Top 10 Best Village Business Ideas in india

Top 10 Best Village Business Ideas in 2024

Are you looking up some startup business ideas in the village? Do you plan to start your business in the village in the year 2024? If you are looking for answers to these two questions, then you have come across the right blog.

Rural areas are in the phase of rapid development as they transform into small towns. It is no rocket science to determine that the businesses in the village areas play a key role in this transformation. From this, we get the inspiration for business in rural areas. Moreover, businessmen, these days are inclined towards the rural regions to set up their industries or invest in something. So for your entrepreneurial journey, we have got you the top 10 village business ideas. Also, Read the Article on Top 10 Cow Dung Business Ideas.

However, we have other crucial reasons which show that venturing into village businesses will be profitable in 2024. We are all aware of the budget of this session and the motto of self-reliant India. You will see that it is an ice-breaker for your new business idea for villages as the government will support you too. Without any further delay, let us now start with the list of top 10 village business ideas.

Which Business Idea is Best to Start in Village?

1. Mills

As we already know India has the majority of its population involved in agriculture-related work, here is another such idea. In villages, you will never find people buying packaged flour or oil. Do you know why? They already have raw materials like cereals and oilseeds that we use to grind into flour and oil. So now, all they need is a mill.

You can open a wheat flour mill or an oil mill and make it your business idea in your village. You will need to get the machinery and rent out a shop for the mill. Additionally, you will need to have an electric supply to run the machinery. However, you will notice that the rents and other costs are comparatively very low in villages than in towns or cities. So if you are short in your investment fund and want to start a business, mills in rural regions can be your business ideas in villages.

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Which Startup is Best to Start in Rural Areas?

2. Livestock Farming

In India, livestock farming is a very common practice. In almost every rural household you will find various animals that people domesticate. The most common of these animals are cows, buffalos, hens, goats, horses, sheep, and more. They all have different characteristics that humans benefit from and give a reason for their domestication. This one from our list of top 10 village business ideas is very common but highly profitable.

You can open a farm where you domesticate all such farm animals. What good would do to you? You will have milk, eggs, and wool from the animals and sell them. Besides, animals such as donkeys and horses are known for carrying heavy loads and thus help in transportation. Also, you will need to understand how to take care of different types of animals. In a nutshell, doing livestock farming will be easy as long as you know how to take care of animals. You will need to make investments for the shelter of animals and their food, but the return on investment is great.

3. Fertilizer and Pesticide Store

No farming can take place without seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. You can imagine it as trying to swim in a dry pool. So, did it spark an idea in your mind? Well, it did to us. We came up with another member for our list of top 10 village business ideas here. You can venture into the trade of pesticides and fertilizers. However, you will find it worth investing and it also divides up into many other business channels.

First, you can simply sell organic fertilizers and seeds as organic farming is in trend these days. Secondly, you can also sell pesticides along with other simple farming tools like a spike. Moreover, if you are able to find a shop in a suitable place, you can also sell and export your products to different regions as well. Besides, you can also be a contractor who connects farmers directly to the wholesaler.

5. Dairy Center

As there are cattle in every second house in the village area, opening a dairy centre can be the best business option for the place. Here, one can do two types of business. One is to collect milk from the whole village and sell it off in nearby city areas as milk or process it into different products, like cottage cheese, butter, buttermilk, and more. The second type of business is where one can farm different types of milk animals such as goats, buffalo, cows, and others. Then, you can sell their milk and make good profits or process them into different products.

The business type might sound common and tiresome, but you will get enough profits. However, you will need to invest in cattle buying, their food bearings, health checks, and shelter for them. These expenses sound like a lot but in rural areas, these are not so much. All these factors make this a perfect fit for our list of top 10 village business ideas.

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5. Cold Storage

A storehouse is a much-needed facility for any farming community. We know that crops have a seasonal nature but that does not mean we can not find any particular products in a certain season. Here the cold storages come into play. Agriculture products like potatoes and tomatoes get stored in cold storage to keep them frozen and prevent spoilage. Cold Storage Business is a high-investment high-profit startup in India that can help to save perishable items from getting spoiled especially fruits and vegetables.

You can start your business in this area by opening a new cold storage facility for the farmers in your area and maybe from the surrounding village. You can charge for the storage area according to the weight and time period the things get stored. For the investment, you will need a place to convert it into a store. You also need to invest in the cooling systems.

For detailed information read the business plan and project report of 1000MT Cold Storage and 5000MT Cold Storage.

6. Transportation Facility

Transportation is a major issue in village areas. Also, villages consist of a large chunk of the population so infrastructure development is important for such areas. Our next item from the list of the top 10 village business ideas comes from here. You have a great opportunity for business and scaling to profit, either by setting up public transport like buses or it can be electric rickshaws. This will be a good ignition to our self-reliant India as well.

However, the only necessity for them is to be cheap and affordable for low-income group people over there. We already know that most people in rural areas fall under this low-income category. So, one should keep this in mind, and set a business model accordingly and the fare should be affordable for locals. For transportation of goods and services, heavy-duty tempos, trucks, etc can also be a good option. You can slowly grow and either purchase a second tempo or become a middleman for providing transport service. Now, this sounds like a new business idea in villages.

7. Coaching Centers

So many potential students who are eager to learn and grow do not have many institutes around them. Such circumstances are common in rural areas. One of the top 10 village business ideas comes up with a solution to this issue. You can open an offline or online institute or both that is feasible as per the scenario. In 2024, we are now used to studying online while offline classes are comparatively less frequent. every student wants to learn computers so computer institute business also has a great boom in the education sector.

