CNG Pump Project Report



CNG Pump Project Report has all the information right under your nose that you would like to know about this startup. You can immediately download the project report of the CNG pump if you have planned to start this profitable business in India. It will save a lot of time and energy if you decide to buy this project report as our experts have worked hard to get all the information for this setup. 

To download the project report is very easy. You will get it in PDF format and later you can convert it in your preferred format online free of cost. The businessmen need to instantly make a nominal payment to us online to get this well written professional project report. You can also buy customized project report from our website that will assist you in getting bank loan and subsidy under this business. 

Everyone wants to make money in his life. You can also be the boss of your new business. Thus, you can decide to start CNG Pump in India. You can easily start your own business by investing funds in the CNG Pump setup. It is also known as an electric vehicle charging point. There are many business opportunities that you can grab other than petrol and diesel stations and make good money. It is a sort of Bio CNG Project

There will come a point when the petrol and diesel business will die and then CNG will still exist. The positive outlook of this business is very good to make money and you can start your service from the very first day of setting up this venture.

CNG Pump Business Project Report

The project report that has been deeply researched by your experts and then written will be able to guide you till the end for this start up. You can use it as a map to make wise decisions. Initially you will have lot many doubts regarding this business. Our project report as in store everything you need to know. 

CNG that stands for compressed natural gas is a fuel that is clean, eco-friendly, economical and is used worldwide to power vehicles. A round 1,200,000 vehicles are there that run on CNG in the world. Present petrol vehicles can also sue CNG by installing a bi-fuel converting kit and the converted vehicle that has flexibility to operate either on petrol or CNG

Being lead free CNG is helpful in substantially reducing harmful emissions from engine and also helps to keep the environment clean. Along with the operational cost of running vehicles on CNG, is one third of the ones running on petrol. Due to many advantages and superiority from conventional fuels CNG is a promising alternative fuel that can be used in cities for transportation. It is a mode of transportation fuel for the present and the future.

You can earn lakhs and crores of rupees in this start You will have to grab the dealership opportunity and start this business. You can grab the opportunity to install the CNG Pump, and CNG gas production plant while expanding your CNG plant and setting up an electric charging station.

Meaning of CNG

CNG is a mixture of hydrocarbons that contain 80 to 90% of methane in the form of gas. As it has low energy density, it can be compresses to a pressure of 200 to 250 kd per cm square. This can enhance the vehicle on board cylinder storage and thus it is named as compressed natural gas.

Natural gas is non toxic, natural, colorless and odourless It is inflammable and light in weight. It is not similar to LPG as it is not a liquid fuel. It contains butane and propane in liquid form.

Natural Gas can be transported to users by pipelines. Since it has a widespread use in industries as a clean fuel that can generate electric power and feedstock fertilizer plants etc. It is now a fuel of choice in commercial and domestic sectors. A natural gas can be compressed to 200 to 250 bar. Being a clean fuel used for burning, it has low ultra emissions. The best solution for reducing a high level of urban pollution that is caused by conventional fuels is CNG.


The government along with the private companies are providing the extending facilities for the ones who are willing to start this business. If you want to start a CNG pump or electric vehicle charging station you can get subsidy from the government and rebate from income tax department for the initial 5 years along with bank loan from financial institutions. You can also grab benefits for the private services that are offering CNG Pump. Having a large infrastructural base, it can be established as a clean fuel and regulated in place. It has a potential of ultra-low emission being the safest alternative fuel.

  • Eco- Friendly Fuel
  • CNG can burn cleaner than diesel and petrol.
  • 80% reduction is seen in carbon monoxide emissions and 44% less hydrocarbons are released in the air when CNG Burns when compared to vehicles running on petrol.
  • No ground water pollution in the country. When it leaks, it is non toxic and light in comparison to air.
  • CNG Vehicles are quiet and contribute less to noise pollution.
  • Cost Effective
  • Clean Fuel
  • No damage to vehicles
  • Fire Safety
  • Perform Better

Who can install CNG Pump?

Any one can apply for CNG pump opportunity. People who are already dealing in this business can further apply for it too. Nexgen has started giving opportunity to entrepreneurs to submit application for CNG Pump, CNG Gas station and electric vehicle charging station along with industrial high speed diesel plant.

How much investment is needed to start CNG Pump in India?

