Project Report on Truck Transportation Lorry Business Plan for Bank Loan

Project Report on Truck Transportation Lorry Business Plan

Every detail about the Project Report on Truck Transportation is available on this page. The transport system of a nation is important for its financial improvement and social development. Transport by road is suited for different types of vehicles due to its simplicity, adaptability, administration, and dependability. The share of cargo, trucks, and passenger vehicles in this manner is increasing faster than other methods. 

The trucking industry is meeting the need for cargo transportation. The spatial spread of the road system (highways and other roads), its quality, and accessibility play a significant role. Today, more than 65% of the nation’s cargo is being shipped on trucks, and it strongly confirms the modular move of rail-to-road load transport.

The trucking industry has rapidly entered the market through a wide range of administrative measures. The truck population in India is growing at a 15% pace every year, taking the current number to over 2,000 trucks for every million population. In India, the trucking industry is a notable player in load development, contributing 55% of the ton-km characteristic.

Regardless of these results, road limits in India are extremely low. Most of the national highways have two roads or fewer, and road blockages represent a significant challenge, with more than 25% of most of the national highways in India being filled. The trucking industry is the most important connection that promotes rapid profitability of the nation through its contribution to the economy, encouraging profitability and aggressive proficiency.

Despite the second largest road system on the planet and the road transport industry contributing 4.9% to GDP, it is sad to see that there is a deep segmentation of the road cargo market, which is governed by a vast network of small administrators, and one is based on a multi-faceted and complex system of connection and funding issues. 

Project Report for Truck Transport Business

Even though the administration’s strategies on deregulation and other monetary changes have increased the country’s road cargo transport in recent decades, the absence of privatization has shortened the accessibility of assets that can achieve a turnaround.

Many major players are involved in the Indian trucking industry, including, truck drivers and proprietors who in some cases are not the same as forwarders, administrators, booking operators, private lenders, specialists, and so forth.

All men and women want to do something on their own and wish to become entrepreneurs. The agenda behind doing their own business is to make money and they prefer to start their firm and do not prefer to work under someone. Thus transport is a business that anyone can start from anywhere by just knowing some details about this business. 

To start any business you need money to invest. One can’t invest a lot of money as there is a limit in every pocket. You require money from financial institutions or investors to run this business smoothly. There is one main thing that you would require to attract investors so that they invest in your business and it is the project report for truck bank loans. 

Our experts can make your work easy by providing a project report on transportation pdf that you will require to avail bank loan for this business and also you would use it as a map for your new journey.

Transition to Fuel Efficient Trucks

Fuel-efficient trucks (NH 7, 8, 9, 4) in major trunk routes are expected to increase by about 30–40% over the next 2–3 years, reducing fuel costs per kilometre in these routes. Smoke-spewing trucks, mainly used for the long haul, are for a total shift with government clearing criteria for LNG refuelling stations to reduce pollution.

Trucking Industry in India

A truck is a vehicle designed to ship payloads. The truck is also known as a lorry in various countries. Trucks differ in their size, power, and setup. Today’s trucks are largely found as fuel by diesel motors. Trucks are usually organized into different classes such as trailers, vans, taxis, tippers, uneven trucks, and haulage. There are many trucking companies in India. Among them, the major truck companies are:

Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer and leading trucking company in India. It began operations in 948 and is a major manufacturer of transport vehicles, trucks, commercial vehicles, and military and hazard vehicles. Ashok Leyland is universally the sixteenth largest producer of trucks.

Tata motors

TATA Motors Limited, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is an Indian global car assembly company established in 1945. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. It is the fourth-largest truck manufacturer in the world. It has recorded a turnover of $ 42 billion. TATA Hispano, TDCV, Land Rover, and Jaguar fall under the umbrella of TATA Motors.

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is an Indian car manufacturer founded in 1947 and headquartered in Mumbai. It is a subsidiary of the mainstream Mahindra group. It is the largest automobile manufacturer in India and one of the largest manufacturers of tractors in the world. Maximo, Genio, Bolero Maxi Truck, and Mahindra Navistar Truck, are some of the vehicles manufactured by Alfa Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

Market Outlook

In recent years, the Indian truck market was worth US$ 10,140 million. The market is currently experiencing double-digit growth and is driven by several factors.  Trucks offer many advantages to railways. For example, unlike rail transport, trucks can accept small quantities of products, they can also reach rural and hilly areas and require less time than rail for loading and unloading of products.  Additionally, India’s rapid economic growth has been a major driver of the trucking industry. Strong economic growth has further catalyzed the development of areas such as infrastructure, real estate, logistics, mining, etc. Other factors driving this market include rising income, urbanization, growth in the rural economy, e-commerce, etc. GST has made it easier to do business in India. Looking ahead, we expect strong growth in the Indian truck market during 2022-2027.

