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Do you want to receive the Project Report of Rubber Band Manufacturing? If yes, then, believe me, you are at the right place. Here you can download the Rubber Band Manufacturing Project Report in PDF format immediately. 


The rubber band is a useful consumable item for day to day use. Additionally, you can start the project of making rubber bands by installing some simple machinery.  The market potential of the rubber band is huge, and the industry will grow at a rate of over 8% in this decade.  Even you can install a construction unit at home.


Rubber bands are one of the most suitable products. Additionally, it is widely used in the automobile, packaging industry, agriculture, newspaper industry. It is also used as a household consumer durables. The rubber product manufacturing industry consists of a large number of small operators who typically focus on a particular product segment or market segment.


Accordingly, IBIS World has estimated that the three largest industry players accounted for just 11.0% of the industry’s revenue in 2015.  The market is huge, and there is a large opportunity in setting up a rubber band manufacturing business.


What is the use of the rubber band project report?


The Project Report of Rubber Band Manufacturing covers all the main aspects of the business. Project reports give you information about the business. A rubber band project report is an ideal format for a business plan. The report format helps prepare project reports for bank loans and all other works.


Top Profitable Manufacturing Business Idea

The future of natural rubber looks bright.  At the rate of 5.92 million tons per year, natural rubber accounts for 39 per cent of world rubber consumption at 15.14 million tons per year.  The rubber industry will grow at more than 8 per cent per year in this decade.

The main reason for this is that the per capita consumption of rubber is 0.8 kg as against 14 kg in the developed world.  Rubber Board sources said that India is likely to become the world’s third-largest producer of natural rubber after Thailand and Indonesia.

How to download the project profile ?

The project profile report has to be added to the cart. The second is to check out after that. The third is to make an online payment. The report download option will be available immediately after payment. 

Rubber Band Making Business Registration

In starting a rubber band making business, your first step is registering your company.  First of all, you have to get a trade license and GST registration.  According to your manufacturing setup and installation, you will have to apply for permission to the pollution control board. Before applying for registration and licence, prepare the project report for the production of rubber bands.

Unit Setup and Machinery

Rubber band manufacturing machines are generally of two types. One is operated by hand and the other by the motor. Detailed information on machinery is available in the project report.

You can set up a rubber band making unit in two ways. One is using the role of rubber as raw material, and the other is by creating a rubber role in your own unit.  In the second option, the cost of the project will be higher, and you will also earn better margins.

For the first option, you have to buy machines like a weighing machine, cutting machine and packing machine. Actually, the manufacturing process is simple.  Additionally, you can use a readymade rubber band role in this process.  The cutting machine works automatically.  Generally, it cuts a certain size rubber band.

For the second option, you will need to buy machinery. This list includes cutting machines, stirs, drawing stands, grinders, moulds, dip-in tanks, vulcanizing tanks, buckets, cups, etc. However, the major raw materials are whitener, chalk powder, rubber chemicals, latex, titanium, packing materials.

Rubber band manufacturing process

The manufacturing process flow chart is as follows:

  1. Natural latex
  2. Purification process and making it into slab
  3. Mixing slab to required size
  4. Mixing and mixing
  5. Heating and squeezing
  6. Extrusion after heating
  7. Curing in mandrel
  8. Slicing to form rubber band.

The detailed information about the process of production is inside the project report. The production process charts and photographs are available in the Project Report of Rubber Band Manufacturing. 

Quality control for making rubber bands

The sample rubber bands from each batch are subject to a variety of quality tests.  One such test measures the modulus, or how hard a band falls back: a tight band must forcefully pull back when pulled while a band designed to secure delicate objects should snap back more slowly.

Best Selling Rubber Bands Companies

Many rubber band companies are selling large quantities online.  Some of them are Ram Mali, Suraj products, Vibhu, Glitteria, and many more.  You can check out their products on Amazon.

 SWOT Analysis


Strengths: The rubber band is a useful consumable item for everyday use, and its manufacturing process is simple. Rubber bands manufacturing business can start by installing some simple machinery.  The market potential of the rubber band is huge, and the industry is growing at a rate of over 8% in this decade.

Weakness: Rubber band manufacturing business requires machinery, registrations, labour-intensive costs. There is a strong possibility that the Rubberband manufacturing business may not even give you that much profit that you invest in machinery, registrations, and labour-intensive costs.

