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You can get the project report here for setting up a UPVC Doors and Windows manufacturing plant in India. Do you want to establish your own UPVC Doors Windows manufacturing business? If that’s the case, you’ll discover a full project report that covers the manufacturing process, licenses, machines, business plan and more.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) or rigid polyvinyl chloride (Rigid PVC) is a low-maintenance material commonly used in the construction industry. The material is available in various colours and treatments, including a photo-effect wood finish. It is typically used as a substitute for painted wood for window frames and sills when installing double glazing in new construction or replacing older single-glazed windows.

Products made of UPVC are fire-resistant. UPVC is because they contain more than 70% unplasticised UPVC, which converts to 57 per cent chlorine. UPVC effectively contributes to the flame retardant. Furthermore, it has a very high ignition temperature of 400oC compared to 210oC for wood and an index of 50% compared to 21% for wood.

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, or UPVC, is a low-maintenance building material that is commonly used to replace painted wood in window frames and doors. UPVC is a less expensive alternative to hardwood timber and aluminium. It is a popular material because of its durability and affordability. UPVC has been shown to provide exceptional performance and durability; it is long-lasting and low-maintenance, making it the ideal material for doors and windows. It’s also known for its high thermal efficiency, acoustic insulation, and cost-effectiveness.

Why buy a project report of UPVC Doors and Windows?

A project report of UPVC Doors and Windows manufacturing plant is necessary for the following reasons.

  1. Helps the investor to make an investment decision in the UPVC Doors and Windows manufacturing business.
  2. Makes the entrepreneur aware of the various aspects of the UPVC Doors and Windows business.
  3. Helps in understanding the UPVC Doors and Windows manufacturing process.
  4. Serves as a sample report to prepare project reports for other purposes.

Competition In India UPVC Doors And Windows Market

UPVC windows are designed specifically for the Indian climate. The profiles have been designed to adapt to various Indian environments, including high heat and cold and significant rainfall. Windows are distinguished into two types.

UPVC Sliding Windows systems can be two-track, three-track, or multi-track shutters with dust and moisture-proof wire mesh shutters, modern locking, scientifically designed, sturdy and durable, no shutter chocking, airtight, sound-proof, and weatherproof. UPVC windows and doors are powerful and versatile, and they require very little maintenance.

In India’s UPVC door and window business, various medium and large-scale firms specialise in profile extrusion, fabrication and installation. Fenesta, NCL Wintech, and Aparna Venster are just a few UPVC product manufacturers, fabricators, installers, and after-sales service providers. The sector is now in its early phases of market potential, with modest margins and decent sales volume driving the business forward. NCL Wintech, Finesta India Limited, Lesso Buildtech, and Profine India accounted for the highest proportion of the entire uPVC doors and windows market in FY’2017.

Chemical Composition

PVC (resin) + CaCo3 (calcium carbonate)+ Tio2 (titanium-di-oxide).

Features of UPVC Doors And Windows

  • One of the best features of UPVC is that it is incredibly sturdy despite its lightweight and may use multi-point locking systems to safeguard UPVC doors and windows.
  • Installing, removing, repairing, and replacing UPVC is straightforward, and it can be done without causing structural damage to your walls or columns.
  • UPVC is particularly effective in providing acoustic insulation to your retail store when paired with the right noise-cancelling door or window glass.
  • UPVC is an excellent insulator, keeping external heat at bay and providing a solid barrier between the exterior and the interiors.

Market Research On UPVC Doors And Windows

During 2015-2020, the Indian UPVC doors and windows market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 7.0 per cent. Increased new housing building and replacement activities are the key drivers of the Indian UPVC doors and windows market, contributing to the market’s rise. Another significant aspect driving this industry is their concrete and intangible benefits, such as the thermal, water, and wind resistance of UPVC doors and windows. They aren’t corroded in any way. These doors and windows are termite-proof, sound-proof, dust-proof, long-lasting, and require no maintenance. They are energy efficient, saving up to 25% to 30% of the energy used.

Raw Material Requirement

The following raw material is required as the primary raw material in UPVC Doors and Windows production. You can get detailed information about the raw material used to manufacture UPVC doors and windows by downloading the project report in PDF format.

  1. Reinforcement steel
  2. Screws & Hooks
  3. Glass
  4. Rubber Gasket
  5. Mosquito mesh
  6. Wheel for smooth sliding
  7. Lockers etc.

Required Machinery And Types of Equipment

You can get detailed information about the manufacturing process and machines & equipment’s of UPVC doors and windows by purchasing our project report.

  1. Double head cutting machine
  2. Glazing bead Cutting saw
  3. Manual end Milling Machine
  4. UPVC window two head seamless welding machine
  5. Portable Copy Router
  6. Tool for cleaning pneumatic
  7. Manual device for water slot
  8. Manual V Welding tool

What are the topics covered in the project report?

