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You can download the Hand Sanitizer Project Report from here if you want to start production of hand sanitizers in India. It is a profitable business in India. Anyone who is planning to start this business can easily get all the details of this business if you download our hand sanitizer business plan by making a genuine payment.

You will be glad to know that a lot of time will be saved in writing your project report of hand sanitizer because our project report contains all that you are looking for. The main objective of the project report of the sanitizer is to familiarize the new startups with the business knowledge.

Hand Sanitizer was earlier treated as an option only in medicinal and cosmetic products but now it has become necessary to carry a hand sanitizer with you where ever you go. This has brought a hike in the demand for hand sanitizers that is very difficult to fulfill. Seeing the skyrocketing demand of hand sanitizers in India a lot of entrepreneurs have started manufacturing them and a lot many are still planning. 

The existing hand sanitizer manufacturers are finding it difficult to meet the demand so you can start this profitable business opportunity and make a lot of money. The government is also boosting the production of hand sanitizers in India and even young entrepreneurs are entering this line. You can manufacture hand sanitizer in raw form using ethyl alcohol and getting licensing for professionally manufacturing it. In the article below you will get all necessary information about this startup in India. 

Hand Sanitizer Project Report

Hand Sanitizer project report will guide you till the end. It will be your first step when you plan for this set up. You can explore about the investment details, financial requirement, hiring personnel, manufacturing process, marketing strategies, promotion and a lot more. It is helpful for students, managers, chartered accountants, entrepreneurs and others. 

Demand for hand sanitizer has been abruptly increased all over the world. The increase in demand is due to WHO’s advisories to clean or wash your hands constantly from time to time to avoid this deadly disease. This is high time to start a new business of hand sanitizer production and sell them through online business.

Making alcohol-based sanitizer is not a big challenge at home. It does not require warming, a particular temperature, or any workshop setup. Although the efficacy of hand sanitizer is not constant, it may be used as a simple means to control the infection in more expansive areas like supermarkets, health clinics, offices, etc.

How to Get Project Report on Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Business

Hand Sanitizer project report is available for download in PDF. You can get the project report immediately in a PDF document by paying the prescribed fee. First you have to add the product to the cart and make the payment. After the payment, we will send you a link using which you will be able to download the project report of hand sanitizer. It is in PDF Format. Later you can convert it to word or excel file as per your choice using free file converting tools online. 

Uses Of Hand Sanitizer

Here are the facts you need to consider before starting hand sanitizer business. You must know its wide benefits.

  • Hand Sanitizers are an effective tool to use against enemies that are invisible on our skin especially our hands. They are bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms. 
  • No harmful substance is used to produce hand sanitizer, so they are harmless for skin.
  • Using hand sanitizers is a hygiene and good habit.
  • Thye prevent us from getting infected from micro-organisms as we keep on touching things and microorganisms attack our skin. We should henceforth use hand sanitizer to sanitize our hands to prevent infections.
  • Keeping our surroundings clean and sanitizing our hands is a hygiene and good conduct. 

Why should I Start Hand Sanitizer Business in India?

Using hand sanitizer for hygiene is becoming popular these days. Mothers use hand sanitizers to wipe their kids. Carrying a sanitizer in pocket is easy for adults because they know benefits of them. Small school kids to carry it to school every day.

The pocket-sized sanitizers are in much demand because every other person buys it. It is used to get rid of viruses and bacteria that they catch accidentally while they are out and get exposed to things. Thus, considering the benefits of hand sanitizres you can start their manufacturing and make it great for your business. 

Market Demand

The demand for hand sanitizers is increasingly high. Every individual keeps a hand sanitizer bottle with himself while going out. The government also advices to clean hands multiple times a day. India is a country where crores of people live and among them half of the population is using hand sanitizer on a daily basis. Keeping this data in mind, you can definitely start this successful business idea and get more profits. 

India is a country where more than 139 crore people live and out of them more than a half percent of the population uses hand sanitizer. Keeping these stats in mind, we can definitely say that the Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing business would be profitable in the long run.

Types of Hand Sanitizer Business in India?

There are several hand sanitizer businesses in India among which you can choose to start as per interest and availability of finance. 

