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Every detail that is there in Ginger Processing Project Report is worth reading if you are planning to start a ginger processing unit. It is a wise decision to start a ginger processing unit because ginger is the basic item found in every kitchen whether in India or abroad. A ginger processing business plan is crucial because it works as a guideline that you can follow to start your new venture. You have the opportunity to process ginger in the form of powder or oil. You can also make sunth and sell it in the market during winters. Ginger has medicinal properties too. If you have your own agricultural land, then you can cultivate ginger there and sell it raw and even process it. It will give you more income and you will get the main raw material that is ginger quite cheap. 

Ginger is an important commercial crop that is grown for aroma rhizomes that can be used as spice or medicine. Ginger has a value for its dried form, and it can be preserved. You can also manufacture crystallized ginger as well.  

It being a perennial plant is usually grown annually and is harvested as a spice. Ginger is mostly grown in less shade and can act as intercrop in coffee, coconut and orange plantation.

Having a pungent taste, ginger has a nice odour. It is widely used in adding flavor in various foods, beverages, soups, ginger bread, soft drinks or pickles. You can manufacture and sell two types of gingers that are in good demand, fresh ginger that is used to make candied ginger, or dried one that is used as a spice and is traded with its extract.

Ginger Processing Project report

Ginger processing project report is useful to entrepreneurs who are seeking business opportunity in this start up. It is even useful to students, chartered accountants and others who wish to explore about this business. You will get to know in detail about the investment you need to do in this business, what all you can manufacture using ginger, the complete manufacturing process, benefits, marketing, and a lot more. You need to read the project report of ginger processing unit till the end to get complete details about this set up. 

You will get a detailed idea about this business, and you can arrange finance if you get to know how to write ginger processing project report in detail for bank loan. We give you an opportunity to download ginger processing project report pdf for bank loan and write it in your own way for your business and avail bank loan to set up this business. 

Ginger is cultivated in many regions of India and are generally known after the localities they grow in. Indigenous cultivators of ginger and Maran, Ernad, Himachal, Nadia, Kuruppampadi etc. It is among the top food business ideas in India. 

Rio-de-Janeiro is an exotic cultivator of ginger that is very popular. Ginger being an excellent crop is cultivated in Asia and India cultivates 40% of the world’s total ginger production.

Ginger roots are in great demand in domestic and international markets as it has excellent use and benefits. Farmers can earn a lot of money from this. It relates closely to galangal, cordomon, and turmeric.

How to Download Report 

Gone are the days when you had to wait for long to get the best format for ginger processing project report from someone. Now you can get your ginger processing unit sample project report in hand, as you can instantly download the report in pdf, format.

First Step            –   Click add to > Check Out > Payment

Second Step       – Immediately after successful payment, you will get a link to download the report. You can download the report immediately from this link.

Benefits of Ginger

  • In each house ginger is used for its health benefits.  
  • White ginger helps to cure common illness. It has positive effect on major health issues and conditions.
  • It is being used as a digestive aid since years and it has properties to eliminate intestinal gas to cure bloating. You can sell it and customers will buy ginger because it cures gastrointestinal muscles to soothe upset stomach.
  • Ginger has magnesium, chromium and zinc that helps to improve flow of blood in the body and helps to prevent fever, chills and excess of sweat. Fungal infection is an issue that irritates the skin. Ginger controls fungal issue.
  • Ginger is a commercial crop having plenty of benefits as you can use it to flavor tomato ketchup, meat sausage, pickle, salad dressings, curry dishes or gravies etc. In food industry it is flavouring agent.
  • It can be used in pharma medicines for producing herbal medicines and can treat fever. Ginger powder can be sold to add fragrance in cosmetics and soaps.
  • Ginger oil that is obtained by distillation using steam from dried ginger is used widely in confectionary, beverages and perfumes. You can manufacture ginger powder because it has good export scope and is used widely in domestic market as well.

Market Potential

As India has witnessed an increasing demand for ginger in recent years. Domestic production of ginger has faced downfall as a result India has become importer of ginger. India being the world’s largest producer of ginger and consumer too demands ginger every day.

