Stone Crusher Project Report



Are you planning for crushing your business? Here is the Stone Crusher Project Report that is going to prove to be a profitable business idea in India. Stone Crusher is popular as metal jelly. Stones are crushed and separated into different sizes like 35mm, 20 mm or 12mm etc. You can use them for multiple purposes. They are used for the construction of roads, building industries, bridges, houses, and other cement products like RCC Pipes, Slabs, Beams, Frames etc.

You can immediately download the Stone Crusher Plant Project Report PDF for a bank loan and avail of financial assistance from the financial institutions for your new startup.


One of the most important materials required for any construction is stone chips. It is used along with cement, steel, and bridge in any kind of construction work. Different kinds of constructions of various things need different techniques and also different sizes of crushed stones. Stone chips also make for a very essential item in many other products that are based on or made from cement.  


All this makes a stone crusher plant project a great new business venture for young and new businessmen and entrepreneurs. What makes this venture a very amazing one is that the business will flourish for any hard-working man/woman because quality stone chips and crushed stones are in high demand and always will be. As the product is so important for all kinds of construction works, good quality crushed stones will remain in high demand till there is construction going on in the world.


Stone Crusher Project Report

Stone crushing is a renowned industry in India. It is used as a raw material for constructing activities like canals and bridges. In the past decade, the business of construction has witnessed a growth rate of 7 to 8%. It is also one of the major growing sectors along with housing. Along with building the roads, bypasses and flyovers, the crushed stone is also in mass need across the country.

Many projects are in progress and will begin soon. It will increase the demand for crushed stone more. To meet the unexpected rising demand for crushed stone for the next decade, India is planning to set up a crushed stone business in lakhs.

Many areas in the country are affected by an earthquake so tearthquakesstruction needs to be immediate. This leads to more and more demand for crushed stone. Electric Projects are examples that justify the facts and statistics assuring high and continuous expansion of investment opportunity in Stone Crushing Business In India.

How to Download sample Stone Crusher Project Report PDF for Bank Loan?


Download Project Report of Stone Crusher Plant in PDF format in the following manner. You can also use our stone crusher sample project report for a bank loan and get financial aid for your setup. It is helpful to you as a blueprint. 

  1. First, add the project report of the stone crusher to the basket.
  2. Checkout in the second step.
  3. Pay the fees after checkout.
  4. You can download the project report in PDF format immediately after payment.

Stone Crusher Business Market Opportunity 

Crushed stone is required for all building construction, whether it is housing or industrial construction activities. PSC poles, RCC pipes, precast cement concrete slabs, cement concrete hollow blocks, well rings, door and window frames, and road paving are all made from crushed stone. Crushed stone demand will rise in tandem with the growth of its user industry.

All types of construction activities from residential and housing to industrial and business-related of them require stone chips and use them. Stone chips are used in the production of concrete with all the binding material to make filler for it. A good quality concrete consists of around 70-72% stone chips in its entire volume. Stone chips are the things that influence the quality of concrete and its strength, which means that good quality and a sufficient amount of crushed stones are what will make your concrete good and high quality.


The most in-demand and popular stone chips are of some really good quality black stones. But you can still have an incredibly successful plant even if you don’t have black stones available as long as you offer impeccable quality stone chips in your plant. A stone crusher plant can be set up with and according to the raw material available to you and the major commercial centre. You can sell and provide any stone chips from any stones to the market, and as long as it is high in quality, your business will bloom.


How Can I register for a stone crusher plant project in India?

  1. One will need to register his/her as a proprietorship concern or partnership firm or company with ROC by the regulations and pattern that exists.
  2. Then, one will obtain a trade license for their firm from the local body of authority.
  3. Next, they will most definitely have to register themselves at MSME Udyam Registration.
  4. This step will ensure that your firm gets all the help from the subsidies provided by the government on one’s capital investment.
  5. If your firm also entails and involves itself with the mining of stones and rocks, then all the statutory norms must be essentially followed by them.
  6. Even when your firm is just starting, pollution control must be kept in mind and looked at as a major issue. One must hence collect and get the ‘consent to establish’ and ‘consent to operate from the State Pollution Control Board from their respective states.
  7. A high voltage of electricity is required and needed at a stone crusher plant at all times. Hence, an electrical connection must be obtained by the entrepreneur from any of the local power stations.
  8. The EPF and ESI rules and norms must be followed very thoroughly because a stone crusher plant requires a heavy labour force and is a labour-intensive operation.
  9. A GST registration needs to be applied for and obtained for the business to start.