Purpose of Project Report on Transportation PDF

Project Report Bank is a team of professionals who have expertise in drafting project reports for every business to make the set-up easy for young entrepreneurs. A project report is a necessary document that serves the purpose of providing you with financial assistance from investors and banks. You can use our upto date information and easily impress the investors or money lenders to consider your business worth investing in. 

The project report can help you get benefits of the government schemes and subsidies like Mudra Loan, MSME Registration, PMEGP Loan subsidy scheme etc. Every institution would require a professionally written project report to check all the details of this business. 

How can I succeed in the transport business?

You can easily succeed in the transport business if you follow all the steps and keep on monitoring your activities. You need to buy all the vehicles as per business plan. Once you get the vehicles, and all the licenses, you need to hire drivers and avail licenses for them too. Then you can fetch your clients and start transport service. You need to fulfil all your commitments towards your clients and take care that their goods get delivered on time and in good condition. You need to do a lot of marketing and promotion to make this business successful. 

Why should I Start a Transport Business in India?

India is facing so many challenges and has several opportunities too in the transport business because o of its geography and population. In recent years, the Indian transport business has been around US $25000 crores and is estimated to grow at US $38000 crores in the upcoming years. It can witness a CAGR of 10 to 12%. Henceforth starting a transport business is a great investment that you can make. 

A transport company helps to transport goods and passengers from one place to another. Your services can assist people, corporations,  and foreign trade partners too. You can specialize in various activities like global supply, and product delivery. 

Forms of Transportation

Transportation companies come with a variety of types like:

  • Personal transportation services that serve individuals or small groups of people like taxis, ride share etc.
  • Another category is the transportation of raw resources, animals, consumer goods and other local market goods.
  • Prospects can be private or commercial and they depend on material broadcast.
  • Global Transportation business includes transportation by sea or air.

How can I get a Project Report on Transportation Business?

The project report that you want to get from our website needs to be ordered first and then it will be written by expert MBAs and Chartered Accountants. The project report on the transportation business for a loan will have unbeatable quality and contain all the required information about this business prospect. 

You can get this project report in a gist of time and use it as a road map to step ahead for this business. Our project reports are trusted by thousands of people. We deliver personalized project reports. You just need to order on our website, and we will get you the required project report at our earliest. There are different charges for customized project reports. 

State of Truck Market in India

The trucking market in India is highly fragmented, with a large number of operators of various sizes, from owner-operators to large trucking companies, with a truck fleet of over 100 trucks.

Only 10 per cent of service providers own more than 20 trucks, while companies with fewer than 5 trucks contribute 75 per cent, exposing a fragmented market.

  • Investment: Rs. 70 Lacs – Rs. 80 Lacs (minimum)
  • Area Required: 1000 sq ft. – 2500 sq ft. (minimum)
  • Human Resource: 20 – 40 people (including drivers)
  • Transport Business Profit Margin: 10% – 25%
  • Estimated Earnings: Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 80,000 per month per truck

Truck Specialties in India

Typically, 40% of trucks operating in India are less than 6 years old, and about 34% of trucks are more than 10 years old.

The average age of trucks is set to go down in the coming years, with the government’s plan to ban trucks that are over 15 years of age.

How do I start a goods transport business in India and make it successful?

You need to make a list of all the activities that you need to study, investigate and get before starting a transport business in India. Setting a solid foundation is critical so that you can avoid stress and problems in the future. You need to simply adopt these strategies if you want to start this business.

Determine your specialization

The very first step is to determine who and what you will transport. One of the major choices is that you have to determine your speciality. You may engage with a single kind of transport so that your plans turn out to be productive. The best thing about this is that you will be able to concentrate on one particular subject only and learn all about it. If you are not sure about which transport you want to choose then you can do a detailed market research of your town. You should focus on delivering solutions to a specific need so that you can grab consistent customers when you start this business.

Worth Implementing Business Model

You need to first choose the speciality and then find out how to establish your business. It is the time to start the operational elements of your company. You can find so many options available to you when you want to develop an industry-specific company strategy.

Sole Proprietorship Model

You do not incorporate as a single individual or married couple but as a sole proprietorship model. The disadvantage of this is that the person needs to bear the losses of the firm.


It enables 2 or more people to join together and work as limited liability partnerships. Each member is personally liable to take responsibility for the company and its commitments.

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company separates personal and business information. It may change your tax situation but protects you from personal losses caused by the company’s poor performance.

Obtain Tax Identification Number

Creating a company is the first step to starting a transport service-providing business. You need to get a license from the local or state government to operate this business. You can check with the local government to know about this business license in your area.