  • Manufacturing or large-scale production of hand sanitizers.
  • Production of Hand sanitizers from your home on small scale.
  • Importing or exporting hand sanitizers or selling them in the markets in bulk. 

We are going to discuss about manufacturing handmade sanitizers on large scale. You can modify the investment as per your scale of business. This is a business idea on large scale and small scale too. 

Market Potential 

The demand for sanitizers is increasing day by day as it is very effective in killing germs, and we can make profits margins between 40% to 60%.

  • It’s very effective over regular soaps.
  • It is used to prevent the spread of infection in areas where there is a shortage of water. 

As per projections, India’s hand sanitizer market may cross Rs three hundred thirteen crores by the year 2025. The reason behind this growth is the rising awareness about healthy lifestyles and ever-changing behaviour regarding hygiene products. These hand sanitizer products are available in marketing in spray, gel, foam, and liquid. The western region of India has made dominance in the production of hand sanitizer in 2019, and they may sustain this position for few more years also. The leading hand sanitizer producers are Dabur India Limited, Reckitt Benckiser (India) Limited, Hindustan Unilever Limited., Himalaya Drug Company Private Limited, ITC Limited, and others.

Types of Hand Sanitizer

Based on material used in production, hand sanitizer may be classified into two categories, i.e., Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic. Alcoholic sanitizer may use ethanol and isopropanol as the essential ingredient for output in the range of 60 to 90 percent. Alcohol immediately kills pathogens and stops bacterial spreading, which is the basic root cause of infection.

On the other side, Non-alcoholic hand sanitizer generally uses benzalkonium chloride (BAC), or antimicrobial elements, triclosan as a disinfectant. Many hand sanitizers use glycerine which acts as a thickening agent and helps in moisturizing the skin and imparts scent.

Legal Formalities Before Starting Hand Sanitizer Business in India

It is mandatory to get registered with several registrations, and licensing Government approved authorities before starting the production of hand sanitizer.

  1. Udyam MSME Registration
  2. Company Registration with ROC
  3. Trade License
  4. Factory License
  5. FDA License
  6. BIS Certification
  7. Fire License
  8. ISI standard registration
  9. Shop and Establishment Act permission

What are the documents required for starting hand sanitizer business in India?

  • You need to present the picture model of the premises. It will include signatures of the company’s owner, director or partner. 
  • You need to include detail about the lease or rent receipt of the manufacturing unit. The original or photocopy attested is preferred.
  • Certificate of Incorporation or partnership deed needs to be in photocopy form. It must include the signature of the director.
  • List of present directors or partners include their complete details like name, address etc.
  • If there is some change in the list of directors / partners or in their personal details, it is to be modified in the above certificate as well. You can submit the copy of latest details. 
  • You need to present full detail of the staff, or permanent workers in your company along with the xerox of their educational qualifications and professional expertise and registration certificate.
  • Non-Conviction affidavit as per the need of academic approval and qualification.
  • Certificates and copies of academic and qualifications as per the staff approval and norms laid by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
  • Lab equipment and machinery list bought for manufacturing hand sanitizers.
  • Bills of equipment and machinery purchase need to be attached.
  • No objection certificate from SPCB and fire department.
  • Proof of load approval.
  • Copy of occupation certificate. You can submit a photocopy.
  • Affidavit that includes detail of the director or partner that can manage the daily operations.
  • Affidavit declaring the partner or director’s non link with Drugs and Cosmetics Act,1940.

How To Face Competition in Hand Sanitizer Business in India?

Talking about the competition, it is rising day to day, and you need to focus on production of hand sanitizers. Many big companies have started producing it too. Like Dabur, Himalayas, and a few more are also producing hand sanitizers as they have huge demand worldwide. 

Shortage of hand sanitizers in the market has given boom to this business and you can start this business too and achieve great heights. It’s just that you will have to face competition like it’s there in other business too. But if you work hard and provide good sanitizers that everyone can afford, you will rock in the future. 

Raw Material for Hand Sanitizers

The raw material required to start production of alcoholic sanitizer.

The basic raw materials required for the manufacture of hand alcoholic sanitizer are Ethanol or Isopropanol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerol, distilled water, and essential oil such as peppermint or lavender oil or lemon extract for fragrance and you can find out all of the above-mentioned raw materials are readily available in the local market.

