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A Content Writer Resume Format is very useful to you if you are looking for a career in content writing. Content writers write unique content for several websites. They write the content according to the requirement of their clients by researching, giving proper facts and presenting them well, using different font sizes and styles using bullets and alignments, and giving several links to justify their work.

The new candidates who are interested in a content writing career must demonstrate their excellent writing skills in their resume as content writers and highlight their creativity, computer efficiency, ability to work according to instructions of clients and networking.

The most eligible aspirants for content writing jobs are from English medium backgrounds, journalism and communication.

Content Writer Resume India

Can you ever imagine getting the job of a professional content writer without exhibiting your writing skills? Well, you can do it simply by presenting a beautifully written content writer resume for job. If you are a fresher and want to work as a content writer then you would definitely need our content writer resume format for your new job. Even though you have experience in writing still you can pay once and get our professionally written CV for content writing job because you will be able to upgrade your work experience in an elegant way and get paid more. 

You will surely find difference in this resume template for content writer job. Moreover, you can use this downloaded resume a number of times as and when you wish to switch from one job to another. 

Content Writer Resume Format

Well, you can know in detail about the content writer’s resume format when you read the article below.

Chronological Content Writer CV Templates

A chronological biodata format for content writers enables you to write your experience in reverse order. So we can call it the reverse-chronological format of content writer.

It is the traditional format for all resumes and it lists the present position on top for the recruiter to notice it first. It is suitable for experienced candidates only. You can include the following information in a chronological format.

  • Contact details
  • Profile Summary
  • Key Skills
  • Education details
  • Interests

Functional CV Format for Content Writer

A functional CV format emphasizes skills that work experience. This format is most suitable for freshers because as a fresher you don’t have much stuff to state. You can include the following stuff in a content writer’s resume. If you have a job gap in your work, you can simply use a functional resume format so that the gap doesn’t highlight much. You can also use it if you are frequently changing your job.

  • Contact details
  • Objective for content writer resume
  • Profile Summary
  • Job Experience
  • Education
  • Interests and Hobbies

List of CV Templates available for Content Writers.

You can download the following CV Templates for Content Writer in Microsoft Word file format by paying a fee here.

Content Writer
Architectural Specifications Writer Resume
Automotive Service Writer Resume
Blog Writer Resume
Caption Writer Resume
Communications Writer
Administrator Content Resume
Content Designer Resume
Content Developer Resume
Editor Content Resume
Content Producer Resume
Content Specialist Resume
Copy Writer Cover Letter Template
Copy Writer Resume Template
Corporate Writer Resume
Crystal Report Writer-
Curriculum Writer Resume
Customs Entry Writer Resume
Database Report Writer Resume
Digital Content Producer
Online Content Writer Resume
Tech Writer Cover Letter Template
Tech Writer Resume Template

Combination Resume Format For Content Writer

A combination resume format is a mix of chronological and functional formats. It emphasizes both the job experience and skills. You can also include your work history if you have or can simply begin with contact details and objectives. Start a hybrid content writer resume format with:

  • Contact details
  • Objective or Profile Summary
  • Job Experience
  • Key Skills
  • Education

Content Writer Biodata

A content writer’s resume is a document that a candidate looking for a job presents before the potential employer so that he can join an organization. A content writer shows his skills and educational qualifications to justify that he is fit for the job. Along with highlighting their writing skills, he needs to show his work experience in writing and share a portfolio that contains his written samples.

In this article, we are going to tell you why it is important to write a content writer biodata in India and the format of a content writer’s resume as well.

What is the importance of a content writer Biodata?

 Although you are a good content writer, it is not just enough for you to get the job of a content writer in India. A recruiter likes to read the resume that has multiple details about you in the job application document that you present.

Everything is important from editing abilities to experience to familiarity with the niche, everything is important and so is listing this stuff in the cv of a content writer in India. A well-written CV enables potential employers to get a better understanding of you and it increases your chances of getting the job.

How To Design Perfect Content Writer Resume?

To design a perfect content writer resume, tailor it to the job, emphasize your writing skills, highlight your content marketing experience, use bullet points to showcase your achievements, include relevant education and certifications, showcase your attention to detail, use a clean and modern design, customize your resume for each job, and proofread and edit it carefully before submitting.

How to write a resume as a content writer?

A content writer is a good writer who can write a resume in several ways and with proper structure. You must create proper sections as each element is important. One can then mention summary, skills, experience, and qualifications. The aspirant must showcase their strong points using bold or bullets.

These are the easy steps to writing a content writer’s resume in India.

Create a Header

A resume header contains the personal information of the writer like address, contact number, and e-mail ID. You must write the links to professional blogs as well in the portfolio.

It is also impressive to write about social media accounts too.

Begin Profile Summary

Once the header is done, begin the CV Body which is the profile summary. If you have experience in writing, start from that and if you are a fresher, you can start from the objective.

Also, write about the expectations and the attitude you carry towards the job. The objective is generally concise in a single or two sentences maximum.