Ginger can be produced into wide variety of other ginger products as well. You can manufacture many ginger products like ginger candy, dehydrated ginger, ginger powder, oil etc.

Market Demand

There is wide market for both dried and fresh ginger in India. You can start manufacturing ginger oil too as it is obtained from the root of an herb called Zingiber Officinale. This strange pungent small and hot taste of ginger can be used to produce an acrid compound known as gingerol.

There is a never-ending demand of ginger oil in the market. It has a scope of export and wide usage in the domestic market. New entrepreneurs can without any hesitation and stress of business expansion or profitability can start this business as it has wide scope and can be sold everywhere in the market due to everyday demand. The market demand of ginger is expected to reach 4.215 tonnes in the upcoming years.

Market Prospect

Among all the vegetable crops available in the market, ginger is offering much scope for business in north east India. Fresh and dry form of ginger, ginger powder or ginger oil is used in large quantity in preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Continental, Indian and Chinese style.

Having use in medicinal attributes and households, ginger is widely used in multiple ways. Ginger product exports have been increasing with the time passing by. There is huge scope of development of ginger processing industry as the future requirements of ginger are tough to meet. Increasing application of ginger products in food and other industries in the country and abroad has given rise to processing of ginger into wide range of products.

Market Promotion

It plays a crucial role in generating potential customers for ginger and ginger products. You need to apply the recommended marketing strategies. Marketing plan needs to be of good quality maintenance. You need to carry promotional campaigns that can be the ones which suit your requirement like special discounts, advertisements, referrals etc.

Technical Process 

The technical process of ginger processing plant defines the following steps.

  • Selection of rhizomes from fresh ginger
  • Washing to remove impurities
  • Peeling and Treatment of ginger in solution of lime water
  • Slicing
  • Drying
  • Pulverising of Dried ginger
  • Steaming distillation for extracting
  • Oil Filtering
  • Packaging

Ginger Cultivation, Ginger Processing and Ginger Products

You can do the processing of giger in multiple ways and get the products out of it that have huge demand in the market and make your business successful.

Dehydrated Ginger

Ginger is cleaned and washed in water and then its skin is peeled slightly using peeling machine. It is later dried electrically in tray driers at a temperature that is around 60-degree celcius. Although ginger is being used for the purpose of extraction, this temperature is fine as the oil content present in ginger is not affected till 80-degree celcius.

The time of drying ginger is 24 hours in cross flowing sort of drier and 14 hours if the drier works through flow. The dried ginger that is sliced is packed in packets and sealed. Average yield after the process of drying ginger is 25%.

Ginger Oil

Dry form of ginger is pulverized using grinder that meshes it in desired size. Steam distillation is the best method for all ginger essential oil manufacturing in bulk quantity. The steam that is produced in the ginger broiler is introduced in the evaporating vessel that contains ginger powder and water.

The ginger powder that is located on the grid lying at a distance above water level that fills the vessel from bottom. The water vaporizes in indirect manner and the steam flows in a pipe coil that is submerged by the water. The water vapour and the distilled oil comes from the evaporating vessel gets recovered in water cooled condenser.

The mixture that flows out from the condenser separates by the process of decantation in Florentine flask. The oil is collected on the top and distilled water can leave flask from the bottom of the flask.

Water contains soluble oil parts too; it is later sent back to the evaporating vessel so that soluble components can be recovered by second distillation method.

Quality Control and Standards

The Indian Standards Bureau has made a few specifications for dehydrated ginger. The quality of ginger must confirm the standards laid down by the PFA Act. For better marketing, to do better marketing of ginger and its products, the quality needs to be maintained as per AGMARK and BIS Standards.

License and Permits for Ginger Processing Unit in India

FSSAI License

It is granted by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Ministry of Family Health and Welfare under Government of India guidelines. To avail this license, you need to submit a food business commencement application before FSSAI Department. After checking out your application and documents, FSSAI will give you approval.

As per the latest act, no entrepreneur can carry out any food business without registration with FSSAI and FSSAI License.

All food related items business needs to have FSSAI License and registration.

The Food Safety and Standards registration and licensing of food business has been made compulsory to improve the quality and hygiene of food. It has brought major changes in the existing food industry.