The raw material required to start production of non-alcoholic sanitizer.

The essential ingredients are a foaming bottle, castile soap, witch hazel, essential oils, and water. Castile Soap helps remove bacteria and germs. However, Alcohol kills them permanently.

Location, Plant & Machinery

Proper location is necessary for any business, so choose a location where plenty of water supply and electricity is readily available with bare minimum power cuts to set up the production unit. Transportation and manpower/staff availability should not be an issue for the smooth functioning of the production unit. This requires approximately 2000 square feet of space to start working, out of which 1000 square feet is needed for the processing of 240-kilo litres per annum, and balance space is necessary for other operations like raw material storage, finished goods storage, administrative section, storeroom, and miscellaneous work. The production site should be elevated appropriately. Following units are a must to start production.

  1. Alcohol storage vessel to store raw Alcohol.
  2. Motor pump is required to transfer the raw Alcohol into the manufacturing vessel.
  3. Mixing vessel to stir all compounds properly.
  4. Final product storage container.
  5. Two transfer motor pumps, one to transfer material from the production vessel to the storage container and another from the storage container to the filling machine.
  6. Automatic filling system includes filling machine, conveyer belt, labelling machine, capping machine, printer for barcoding etc.
  7. Working platform also includes pipes, valves, control panel etc.
  8. Weighing scale to check the weight of filled bottles.

Methods of Production of Sanitizer

Finalizing the batch size is the first step in making hand sanitizer. Suppose the manufacturing capacity to be installed is projected to be 500 L with a proper working volume of 400 L. All financial operations in this report depend on raw materials.

  1. Pour around 333.3 L of Ethanol into a 500 L stainless steel jacketed tank, and the temperature of the setup is kept below 20 °C by using the jacket control.
  2. Turn on the mechanical mixer and add16.7 litres of hydrogen peroxide to it.
  3. Pour 5.8 litres of glycerol into the container above.
  4. Pour in 41 litres of distilled water and stir for 30 minutes to ensure homogeneous mixing. Keep the batch temperature below 20 degrees Celsius during the process.
  5. Finally, for aroma, add 3.2 litres of essential oil (Eucalyptus, clove, peppermint, or citrus oil) and mix for half an hour.
  • Alcohol storage tanks should be roughly ten times the capacity of the producing vessel, which allows about ten batches to be catered in it before the storage tank is refilled.
  • If you want to make a gel sanitizer, add Carbopol, which thickens the sanitizer and permits color and fragrances included only if necessary.
  • To make a homogenous liquid, the homogenizer will mix the Carbopol with the Alcohol and water and when the sanitizer is ready, transport the storage vessel to the filling station.
  • Tanks are calibrated per ethanol/ isopropyl alcohol volumes, and final volumes of either 10 or 50 litres for small-batch processing is ready, and always use vessels properly.
  • Glass or plastic bottles with screw-threaded stoppers are suggested for 10-litre preparations.
  • For 50-litre preparations, big plastic or stainless-steel tanks with an 80 to 100-litre capacity is used for mixing and avoid overflow.
How To Do Planning Of Hand Sanitizer Business?

Personal point planning

While you are opening a new business you need to do personal planning carefully. You should consider the below mentioned points for the same.

  • Note everything that relates to your business.
  • Create a ppt for yourself and store your information there. 
  • Short list important thoughts that come to your brain.
  • Write questions and answer of all the queries you have. If you don’t get answers explore our hand sanitizer project report.
  • Keep good thoughts and no stories. 
  • Stay motivated and work hard.

Business Point Planning

  • Business is owned by one individual but is not run individually. You will require a team to handle your task of manufacturing hand sanitizer. 
  • You need to make strategies to save your time.
  • Plan investment and financial sources.
  • Explore what competitors do and learn from mistakes.
  • Don’t copy them. Create a unique product that can grab instant sales.
  • Inspect quality and check on every department so that you can calculate cost, profit and loss you have earned or incurred. 
Risks related with Hand Sanitizer Business

When you plan your new hand sanitizer set up you need to keep in mind that you will have to bear risks as every other businessman faces. Pros and cons exist in all business. You need to consider these risks from the starting only so that you do not face losses in the future. 

