EV Charging Station Project Report



You can now download EV Charging Station Project Report in a short time. It takes many days to research this business and then write the project report for starting an EV Charging station business in India. My question is Why spend so much time when we are here? Yes, I mean to say that the business plan is a crucial document that contains all significant details about the setup.

You can download EV Charging Station Project Report from here if you are planning to build an EV Charging Station in India. Are you looking for detailed information about charging infrastructure for electric vehicles? Here’s a comprehensive project report that will address all of your questions. 

Setting up an EV charging station, maintenance workshop, and home charging station is undoubtedly a terrific suggestion if you seek India’s most significant new business chances. Charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly alarming. Electric vehicle charging stations are on the list of top business possibilities in India for the decade, thanks to rising environmental consciousness and the introduction of electric vehicles (including e-cars and e-scooters). Similarly, building a gas station or a biofuel station may provide an unending and eternal business opportunity in India and throughout the world. EV charge stations are on their way to seizing the worldwide market in the following years.

You can make more money by thinking about starting a business that makes spare parts for electric vehicles and also opening a place where electric vehicles can charge up.

EV Charging Station Project Report

EV Charging Station project report is a necessary document that will help you get all the necessary licenses, help you set up this business and avail financial assistance from the banks. You can use it as a map that has all the solutions to your doubts and can resolve your problems in a gist of time.

An electric vehicle, often known as an EV, is propelled by one or more electric motors or traction motors. An electric vehicle can be self-contained using a battery, solar panels, or an electric generator to convert gasoline to energy. It can be fueled by electricity from off-vehicle sources through a collector system.

An electric vehicle charging station (EV charging station), also known as an electric recharging point, charging point, charge point, or electronic charging station (ECS), is a component of an infrastructure that provides electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles, such as electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids.

Nowadays, energy efficiency is a foremost priority, fueled by a growing concern about climate change and rising oil prices in nations that rely heavily on imported fossil fuels, resulting in high demand for electric vehicle charging stations in the country.

What is the meaning of EV charging station?

Electric vehicle charging station is a place where you can start your set up charging electric vehicles of your customers when the batteries of their electric vehicles are about to discharge. 

What is the full form of EV charging station?

Full form of EV Charging Station is Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India.

Which EV charging station is best?

  • ChargePoint Home Flex : Best Overall.
  • The Grizzl-E Classic : Best Outdoor-Use Charger.
  • Enel X JuiceBox 40 : Best For Smart-Charging Features.
  • Emporia EV Charger : Best For Battery Backup Systems.
  • ClipperCreek EV Charging Station : Best Universal EV Charger.

Is EV charging station business profitable?

Yes, it is a profitable business once you cover up all your installation cost. The remaining revenue that you make is your profit. You can cover the installation cost in a period of 3 to 5 years.

How to get license for electric vehicle charging station?

You need not get any license for starting EV Charging Station. You just need to get a clearance certificate. EV Charging Station requires inspection to be done by an electrical agency from an authorized lab accredited by NABH or NABL.

How much space required for EV charging station?

A minimum of 500 square feet space is required to start EV Charging station in India. You must at least have enough space to park 3 to 5 cars at your EV Charging station.

How to open an electric car charging station in Rajasthan?

You can open an electric vehicle charging station in Rajasthan by getting a detailed project report on EV Charging station and finding the best location for this set up. The project report will help you get bank loan to start this business. 

What companies are building EV charging stations in India?

  • Tata Power – Mumbai
  • Charge + Zone – Vadodara
  • Exicom Power System – Gurgaon
  • Charge My Gaddi – Delhi
  • Volttie – Noida
  • EVQ Point – Bengaluru
  • PlugNGo – Noida
  • Dyna Hi-tech Power Systems – Navi Mumbai

How can I get EV charging station franchise in India?

You can get EV Charging Station franchise in India by contacting the franchise head office and bearing the franchise fee. 

How to open EV charging station in India in 2022-2023?

You can start EV charging station in India by the following steps.


You need to look for the right location to start EV charging station in your town.

Equipment Quotation

You require a quotation for the equipments that you have to buy like the electric chargers, transformers etc and meet the supplier for the same. You must compare the prices as well.


Contacting DISCOM in your area timely is important.