Pollution Control Certificate

The ginger processing unit doesn’t create much pollution except waste disposal and this needs to be managed properly. The waste water that is collected after washing ginger and lime treatment needs to be properly dispersed over a huge area of land for irrigation purposes.

The business promoter needs to arrange a No Objection Certificate from the pollution control board of your state or the local authority.

Effluent Disposal

Disposal of all effluent substances under ginger processing unit need to be treated for recycling facility and can also be dumped in a way that it doesn’t cause any hazard to the state.

Energy Conservation

Proper care needs to be taken to run the machineries and tools to avoid over consumption and run of power. The machines that you choose for ginger processing plant need to be energy savers so that you can carry out economic ginger processing.

Consumables, Power and Utility

The consumables that are major required are the following.

  • Ginger
  • Citric Acid
  • Packaging Material


The total power requirement for ginger processing unit is 16.92 KW. The required power supply needs to be distributed like general lighting 2 KW.

Water Utility

Flow of water needs to be constant for the operations in the ginger plant. Water will be brought from bore well or can also be stored in the tanks overhead. It needs to be supplied to required departments. Water should be free of suspended particles and mud. It should flow at a pressure of 3 kg per square cm.

Installed Capacity

While accessing the proposed capacity of the plant, consideration should be given to technical, technological and financial factors, availability of consumables, marketing campaigns, economic viability, infrastructure facility etc. The detail about the installed capacity will be provided to you by the unit technician. He can provide you detail about

The requirement of plant and machinery to fulfill the needs of the plants.

While reaching the need of different types of machinery and equipment needed for the unit, consideration is given to the points I am mentioning.

  • Minimum Wastage
  • Maximum flexibility in operations
  • High productivity
  • Proper stock as per provision and necessity.
  • Installed capacity of annual production includes:
  • Dehydrated Ginger:15 ton
  • Ginger Oil:5 ton

To carry out the economic viability, it is expected that the ginger processing unit will operate efficiently in the initial five years.

Project Cost Estimation and Means of Finance

Project Cost

The capital expense of the ginger processing unit needs to be calculated at the initial point only and annually. The working capital is estimated to be Rs 30 lakh.

Land and Building

Land and Building includes the cost of building, water supply, electricity, drainage, sanitization etc. It is expected to be Rs 6 Lakh.

Plant and Machinery

The cost of plant and machinery is expected to be Rs 16 Lakh.

Plant Expenditure

The entire cost of plant includes admissible taxes, insurance of machinery and their installation, transportation etc.

Fixed Assets

The cost of miscellaneous fixed assets is estimated to be 2 Lakh rupees. This includes the cost of fixtures, furniture and office equipment’s.

Preliminary and Pre-Operative Expenditure

You need to invest Rs 3 Lakh on preliminary expenses.

Working Capital Estimate

The working capital details of ginger processing unit are the estimates of a few components like administrative expenses, working expenses and consumables expense. The working capital is required to meet the profit margin money and cash credit loan from a reputed financial institution.

Means Of Finance

The estimation of Rs 30 Lakh is the project cost, and you can get it financed from reputed banks or financial institution. You will have to prepare ginger processing unit project report and submit it in the bank to avail bank loan.

You can download ginger processing unit project report pdf for bank loan from our website and make modifications as per your business plan and write your own project report.

Cost Of Production

The production cost is estimated annually. The cost components are taken into consideration like administrative expenses, utilities, salaries and wages, maintenance, repair, insurance or consumable stores. It also includes interest rates and taxes.

Cost Of Repair and Maintenance

The repair and maintenance expenses depend on the item to be maintained and repaired.

Administrative Expenses

They include the expenses of insurance premium of your ginger processing unit.

Selling Expenses

It includes cost and profitability statement using which you can calculate selling expenses.

Trade Prospects

Ginger processing business is providing extremely good returns to the entrepreneurs these years. Thus, sowing ginger and then processing it and producing ginger powder or oil or other products are getting attention and procure more sales.

As a result, ginger production is increasing. Consumers have been shifting towards herbal products and thus there is growth in Pharma Industry also. Thus, demand for ginger products is high in domestic and international market.

