Fly Ash Bricks Project Report



You can download the Project Report of Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing in PDF format instantly. In the past few years, research efforts were taken and it is proved that this material is good to be used in different ways in building construction as well as in other civil works with good durability. Fly ash is the burnt remains of pulverized coal (bituminous or sub-bituminous) and has siliceous properties.

Bricks from fly ash are mainly utilised in building materials like bricks, blocks, tiles and grouting, Engineered fills for low-lying land spaces for human settlement, use in Road Construction and Construction of ash dykes and embankments.

Fly Ash Bricks Project Report

Fly ash bricks as the name suggest it is made from fly ash generated from the thermal power station along with STONE DUST/SAND, LIME, GYPSUM and BONDING AGENT. The mixture is used to produce these bricks of higher strength with consistency as well as uniformity. The fully automatic process is used for manufacturing. Because of its unique features and merits, it is highly accepted and used by the organized sectors in heavy industries high rise buildings, large townships, colonies, etc. although new age products are also introduced in the market.

These types of bricks are a high level of moisture resistance and very are economical, and cost-effective with less wastage during transporting and handling. Fly ash bricks are available in different sizes and have high compressive strength and absorb low water. As a result, it is a good project for any businessman to invest in and start.

How to Download Business Model In PDF?

It is very simple to download the Fly Ash Bricks project report pdf. To download the project report on fly ash bricks, you have to follow the following steps. The first step is to add the project report to the basket. After this, in the second step, check out and make an online payment. You can download the project in PDF format immediately after payment. Our team immediately contacts you as you make the payment and you get your project report of Fly Ash Bricks. 

Market Demand For Fly Ash Bricks 

It is determined that the globally Asia pacific region dominated especially India and Chiara witnessed used significant growth rates over the years leading to growing construction spending due to which rapid industrial and infrastructural developments occurred. However, North America and Europe have seen moderate growth because of strict policies and regulations for the harmful fly ash and due to decreasing thermal power plants raw material availability is also decreasing.

Along with Fly Ash Bricks Plant, the business of manufacturing AAC Blocks and Interlocking Blocks can be a good opportunity for you.

Fly Ash Bricks Business Plan

The pulverized fuel ash is known as fly ash and it is a by-product of the coal-based power plant used to manufacture the fly ash bricks alternative to red clay bricks. In India, its demand increasing due to cost and environmental benefits and also people prefer these types of bricks over common burnt bricks. In India, several coal-based power plants produce this ash and our government has no other options to dump this fly ash that is why it is used to make bricks and help to secure the environment.

This is a very profitable business in India as the bricks produce are of very high quality and very few resources are required rather than common burnt bricks. Market and other information are available in the project report of Fly Ash Bricks.

Global Fly Ash Bricks Market Introduction

Fly ash bricks as the name justify, are barware ricks made from fly ash generated from the thermal power stations along with lime and gypsum. Pulverized fuel ash is generated from thermal power stations by the burning of coal. These bricks require almost 25-30% less amount of cement or motor.

These bricks are made using machines, that’s why they are equal in shape and size and can be easily arranged in symmetrical structures providing good strength and bonding. Also, the outside of wall plastering is not required in case of fly ash bricks are used as they are grey and have smooth and uniform texture and these bricks absorb less water.

These are much lighter in weight as compared to old red bricks and they reduce the transportation and dead building costs. Besides that, fly ash bricks do not require fire which is an important manufacturing step for the red bricks and therefore does not create environmental pollution.

Global Fly Ash Bricks Market Dynamics


In developing countries of the Asia Pacific region, the demand for fly ash bricks is increasing as the investments in the construction sector are increasing and the budget for infrastructural and industrial development is a increase in gases which in turn increases the demand for fly ash bricks globally.

The pollution problem is rising day by day and flies ash bricks help in reducing pollution by using fly ash produced from thermal power plants and reducing disposal problems. Besides that, the conventional technology of making red bricks required a burnt method in kilns and a large amount of coal for the same and this process disturbs the environment, adding to greenhouse effects caused by carbon dioxide emission.

