Top 25 Plastic Business Ideas Most Profitable And Successful

Plastic Business Ideas Top 25 Profitable And Successful

If you are looking forward to knowing the best 25 plastic business ideas, you have landed at the right place. The polymer is useful when we create plastic products. Polymers make 70 per cent of petrochemicals. Polymers are in great demand these days because of basic petrochemicals.  The businessmen use Polymers to produce Polystyrene, HDPE, PVC, and many more by-products. Our main concept behind this article is to give you detailed information about small-scale plastic business ideas as well.

New Plastic Business Ideas In India

The plastic products business offers you a complete range of plastic business opportunities. The entrepreneurs of plastic in India are very keen to know about the future updates in the plastic business. Plastic has many forms in which we use it and therefore the demand of plastic in the market is growing at a high pace. This gives the people an idea of the plastic business in India.

Plastic being light In weight has replaced all other products. The products were bulky, especially metals, wood, etc. Using the benefits of plastic new innovations are trending. The plastic business opportunity is very massive thus you can earn too good.

India’s Plastic Industry Based on Startup Opportunity

In many countries like India, plastic making is going down, especially the one that uses low-quality polymer to create plastic items because that is hazardous to use.

India’s plastic industry is spreading in the world through small-size operations. Thus it is providing ample opportunities to plastic houses in India. More than 05% of plastic businesses in the country are in partnership. You need to do good market research before investing in a Plastic startup.

Best Latest 25 Plastic Startup Plans

Here are the best plastic business opportunities in India that can make you earn high profits.

Plastic Bucket Manufacturing- Water Bucket Business Idea

Plastic bucket making in India is a high in-demand business. Every individual can start this by doing deep research. Basically, it is a large-scale investment business that requires a large piece of land to start it. You also have to arrange money for injection molding machinery. This machinery is available to produce plastic buskets. Plastic Buckets are available in different sizes and colours. You can manufacture the buckets according to the design you feel is appropriate according to the demand of the customers. Plastic bucket trading is the best most profitable startup idea for men in India.

PVC Pipe Manufacturing- Plastic PVC Pipes Startup

PVC that is also known as Polyvinyl Chloride is useful for the PVC Pipe business. You can start PVC Pipe startup on a small and medium scale. PVC Pipes are helpful in irrigation, construction, and electrical industries. Materials like metal, wood, and paper are now less in use because PVC has taken advantage of them. You can use PVC pipes for both domestic and industrial use.

PVC lines help in the supply of water because it is best at it. PVC Being light in weight, cheap, and strong can bear high pressure. Highly resistant to chemicals and heat, PVC pipes are in huge demand in the market. Thus you can start PVC Pipes business at low investment and sell them nationwide to make good profits. Among the best plastic business ideas, PVC Manufacturing is the one that you can start with a strong mindset.

PVC pipes in the Indian market are growing high in demand. Therefore PVC pipes in the Indian market can give you a good income.

Pet Jar Manufacturing- Plastic Pet Jar Setup

Pet jars or producing plastic bottles is a very attractive business that gives you a profitable earning opportunity in the polymer industry. In India, plastic consumption has increased to double in the past 6 years. You can start pet jar manufacturing with injection molding and blow molding machines by setting these two machines in your pet jar plant in India. Pet jar plant is a profitable venture for entrepreneurs.

Since pet jars are helpful for packaging in FMCG Industries, their demand can never be reduced. If you manufacture safe, lightweight, and pure plastic jars, your business will surely rock.

You need not bear more shipping costs in delivering them to your clients and thus only have to earn and make profits. If you are planning to start a pet jar venture in India on a large scale. This is the best option for you.

Pet Bottle Manufacturing- Transparent Plastic Bottles Startup

There is a large requirement for plastic bottles in the world. This is because of the increasing demand for plastic bottles. Thus among all the plastic products, the maximum sale is of plastic bottles. Thus we suggest you start a pet bottle manufacturing unit in India on a small scale or large scale depending upon the investment you are ready to make and earn profits. Plastic bottles help to pack medicines, pickles, aerated drinks, food, etc. Thus you can capture a vast market nationally and internationally as well by producing plastic bottles for different clients and selling them directly.

The plastic transparent bottle manufacturing business is the best option to start in your own town. All you need to do is to arrange machinery, raw materials, and workers.