  • The demand for sanitizer can decrease in the future in the market.
  • They do have an expiry date so you need to manufacture limited initially and sooner you will get an idea about regular sale and can manufacture as per that. You will have to sell your stock in stipulated time. 
  • Sanitizers cannot be kept in damp places and in direct sunlight. Therefore, you should arrange a warehouse where you can store your stock. 
Marketing Strategies

There are a variety of ways to sell anything. Consult your marketing consultant about your plans, and to popularise the name of your business, you can construct your website in its name and post the links on social networking sites. And for Selling online, marketplaces are also a viable option.

You can hand out flyers in your neighborhood, give away free samples as a promotional technique, and contract pharmacies and drugstores are a good option. Please make contact with doctors and clinics and offer them free samples. Also, an emphasis that you used hand sanitizers under WHO instructions.

Make contact with the company’s headquarters and hospitals. Prepare a Power Point presentation outlining your manufacturing process and the cleanliness and health standards you adhere to, if possible.

Make preparations for online sales and payment options. A smart selling tactic is to deliver the product to your customer’s door. 

Target Market For Hand Sanitizer
Safety Measures To Take While Starting Hand Sanitizer Business In India

Safety is the basic requirement that you need to consider. There is major business that are existing in India and are successful because they have adopted all safety measures as required. 

  • If you want to start sanitizer business, then you should follow all guidelines. 
  • License of Ethyl Alcohol permission is a must for storing it.
  • Fire extinguishers are required to save anyone from fire accident.
  • Quality assurance is required. You need to use quality material in production of hand sanitizers. 
  • All-important procedures should be followed to start and successfully run this business. No misleading conduct should be adopted.  
Contents Of Hand Sanitizer Project Report 

The project report of hand sanitizer includes discussions on the following references.

Sr. No.Particulars
1Project At a Glance
2Highlights of The Project
3General Information and Location
4Promoters Background
5Project Introduction
6The Project Proposal
7The Product and Its Uses
8Uses of A Hand Sanitiser
9Prospect for Investment
10Potential Target Customers/Market
11Market Entry, Distribution and Marketing Strategy
12Critical Success Factors
13Technology And Process Description
15Process Flow Chart
16Installed and Operational Capacity
17Quality and Standards
18Production And Storage Facilitie
19Raw Materials and Consumables
20Power and Utility
21Tentative Implementation Schedule
22Basis & Presumptions
23Capital Investment Estimates
24Computation of Working Capital Requirement
25Estimated Cost of The Project
26Proposed Means of Financing
27Estimated Annual Sales Turnover
28Projected Profitability Statement
29Calculation of Interest Amount
30Depreciation Schedule
31Term Loan Repayment Schedule
32Debt Service Coverage Ratio
33Break-Even Analysis
34Projected Cash Flow Statement
35Projected Balance Sheet
36Internal Rate of Return
37Pay Back Period
38Chemical Formulations Composition
39Statutory Permits and Business Licenses
40Steps to Start Sanitiser Making Business
41Tips to Identify Suitable Project Location

This is when your hand sanitizer business strategy comes into play. Remember, this is just the beginning of your company’s planning. Still, after your business volume grows, you may add value to your product by incorporating Aloe Vera Gel and essential oils to make it more skin-friendly and fragrant, and this helps to raise the prices.

You can potentially go for large-scale production if the volume of your firm grows. In that instance, a professional chemist and an accountant should be hired to handle production and accounting, respectively.

However, demand will continue and as a result, beginning and progressively stabilising your business is not difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hand Sanitizer Project Report
What are the profits in hand sanitizer business?

We may start a hand sanitizer production business with a small investment of INR (1 to 5 lakh), which we can sell for a good profit because the market demand for sanitizers is quite strong.

What are the licenses needed for hand sanitizer business in India?

Trade License Factory License FDA License BIS Certification Fire License ISI standard registration Shop and Establishment Act permission

Is license required for selling hand sanitizer?

Being the owner of a medical shop you need not to arrange a license to sell hand sanitizers in your shop. Same is for other sellers of sanitizers as well.

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