Other benefits like lightweight and low water absorption make these bricks more popular in the global market.


First, major restraint which hampers the fly ash bricks market is that red bricks are easily available nearby whereas flying ash bricks need to be travelled from the thermal power plant to the respective places and transportation costs

Another major restraint impacting the growth of the global fly ash bricks market is the red bricks are easily manufactured by small-scale industries while the fly ash bricks manufacturers have to bear such taxes as sales taxes, excise duties and service taxes.

The second or another factor that hampers the growth of fly ash bricks globally is red bricks are easily manufactured on a small scale while fly ash bricks bear transportation, sale taxes, excise duty and other service taxes.


The regional government starts promoting the use of fly ash bricks and all thermal power plants must provide this ash free of cost to brick manufacturers. Also, incentives are provided to reduce care mission and promote manufacturers to develop fly ash bricks.

Fly Ash Bricks Project Report Sample In Brief


Sr. No.Contents
1Project at Glance
3Objective, Promoters Management & Background
4Market Demand Potential
5Location of Project
6Business Process
7Means of Finance
9Revenue Model
10Mfg. Process Chart
11Planning for Human Resources
12Expenses Details
13Fixed Assets Details
14Plant & Machinery Details
15Debt – Service Coverage Ratio
16Projected Profitability Statement
17Projected Balance Sheet
18Cash Flow Statement
19Statement of Depreciation
20Term Loan Repayment Schedule
21Ratio Analysis
22Break-Even Analysis

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.

For whom Is Fly Ash project Report format useful?

1) CA Chartered Accountants 

2) Tax Consultants

3) Small Business Owners

4) Students

In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

Tips for manufacturing Fly Ash Bricks
  • Land: a minimum of half-acre of land is required but prefer 1 acre for storing and curing the bricks.
  • Factory Location & Water availability: Choose such type of factory location which is within a 100 km radius of the thermal power plant to get permission and easily fly ash. Also, this type of plant requires more water so make sure you have enough water supplies to continue your production.
  • Environment Problem: Fly ash cannot store in the open as it is hazardous to surrounding people therefore it is advisable to prepare Silo for fly ash storage.
  • Labour: As this is dusty work, therefore, labour is not easily available but you can attract labour by giving high salaries and incentives.
  • Investments: Approx 30,00,000 INR is required as working capital which includes machinery and proa duction capacity of 12000 bricks per day
  • Profit: it depends on raw material, labour and power supplies mainly and you can make 1 rs per brick.
  • Machinery: the main part or heart of any industry so the rotary type hydraulic machines are recommended for new entrepreneurs as it is cost-effective. The reason is that in the starting regular tune-ups and frequent maintenance are required.
Fly Ash Bricks Ingredients and Process
  • Fly Ash
  • Cement
  • Sand
  • Water
What the steps of manufacturing Fly Ash Bricks In India?

Mixing Process

During the first step raw material is fed to the hopper box and using a conveyor belt it over to the pan, here cement and water are added and mixing is done for five minutes. Inside the pan skipper and roller help in mixing the material efficiently as this is the most important step for fly ash brick making.


Now raw material using conveyor belt move to the hopper and there is PLC which controls the amount of raw material fed into press machine and this material fed into a momouldade with high-grade EN31 material and pressed in brick making machine. These machines can run both manually and automatically.


The brick is kept in the chamber for 24 hours. And then the bricks are kept for 15 to 18 days where the bricks are watered ice a day. Now the fly ash bricks are ready.

There are three ratios used in manufacturing and cost depends on which manufacturing ratio is used. But with any type of mixing ratio used, we have to maintain the quality of the product. This is a business of making a profit by using a suitable mixing ratio at a low cost.