For more information read: Pet Bottle Business Plan & Project Report

Pet Bottle Recycling Machine

You can start your pet bottle recycling business by investing in a plastic bottle recycling machine. Pet bottle recycling is the work of collecting scrap or discarded plastic and ten bringing it back to use again. Plastic recycling helps to save the environment along with providing you a handsome earning. Thus there is less risk in the pet bottle recycling business.

In this century, plastic recycling has become essential. As you know plastic is not biodegradable. Thus if we discard more plastic, it pollutes. You must follow the 3 Rs that are reduce, reuse and recycle. All you need to do is do deep research to understand the entire setup and do and don’t do in the plastic bottle manufacturing business. If you have decided to start a bottle recycling plant, you can start this business immediately by getting old and discarded pet bottles from scrap pickers. The Pet Bottle business in India is one of the high-demand plastic business ideas.

For more information read Pet Bottle Recycling Business Plan Project Report.

PVC Tape Manufacturing- PVC Insulation Tape

You can start the PVC insulation tape business very easily with the assistance of the government in India. You can start a PVC Business on a Small scale and large also. The government along with giving you a loan for this business also gives you a subsidy of 30%. The basic requirement of land for the Insulation Tape business is 500 square meters.

To begin the PVC Tape Business, you can either set up the plant or get the tapes from the manufacturers and own a shop where you can sell these tapes. It is a business that is going to provide you handsome job and if you are a PVC Tape manufacturer, you can offer jobs to a number of people.

You need not worry about the success of this business because PVC Insulation Tape is very popular for electrical insulation. Being water-resistant, it is in high demand.

For more information read: PVC Tape Business Plan & Project Report

Manufacturing Unit Of Disposable Plastic Syringes

Disposable plastic syringes business is in demand as all the doctors in the world use them to induce medicines in humans and animals. To treat diseases, it is mandatory to inject people and thus disposable syringes are useful.  The syringes today are replacing the old syringes because they are ready to use and sterilized. Being cost-effective, the demand for disposable syringes is unstoppable.

Frequently they are helpful in vaccines and medications, and the market for disposable syringes is increasing. The technological advancement and increased cautiousness among patients have led to an increased demand for these injectables. The market for disposable plastic syringes is high and if you invest in this business it will touch the sky with glory.

How can I start the Plastic Recycling Unit?

Plastic has a good demand in the country because it is difficult to assume our lives without plastic because there is a wide range of products that we use in our homes. From toys for kids to crockery in the kitchen, everything is plastic. Plastic is inexpensive so it is in great demand but have you ever thought, about what harm broken plastic causes to the environment?

It is difficult to dispose of plastic and thus it is polluting the environment. So if you start a plastic recycling business in India, along with making money you save mother Earth also. This is a startup of plastic recycling where the waste plastic turns into wealth. Recycling plastic waste provides you with great potential to make money and involves less risk than other business units in India.

Thus you can start a plastic recycling unit on a large scale and make good money. If you want to start a plastic recycling business on a small scale you can get the old and discarded plastic collected and sell it to recycling business units and make money. The plastic recycling business is among the most profitable plastic business ideas.

Yoga Mat Factory

Yoga has been in practice for years. People perform yoga as a relaxing activity. It fosters peace and harmony in our bodies. People can balance their minds and spirits too. Earlier yoga was performed yoga on the ground, but now due to the latest trends in Yoga, People perform it on Yoga mats. Yoga mats are comfortable and convenient. The demand for the yoga mat has increased tremendously.

People now are conscious of their health and thus they do yoga. Now when you are thinking to start a yoga mat business, you have two options. The first one is to start yoga mat manufacturing on a large scale by investing a high amount. Then you can sell your yoga mats to retailers. The other option is that you can become a yoga mat retailer near me and sell yoga mats and make money. The Yoga mat business in India can be a good source of generating income.

For more information read: Yoga Mat Business Plan Project Report

PET Preform Manufacturing Unit

PET Preform business helps you to manufacture plastic bottles that are useful in packaging a number of products from aerated drinks like coco-cola, lassi, and mineral water to medicines to ready-to-use sweets. The PET Preform business gives you a number of options that you have to manufacture.