SetUp the Charging Station

You can now start to set up your charging station.

DISCOM Approval

An official from DISCOM will visit your place and inspect your setup and then you will get the clearance certificate.

How to apply for EV charging station in India?

You can apply online for EV Charging station in India. 

How much does it cost to set up an EV charging station in India?

How much does it cost to start a charging station will be discussed here. The first expenditure that you need to make is capital and the other is operational.

Capital Expenditure for setting up EV charging station

Chargers Cost

CCS and CHadeMO chargers come under a range of Rs 7.5 lakh. Type 2 AC chargers cost around Rs 1.25 lakh. The moderate chargers cost around Rs 2.5 lakh and Bharat AC will cost you around Rs 70,000. If you plan to install these chargers in your EV charging staion then the charging capacity of you EV charging station will be 3240 kWh.

Cost of Electricity Connection

After you install the chargers, you need to get electricity connection here of 250 kVA along with cables, meter, transformer etc. It will cost you around Rs 6 lakh.

Civil work cost

To do the civil work you need to spend around Rs 2 to 3 lakh and get it done by hiring masons. Total capital cost that you need to invest when you start this business is here. It amounts to Rs 30,lakh.

If you want to reduce your budget then you can install less chargers, the cost will come down.

Operational Expenditure for starting EV Charging Station

Let’s discuss about EV charging station operational expense.

EVSE Management Software

This will help your customers know about the vacant slot at your charging station. It costs around Rs 50,000 annually.


To run a charging station in India, you require a minimum of 2 employees as per the guideline of the government. One among them needs to be a trained technician and the other can help with vehicle parking or charging work. The salary of these two employees needs to be Rs 4 to 5 lakh annually.

Gateway for payment

For online payment gateway you can let your clients pay you through online mode or by swiping their cards.

Internet Connection

For EVSE software management and payment gateway, internet is required.

Land Rent

You will have to pay rent for the space you have arranged on lease.

Advertisement and Marketing

You can advertise your business and do some marketing so that it helps to increase the sales.

Cost of Electricity

Cost of electricity varies from state to state.

Who is manufacturing EV charging stations in India?

  • Delta Electronics India. EVSE Manufacturers
  • Quench Chargers. EVSE Manufacturers
  • Mass-Tech. EVSE Manufacturers
  • ABB India. EVSE Manufacturers
  • Amara Raja. EVSE Manufacturer
  • Exicom
  • P2 Power Solutions
  • Magenta Group

Which companies in India are producing EV charging stations?

There are so many companies producing EV Charging stations. Afew of them are Amara Raja, P2 Power Solutions, Exicom etc. 

How do you invest in EV charging stations?

You need to invest around Rs 40 to Rs 50 lakh in an EV Charging Station. 

How much does it cost to install a public EV charging station in India?

You need a minimum of Rs 40 to 50 lakh to start EV Charging station business in India.

How much do EV charging stations earn in India?

When you get all the chargers installed in your charging station then the capacity of your set up is 3249 kWh/day. Now if I assume that your charging station works for 6 days a week.

The total consumption in a day would be 810 kWh. For 365 days a year it will be 2/unit. Making annual revenue to be Rs 591300. If this margin is increased by Rs3/unit then the revenue turns out to be Rs 886950.

Purpose of the EV Charging Station Sample Project Report 

The EV Charging, Station Project Report, is available in PDF format for download on this website. The main objective of the project report on the charging station is to make the potential entrepreneurs aware of the business information.

This report is also helpful in preparing project reports for bank loans and other government and private works. To fulfil the purpose of pre-feasibility information; The document covers various aspects of project conception, development, startup, marketing, finance and business management.

There are fixed charges for downloading the project report of the EV Charging Station. The project report can be downloaded in pdf format immediately by paying a nominal cost.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market Research 

Under the EV policy initiative, the power ministry targets four billion-plus population cities in the first phase of the EV distribution business plan. The second phase intends to cover all state capitals, union territories, important roads, and significant towns.

During 2019-2025, India’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure market is expected to develop at a CAGR of over 40%. One of India’s primary elements propelling the electric car charging infrastructure industry is increased government assistance.

For other electric business opportunities, read articles on various ideas for electric business.