For starting a CNG pump in India you need to make an investment of at least Rs 75 lakh. It will include the pump cost and license fee. To start CNG gas production you will have to spend extra some what around Rs 3 crore This amount doesn’t include license fee. To start an electric vehicle charging station, you will have to invest Rs 25 lakh. It is excluding the license fee and machine cost. The industrial high speed diesel plant needs an investment of Rs 5 crore along with license fee.

How To Apply for CNG Pump?

If you are really interested in CNG Pump business, then you can invest your money in this start up. You can grab this business opportunity by applying online for the same.

You need to visit the official website of nexgen that is www.nexgenergia .com and submit the online application for CNG Pump.

One can also apply through the NEXGEN ENERGIA mobile app.

The entrepreneurs will have to create your profile. This will help you to e-mail your application at the official e-mail ID of nexgen. It is [email protected] .

You can also give a missed call on 7419502123 to grab information related to this business application. You need to submit your crucial details along with the application of CNG Pump both online and offline.

After you submit the application, you will get reply from the company in around 10 days.

What is CNG Pump Dealership?

If you are an entrepreneur looking forward to starting your own business of CNG Pump. You can earn 6 to 7 digits income monthly in the near future.

As far the renewable energy is concerned, it is a great opportunity to undertake CNG dealership. The government is interested to support the entrepreneurs who wish to start their own CNG Pumps. You can get subsidy for all CNG related business from the government.

  • CNG Pump
  • CBG Production Plant
  • EV Charging pump

Who is eligible to start a CNG Pump?

Any entrepreneur who is interested to start a new business of CNG Plant can open it. If you are already dealing in this business, you are eligible to expand it further by applying for additional facilities. The eligibility criteria is here.

  • You need to be a permanent resident of India.
  • Minimum education qualification required for starting a CNG Plant is 10th pass.
  • The entrepreneur age is supposed to be between 21 to 55 years.

Perks Of CNG Dealership

As per the latest government update by the central government, people who get the opportunity to start CNG Pump in India also get some perks along with the set up from the government of India. People availing this business opportunity get the following rebates.

  • Rebate from Income Tax for 5 years.
  • Government Subsidy
  • Bank loan facility from public and private sector banks and financial institutions.

CNG Pump Business 2022 – 2023 Online Application Form

First step is to fill the online application form. On the home page you can see the application form tab in the header section.

After clicking on that the CNG Dealership application form will appear on the screen. The application form lays some details that you need to fill. For example, project type, land type, investment amount etc. Fill in the information now and submit the application.

How To Start A CNG Pump in India?

If it is an agency or a station, you need to know basic details about it. If it is a station, then its physical presence is there and if it is an agency, it needs only a paper exercise and not much planning.

It all needs you to acquire technical knowledge of CNG. You must decide what you want from this business and all details must be known before starting a CNG Pump in India. One should learn all important stuff about this business before investing. An entrepreneur can read out all crucial details in our project report.

As this business has a physical presence you should talk to the fire department of your city and get their guidance first. Then you should check whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not. That you can know when you read the eligibility criteria listed by us in the project report. The safety conditions that allow you to set up this business must be known to you. How much will the services you are planning to start cost you? These are the questions you need to seek answers for first and then plan to start a CNG Pump.

You must also look for answers within yourself about your background for CNG. How well you know about it and how you would be able to train your staff. How big will your CNG plant be and what will be its location? What about the storage and delivery regularity and a lot more etc. You need to get all these answers along with a lot more to start a CNG Pump in India.

How to open a CNG Pump Station in India?

You can now start CNG Gas dispensing station in India. You can register for it both online and offline and also avail license for the same Complete detail of information you are looking for is here, right under your nose. 

If you own a land and wish to convert it into a money-making property, invest in CNG Pump. It is really a great idea to do so. Find answers to how to get license for CNG Pump in India? How to apply for CNG Dealership in India?

Is your land suitable to start CNG Pump?

Your land is basically the site you would like to use for starting your CNG Pump. You can open a CNG Station there if it fulfills the under-mentioned conditions.

  • Land should be free from any sort of disputes.
  • It should locate in a good area and well connected with roads and highways.
  • Land needs to fulfill all necessary details as per laws and competent authority.
How to Download CNG Pump Project Report 

Gone are the days of waiting at the door of the expert, as a result, get your CNG Pump sample report in hand, now you can instantly download the report in pdf format.

First Step            –   Click add to basket  >>  Check Out  >>  Payment

Second Step       – Immediately after successful payment, you will get a link to download the report. You can download the report immediately from this link.