The sizes of these bottles may vary according to the size of the products packed in them. Thus PET Manufacturing unit can start on a large scale which will give you a number of opportunities because you can make these bottles in different sizes and sell them in the large market by taking pre-orders from your clients.

Preform PET manufacturing is a high profitable bottle manufacturing business for men in India.

Air Bubble Sheet Plant

Bubble sheet making is a profitable startup in India. These are used in packaging soft and fragile products. The rolls, bags, and films can also be made in the air bubble plants. Air bubble wrap sheets are very useful and in great demand in the market.

Flexible and plastic sheets contain small pockets, and these bubble sheets provide cushions for safety purposes. Being cost-effective, air bubble bags and sheets are demanded by a number of companies manufacturing glass and electronics products.

You can start air bubble sheet manufacturing by setting up a plant and investing according to your plan for expansion. This is a high-income plastic business idea in India.

HDPE Bag Manufacturing Startup

These pouches are trending in India these days. These Bags are the latest product in the plastic business. Fewer chemicals are being used to make them. Along with this, they do not attract moisture or fungus. Plastic bags being non-toxic, less in weight and advantageous have increased demand for them. It is one of the most profitable plastic ventures in India. You can set up HDPE businesses on a small scale also and trade them internationally as well. These bags are in high demand across the world.

Acrylic Button Manufacturer | Plastic Button Startup

You can become an acrylic button manufacturer in India very easily because it doesn’t require much investment. A small setup and things are ready. The acrylic plastic button manufacturing unit in India is going to make you rich very early. The demand for plastic buttons in  India is very high because, in almost every outfit, you get buttons.

The garment houses demand plastic buttons frequently. You can take pre-orders and then manufacture them according to the taste of the businessmen. These can be used in India and you can sell them abroad too. This business has taken a significant rise in a few years and is going to excel in the future too. So without any other thought in mind, you can invest in a plastic button-making business in India.

Plastic Drinking Cup Manufacturing

Disposable plastic cups that are used to drink water and other liquids are in great demand, especially during weddings and at hotels and restaurants on daily basis. The manufacturing of disposable cups and other items is very simple. You can start a plastic cup-making business on a small piece of land by just investing in a single piece of machinery and keeping a few employees.

There is an opportunity for every youngster who wants to become an entrepreneur, to start disposable items business in India and achieve early success. After the items are manufactured you can sell them in local towns or inter-state to make good money in return. The disposable items are in good demand in the market because the cost is low, and the latest products available are attractive.

The ice cream parlours and hotels demand these items in bulk. You too, if plan to go out for a picnic, do not wish to carry utensils with you because these handy and use and throw items are worth it.

Straw-Making Business For Women

Drinking straws are the main attraction at parties. The soft drink industry in India demands it in bulk. The manufacturing is very simple. Straw making is the perfect plastic business opportunity for females in India. You can also read about this best plastic business plan in Hindi on our website.

As an entrepreneur, you can motivate your wife to start it at a small and medium scale with very little investment. Anyone can start this venture at home only. You can earn maximum profits in this startup because this product is in high demand at hotels and restaurants on a daily basis as well.

Pharmaceutical Strip Making Machinery

Pharmaceutical strips are used for packing medicines like tablets and capsules so that they do not get moisture. These strips trap air too. You can start a strip-making business in India by buying a piece of machinery on either a small or medium scale. The pharmaceutical strip-making business is the best plastic business startup for men in India. You need to do proper planning, and research and then invest your money in this business.

Plastic Carry Bags Manufacturing- High Profitable Business

The process of compostable carry bags is very simple. The use of plastic bags is done daily in every household. So manufacturing plastic bags is always a profitable venture for men. You can read other plastic business ideas in Hindi on our website here only. They are used in packaging and thus they come in different sizes to serve different purposes.  

Plastic Jerry Cans Making

Jerry cans are very important because they are used to pack things like oil, mineral water, etc. They also come in different sizes depending upon the quantity a manufacturer wants to pack. One of the best plastic business ideas is the jerry cans manufacturing idea. You can invest lakhs in Plastic jerry cans making depending upon small-scale to large-scale business.

Toothpick Making Idea

Are you interested in starting a toothpick-making business and thinking about where can I start a toothpick business in India?

Well, let me tell you that you can start a toothpick venture in India anywhere in the country. You will be glad to know that you need not invest so much money in this business. This tells that you can start a toothpick venture with little investment.

