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You can immediately download the Hospital sample project report format template, in pdf format. Sample project reports for the following hospitals can be found here.

Sr. No.Particulars
125 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
250 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
330 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
4100 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
5200 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
6300 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
7500 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
8Multispecialty Hospital Sample Project Report Format
9Super speciality Hospital Sample Project Report Format
10Medical College Hospital Sample Project Report Format
11Industry Report Healthcare

How Can I start Hospital in India?

Healthcare is the basic need of every citizen. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and medical camps form the platform for this healthcare delivery with the help of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. In India population is growing very fast, but unfortunately, hospitals are fewer. As per WHO, India needs 80,000 more hospitals to meet the demands of such a growing population by keeping in mind all this.


The health care industry is also expanding fast in India, and starting a hospital business is helpful for the country’s citizens and growing your business.
To start a hospital is not an easy task as it needs intensive research, knowledge gathering of both the hospital and healthcare sector, and then you prepare a business plan. A business plan helps in fundraising or understanding the financial statements for the current business. A few things must be considered when writing a hospital business plan.


Hospital Business plan in India- consider a few things.

This is proper preparation of a hospital business plan is similar to commercial strategies for other sectors. Still, this industry is a highly controlled sector with massive regulations from the provincial administration to the central and state government and required very minute explanations at each point.

Therefore, when preparing a business plan, speak about some particular issues that help understand the need of a hospital. With this business number of businesses will be linked from treatment providers to gatekeeping services, so it is very much necessary to keep in mind every associated industry.

Business Plan 

A clear Hospital sample project report is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. You wish to contemplate some important, like your initial costs, your target market, and how long it’ll see you interrupt even. Draft a proper Hospital project report that describes your expected income, product and repair lines, expansion plans, and other details of your business. A well-drafted project report will facilitate you in applying for any bank loan.

How To Write Hospital Project Report in India?

You can write a hospital project report using the following 5 steps. I am sure, you will get an idea of how it works.

The Background

While you are on the journey of writing the multi-speciality hospital project report, you cannot get all the information in a go. The first thing that comes your way is the background of the availability and state of health in the area where you are planning to open the hospital.

To check out the health conditions, yocentresu need to carry out a survey and proper research on the health care centers available. This research includes not just the hospitals but also the clinics, nursing homes and other medical centers.

You can present this information in any form you feel comfortable with. The main detail that needs to be a part of your project report on the hospital is the population of that area, total health care centres available in that place etc.

The basic details of the hospital

Once you are done with the background, you need to provide the details of the hospital that are basic in nature. You can write your report considering more than one hospital or a specific hospital.

You must include the details like the name, type, title of the project, beds available, size of hospital plot, income and expenditure incurred by the hospital.

The Present State

The hospital project reports in the word is useful to compare the present state of the hospitals you are referring in your project report with the expected state.

So in this step you must describe the present scenario of the hospitals that you have selected and mention their aesthetic details. Thus you need to state why the health centres don’t have the required beds for patients and other important information.

The Proposed State

The project report of the hospital in pages is written to establish the relation between the ideal state of the hospital with the present state so that you can get to know the gap and find out the reasons for the same.

The proposed state here refers to the one that provides a solution to fill the gap that comes your way. You can thus propose solutions to correct the present state and reach the hospital’s ideal state.

The details that you mention in the proposed state should be compatible enough to meet the present characteristics of the place.

The Services

The final step that you need to take for project report of the hospital Ms Word is to include the details on the services of the hospital. This includes both the present services and the services that are a part of the proposed state which you think should be provided.

The necessary details should also be included with the type of services. Be it support services, diagnosis, administrative or engineering services, all need to be listed in the project report.

You also need to mention the equipments that would be in use, to provide the services listed in the project report of hospital doc.

Which important project report will we get?

You will get a sample report for the following project:- 

125 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
250 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
330 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
4100 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
5200 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
6300 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
7500 Bedded Hospital Sample Project Report Format
8Multispecialty Hospital Sample Project Report Format
9Super speciality Hospital Sample Project Report Format
10Medical College Hospital Sample Project Report Format
11Industry Report Healthcare

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How to write a Hospital Business Plan?

To prepare a comprehensive and user-friendly Hospital Business Plan, you need to remember some key points, and based on this further. You plan your strategy. Key points are:

  • Mark essential services that the hospital offers, define the hospital category like for children, maternity or any unique treatments like cancer, etc., as this makes the clear requirement of the hospital.
  • Do market research means understanding society’s requirements and verifying whether you can fulffulfilir requirements as per need or not, and study what facilities are provided by rival hospitals in that particular field. Make sure you can describe your healthcare facilities are different from others and more reliable.
  • Information

Start collecting information from other hospitals that provide the same healthcare facilities as this will help understand in which area your hospital is lagging. Then you introduce missing facilities and tools in your hospital. This also helps in determining the initial costs and prices for constructing and operating a hospital business.

