stationery do I need to start a stationery business?

You need all the important stationery for the office, from files to staple pins to A4 size paper, etc.

How much margin should a stationery business have?

Stationery business must have a good margin because the demand is high, so you are able to sell more items without much marketing.