How Much Investment is Required for a Stone Crusher?

To find out the total investment required for this new venture, there are a few things that one must look at. To set up a stone crusher plant project, one needs land, and the heavy machinery required to do the work. This is why land and machinery price makes for the major investment cost to set up a new stone crusher plant. Other than that raw material required by you, manpower and labour, utilities, and other such things make up to become major working capital costs in a stone crusher plant.

So obviously, a high first investment might require setting up a new stone crusher plant. But there are many government schemes which you can now very easily get subsidy for your first capital investment from various banks around you. Under the funding of the project, there must be a percentage of the promoter’s allocation of the fund. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the Government that provides you with subsidies might also ask you to provide them with a collateral security deposit on the loan amount itself.

Stone Crusher Machinery and Equipment

The machinery required in any stone crusher plant will be different according to the feed size of the stone that you put into it, the required stone chip size, and also the size of the crusher that you will use. That is why you need t think carefully about your target audience and what type of end product you want to bring to the market. But there are a few items of machinery that are generally required in all stone crusher plants. They are-

  • A granulator and a jaw crusher
  • A conversion kit is required to convert stone into crushed stone granules.
  • Manual breaking requires at least a set of hoppers in the plant.
  • Various trolleys to take out a move or carry the crushed stone material.
  • A rotary screen fully functioning and complete with all of its fittings.
  • A belt conveyor with a motor.
  • A cyclonic dust collector with a motor to collect all the dust particles emitted during the crushing process.
  • Tools, fixtures, spare jaws, jigs, and other tools.

There are two major and most common types of stone crusher plants. A stationary stone crusher plant and a portable or mobile one out of which you can choose which one suits best to all your needs. Stationary stone crusher plants can be used at quarry heads, and the portable ones are best to use at the construction sites.

Raw Material Needed For Stone Crusher Business

The only raw material required for the stone crusher plant is stone boulders. Good quality black stones are the most popular. However, you can set up the unit depending on the availability of raw materials and major commercial centres.

Types Of Stone Crushers

There are many types of stone crushers in India. Their size and type depend on the location of the stone crusher plant and demand for the crusher products, urban or rural area or the raw material available etc. The types of stone crushers, in general, are small, medium and large-sized stone crushers.

Small Sized Stone Crushers Mini Stone Crusher

The mini stone crushers have the capacity of 3 to 25 tones of stone crushing per hour. It has only 1 jaw and 2 rotary screens.

Having manual breaking, retrieving, feeding and stocking, they can operate with a single jaw and one rotary screen only.

Having manual breaking and gravity feeding, their belt conveyors have single jaw and rotary screens.

This stone crusher has a mechanical and gravity feeding capacity using a single jaw along with a vibratory screen with belt conveyors.

These stone crushers have e single jaw bucket elevator along with an elevated vibratory screen that has storage bunkers and compact units.

Medium-Sized Stone Crushers

The middle-sized stone crushers have the capacity of 25 to 100 tones of crushing stones in an hour. Having one primary and two secondary stone crushers having more than one vibratory screen. You need to transport the mined stones using trucks to the elevated location. Then it is moved to vibratory screens with the help of conveyor belts and is piled according to their sizes. The stones of large size are again put in the secondary crusher and the same process repeats using the vibratory screen and conveyor belt.

Large Size Stone Crushers

The large stone crushers have a capacity of 100 to 200 tones of crushing stones per hour. You can see two or even more primary, secondary and tertiary crushers with a minimum of 2 or more vibratory screens. They have a mechanized loading system. You can even unload and conveying operations.

These large stone crushers are owned by large construction companies who take big construction contracts. They have their lease facility open too. They help cast mines and you can also get the mechanical mining equipment, dumpers, trucks and loaders.

Stone crusher plant working and Process

The first thing that needs to happen is the manual breaking of huge stone boulders and rocks into relatively smaller sizes. This smaller stone is then sent to the stone crusher, which then mechanically crushes the entire stone into the stone chip size required by you. A general stone crusher can at any time break and crush a stone size of around 175 mm.