The project report for manufacturing UPVC doors and windows covers the following topics.

Sr. No.Particulars
2Features of Upvc Doors And Windows
3Types of Product Manufactured
4Manufacturing Process
5Market Analysis
6Land & Building Required
7List of Machinery & Equipment’S Required
8Raw Material Requirement
9Labour & Staff Requirement
10License & Registration
11Cost of Project
12Means of Finance
13Computation of Production
14Labour Charges
15Utility Charges
16Projected Profitability Statement
17Projected Balance Sheet
18Cash Flow Statement
19Computation of Working Capital Requirement
21Calculation of D.S.C.R
22Repayment Schedule of Bank Loan
The Future Of Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) Materials

In 2016-2021, the Indian UPVC door and window market were expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.0 per cent. The accumulation of new dwelling constructions and replacement activities that contribute to the market’s growth are the primary drivers of the Indian UPVC doors and windows market. The primary driving aspects of the market are the properties of UPVC doors and windows, such as thermal, water, and wind resistance, as well as the fact that they are corrosion-free. Because of its superior beauty and outstanding insulating properties, UPVC windows and doors are widely used worldwide. There is no doubt that UPVC has a more significant and faster global market penetration. If the worldwide trend is to be believed, India has begun to achieve tremendous success in the field of UPVC, and many individuals are going to increase their investments in this industry as the demand is increasing day by day.

BIS Specifications

The IS 15931:2012 standard covers standards for solid panel foam UPVC shutters used in residential buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, community halls, and other similar uses, including materials, sizes, construction, design, finish, and testing. IT covers solid panel foam UPVC door shutters for use in internal locations only where security is not of prime importance. This standard does not cover large-size door shutters for industrial and other unique buildings such as workshops, factories, garages, and warehouses.’

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Land And Building

The total land required for this project will be 3000 square feet, including welding section, machine section, cutting & making shop, work table bench, raw material storage, finished goods storage, and office.

A Few of India’S Major Players Are Listed Below
  • DC M Shriram Ltd.
  • Elgi Building Products Ltd.
  • N C L Alltek & Seccolor Ltd.
  • Nirav Commercials Ltd.

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Advantage UPVC
  • They are environmentally beneficial since they can be completely recycled and used. UPVC windows and doors are recycled either during the refurbishment process or after the profile’s lifetime term. UPVC can be effectively turned into other valuable goods towards the end of their lives. Even trash created during production may be re-used, assisting in creating a secure and long-term future.
  • They’re long-lasting, UV-resistant, and sound- and dust-proof. As a result, health risks are reduced, and indoor environmental quality is improved. They are fire retardant and meet the requirements of British Standard 476 for class 1 fire resistance. UPVC materials have a long lifespan and require little maintenance.
  • There are several advantages to using UPVC doors and windows. Because UPVC has strong insulating capabilities, they are energy efficient. UPVC provides excellent heat insulation, decreasing energy usage and cheaper air conditioning expenses. Each profile is subjected to a quality check following EN 12608:2003, a European standard specification.

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Manufacturing Plant for UPVC Profiles for Doors and Windows, An our project report that includes calculating raw material costs, constructing the cash flow statement, projecting the balance sheet, and other financial factors is Project Report, Industry & Market Trends, Business Profile, Business Plan, Plant & Machinery, Raw Materials, Manufacturing Process, Feasibility Report, Investment Opportunities.


1) Polyvinyl chloride is known for its flexibility, and it's used in a variety of formulae to make UPVC, which is used in a wide range of windows and doors worldwide. The fact that it does not require additional protection while being transported simplifies and reduces the cost of the process. 2) Another benefit of UPVC is that it does not corrode, making it ideal for windows and doors that will be exposed to a lot of water or ocean. It also shows that these are ideal for the area's harsh climate. 3) Cleaning UPVC windows and doors is simple. The dust does not rest on the UPVC material but instead falls off, implying that the requirement for cleaning is greatly reduced, resulting in resource savings. 4) UPVC windows and doors are less expensive than wood or aluminium windows and doors. As a result, you can put them wherever and whenever you want without worrying about your finances. 5) Furthermore, these are available in various forms and colours, allowing you to create multi-coloured designs for your home or office. The UPVC material also aids in the regulation of indoor temperatures in homes and offices. Interior spaces are more remarkable in the summer and warmer in the winter thanks to UPVC windows and doors. 6) Because UPVC windows and doors are covered by galvanised steel, they are more secure than wooden or aluminium windows. The galvanised steel makes the windows extremely sturdy, making it difficult for anyone to break them.


India's real estate market has seen tremendous growth. More growth, the creation of creative communities, and changing lifestyles due to the growing middle class are just a few of the forces that have pushed modern building technology and materials forward. UPVC is one such building material that has gained popularity as a low-maintenance yet effective alternative to other traditional materials in creating windows and doors.

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