Textile Business Ideas Top 10 In India

Textile Business Ideas Top 10 In India

If you are planning to start a textile business in India we have a lot of plans for you. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about the top 10 textile business ideas for you to decide which one to choose and which matches your budget.

Whenever we go, we look at people and see what they are wearing. Clothes decide how we look and what color and style suit us. The second major thing is the fabric and its quality. If we talk about online shopping, you should know the quality of fabric and the dress that has been designed until it reaches us.

The Textile StartUp In India

The fabric and textile material makes the beauty of the dress. There are many raw materials in the market that we can use to design apparel like cotton, polyester, etc. Thus a textile material is made using interlacing fibers. Textile is not particularly a dress material. Use it in carpeting and geotextiles.

Textile is an important necessity for life. Textile decorates our houses. It is made of beautiful curtains and sofas to bedsheets, everything is textile. The textile industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. The international market also has a great demand for textiles so if you wish to start a textile venture in India you can surely choose it and make handsome money.

You will get good exposure in the world because it is an export-oriented business and is closely connected with design and fashion. You can choose the manufacturing business of textile or retail it.

Top 10 Most Profitable Textile Business Startup

Now when you are ready to invest in the textile business, let me tell you that the textile business has a wide range under one umbrella. To know more, keep reading till the end.

Baby Garments ManufacturingDenim Garments Manufacturing
Jegging manufacturingLadies suit manufacturing
Tracksuits manufacturingUniform Manufacturing
Socks manufacturing unitBed Linen Manufacturing
Blanket Weaving UnitBoutique

Baby Garments Manufacturing

If you are in the mood for kids garments manufacturing startup and are thinking if the kids manufacturing business is profitable? Let me tell you that this business is a very promising and profitable venture in the textile industry. To initiate and operate kids’ clothing, you can start it on a small scale itself and with less investment.

Parents demand the best quality products for their kids so that kids can be comfortable in what they are wearing. Kids’ clothing is in good demand, thus garment manufacturing for kids in India is growing vast. Infant garment-making ventures can make you earn huge profits.

Denim Garments Manufacturing

Denim production business opportunity needs good knowledge in textile designing and the latest trends going on in the market. Do proper research and planning then choose this array of textile ventures. You can invest little capital and start this venture. Nowadays, denim is very popular among women, men, and kids so there is a huge demand for them.

Denim is becoming popular day by day. In India, its demand is met through import and in-country production.

Jegging Manufacturing

Are you thinking of where I can start a jegging business in India? Well, if you want to start it on a small scale, then you can do it from your home even. Jeggings are tight-fitting pants recently in trend. These are bottom wear for girls and ladies. Leather and woolen jeggings are in great demand So I suggest this is the best textile business idea for women. JJeggings are available in various patterns and colors which attract a woman. Starting a jegging manufacturing venture is easy just a little capital and a proper production setup is needed to start production.

Ladies Suit Manufacturing

Ladies are the most shopaholic in Indian society so I think any business dealing In ladies’ products can never be at loss. Thus without any second thought in your mind, you can plan to startup a ladies’ suits manufacturing unit. Trust me if you serve females with the latest trending suits, you are sure to become rich shortly.

Tracksuits manufacturing

The tracksuit is liked both by men and women in today’s time. It is an outfit that comes with a bottom and jacket. You will get to know how to start a tracksuit business in India. As tracksuit comes In different colors and designs so the price of the tracksuit changes too according to the size and quality of material used.

Uniform Manufacturing

Uniform manufacturing for school students is a profitable venture that can be started from your doorsteps even.  You can initiate it with less capital investment and set the machinery and equipment according to the demand of the tailors. I know you might be wondering if the school uniform manufacturing business is profitable? Well, yes it is because students do buy two uniforms for sure in a year and thus demand cannot decline. Along with the established brand for school uniform business in India, unbranded ones too earn good profits.

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Socks Manufacturing Unit

Socks manufacturing is the best business idea in 2022. They are used in hosiery in India. People of all age groups wear socks. of all age groups wear socks. Special socks that the athletes and sportspersons wear help them to form a better grip. Socks are available in various designs, colors, patterns, and sizes. Ladies cover a wide range of socks like ankle socks, trouser socks, nylon socks, toe-socks, etc.

You can start this venture and get the socks ready in different fabrics like cotton or nylon. Woolen socks never go out of demand but are seasonal. You can start a socks-making manufacturing business of medium and large scale.

Bed Linen Manufacturing

Bed linen manufacturing unit in India is in high demand because it is exported worldwide. If you belong to Gujarat, this business is the best opportunity for you. To start a business in-house furnishings is the best-known business startup. Bed sheets along with the pillows are sold the most. In today’s time, people love to decorate their rooms, and among that, the first thing that attracts is a beautiful bed sheet. It has a huge market is a profitable business venture in India.

Blanket Weaving Unit

Setting up a blanket weaving unit In India is a money-making startup opportunity in India because it has its benefits. By manufacturing the blankets you get the best opportunity to sell blankets to people who need them thus creating demands for the same. You can start your own blanket business and look after your profits. Just identify the types of blankets you wish to manufacture and think about the quality and pricing. Rest is all easy.


