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Resume for English Teacher In India when you apply for the post of an English teacher. It highlights your credentials, job experience and passion for teaching English. If you like to become an English Teacher, you must pay attention to your speaking and writing skills. Along with this, you need to focus on important information that you write in your resume. It will help your biodata stand out from the crowd. In this article, I am going to explain every detail that you need to check while writing the Resume for English Teacher in India. It will help you write one for yourself, if you already have one, you can match your text from this article and if you find a problem in writing your English teacher resume, you can simply download one from our website.

How To Write a Resume for an English Teacher Job?

To write a resume for an English teacher that highlights your skills, credentials and job experience is a tricky job. You need to write an attractive resume that is eye-catching and impressive too. You can thus follow our steps to create one for yourself.

  • Add Your Name And Contact Details: The very first thing to do in an English teacher biodata in India is to include your full name. Then comes your contact information that the recruiter uses to contact you when he wants to call you for an interview or announce that you have been selected for the job. Make sure you don’t miss the official e-mail ID because in case the contact number won’t work, the recruiter can send you an e-mail.
  • An Attractive objective statement:

    1. The objective statement is very important to presenting your resume to the recruiter. After contact details, it is the first section that makes up a recruiter’s mind that your resume has something worth reading and he continues to read it further.
    2. It is written in just two to three lines therefore you must use this space wisely with effective and positive words. You can state your motivation level to get this job. The objective section can include skills, capabilities, and personalities that the recruiters would like to know.
    3. This will help the recruiter decide whether you are worthy of this job or not. You can thus personalize the objective statement and create it according to the needs of the recruiter checking out the job description.
    4. You can also get information about the vision and mission of the school from the school diary or school website and include those effective details in the objective section of your English teacher curriculum vitae.
  • Educational Details For English Teacher:

    1. It is very important to include an education section that features your educational details to the recruiter. You need to include all important details of your education, the degree, or other certifications. You can also include the extra-curricular awards that you have achieved on state and national levels.
    2. Recruiters in school usually demand all-rounder teachers. When it comes to English, you can include your college qualification first because in chronological order the latest comes on the top.
    3. As B.ED is compulsory in all schools, you need to include B.ED Diploma details also in the education section so that it becomes a plus point to get you on the job. Also include the name of the degree, the college and university details the school name and the year of joining and leaving the college.
  • Include the relevant job experience:

    1. The recruiter usually wishes to check on the latest and most job-relevant experience. Therefore you must add only that experience in the English teacher CV that relates to the job description. It can also include the details of your previous employer and the job duties and responsibilities you did with him.
    2. The skills and achievements that you earned from the previous job should also be a part of your experienced English teacher resume in India.
    3. While you write the experience section, you can include information about the multiple jobs that you have done so far. State the job experience in a chronological form which means the latest experience should be on the top.
    4. If you are a fresher and you don’t have relevant or desired job experience, you can include tutorial experience and informal teaching experience too. Maybe the recruiter should consider it.
    5. This section along with highlighting the subject knowledge also demands you to showcase your enthusiasm and willingness for the job. It is a very important English teacher resume section in India so write the stuff wisely.
    6. Hundreds of applicants might apply for this job but you can stand out from the crowd if you provide a valid reason to the recruiter that you deserve this job.
  • Skills For English Teacher:

    1. In the skills section, an English teacher would mention communication skills, soft skills, presentation skills, body language skills, leadership and organizational skills. As far as hard skills are concerned, it is expected from every teacher to know about computers so that the teacher can independently create school reports on the computer.
    2. You can excel as an English teacher if you have the above-mentioned skills and the skills that the job description enlists. Since teaching English is itself an important skill, the candidate must have social, ethnic and compassionate skills as well.
    3. You can refer to the job description so that you can get to know what skills the recruiter wants in candidates and include them in your CV.
  • Responsibilities of English Teacher

If you are interested in being a teacher, there are certain responsibilities that you need to fulfil. Thus only creating a wonderful resume won’t work. You, therefore, need to be clear about the role and responsibilities you will have on your way.

English teachers are required at all levels of education and in all schools nationwide be it elementary teachers, Montessori or high school English teacher teachers. The teacher must instruct the students at different grade levels. Some responsibilities of a teacher are.

  1. Prepare lessons and teach them in the classroom.
  2. Guide and instruct students to learn English and skills.
  3. Motivate the students to explore study material in English so that they can inculcate communication and writing skills in them.
  4. English learning will groom their personality so the role of the teacher will be to take it in the right direction.
  5. Prepare class tests and assignments that are going to judge their performance.
  6. Interacting with students so that you can create feedback about student records and present it before their parents.
  7. Monitor the performance of the students and create mandatory records.

What Sample Templates for English Teacher Job Application Resumes Can I Download?