EV Charging Station Business Plan

India’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry is divided into hardware, software, and services. Sockets, cables, and charging devices are examples of hardware. Installation and maintenance of charging units, platform as a service, and other services are examples of software and services. Other services include battery delivery and towing, which are still in their infancy in India.

You can study here by getting the project report of Petrol Pump and Automobile Workshop business in PDF format.

Types of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Depending on the degree of charging that they give, there are three types of electric chargers available for EVs:

  • Level 1 Charging (Slow Charging): It is a primary charging device that charges at a sluggish rate. It may be used on residential circuits and runs 120 volts (V) using an Alternating Current (AC) connector. This device takes around 8 to 12 hours to charge a battery. It is primarily used in households to charge electric vehicles overnight.
  • Level 2 Charging (Standard Charging): A 240 volts (V) AC socket allows for a charging duration of 4 to 6 hours on average. It works with all-electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrids. The majority of these stations are found in public parking lots and business and residential structures.
  • Level 3 Charging (Rapid Charging): Using a 480 volts (V) Direct Current (DC) socket can charge a battery up to 80% in 20-30 minutes. It is not, however, compatible with all-electric vehicles. They are only put at public charging stations.

Working of Electric Vehicle Charging station

  • The electric car charging station is made up of many electric vehicles charging devices, each of which is made up of a transformer, capacitor, and a control unit with a high-quality CPU and inbuilt memory for the station’s software.
  • The charging station includes a charging wire and connector that connects to the car through an appropriate plug and a stand that fits the vehicle’s charging port.
  • An adequate distribution and control panel, which fundamentally has additional safety and fail-safe systems necessary to manage suitable electric load, transfers the electrical power received from the grid to an electric car charging unit.
  • The electrical power is given to the electric car charging machine, which uses its transformer set to change the input AC voltage to the appropriate value, which is determined by the user’s selection of the charging level
  • Level 1 charging provides 110-120V AC alternating current at the charger point, and Level 2 charging provides 220 to 240V AC at the charger point. Level 3 charging requires a three-phase input AC supply that is then passed through a transformer, rectifier, and ripple factor reducing circuit to produce the DC power supply that is supplied to the charging point.
  • The control system governs the different interface and control activities depending on the software feed in the machine, which classifies it as a visionary or dumb charging machine. The processor in the control unit processes the data algorithm integrated into the software. The user’s input is asked, and the car is charged depending on these inputs.

Electric Vehicle Batteries Charging System

This charging system is an AC-DC power circuit that is carefully monitored to maintain the nominal properties of the vehicle’s batteries and extend their life. It should also keep an eye on the batteries when charging or discharging to avoid any harm. The ACDC power circuit can be implemented in various topologies depending on the system’s requirements.

Types of Vehicles

You need to know the types of vehicles first once you plan to start EV Charging station in India. There are 4 types of vehicles.

  • 2-Wheelers
  • 3-Wheelers
  • 4 Wheelers
  • Large & Heavy Vehicles such as Truck & Bus

Drawback of Starting EV Charging station for buses and trucks

Trucks and buses are large vehicles so they need large space to move and park. You would need more space in your EV charging station if you plan to charge large vehicles. Buses are parked in depot and charging points to charge them are already available there.

Thus there is not much requirement to charge them at your station. If I talk about the electric trucks then they are not there in India so you can drop this plan also.

Now the main concern is for two, three and four wheelers.

Where can we see these vehicles types in India?

Well, you can get to see these vehicles in big cities in parking space of malls and commercial parking as well. People do run these vehicles and park them in their large parking spaces.

People these days want to choose electric vehicles but they don’t do so because in their opinion, electric vehicle charging is a major concern. To charge a commercial vehicle has more requirement than a private vehicle.

Thus a commercial vehicle be it electric auto, electric cab etc require charging at stations. Although they start with full recharge of battery in the morning but as their commute is long so the batteries get discharged quickly.

So there is a demand of charging station by them because they provide fast charging to their vehicles. Thus you can consider to start a electric vehicle charging station in your city or town for commercial vehicles in an open space.

But if your plan is to start EV Charging station in a housing society then you will be able to charge the vehicles of your society also. If you plan to start EV Charging station in the parking of a mall, then you get clients there also as you are not far from the mall. People would love to get their vehicles charged when they spend their leisure time in the mall.