A cloth boutique is the best textile business idea for women. The female customers attract to you if you show them the latest designs and trends. Allow the clients to choose their designs and they are going to love you. Once you satisfy the clients, they will surely come back to you and contribute to the success of your venture.

If you are planning for setting up a textile venture in India then keep the following points in your mind.

Points To Consider While Investing In Textile Business

Size of The Business

The textile business has a huge scope in the market. Since it is a fresh start for you, you have to make plenty of efforts to make your venture a success. Your potential and ability need to be good to arrange funds to be put into this business. The capital needed in the business will depend upon its size.

Decide the Product

As discussed above textile is a vast term so you can decide upon various arrays available. You can decide to open a boutique to design ladies’ suits or baby garments manufacturing hub in India, men’s garments manufacturing startup can also give so great success. The demand for home decorating fabrics and carpets is also large in the market so you can choose this array for business as well.

Generate Funds

Arranging funds is the foremost task so that you can know the size of your business. You have to buy a lot of equipment and raw material to start this business which is not possible to get without funds. Thus arrange sponsors who can invest their money in your business or arrange funds for you.

License and Permit

Any legal business that starts in India needs licensing and a permit from the government. You can get your firm registered and get a trade license so that you need not face any consequences later on. If you launch a brand, you must get your brand registered too.

Storage Space and Equipment

If you are manufacturing dress material or retailing it in the market, you need to have enough space to keep your types of equipment or stock. You must have a big space so that your employees can do their work swiftly and to their best. You also need to arrange the equipment demanded by your employees. If you are starting a textile venture on a large scale you must prepare yourself to spend a hefty amount.

Look for the Right Distributor

You need to have a distributor who can supply the raw material in the given time and tell you about the latest fabrics and designs as well. Since the trends keep changing from time to time, you need to prepare the apparel accordingly to keep your customers attracted to you.

You also need to check from where you can get the raw material at cheap rates if you are a manufacturer. To come in contact with the right distributor is very important.

Go Vocal For Local

You can ask for help from the local boutiques and tailors by sending them samples of your fabric and asking them to promote your outlet and in return, you will offer them discounts.

Social Media presence for Marketing

It’s your fresh startup so you need a lot of marketing to promote your business and settle in the textile industry. Post your ads and graphics on Facebook and Instagram along with this you can develop a website with strong SEO, where you can grab the attention of customers.

Along with online marketing, offline marketing also works well for you because you can distribute pamphlets to your target audience.

Create a Brand Name

A band name is mandatory for your organization for example Raymond, Vardhaman, etc. These were once small startups but determination made them successful. The brand name that a business has represents a firm in the market and once you make it get it patented.

Why should I invest in Textile Business in India?

After you get the information about the prerequisites of the clothing business in India, I know you might be thinking about why to invest in a clothing venture in India, well I have the answers to all your queries. Just keep reading.

In India, the textile and clothing business is the second-largest employer in the world. India keeps on exporting its textile material to the international market. You have many options for your new startup opportunities in India. Well, here are the reasons. 

Raw Material in Abundance

The raw textile material is available in abundance in India be it natural or synthetic fibers. India is the world’s largest producer of cotton and the second-highest manufacturer of polyester. The other countries of Asia and Africa lack the raw material. This is the number 1 reason why you should start a textile venture in India because you can export the raw material too. India being rich in raw materials can provide it at a cheap cost to the manufacturers here.

Competitive Cost of Manufacturing

India is a competitive destination for the textile opportunity. You can set up a textile venture here with low cost and full support from the government.

 Availability of Readymade Infrastructure

Along with the natural and traditional infrastructure, you can now deal virtually as well. There are many clothing parks in various states of India and aid is provided to the sellers so that they can deal in textile, face international competition and expand their business.

Political and Social Stability

The political system of India is stable and supportive with friendly-business policies which provide a safe and secure environment to the businessmen involved in the Textile business.

Government Support

To make this business competitive globally, the government of India has started the best systems to produce cloth and textiles. Certain policies are there related to textile, to encourage more investment in this sector.


If you start any business, you must spend time planning. Initially, a businessman may not succeed because it is time to create your rapport in the market but sooner you are going to earn huge profits in the cloth-making business. All it takes to set up a successful venture is hard work, perseverance, and determination.

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Where do I start the textile business in India?

You can start a textile business anywhere in India and at any time. All you need to plan is the investment, location, and type of business you are going to choose.

What is the most profitable cloth-making business in India?

Ladies’ suits manufacturing unit is the most profitable textile business in India because ladies are shopping freaks and they never stop doing shopping.

Which is the topmost profited textile business idea in India?

According to me, the baby garments manufacturing idea is the best profitable business because kids demand clothes every month I suppose due to their increasing heights and weights.

How can I start a textile venture in India?

With proper planning and knowledge, you can start a textile venture in India so that you don’t face any difficulty in the future.

Which textile business is most profitable?

The entire textile industry is profitable so just need to choose one segment according to the capital investment you are ready to make and you are all done.

How can I start my textile business?

With the proper planning, you can start your textile business as once you are planned you will know everything in detail about the capital to be invested, infrastructure, etc.

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