Acquire License and Permissions

You will need a few permissions to start a truck transportation business in India. You will have to deal with people, and passengers and so you need to have all your licenses and permissions that are required to start a business in the transport industry. You might need the following.

  • International Air Transport Association (IATA) registration for freight forwarders
  • Air Cargo Agent Association of India (ACAAI) registration
  • Registrations with the Income Tax Department, the Registrar of Companies, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), etc.,
  • Any vehicle in a fleet must be registered as a business vehicle
  • Permitting for a high amount of freight or cargo.
  • Insurance plans protect drivers, passengers, and even goods.

Set your budget and Financial Goals

Setting your budget depends on the type of transportation business you choose to start. A vehicle taxi service is less costly than a fleet of taxis. This way you can fix your budget. You need to consider the following.

  • How much money do you require to meet the operating cost?
  • It is a significant choice to invest in supplies, equipment, and labour.
  • The entire debt is of your organisation, whether loans or other sources.
  • How much money are you willing to spend on advertising your business?

Increase your Profits by Buying and Selling

If you select the right equipment for your business then it can help you to start strong by establishing a professional image right away. Quality and size of your vehicle are important to transport goods and commodities of the people. If you want to make more profits then you can start a petrol pump in your city. This will not only save your fuel cost but also you can make more money with this business. 

You need to consider the factors I am listing here to know which cars you should buy and how to develop your fleet.

  • Presence of passengers.
  • Weight of the products that are to be transported.
  • Types of terrain and lengths on a regular journey.
  • Wear and tear that can be encountered.
  • Alternatives for fuel that are greener and more efficient.
  • The final decision is based on your investigation in terms of quality, affordability, and safety.

Hire Manpower

You should hire manpower through a systematic process. As your business grows you will require traditional recruitment strategies that will help you hire your staff and grow your business. You can do a few other activities apart from drivers and service providers. You can hire people for:

  • Working in the office and a support role
  • Technicians to conduct routine inspections
  • Sales specialists
  • HR

Maintain and Renew Your Credentials

It is important to renew and maintain your credentials when you operate a transport firm. Although your vehicles are new, still their long-term usage influences quality and safety. You must ensure that regular inspection can keep your licenses and company registration current. Legal Rules and effective working of your company needs to be up to date. You can set up periodic alerts and assign regular inspections to one staff member so that he can get to know the problems of major concern in your office.

Personalized Project Report on Transportation Business

In the personalized project report, you can get micro details with a high level of accuracy of calculation as required by the banks. You can use this project report and submit it to Financial institutions, non-banking companies, private money lenders, and other financial institutions. The information in this project report is straightforward, neat and to the point. You need to pay extra charges to get a personalized project report on the tailoring unit. You would need a loan to buy vehicles and run a transport business in India, so I recommend you get a personalized project report on the transportation business. 

How can I improve my transport business?

I am going to list a few things that can enlighten you after starting a transport business in India.

Business Risk

The transportation business being dynamic is prone to mishappenings on road, water or air. There are few partners or vendors involved in operating this business so bear high risk and danger. It is important to cover the obligations of any kind under insurance. You may not avoid insurance as you are a professional and experienced entrepreneur. It is still a personal choice and not an obligation. It is important to insure your vehicle then only it can run on the road be it for personal or professional use.

Insurance companies offer good deals on insurance that depend on the vehicle you want to buy or get insured. It is optional to install a GPS tracker that can synchronize with cars these days. It can turn out to be a great help to prevent thefts.

Potential Clients

If you connect to a mass audience, then you are drawing good attention to the public. If you connect nicely to your target audience, that is your potential customers, it is good. Every sector in India requires transportation services. You can thus identify the weak area and pay attention to give solutions. This will make your business journey smooth and you will be able to establish a good customer base. Once the customer base is made, you can offer solutions better than your competitors in this industry.


Once your customer base is established, and you are insured against all the risks related to your business, you are set to go. You now need to do marketing and advertisement for your company and draw the attention of your potential customers. You can market your business on a website or app and give ads in the local newspaper, distribute pamphlets, social media posts, banners etc to get famous in your town. 

Things To Know Before Starting a Transport Business in India

You need to know the following things before starting a transport business in India.

  • Budget you need
  • How to arrange capital.
  • Decide your routes.
  • Getting contacts for Business

Project Report on Transportation PDF

You can easily get a concise project report to avail financial assistance from investors, and financial institutions or banks. Our experts transmit maximum information in minimum words. You can use this information as a guideline for establishing your transport business. Every financial institution will have a look at the detailed information you provide in your project report and decide to provide you Mudra Loan. You should submit a project report with simple use of words so that everyone can understand it. 