Moreover, online classes will cost less and will be more affordable for children in the village area. Now, it is up to your creative mind how you reach the maximum number of students and establish yourself in the teaching field. Also, you can either focus on one type of student and have a bigger platform like Resonance and BYJU’s and make quality content. Lots of people also leave the village to prepare for government exams so if you open a teaching institution that coaches such students.

8. Bag Making

The whole planet is shifting towards eco-friendly products. It would be a lie if we say that making and selling paper and cloth bags is hard in this scenario. So, here is yet another business idea in villages that can grow in no time. You can even start this business at home while your family members are growing together. Now that’s something good, isn’t it? You will even find this business type as one of the cheapest.

For the investment, you will need stocks of paper or clothes depending upon the type of bag you plan to make. After that, you need to take care of labour costs, but as we mentioned above you can make it a family thing, you can save yourself in the labour cost department that way. You can then sell the bags to the local vendors and also to the bigger shops in the nearby markets. Doesn’t it look like a cost-effective one from our list of top 10 village business ideas?

Study the business plan and project report for the manufacture of the following bags.

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9. Machinery Rentals

There are so many processing units in village areas like coconut oil processing, cold press, threshing, and much more. Farmers use tractors for farming, bakers need big ovens for baking, big vessels, and more. Cutting and peeling machines, etc are also helpful in many cases in rural areas. All machines are hefty investments that not every person can invest in due to low income, so they simply rent it from an enterprise and pay monthly rent for it that varies from machine to machine. Tractors can be used for both farming and transportation, cold press machines get used for extracting oil from coconut, and spices such as clove. Machines like bottle-making machines are there to fill oil and sell them. Next, the packing and wrapping machines help in packing the products and wrapping them to export in other parts of countries as well internationally too.

In a nutshell, there are various kinds of machines that villagers need. But, how does it all relate to business ideas in villages? The answer to this is the next among the top 10 village business ideas. You can simply be an agent to provide such machines and earn a commission on that. Also, you can purchase them and rent them to people around you in such businesses. The latter idea needs some good investment though.

10. Irrigation Facility Provider

Farming is usually a perennial activity with different crops. Hence, it is a scalable business with less investment. As farming is the main occupation in village areas, they need a proper infrastructure for watering crops. Not all farmers have their irrigation machinery as it costs a lot to install a motor and power it. This is where our next business idea in villages comes into play. You can set up a tube well along with the motor and irrigate the nearby farm and fields. Then, you can charge the irrigation service on an hourly basis.

Such an irrigation facility is always needed in and around the whole village. You can either provide tankers near farms or open a tubewell with a motor facility. As there are mostly low-income groups in villages there might be an issue with the pricing factor, keeping that factor in mind one should go forward. With all these points in mind, you will easily start gaining profits.

All the ideas that we came across are just the first step you take towards your journey as an entrepreneur and our self-reliant India. We just need to remember that every part of our country is different and suffice and lacks different aspects. If you want to succeed in your business quest in a desired rural region, make sure you know the place well before venturing. Now let us address some common queries people have after these top 10 village business ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions on top 10 best village business ideas

What can be some of the best home-based business ideas in villages in 2024?

We can do a lot from our household if we are living in a rural region. The most profitable and useful products that one can make at home will be agarbattis, pickles, earbuds, papad, and more. This brings on a business idea for villages as one can make such small products at home and sell them in the market.

What are the things that villagers have less access to?

For number one, in Indian villages, people still face electricity and internet connection problems. Besides these, you will rarely find any shopping malls or movie theatres in villages. Therefore, if you want to try out any new business idea in villages, these might be some options for you.

What would be the smartest investment in a village business?

You might be surprised but investing in seeds and fertilizers would be the best option. As an agricultural-dominating country, if you venture into this area you will be in profit in no time. All you have to do is to buy the seeds and fertilizers in bulk or wholesale and then establish a shop.

Can I do an online business in Indian villages?

Of course, you can. There are thousands of opportunities that you can pick up according to your ease. If you think that you have a talent to showcase, platforms like YouTube are there for you. You can also start an e-commerce service like digital marketing, content writing, graphic designing, and much more.

Which business is best in the village with low investment?

In 2024, you will find various opportunities to start a business with low investment in the villages. One of the best examples of such businesses is a Mobile phone repair shop. , you can also start selling SIM cards. Also, the list doesn’t end here. You will find many more such low-investment business ventures for rural areas.

Which business is best to start in the village?

You can easily start a bag-making business in the village and grab wide market opportunities. You can manufacture paper bags, jute bags, cloth bags etc and sell them in the market in towns and cities also. After manufacturing bags in the village, entrepreneurs can sell them online too.

Which business is most profitable in villages?

The machinery rental business is highly profitable in India. You can invest your money in buying machinery for manufacturing a few trending products and help entrepreneurs by providing them with your machinery for processing of their goods etc.

How to start a small business in Village?

You can explore the nearby areas and get information about the commodity that has a major demand in the market and is not able to meet the market demand. Once you get to know which business you need to start, prepare the project report, arrange finance and go ahead.

What business can I start in the village?

You can start any business in a village like bindi making business, jams and jelly business, food truck point, incense stick manufacturing, recycling business, etc. You can explore our list and get more ideas about the business idea to start in the village.

Which type of business is best in the village?

Any business related to food like a food truck business, or a fast food restaurant is best to start in the village as the people of the village will also get a taste of new cuisines that you will serve at your food zone.

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