  • Contact a real estate agent to identify the suitable area of land for the construction of your hospital, and you can contact the architect also to verify construction prices. All this will help to estimate your pocket range and understand construction rates also.
  • Identify what kind of tools and equipment are required in your hospital as per the necessity and planned per size and scale. Research the existing cost of every item to estimate the final charges for your setup.
  • Maintain promotional plans and a publicity budget for your business. Contact with promotional channels to circulate messages about your hospital and prepare two different sections of promotional plans, first is for initial advertising, and the second is for yearly marketing purposes.
  • Bring to light your personnel and assurance requirequirementshe the proposed hospital. This will help to find out operational expenditures like office equipment, furniture, other equipment, etc. all these estimates provide operating costs.
  • Prepare a summary of your business plan and introduce all the information on your needs and goals in the business plan. Also, describe your marketing plan, operating methods, rivals, projected balance sheet, and other monetary information.

Business plan for hospital in India– a brief explanation

Hospitals can be of two types- government and private. Further, they are classified as general, speciality, or multispecialty hospitals. The following things include location, facilities, permit, infrastructure, registration, and legal requirements, explained below for reference.

  • The location of the hospital

The location of the hospital chooses very carefully, like the area where the transportation facility is excellent, and the area was the significantly fewer number of hospitals available as this helps pool patients in your hospital.

  • Facilities your hospital

Facilities your hospital offers try to incorporate a pediatric, orthopaedic, gynecologic, oncology, pathology, imaging, etc., facility in the hospital. All people require different facilities, so this will help attract more patients.

  • Permits for your hospital

(a) Land and construction mean land not be agricultural. Before starting your structure, take several permissions from local authorities and complete all documents like a land deed, architect’s plan, etc., so that you get an occupation certificate after clearing all formalities.

(b) Electricity and water requirement for the hospital from local governing bodies

(c) Sewage well planned and proper drainage system so that no water logging issues you face.

(d) Biomedical waste is the essential part, and for this disposal, you have to take permission from Municipal Corporation to install incinerators for disposal of medical waste and body parts.

(e) Fire and Health Licence procure from the local municipal council, which proves that hospital will not cause any damage or loss of life, and a health license is required to provide health care to the patients.

  • Planning your hospital infrastructure

Pay attention to the following:

  1. Doctors’ qualifications and registration numbrecordedcord with you.
  2. Nurses sufficient and working shifts discuss.
  3. Medical equipment and tools availability.
  4. Computers and other hardware devices.
  5. Engineers and staff required for maintenance, plumbing, medical gas pipelines, air conditioning, etc., set. 

Registration & Legal Requirements to Start a Hospital in India

Following registrations are required to set up a hospital or clinic

First, registration under the clinical establishment act, 2017, approved by the central government and further taken on by states of India, is a one-time registration for the hospital premises.

Second, Registration under the Companies Act, 2013 is applicable when the hospital is run under the ownership of a corporation as per this act, a corporation is registered and fulfil the requirement like memorandum of association, articles of association, capital structure formation, securities allotment, account audits, etc.

Third, Director Index No (DIN NO) for each director incorporate under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It is compulsory for those directors who want to be a part of the corporation.

Registration under societies registration act, 2001 in which hospital is established under the ownership of society then society is registered under this act.


What should I do to run a successful hospital?

Few things you have to focus on when starting a hospital

(a) Think like a patient about what they demand when coming for some treatments. For example, if patients’ family members want to stay there, whether you have a facility for one or two people and are comfortable with that or not. These are points to keep in mind.

(b) Invest in the best doctor’s staff means investing in highly competitive healthcare doctors and staff to build a quality team.

(c) Knowing your surrounding community means your hospital fits in the local community means to provide such services that give fame to your hospital in the local community.

(d) Involve with your staff, always solving their problem and creating the best working environment.

(e) Continuous improvement is the top key for success in any field; therefore, always go for that as this will improve your hospital.

How do I write a hospital project report?

It is very easy to write a hospital project report. All you need to do is to follow the steps that are listed here.

  1. Background
  2. The basic details of the hospital
  3. The present state
  4. The proposed state
  5. The services

If you want to read the concept behind writing the hospital project report you can read out our entire document.

How do you make a super Speciality hospital?

You can set up a multi-speciality hospital by providing the following services.

Basic Requirements

You need to provide the basic facilities to the patients that should also be the first motto of every hospital.


Keep the location of the hospital that entends the growth, business and future of the hospital.


The infra of the hospital should provide the necessary items for the comfort of the patients.


The facilities of the hospital should satisfy the patients.

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