Job Experience

The job experience in a CV of a content Writer should properly highlight the candidate’s work experience and niche expertise. Before one starts writing a CV, collect related information about the experience and niche you would like to write on.

Also, mention a few work samples from the projects you have already done. Internships and previous work can also be a part of the resume in this section.

Begin with your present work experience and then arrange others in reverse order.

Include the Technical skills of the Content Writer

Writers need several skills to write online content. A list of those skills must be prepared and included in a CV. Mostly the skills are technical as they are computer skills. Include editing skills, research skills and SEO Practice as well.

If you possess knowledge of word processing software, analytical tools, MadCap etc. do mention them in your resume your client will like you for them. Mention the proficiency level too.

Write Soft Skills

Do not forget to include soft skills like organizing work, communication, problem-solving or project management. If you apply for a position that specifically needs these skills, your work will be done and you will get this job.

Include Achievements

If you are an experienced content writer and have made some achievements in this field, you must include it. It will add worth to your resume and you will be able to confidently apply for this post.

You can write about any certification course that you have taken so far and also include a group you have already worked for.

For More Information Read: Guideline for Fresher Resume Preparation for job application in India.

Add Important links in Content Writer CV

You are experienced and might have several links of the work already over in your list so you can mention it in your resume and state it in your portfolio too.

You can share their links and also name the publications of the work published by you.

Include references

Writing is art for multiple niches and you may have several people who can refer you in their professional network specifically for the niche you write for. If you have the links related to a particular niche, you can mention them in your portfolio and inform your reference that you have experience in the niche, their known are looking for.

Resume Format

Being a content writer, you correctly know about the length of sentences and proper paragraph size, font size and formatting. Using format font style and all other details, you can properly format your resume to impress your client.

Use font size 14 because it is ideal to read and font style as Arial because it is evergreen.

Proofread the Biodata

Although you are a good writer and have good knowledge of writing still you can make grammar mistakes. Therefore you must check grammar errors and spellings in the cv of the content writer and correct your errors as well. You can use online grammar tools and make your resume error-free.

What Skills To Add In Content Writer Have In Resume?

Some important skills to include in a content writer’s resume are:

  • Excellent writing and grammar skills
  • Knowledge of content marketing and SEO techniques
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Creativity and ability to think outside the box
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Proficiency in content management systems and other writing tools
  • Flexibility and adaptability to different writing styles and formats
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills.
Tips To Write Content Writer Biodata

A writer surely has several skills that are important to create content to capture the reader’s focus in the resume immediately. You can mention hose skills in the resume to create an attractive one. Use our tips to write a beautiful resume.

Highlight Writing Skills

The CV of a writer is the best place to flaunt your writing skills because you can use your creativity there and clear the content and your expectations.

Edit The CV

Proofread your resume so that it is error-free and you can grab the position of writer. You must add worth to the resume which is only possible if it is error-free. Along with good writing skills, you can plan and execute the assignment that you get on time.


You must discuss your job experience in the published projects because you must have experience in working on large projects in big teams as a writer. So you must indicate that experience in your CV and mention the tasks you complete on time.

Published Work Links

Since you have experience, you might have several links to different assignments that you can mention in your CV and attract your potential employers as a writer.

If you mail your CV or share it by hand, you must give a reference so that the potential employer can get to know about your work.

For More Information Read: Guideline for Electrical Engineer Resume for Job Application in India.

Do’s Of A Content Writer CV

Concise Biodata

The first thing that is important for you is to write a precise resume so that it is simple, short and crisp. Such resumes are both attractive and comprehensive. Recruiters don’t have time to spend on a lengthy CV that you might write. So they want them concise. Thus if you are a fresher, write a short resume and discuss important details only and if you have the experience you can only stretch the resume if you have a lot of experience related to the same niche only.

Personalize Your CV

You must customize your resume according to the niche. If the job is for writing multiple niches then you can share a normal resume but if it is specific niche work, then you must customize it by including the information related to the niche of the potential employer because he would like to read only the expected information.

The recruiter might search for a resume using the keywords he mentions in the job description, so he will choose your resume only if you include the important keywords that he is looking for in a CV.

Write A Resume Summary

Writing a summary statement is very crucial in a CV. We write it at the beginning of a biodata. It helps the recruiter to know how beneficial you are for his company. It usually emphasizes your skills and writing experience. Therefore you must try to avoid long statements that seem bulky. Instead, you can try for strong sentences that are unique and enriching.

Include Your Accolades

If you highlight your achievements that relate to the job profile, it gives a clear picture to the potential employers that you are fit for the job they are offering. Therefore you can list your achievements and details about them if they relate to the job description you are applying for at present.

Keep them concise and avoid irrelevant ones. It will leave a negative impact on your side.

Mention Contact Details

Contact details are important to include because if you are in for the job, the recruiter will contact you. Cross-check that you mention the right contact details. Be it your phone number or e-mail address, they need to be right.

You must avoid unnecessary details like your religion, social media accounts and marital status as it is not important for a recruiter to know.