For whom is CNG Pump Project report formats useful?
  1. CA Chartered Accountants
  2. Tax Consultants
  3. Small Business Owners
  4. Students
  5. Engineers
  6. Who wants to self-study

In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

What is the investment requirement to set up a CNG Pump in India?

The fund requirement may vary from company to company. If I talk about the estimate, then it is around 1 crore Rupees. You need to spend at least Rs 1,00,00,000 for getting a CNG Franchise. Along with the basic cost additional cost can also be levied like cost of training the staff, cost of staff hiring, equipments cost, indirect expenses, etc.

You Might also have to pay for application form and license fee They are additional and mandatory expenses without which you cannot start a CNG Pump in India. License fee may vary from franchise to franchise.

Sample Project Report Format of CNG Pump

In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow charts etc. as and when required or deemed fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations which are necessary for the Investor/bank.

You will get the report data from CNG Pump Project Report in PDF. Which you can use easily. You can also modify the information according to your need. You will be able to access the data easily according to your requirement.

Which is the Best CNG Outlet Franchise?

Among so many existing in the country, a few are considered as reputed franchises for CNG Pump in India. If you can afford to invest for starting a CNG Pump in India, then the startup will make your money double in short span of time.

If your plant is located in a good area, then you will be able to cover your cost in upcoming few ears only. You can cover all the cost if you choose a franchise among the ones I am listing here.

How To Apply for CNG Pump Outlet?

Every franchise of CNG Offers opportunity for Indian residents to start their own CNG Pump You can read out the advertisements in the newspapers. It also issues advertisement on the website. You can apply for CNG Pumps in your preferred locations. If you have your own space or land, you must submit your application at the earliest.

You can get all the latest updates on the company website for the opportunities available in the leading franchises for CNG Pump startup in India.

India being the leading economy of the world has its energy requirements that determine the development in the country. The CNG market outlook is changing steadily with time. The government of India wants that the country should become a gas-based economy.

Why should we move to CNG?

Goes the Distance

CNG provides better mileage when we compare it with diesel and petrol. 1 kg of CNG can take you more than 1 litre of petrol.

New and latest technology

It belongs to the latest and improved technology as a result modern CNG ready vehicles provide maximum comfort to travelers. Quick filling CNG Gas stations can fill vehicles in just 2 to 3 minutes.

Safe Performance

CNG Components are set as per international standards and tested for ensuring safe performance. CNG Fuel system is sealed to prevent any sort of leakage.

More Power

Natural gas has high octane rating in comparison to premium petrol. It results in better performance of vehicles and quiet engine.

Peak Engine Function

CNG has no additive for cleaning combustion, it prevents contamination of engine oil or spark plugs and raises output for loan period.

Low Maintenance

CNG Fuel can burn cleanly and is not corrosive. It results in less damage to pipes, spark plugs, and mufflers of the vehicles It can release less by products in motor oil and thus there are less oil changes and low is the maintenance cost then.

CNG Dispensing Facilities

CNG is transported to customers mainly by the existing CNG stations in India. The dispensing units of CNG are supplied from storage cascade that are mother stations basically. The CNG is transported from mother stations in truck mounted cascades to the daughter stations that are the retail outlets.

The on-board cylinders kept in the CNG driven vehicle is refueled under pressure from the dispensing unit similarly like petrol filling. The vehicle cylinder is never taken out or exchanged for refueling. CNG dispensing is operated on the principle of equalizing pressure between the vehicle on board cylinder and storage cascade. CNG is sold in kilograms on retail from the dispenser. Units using direct mass can flow meters while refueling is going on.

There is less storage pressure with every successive filling at CNG retail outlet that is not connected with a gas pipeline. Once a station drops, the refueling time is increased when the quantity of CNG is decreased while dispensing it. Usually, a car with one on board cylinder can be refilled in 3 minutes and the cascade storage pressure can be full.

How much does CNG Cost?

The cost of CNG at present is Rs 12.21 per kilogram.

About Vehicle Insurance

The CNG kit that is installed in the vehicles needs to be insured along with the vehicle and accessories. The motorist must send notification to the insurance company so that they can offer insurance on CNG System for which you may be charged additional premium by the insurance company.

Motorists can also run their car after installation once the risk is additionally covered by the insurance company.

With retrofit kit in case of petrol vehicle higher kilometer is covered. In case of diesel buses low is the cost of per kilometer. Low maintenance charges are to be given once the vehicle is insured and low are the cost of life cycle.