Rules of Starting a Transport Business

You need to first register your business in India. You can get multiple options to register your business. You should visit the RTO to get all the details related to registration for your business. You can get it registered as a sole proprietor, partnership firm or limited liability company. 

  • Once you select your business model. you need to obtain a GST Certificate, Federal Tax Number etc. This will assist you in filing taxes easily and getting loans without much stress. 
  • You need to visit the RTO or government offices to get all licenses and permits. To run a transport company, you need to have driver’s and commercial vehicle licenses. 
  • You can apply for all India permits and transport goods to other states PAN India. 
  • You should get all your vehicles insured by reliable insurance companies.

How to get clients For the Transport Business?

  • Ask for referrals, don’t wait for them. 
  • Partner with agencies. Partnering with an agency is a great way to bring in new clients.
  • Browse job boards.
  • Follow up with lost clients.
  • Follow up with your network.
  • Run an ad campaign.
  • Start blogging.
  • Write an eBook.

Transportation Business Profit Margin

You can initially earn a profit of 10% to 20% from the truck transport business. The details of the profit are here.

Air Transport Service: Profit margin in air transport service is 12% to 15%. It is a commercial service that transports passengers and goods, luggage or personal belongings from one destination to another by aircraft.

Car Rental Service: You can check out that this business is in high demand these days. You can make a profit of 35% to 40% in this business. It gives you better profits than all other transport types. If you have electric trucks, you can start an electric charging station business as there is a huge scope for this business too. 

Courier and Freight Transportation: The profit margin from courier and freight transport is 8% to 10%. Courier is a small type of shipment so you can focus on door-to-door delivery. You can make use of public transport for this business as well.

How do I get a transport business loan?

To get a business loan for your transport company a well-written project report is needed. It will help you attract investors or banking institutions towards your business proposal and they can decide whether to give you a loan or not. You can also avail benefits of government subsidy schemes like PMEGP loan, Mudra Loan etc if your project report is professionally written. You can order us to make your project report and get all the important information in that. You can get a bank loan for your company. You need to have all the important documents also with you. Your credit score should be good too. You can henceforth apply for a loan from a trusted financial institution and get lenders for your business. You can also avail collateral-free loan that will secure your funds and help you buy financial assets on time. You can buy a truck for a food truck business and hire a cook who can drive and start this business in a busy market in India. 

What is the profit margin in the logistics business?

You can a profit of 20% to 25% from the transport business but you need to work wisely and monitor regularly to make actual profits. As you provide transport service every month, you can make this much money.

  • Expected Income per Truck: Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 Lac per month
  • Capacity – 27,000 Kgs.
  • Maintenance Cost per Truck: Rs. 17,000 – Rs. 22,000
  • Driver Salary: Rs. 13,000 – Rs.17,000 (for 16 hours per day)
  • Helpers Salary: Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 9,000

Once you deduct all the expenses, maintenance charges and fuel costs, you get your estimated earnings which is around Rs 40,000 to 90,000 per truck in a month. You can also sign an annual contract with the companies that want your transport services. For this purpose, you can also rent a truck and get your commission. You can invest in good trucks and make your profits. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Project Report On Truck Transportation

How Do Transport Companies Get Clients?

If you start a transport company, you will require clients who will use your transport service and help you earn money. So to get those clients, you should contact shippers. You can get in touch with them and pitch your services. You can put in your efforts and provide good services so that you don’t lose your clients once you get them. 

How To Make Transport Business Profitable?

Once the transport business is registered and you have all the required licenses, you need to focus on operations and get revenue. You can follow these steps to make your business profitable in India.
You can use online load marketplaces to find loads for your trucks. You will start making revenue if you get loads regularly.
You must grow your transport business. You should get in touch with transporters, consigners, and other businesses that may need you. You can add people to your network.
Sharing your business on social media is a good way to get clients.

How to increase transport business in India?

If you think your transport business is going on good. You can plan to increase your transport business by grabbing more clients, and investing more if possible. For example, if you have 2 trucks at present and they both remain occupied and you miss your clients then you should take a bank loan and buy one more truck. If you have vehicles but fewer clients then you should use a written magazine-type medium to advertise or publicise your transport business so that you can fetch more clients. You can increase your business by increasing online presence as social media or websites can help you increase your business for sure. 

How do you write a transportation business proposal?

You need to do detailed market research and know every important information before you write a transport business proposal. Writing is a skill that you should know and take precious time to write this business proposal. It is not a day’s task to do so. You can get a professionally written project report at the earliest if you want to get a bank loan or money from investors. We can surely help you with that. 

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