Include Soft Skills of Content Writer Biodata

A common mistake that every other content writer makes in his CV is that he mentions technical skills instead of soft skills. I know including technical skills is also important but you cannot skip soft skills.

Recruiters want that you must possess soft skills so that you can present yourself better therefore include them on priority. Be it time management, team spirit or any other. Avoid unimportant skills in the resume.

You can download Modeling resume format by clicking here.

Don’ts Of A Content WRITER’S Resume

Complicated Content Writer Resume Template

Avoid using the template of a complicated content writer. You must create a resume that is quick and easy to read. A complicated one will never come into the hands of a recruiter.

You must choose a basic and simple content writer resume from our website. We have several resumes that can solve your purpose and make you stand out from the crowd. Avoid several font sizes and styles in your CV.

Passive Voice in the Resume

You must try to skip passive voice and write your stuff in active voice only in the resume. It will not only increase the length of your content but also add better meaning. Active voice sentences are concise and easy to interpret than passive voices.

Ignore unnecessary Hobbies and Interests

No recruiter likes to read the stuff regarding the unnecessary hobbies and interests that you might include. So you must write only the job-related interests and hobbies. For example, if you apply for the post of a content writer, then you must include your hobbies such as reading books and novels along with blogs.

Include sketching and designing as well because it will highlight your creativity. You must also prepare a justification in your mind about why you like these activities because the recruiter usually asks about it in the interview.

Avoid negative stuff

You must not include the negative stuff because it can spoil your impression. One must be careful while mentioning the content in your CV and not include any wrong stuff regarding your previous job and company. The candidate can impress the recruiter if you write good stuff and focus on the skills and strengths that you have.

Avoid writing about your previous drawbacks and failures. Ignore biased and discriminatory content too.

Omit giving extra personal information

You must not include highly personal information. It is rather better to exhibit yourself during the interview rather than write it in your CV. The potential employer is already good enough to judge you during the interview.

Thus including extra personal stuff is not a wise thing to do and no one even likes to read about it.

Check Your Stuff

When you submit your resume, you must go through it twice or thrice to find out your mistakes and grammar error. You can also check your mistakes online for free. When you are sure that your CV is perfectly set, then only hand it over to the potential employer.

Content Writer Resume Format Summary

You must write your CV in normal language that is easy to interpret for the recruiters. It should be full of bullets and font styles because it can distract the readers. Your recruiter is going to read your CV for a couple of seconds only so make you’re your CV has some extraordinary stuff that keeps him there for minutes and then only he can think to hire you.

Keep it classic and professional so that it can grab the attention of the potential employer and keep it in two colours only be it black and blue. Keep your content write your resume in pdf format so that you can send it when and wherever you find a job opportunity.

You can download MBA resume format by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions On Content Writer Resume Format
How to Write a Writing Resume?

It is very simple to write a content writer skills resume because you can write it following the correct content writer resume format from our article and get hired for the job.

What is the format of resume writing?

The format of content writer resume samples is the right style that you have to choose for writing a resume. This depends upon your eligibility for the job whether you are experienced or a fresher

Where can I get the best Content Writer Resume Sample India?

You can get the content writing resume at our website because we have made your work easy by setting the right templates of content writer for your use.

How to write a resume for content writer?

The content writer can write a resume very easily because he already has skills to write one. The resume is simple to write using the proper layout for it and presenting your details in an attractive and right manner.

Which is the best Content writer resume format?

As such there is no best resume format. We can use three resume formats among them choose the best that suits your need. It can be chronological, functional and hybrid. You can get details about the right content writer resume format on our website.

What are the essential skills to include in a beginner content writer resume?

Essential skills to include are excellent writing and grammar skills, knowledge of content marketing and SEO techniques, research and analytical skills, attention to detail and accuracy, creativity, strong communication and collaboration skills, proficiency in content management systems and other writing tools, flexibility and adaptability to different writing styles and formats, and strong editing and proofreading skills.

Should I include a portfolio of my writing work in my resume for content writer fresher??

Yes, including a portfolio of your writing work or links to published articles is highly recommended to showcase your writing skills and experience.

How should I highlight my content marketing experience on my resume?

You can highlight your content marketing experience by including specific examples of how you have used SEO, social media, email marketing, or other content marketing techniques to drive traffic, increase engagement rates, or achieve other content performance goals.

What education and certifications should I include in creative content writer resume?

Include any degrees or certifications in writing, communications, or a related field that you have earned, as well as any relevant coursework or training programs you have completed.

Should I customize my content writer resume for each job I apply for?

Yes, customizing your freelance content writer resume for each job you apply for is recommended to showcase the skills and experience that are most relevant to the position.

How do I showcase my creativity in content writer resume sample India??

Use your resume design and formatting to showcase your creativity. Use a modern, visually appealing design that reflects your personal brand as a content writer. Additionally, include examples of your most creative writing projects and highlight any awards or recognition you've received for your writing.

How do I highlight my SEO skills in skills for content writer resume??

Use specific examples of how your content has driven SEO results, such as increased website traffic or higher search engine rankings. Include any experience you have with keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

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