A plastic toothpick is very convenient for use. Being consumed in every household. They are used in high numbers in hotels and restaurants, so their sale never gets down.

You can install automatic or semi-automatic machinery for it.  You can get the machinery installation at your home and start this business. The side business of Plastic can also be started as a toothpick manufacturing venture. People use plastic disposable toothpicks during travelling also because they are more flexible and available in better-packed conditions.

PVC Battery Container Making 

Automobile battery containers are in great demand. These containers are used to carry batteries and are made of plastic. PVC battery containers are made in a way that they can fix the internal partitions at the bottom of the batteries.

The battery containers are in demand by every manufacturer of batteries. The process of battery containers is very simple and it is a small-scale business unit that can be started from your doorstep and sold in towns and cities.

Rain Jacket Manufacturing 

The rain jacket and raincoat are adorned by every individual during the monsoon season. The raincoat is thus made of plastic. You can start a raincoat-making business by simply designing, cutting, and sewing plastic that is capable of wearing.

It is a home-based business investment for females who know how to stitch. No perfect fitting is required for raincoats as they are free-size. You can explore the latest designs of raincoats and make them ready for sale in the market.

Latest Spectacle Frames Startup

These days people who have weak eyesight be it, kids or adults, demand for the latest spectacles frames. People are very choosy and thus they want trending spectacle frames. Now, these frames are made of plastic. People who wear sunglasses also look for unique frame designs.

Thus you can start manufacturing spectacles frames and sell them on a large scale in the market to make a high income. The basic requirement for a plastic spectacle frame is simple machinery and tools and thus you are ready to start this venture.

Water Storage Tank Manufacturing

Plastic tanks that are used in every household are very useful. People store water in these tanks. Storage tanks are a need of an hour. The tanks are constructed with great strength and are advantageous over steel tanks. They do not corrode, or rust and thus are more useful. The great demand for plastic water storage tanks gives an entrepreneur an opportunity to invest in this business on a large scale because this business requires a lot of space.

Plastic Tiffin Box Unit

As we all know from a school-going child to an office worker to a housewife, every individual uses a lunch box. Thus the demand for plastic tiffin boxes is evergreen and can never go down. Thus you can manufacture lunch boxes of plastic ad sell them in the market on a large scale. You can create a wide range of lunch boxes that can meet the demand of every pocket from high cost to reasonable. The best plastic business idea in India is the Tiffin box manufacturing unit.

Plastic Water Bottle Business

For storing drinking water in a household, everyone keeps a water bottle. Thus the startup of plastic water bottles is a great idea. You can manufacture water bottles of different shapes and qualities and sell them at different rates. Trust me, this business has been rising for years because demand for water bottles can never decline. Thus start this business in India and make good earnings by establishing your venture.


As we all know plastic comes in different qualities. People of all strata use plastic in a number of ways. You must always try to manufacture the products of plastic with good quality so that it doesn’t pollute the environment and the government doesn’t interfere in your business.

Frequently asked questions about Plastic business ideas

Where do I start a plastic business in India?

You can start a plastic business in India from anywhere in the country and sell your products across the world.

Which plastic products are high in demand?

All plastic products are in high demand because plastic has replaced metals.

Are plastic business ideas profitable?

Yes, all the plastic business ideas are profitable because of the huge demand for plastic.

Is the plastic business profitable?

Since plastic is used in every household by everyone, plastic business is profitable.

How can I start the plastic industry in India?

With proper research and investment, you can start the plastic industry in India.

Can I start a plastic business with little investment?

Yes, you can start a plastic business on a small scale with little investment.

Which is the most profitable plastic business for men?

Pet Bottle manufacturing is the most profitable plastic business for men.

Which is the most profitable plastic business for women?

Tooth Pick manufacturing business is the most profitable business for women.

Which plastic business is best to start?

PVC Pipe manufacturing business is the best plastic business to start. You can start it on a medium scale. You can check out all the important details about this setup in the PVC Pipe manufacturing project report.

Which plastic business is best to start with low investment?

Tooth pick-making business is a business that you can start from home in low investment. You just need a little space to set up the machine for making tooth pick and space for storage. Check out all the important details about this business in a tooth pick making project report.

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