Export potential of ginger powder and oil is increasing tremendously. It is just because ginger products lack in international countries. Thus, they are imported. Average price of ginger at present is Rs 265 per kg. Thus, the entrepreneurs get good return in selling ginger and its products.

Machines For Processing Ginger

Ginger slice and Powder Processing Machinery

You can now get special ginger processing machines that are based on the latest technology. You can separate raw ginger from roots and leaves. The ginger is first cleaned and then separated from bad ginger. Clean gingers are first peeled and then chopped.

Ginger is then sent to the soaking unit for a fixed period. Soaked ginger is dried using a special designed dryer. Important oils and oleoresin are taken out from ginger. The dry gingers are pulverized so that powder can be made and then it is packed according to the requirement.

Sunth Making Machine

It is a machine that you can buy to make sunth. It is a product consumed in extreme winters. You can manufacture it and later sell In domestic and international market using this machine.

Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine

This machine is used to first wash the muddy ginger so that it can get ready to slice and then powder. This machine uses brush friction feature, and it is widely used to wash and peel the ginger specifically. Entrepreneurs also install them to wash oval fruits and vegetables like potato, sweet potato, ginger or carrot.

Ginger washing and peeling machine can be used to peel and wash by changing brush rollers. The brush washing machine is well equipped with soft and stiff brush so that gingers are not damaged while cleaning.

While the brushes roll, it helps to achieve cleaning results and peel the gingers through friction in brush and gingers. The machine then cleans, and peels at the same time.

You can use multiple machines for ginger processing unit. Washing, sorting, blanching, cooling, slicing, crushing and pasteurizing are the activities that are importantly done in a ginger processing unit.

Contents of ginger processing Project Report
Sr. No.Particulars
1Project At a Glance
2Highlights of The Project
3General Information and Location
4Promoter’s Background
6Project Description
7Market Prospect
8Technological Process
9Process Flow Diagram
10Quality Control and Standards
11Consumables, Power and Utility
12Installed Capacity
13Basis And Presumptions
14Project Cost Estimates and Means of Finance
15Working Capital Estimates
16Economic Viability
17Financial Analysis
18Estimated Cost of The Project
19Cost And Profitability Estimates
20Projected Balance Sheet
21Projected Cashflow Statement
22Debt-Service Coverage Ratio
23Break-Even Analysis
24Internal Rate of Return
25Term Loan Repayment Schedule
26Depreciation Schedule
27Statutory Permits and Business Licenses
28Important Steps to Start the Project
29Tips To Identify Suitable Location
Conclusion Of ginger processing unit Project Report PDF

You can learn a lot about your new business say if you want to start a new business of processing ginger and sell many products made of ginger, then you have to get a business plan as ginger processing project report. Yes, this project report will help your company to rise and shine in a short span of time. Therefore, you can start ginger processing business to earn good profits in the near future. You can also invest some money in paper bag business and sell ginger products in that. It can be used to pack ginger products for sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions On ginger processing Project Report
Where can i get ginger processing sample project report for bank loan pdf?

Well, you can explore the best ginger processing business project report PDF on our website and take help of our experts as they can provide you personalized ginger processing project report or you can get it by checking out all the important details for your new business from it. It will serve you as a guide using which you can write your own ginger processing unit project report and submit it to the bank to avail loan for your new venture.

What is the right ginger processing project report format for bank loan?

We have clearly stated the right format for ginger processing start up in our project report. You can check out the project report details by downloading it after making a nominal payment to us. We have covered every important aspect of this venture in our report.

Can I download ginger processing project report in the format of excel or word file?

You can easily download it from our website in PDF Format and use it for writing your project report. If you want to get it in word or excel file. It is very simple to later convert the pdf to word or excel using free file converting tools.

Can I download ginger processing business project report and use it for bank loan under pmegp mudra and other government scheme?

The main objective of this project report is to highlight all important aspects of this business for your new set up and to provide sample format for preparing project reports for other purposes. However, according to your need, we will prepare customized project report for your set up so that you can get loan from the bank under any scheme.

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