Opportunities: The rubber band is widely used in the automobile, agriculture, packaging industry, and newspaper industry. It is also used as a household consumer durables. To grow your business and earn a profit, try to make a deal with agriculture, automobile, packaging industry, newspaper industry. And you have to well aware of the rubber band elasticity, and quality for your rubber band manufacturing business market goodwill.

Threats: Rubber band manufacturing business may not give you profit. Sometimes in this type of rubber band manufacturing industry, many competitors try to spread false rumours about the quality of the product that you gave. In starting of rubber band manufacturing business, you have to face lots of ups and downs you may say only downs in your business.


Now you must have understood all about the rubber band manufacturing business. Rubber band making business idea is trending, and it is easy to get started, all you need is dedication and hard work. So, don’t think, just start! 


Do rubber bands dry up?

Ultraviolet light affects those chains and breaks them, causing the rubber to dry, crack, and break. Most everyone has experienced a dry-out rubber band phenomenon.  Rubber bands can last longer if a natural oil is applied, and they do not spread and are kept out of light.

Which project reports of rubber and plastics industry are available on the website?

The following project reports related to rubber and plastics industry are available on the website.

What does a rubber band wrap around your door lock do?

All you have to do is hook the rubber band around the door on each side of the door.  Ensure that it does not interfere with the latch. The rubber band will cushion the slamming noise.  Any wide rubber band will do for this, and the trick is so easy to apply that you will be done in seconds.

How is rubber made today?

Natural rubber is made from certain types of trees by extracting a liquid juice called latex. These trees are native to South America but are commonly found in Southeast Asia today. Latex is collected from trees by cutting into the bark and collecting the sap flowing into the cup. This process is called tapping.

Can you tell us about the topics covered in the project report on rubber band manufacturing?

The Project Report of Rubber Band Manufacturing covers the following topics.

Sr. No.Particulars
3Production Process Flow Chart
4Production Process With Images
5Project At A Glance
6Cost Of Project
7Means Of Finance
8Plant & Machinery
9Projected Balance Sheet
10Application Of Fund
11Projected Profitability Statement
12Cash Flow Statement
13Computation Of Manufacturing
14Computation Of Raw Material
15Assessment Of Working Capital Requirement
16Break Up Of Labour
17Break Up Of Salary
18Computation Of Depreciation
19Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
20Calculation Of D.S.C.R
21Computation Of Sale
22Computation Of Electricity
23Break Even Point Analysis
Is the rubber band toxic?

It will not be toxic, but it will not always pass without any issues.  Depending on the size of the rubber band and perhaps the size of the animal that consumes it, there is a possibility of intestinal problems.

Does the rubber deteriorate over time?

Most elastomers undergo rubber degradation over time, and the most common rubber degradation causes are exposure to light, oxygen (ozone), and heat.  The oxidative and thermal ageing of rubber is accelerated by stress and reactive gases, such as ozone, resulting in cracking, charring, and colour fading.

How long does it take to destroy rubber?

AOL Auto examines key bits and pieces of an automobile and provides rough estimates of how long it takes for the average vehicle to rot away, and there are some surprises.  For example, rubber tires naturally disintegrate over a fairly sound period of 50 to 80 years.

Does the rubber shrink when heated?

Polymers such as rubber shrink on heating as their molecular chains are rotated, and when the water is heated to about 4 ° C above its freezing point, however, it behaves normally and spreads upon warming.  Conversely, so-called negative thermal expansion (NTE) materials never behave themselves.

Why do thicker rubber bands spread less?

The causes of rubber band braces can be related to some people in life.  The rubber band is thick, so the rubber band would be harder to stretch which would be a shorter distance, but if it was thin, it would be easier to stretch which would make it a larger distance.

What changed in the rubber band?

Stretching the rubber band is a physical change as the size of the rubber band changes. The colour of the rubber band can sometimes change when it is extend.  However, the material made of rubber bands does not change.

Are refrigerated rubber bands last a long time?

Keeping the rubber band in a cooler position slows this conversion because there is less energy inside the rubber which helps it align for crystallization. But conversion is also reduced because the temperature rises beyond the room temperature.   


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