You can download the templates given below here. By paying a small cost, you can download the sample formats in a Word file instantly.

Sr No.Particulars
1Qualified English Teacher Resume Template
2English Teacher Resume Format
3Teacher Business Card Template
4English Teacher Job Application Letter
5Teacher CV Template English
6English Teacher Cover Letter Template
7Qualified English Teacher Cover Letter Template

Tips To Write An English Teacher Resume In India

You should follow our tips to write a teacher’s resume in India.

  1. Use of action words: The English teacher’s resume should have action words that describe your job experience and responsibilities. You can use impressive words like trained, organized, performed etc. This will emphasize your accomplishments in front of the recruiter. It will add worth to your resume and you will be able to stand out from the crowd. Check grammar and spelling The professional English teacher resume that you have to submit to the recruiter in the educational institute should be grammatically correct as you are an English teacher. Mark my words, it is going to be a big insult if the recruiter finds a mistake in your resume. There should be no spelling mistakes as well Scan your resume properly before handing it over to the recruiter. Make sure to correct the mistakes you find in your resume and then submit it.
  2. Keywords: The English teacher’s resume needs to include the keywords from the job description in the skill or objective. It helps the resume get tracked in the applicant tracking system. The recruiter understands that you can assist the students well if he finds you have a proper understanding of English. You must include the necessary stuff regarding the recruiter’s expectations and make the recruiter believe that you are right for the job.
  3. Digital Skills: Many schools are now using digital technology like smart classes. You must include in the resume that you are known to it and can use it without any help. This will help the recruiter decide that you are the right candidate for the job who doesn’t need any training. If you know how to operate a projector, computer and tablet, it will be a plus point in your resume and the recruiter might think to hire you.

English Teacher Resume Format

There are three formats to write a resume for an English teacher.

  • Reverse chronological resume format
  • Functional Resume Format
  • Combination Resume Format

The candidate who is experienced in the English subject for several years can write the resume using a chronological resume format. The candidate who is a fresher should choose a functional resume format because it highlights your skills and objectives in the best possible way. If you have experience in the same job position and have a job gap, you can choose a combination resume format. You can explore details about the resume formats of English teachers in detail on our website.

Top 6 Essentials for English Teacher Resume Making

  • Contact Details: The contact details section of a resume is where you provide your personal information so that potential employers can reach out to you. This section should be located at the top of your resume and should include your full name, current address, phone number, and email address.
  • Professional Summary: A top English teacher’s resume should start with a professional summary that highlights your qualifications, experience, and teaching philosophy. This section should grab the attention of the reader and give them an overview of your skills and achievements.
  • Education and Certifications: The education and certifications section of your English teacher resume sample PDF should list your degrees, licenses, and any additional certifications or training that you have completed. This section should also include your GPA and any academic honours you have received.
  • Relevant Experience: Your relevant experience section should highlight your teaching experience, including the name of the schools or institutions where you have taught, the grades or levels you have taught, and any specialized subjects or courses you have taught. This section should also include any relevant experience outside of teaching, such as curriculum development or leadership roles in educational organizations.
  • Skills: The skills section of your Sample Resume For English teachers should list any relevant skills or areas of expertise that you possess, such as proficiency in the English language, knowledge of educational technology, or experience with differentiated instruction.
  • Achievements and Awards: Finally, a top English teacher resume should include an achievements and awards section that highlights your accomplishments and recognitions in your field. This section should include any awards or honours you have received, any publications or presentations you have given, and any notable achievements related to teaching, such as improvements in student performance or successful implementation of a new curriculum.

English Teacher Biodata Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the best Resume For English Teacher Word Format?

If you are looking forward to the best English teacher resume you can get them only on our website as we have researched and created the latest English teacher resume templates. The updated design of the English teacher resume will surely benefit you in getting the job in the school.

Which is the best format for a Resume For an English Teacher graduate?

Since there are three formats of resume writing for an English teacher, the best one for you is the one that solves your purpose. You can decide to choose the best resume format by your expertise or fresher.

What should I include in a Resume For an English Teacher fresher?

You must include all the important details in the resume for an English teacher fresher. From the header that contains your contact details, then objective, education details, skills, achievements, experience as a tutor or informal experience, then reference and declaration statement, everything is a must include.

How Do I Download English Teacher Resume PDF?

You can easily download english teacher experience resume in PDF Format in a gist of time. If you have made many efforts to write a resume by yourself and still couldn't write one. Then you must stop stressing yourself. We can help you get the best English teacher resume format in Word download in a few seconds only. Stop bothering and take our help.

Why should I buy English teacher resume format?

You can buy our professionally written resume format when you want to get the job you have been desiring since long. The interviewers may find out a lot of mistakes in your resume henceforth, you must try a professional English teacher resume.

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