(a) Mix Proportion

Fly Ash – 55 to 60%

Sand (Stone dust) – 20 to 25%

Sludge Lime – 15 to 22%

Gypsum – 5%

(b) Mix Proportion for Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing

Fly Ash – 57 to 65%

River Sand (Stone dust) – 18 to 27%

Hydrated Lime – 9 to 12%

Gypsum – 5%

(C ) Mix Proportion for Manufacturing of Fly Ash using cement instead of gypsum and Lime

  • Fly Ash – 50 to 60%
  • River Sand (Stone Dust) – 30 to 40%
  • Cement – 8 to 12%
What are the advantages of Fly Ash Bricks over Clay Bricks?
  • These bricks are light in weight and therefore suitable for multi-floored buildings.
  • It absorbs less heat and considering India’s climate, it is better than clay red bricks.
  • Considering the cost, it requires less mortar during construction.
  • Appearance is good as these bricks don’t require plastering.
  • Strength is very high and due to which no breakages occur during transport and handling.
  • The thermal conductivity of these bricks is 0.90-1.05 W/m2. And they absorb less heat leads to cooling your building in summer and is suitable for the Indian climate.
  • These bricks are long-lasting and less porous. Absorb less water and therefore reduce wall dampness. Highly resistant to attack by mild acids, water and sulphate.
  • The construction of these bricks provides good sound insulation.
  • Highly fire resistant as compared to normal clay bricks.
  • Almost 30% lower cost than clay bricks.
What are the disadvantages of Fly Ash Bricks?
  • Silos are required to store fly ash as these types of bricks are manufactured very far from residential areas.
  • Location is always nearby power plant otherwise there is no use to start this type of business.
  • Before starting the business ensure that from where you will get fly ash.
  • Bonding with concrete is lower due to the smooth finish.
  • It is not suitable for subtropical areas.
Frequently asked questions on Fly Ash Brick Project Report?

What Is The Benefit of starting a fly ash brick business In India?

Fly ash bricks are used mostly for masonry structures and bricks are made using advanced technology that is higher in quality. The fly ash bricks are the best alternative to red clay bricks in those states where red clay bricks are banned. The most important benefit of these type of bricks is it protects the environment and save ttheirresources.

How to start a fly ash brick making business In iNDIA?

For this business, the land is required as per the production capacity of fly ash bricks machine-like from 20,000 to 50,000 square feet. Labour required for making 7000 to 20,000 bricks in 8 hours is 15 to 20. Machine required with the capacity to make 1,000 to 10,000 bricks per hour and cost of this machine starts from 13 lakhs. This is a non-polluting business and therefore when you want to start, you will get a subsidy from the state government and it varies from state to state.

What is the use of Fly Ash Brick Project Report to me?

If you are planning to start a new business, you need to do a deep research on the benefits and disadvantage of starting this business. There is no business that can be started without finance. Thus the fly ash brick project report sample will help you create one for yourself and get you financial aid from the financial institution.

In which format one can download the project report for manufacturing fly ash bricks?

You can download the Project Report for the manufacture of Fly Ash Bricks in PDF format. You will have to prepare the report yourself, if required, in Word or Excel format.

Can I Download Fly ash project report in pdf format?

PDF format helps you explore our project report and make deep analysis on it. You can easily download the PDF format of fly ash brick project report and create one for yourself. You can submit the fly ash brick business model before the bank and get loan for your new startup.

Can i download fly ash brick project report and use it for bank loan under Mudra and other government scheme?

Yes you can quickly download the fly ash brick project report format sample from our website by making a payment. Our expert team will create a personalized project report for you and you can use it to get Mudra loan or PMEGP loan.

How To Write Fly ash Brick Project Report?

Are you worried about writing a project report? I know it is a tricky task for the one who is writing a project report for the first time. Therefore it can be very time consuming. Why, stuck yourself? When you can get it ready to use from our website. Yes, we are expert in writing customized project reports for you to get all important details before starting a new business. Just make the payment and get it in a couple of minutes.

What is the right format of fly ash brick project report for bank loan?

Well, the right format is the one that contains every detail of your business in a proper order for the bank to study and decide to give you loan or not.


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