Requirements For setting up EV Charging station in India?

You need to arrange all the basic requirements that are required to set up an EV charging station in India.

Land Requirement

You require space first that can help you in setting up the EV Charging station. You can start it at your private land or can arrange it on lease. You can look for the best location if you take land on lease like near or in a mall, commercial space etc.

Electricity Connection

You need to have electricity connection along with the transformer. You require 33/11 KV heavy duty cables to get this connection done along with some electrical components.

Civil Work

Civil work starts for charging towers and shades in the open space where cars are parked outside. The entry and exit in charging station is needed so that vehicles can disperse and enter smoothly.

Charging towers and Equipments

You can set up from the two famous types of charging towers like AC and DC.

Is EV charging station free?

No EV Charging Station is not free. The rates are set as per the rates in cities and towns.

Can I set EV Charging Station at home?

You can definitely start EV Charging station at your home. You need to consult the electrician and arrange for cables and charging points as he suggests. If you start EV Charging station in commercial area, you will fetch more clients.

Can I install DC Charger at home?

Yes, you can install a DC Charger at home but it is not recommended to do so. The maintenance and installation cost is really high. The infrastructural requirement for a DC Charger is not required for home.

Does Government of India provide any support to install EV Charging Station?

Ofcourse, Central Government of India provides support for installing EV Charging stations by offering different schemes and subsidies.

Which state of India has the highest number of EV Charging Stations?

Telangana has around 50 Charging stations in India being the highest state to own EV Charging stations.

Is it profitable to start EV Charging station in India?

As per the guidelines of the Government, it is compulsory to set up EV Charging station in India in every 3 km in cities, 25 km on Highways on both sides. It is definitely a profitable business that one can start with the help of government.

Return on Investment in EV Charging Station Business

Here is the prediction about return on investment for EV charging station.

A 6 hours operational charging station will return you your capital amount in 4 to 5 years.

A 12 hours operational charging station can give you your capital in 2 to 3 years.

If you run your charging station for 20 hours a day, you can recover your capital in just 1 to 2 years.

Clearance Certificate For Charging Station in India

The best part about this business is that you do not require any sort of license to run your EV Charging station. All you need is a clearance certificate from DISCOM. Once the inspection is done by the official from this department you get the clearance certificate. You need to meet government guidelines to achieve this certificate.

EV Charging Station with Solar Farm

As per the government guidelines, it is not mandatory to get electricity from DISCOM. You can now start a solar farming plant and use the electricity in your EV charging station. You can earn more profit when you use free electricity.

Government guidelines for setting up EV charging station in India.

Following guidelines are issued by the government of India to start EV Charging station.

The government of India is making it compulsory to set up electric vehicle charging station at every 3 kilometers in cities, 25 kms on highways, 100 kilometers for heavy duty vehicles.

Indian Government has made it easy to start EV charging station as no licenses are required.

Infrastructural Requirements To Start EV Charging Stations

Installation of substation equipment, safety equipment and transformer.

33/11 KV cables for line and meters.

Installations and Civil Work.

Land space for entry and exit of vehicles.

Installation of chargers as per local and international standards.

EV Charging Station Franchise in India
  • Tata Power – Mumbai
  • Charge + Zone – Vadodara
  • Exicom Power System – Gurgaon
  • Charge My Gaddi – Delhi
  • Volttie – Noida
  • EVQ Point – Bengaluru
  • PlugNGo – Noida
  • Dyna Hi-tech Power Systems – Navi Mumbai
Benefit of Starting EV Charging Station in India
  • As India is moving ahead in the era of electronic vehicles, in future this business has high market demand.
  • You can get schemes and subsidies from the government to start this business.
  • The cost of setting up an electric vehicle charging station is not very high and revenue is estimated to increase year after year.
  • It helps achieve Go Green mission.
EV Charging Station Project Report Format in Brief

The following points are included in the project report for EV Charging Station.

Government Recommendations for Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Central Government of India has released the following recommendations for the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations in India:

The Indian government has made it mandatory to provide an electric car charging stationwith  every 3 kilometres in cities, 25 kilometres on highways, and 100 kilometres on roads for heavy-duty vehicles.