The crushing of stone happens in two different stages. The first stage happens when you manually introduce and feed the 175 mm stones to the crusher, which then reduces it to anywhere around 50 mm stone pieces. Then one can fit the conversion kit to the stone crusher itself, which allows it to crush that 50 mm stone piece to any smaller size from 5 mm to 20 mm. This conversion kit helps you require the size of stone chip needed for the construction project in progress. The location of the unit is a major thing to consider while setting up a stone crusher plant firm or business.

The most important thing to remember while setting up a stone crusher plant project for the firm is to provide the customers with good quality. Fair prices, good quality, and good customer service will make your new stone crusher plant firm a popular one, and you will find great success in the field. There are many ways this new business venture can become a highly successful one, but it requires hard work and determination.

This is a project that is in high demand and will be till there is construction work in progress in the world. In any case, detailed research on the subject, its workings, requirements, and hard work is essential for this venture to be a good and successful one.

Documents Required For Stone Crusher Business Plan

When you want to start a stone-crushing business in India, it requires a hefty amount of funds to spend. An entrepreneur never wants to spend all the available cash in a go, so he plans to take a bank loan. You can get bank loans under PMEGP Loan Scheme, Mudra Loan scheme etc. Thus you can check out the complete stone crusher project report and know about all minor and major details.

  • The documents that you will have to submit before the bank to avail bank loan for the stone crusher business are the following.
  • Details of an entrepreneur like name of the authorized signatory, Name of the venture, GST Certificate etc.
  • Mining lease Certificate that is issued by the government.
  • Khasra Copy of the site that is issued by the Revenue Department of India.
  • Your Identity Proofs
  • Stone Crusher Project Report
Contents Of Stone Crusher Project Report 

The following are the key points covered in the technical stone crusher project report, whichever is relevant to your business:-

2An overview of Stone Crushing Sector in Country
3Typical setup & sizes of crushers plants
4Small Size Crushers Plant
5Medium Size Stone Plant
6Large Stone Crushers Plant
7Types of technologies for crushers plants
8Technologies used for Stone Mining
9 Transportation Technologies for Crushers Plants
10Crushing Technologies
11 Jaw Stone Crushers
12Single toggle Jaw stone crusher
13Impact Jaw Stone Crushers
14Primary Gyratory Stone Crusher
15Cone Stone Crusher
16Roller Stone Crushers
17Double Roll Stone Crusher
18Single-Roll Stone Crusher
19Hammer Stone Crusher
20Impactor/Impact Breakers
22Screening Technologies
23Grizzlie type Screens for plant
24Vibrating Screen
25Rotary Screen
26Washing Technologies
27Material Handling Technologies used in Stone Crushing Units
30Bucket Elevators
31Types of raw material required & supply zones
32Typical economics of stone crusher
33Plant & Machinery
34Power Consumption
35Environmental Problems in Stone Crushers
36Sources of emissions
37Nature & spread of emissions
38Factors that influence emissions

To get more information about finance and investment you can buy our customized stone crusher business plan that will guide you on every step. 

Frequently asked questions about Stone crusher business model

Is stone crushing a profitable business?

A stone crusher plant is a rewarding investment for novice entrepreneurs. The need for high-quality stone chips is increasing all the time.

What is the stone crusher project cost?

The stone crusher project may cost somewhat between 15 to 20 lakh. It depends on the machinery that you buy, I mean the crusher type and other investment range may vary from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

How many types of stone crushers are there?

Cone crushers are separated into four types due to the rapid advancement of mining technology: spring cone crusher, compound cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and gyratory crusher.

What is the main objective of the stone crusher project report pdf?

The purpose of the project report of the stone crusher plant is to provide information to the new startups coming into mining.

Can I download stone crusher project report in excel?

You can get the project report of stone crusher in pdf and later you can convert into excel file using free online conversion tools.

Why do I need stone crusher project report for loan?

Well, if you want to get loan for setting a stone crusher business you will have to present a project report to the bank. It will justify your stone crusher business plan to the banker and they will check out all important details from that. Thus you need to write the project report of stone crusher for a ba bank loan.

Is Stone Crusher Project Report ppt useful for me?

If you want to buy the project report of stone crushing business, you can get it in pdf format. If you want to write it for yourself you can write stone crusher business model in ppt and save it with yourself.

Where can I get stone crusher project report for loan India?

You can get the stone crusher business model on our website and write it for yourself. You can avail it to check all important details.

What is the conclusion of stone crusher project report?

When we complete the business plan of stone crusher, we need to write the end statement it is called the conclusion of the project report. If you don’t have much time to go through the project report, you can read the conclusion.


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