Technical feasibility of CNG Conversions

The running range of vehicles is important to discuss. As CNG is a gaseous fuel, so the storage capacity of CNG in a vehicle is less as compared to capacity of petrol. The CNG Quantity is filled by the dispenser while refueling also depends on the pressure of dispensing station.

The quantity of gas depends on ambient condition, and this can actually fill pressure. A fuel switch on dash board is fit to let the vehicle run on petrol if for instance it runs out of CNG.

Contents of CNG Pump Business Plan
Sr. No.Particulars
1Project at a Glance
2Highlights of The Project
3General Information and Location
4Promoters Background
5Project Introduction
6The Project Proposal
7The Products
8Prospect for Investment
9Potential Target Customers/Market
10Marketing Plan
11Critical Success Factors
12Process Details and Technical Aspect
13Process Flowchart
14Technical Aspects
15Installed and Operational Capacity
16Quality and Standards
17Raw Materials and Consumables
18Power and Utility
19Tentative Implementation Schedule
20Basis & Presumptions
21Capital Investment Estimates
22Computation of Working Capital Requirement
23Estimated Cost of The Project
24Proposed Means of Financing
25Estimated Annual Sales Turnover
26Projected Profitability Statement
27Calculation of Interest Amount
28Depreciation Schedule
29Term Loan Repayment Schedule
30Debt Service Coverage Ratio
31Break-Even Analysis
32Projected Cash Flow Statement
33Projected Balance Sheet
34Internal Rate of Return
35Pay Back Period
36Permits and Business Licenses
37Important Steps to Start MSME Business Unit
38Smart Tips to Follow in CNG Station Business
Conclusion Of CNG Pump Project Report

The CNG Pump business could be designed for an individual enthusiastic about investing in this business and willing to generate extra earnings with his investment in CNG Pump. CNG Pump set up requires a detailed CNG Pump project report and business plan that can tell the entrepreneur in detail about the market research, industry trends, machinery, manufacturing process and a lot more. Our CNG Pump project report contains all the necessary details that you need to know before setting up your CNG Pump business. It will help you in assisting to write down the project report and applying for a bank loan.

Frequently asked questions on CNG Pump Project Report
How can I attract customers towards my CNG Pump?

You can get more customers and retain the existing ones only if you keep on advertising your business using both online and offline advertisement modes. You also need to offer good service at your CNG pump and maintain good relations with existing customers to attract more of them. Offering variety in menu is also a good idea.

What are the important marketing strategies to expand CNG Pump Business in India?

You can expand your CNG Pump start-up in India by effective marketing like advertising and spreading word of mouth. You can ask for customer feedback and post it on social media handles to grab the customers. You can expand your business by rendering other services like repair of vehicle service or start food point in your ambience.

Do I need any license to start a CNG Pump in India?

If you are planning to start a CNG Pump on a medium or large scale then you will need license that is issued by the government bodies. You can check out licenses needed in the project report.

How to start CNG Pump in India?

You can easily start a CNG Pump in India by exploring the market to know the best location in your area. You will also have to study the CNG Pump project report to get every important detail about this business.

What are the requirements to start a CNG Pump in India?

You require a well written project report for CNG Pump business. This you can get from our website in a gist of time. It contains every significant detail about this start-up that can benefit you in making wise decisions. You will also have to arrange space and buy equipments that we have listed in the project report.

Where can I get CNG Pump sample project report for bank loan pdf?

Well, you can explore the best CNG Pump business project report PDF on our website and take help by checking out all the important details for your new business from it. It will serve you as a guide using which you can write your own food CNG Pump project report and submit it to the bank to avail loan for your new venture.

What is the right CNG Pump business project report format for bank loan?

We have clearly stated the right format for CNG Pump start up in our project report. You can check out the project report details by downloading it after making a nominal payment to us. We have covered every important aspect of this venture in our report.

Can I download CNG Pump business project report in the format of excel or word file?

You can easily download CNG Pump business project report from our website in PDF Format and use it for writing your project report. If you want to get it in word or excel file. It is very simple to later convert the pdf to word or excel using free file converting tools.

Can I download CNG Pump business project report and use it for bank loan under PMEGP mudra and other government scheme?

The main objective of this project report is to highlight all important aspects of this business for your new set up and to provide sample format for preparing project reports for other purposes. However, according to your need, we will prepare customized project report for your set up so that you can get loan from the bank under any scheme.

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