Following the instructions of the Power Ministry of India, the Indian government has made it license-free for anybody to set up an Electric Vehicle charging station in India.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure

Setting up an electric vehicle charging station needs the following infrastructure:

  • A transformer, substation equipment, and safety equipment are being installed.
  • 33/11 KV cables and accompanying line and metering equipment…Installations.
  • and civil works.
  • Land area for car charging and vehicle entry and egress.
  • All charger models must be installed following local and international requirements.
basic requirements For EV Charging stations
  • Sufficient human resources, including technicians.
  • Drinking water.
  • Washrooms.
  • Snacks counter (optional).
Contents of EV Charging Station Project Report Format 

The following points are included in the project report for EV Charging Station.

Sr. No.Particulars
2Benefits Of E-Vehicle Charging Station
3Ev Charging Station Market Analysis
4Working Of Ev Charging Station
5Ev Batteries Charging System With Chart
6Land & Building Required
7Machinery & Equipment’S Required
8Service Charges And Revenue Charges
9Revenue Charges Of Ac Machine
10Revenue Charges Of Dc Machine
11Staff Requirement
12License & Registration
13Implementation Schedule
14Cost Of Project
15Means Of Finance
16Computation Of Process
17Computation Of Revenue
18Utility Charges
19Projected Profitability Statement
20Projected Balance Sheet
21Cash Flow Statement
22Computation Of Working Capital
24Calculation Of D.S.C.R
25Repayment Schedule Of Bank Loan

Electric Vehicle sales are increasing, and the need for charging stations is rising every day, even though there is just 1% of EVs in India compared to regular automobiles.

The answer is YES if you have the financial means and are prepared to take on a more significant role as an entrepreneur. Now is the moment to invest in the future, namely in electric vehicle charging stations.

Frequently Asked Questions on EV CHARGing Project Report
Is it profitable to start an electric vehicle charging station?

One of the best business opportunities in India is EV home charging and public charging setup. Though the traditional car business continues to rely on and rely on the client category, the electric vehicle sector is the future generations desire. The government has also taken several steps to encourage the purchase of such cars. The GST rate for electric cars and batteries has been cut to 5%. On the interest rate paid on their loans, income tax savings of up to Rs. 1,50,000 are available. Aside from that, state governments offer extra incentives like exemptions from road taxes, registration fees, stamp duty, and utility taxes, among other things. Increased sales of such cars would, without a doubt, necessitate a greater number of charging stations. Second, the government has established infrastructure rules mandating the installation of an electric vehicle charging station every 3 kilometres in cities and every 25 kilometres on both sides of major roads. It has also been said that such stations for long-distance and heavy-duty trucks should be located every 100 kilometres on both sides of highway roadways. However, our infrastructure lacks even 1% of the essential stations. In addition, the Indian government has encouraged firms to submit proposals for the installation of over 1000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2023. EV charging stations are an excellent arrangement to invest in if you are a sensible far-sighted entrepreneur with significant cash and patience.

Is it possible to start EV charging stations from home?

Yes, you can set up an EV charging station at home. You will need to talk to your electrician and set up charging stations and wires.

Is it possible to install a DC charger at home?

Yes, it is possible to install a DC charger at home. However, it is not advised. The expense of installation and upkeep is exorbitant. DC charger infrastructure requirements are also unsuitable for a home.

What is the average cost of setting up electric vehicle charging station?

In India, the average cost of a public EV charging station is between Rs. 40 and Rs. 50 lakhs.

Can I download electric vehicle charging station project report India in word format?

Yes, you can very easily download the word file of the electric vehicle charging station project report from our website. You will be able to explore the PDF format of the EV charging station project report India and download it. Later, it can convert into a Word file format.

Where can I get the EV charging station project report PDF?

Well, if you are looking forward to downloading the electric vehicle charging station project report pdf, you can get it from our website by paying a nominal fee. The project report the on EV charging stations is written by our business experts who are going to assist with your EV charging station business plan.

How do you find electric vehicle charging stations?

You can find EV Charging stations very easily these days using google maps.

How much does an EV charging station charge?

Well, an electric vehicle charging station charges a nominal fee from the passers-by. It varies from one EV station to another.

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