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The most recent advancement in the land wire product business is welded wire mesh. Reinforcing wire, also known as welded wire, is used to construct buildings, highway pavements, runways, dams, and airports. It’s also utilised as a safety guard in engineering workplaces and for fencing and partition walls.

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Market demand

The construction industry is growing very fast these days, leading to more demand for welding wire mesh. This is used in both commercial and residential buildings. This is used as an infill panel & railing arrangement, decorative signage, room partitions, ceiling boards, etc. welded mesh is easy to install and found cost-effective and has different properties like lightweight, high tensile strength, and high rigidity, and good quality. These qualities increase its demand, and therefore, it raises the market demand during the forecast. However, the welding process sometimes removes the zinc layer from joints which brings moisture and corrosion. This reduces the quality and hampers the market growth of welded wire mesh.

Manufacturing Process

Galvanized welded wire mesh and vinyl coated welded wire mesh are two types of welded wire mesh that are manufactured. Steps involved:

Wire Rod

Low carbon steel wire rods from various steel producers are used as the raw material for product material. SAE 1008, SAE 1010, and SAE 1012 are raw material grades with carbon percentages ranging from 0.08 to 0.12. The best raw materials include stainless steel wire, iron wire, and galvanised wire.

Cold Rolling

Metal is deformed through rollers at a temperature below Recrystallization temperature in the cold rolling process. By introducing flaws into the crystal structure of a metal, cold rolling enhances its yield strength and hardness. These flaws prevent additional slipping and can diminish the metal’s grain size.

Straightening & cutting

For the straightening and cutting processes, specialised Italian machinery is employed. The cold-rolled wire rods in coil form are fed through the straightening and cutting machine’s pre-set die and cartridge units (specific sets for different diameter wire rods). The wire rods are straightened first and then automatically cut to length (accuracy up to 2 mm). The wire rods may be cut to any length between 0.8 and 12 meters, with a maximum tolerance of 2 millimeters.


Automatic welding machines are used to create welded wire steel fabric, which consists of wires welded together in square or rectangular grids. Electric resistance welding is used to join the wires in state-of-the-art automated equipment that accurately regulates welding conditions. All dimensions and welding parameters are customizable. To produce the fusion of the wires, a regulated combination of pressure, intensity, and duration of electric current is used to generate the weld. Welded intersections are used to bind and anchor welded steel fabric.

Bending & cutting

Cutting and bending operations are handled by two independent Schnell machines from Italy. Cutting the final meshes to the appropriate dimension is done using the cutting machine. It’s a motorised machine that can cut meshes at a rate of 2 to 3 cuts per second. The cut meshes are bent to the necessary form using the available bending equipment (as required by design). The machine can bend sheet metal to any angle (Up to 180o). The sheets that require cutting and bending will be taken for this operation if the design requires it. Else the meshes will be taken immediately for despatch from the third process.

Finished mesh

Following the bending and cutting stages, galvanising or PVC coating is the final step in the production process.

Quality control and standards

To keep the machine’s production schedule, quality M.S. wire or G. I. wire of standard gauges should be used to process the product in an automatic welding machine. From time to time, adequate machine maintenance is required. The customer’s specifications are followed in the production process.

Impact of COVID 19

Welded Wire Mesh is a type of welded wire mesh that has been welded together. The COVID-19 epidemic is projected to stymie market development since lockdowns, social isolation, and trade restrictions have created major disruptions in global supply chains. Plants and manufacturers have been obliged to operate with smaller staffs, which is hampered production. These issues have combined to reduce important firms’ revenues, which would certainly stifle investment in the sector. Nonetheless, certain businesses will see exponential development due to rising demand for packaged medical and pharmaceutical products, personal protective equipment, and packaged food and beverage items. However, key players are contributing to the expansion of this industry. 

Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report 

Table of Contents

Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose Of The Document
3Market Potential
4Basis And Presumptions
5Implementation Schedule
6Technical Aspects
7Process Of Manufacture
8Quality Control And Standards
9Pollution Control
10Energy Conservation
12Power And Fuel
13Bank Loan
15Approvals & Registration Requirement
16Financial Aspects
17Fixed Capital
18Land And Building
19Machinery And Equipment
20Cost Of Project
21Means Of Finance
22Computation Of Manufacturing
23Computation Of Raw Material
24Closing Stock
25Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
26Computation Of Sale
27Break Up Of Labour
28Break Up Of Salary
30Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
31Calculation Of D.S.C.R
33Projected Profitability Statement
34Projected Balance Sheet
35Cash Flow Statement
36Break Even Point Analysis
37Financial Indicators
38Ratio Analysis

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.


Overall it concludes that welded wire mesh is a barrier made up of interwoven wires welded together at regular intervals with equal gaping. Welded wire mesh is utilised in a wide range of tasks, from tiny to big. It improves the structural stability of concrete constructions. The welded wire mesh serves as the concrete’s strong core. Although the concrete may ultimately become brittle and crumble, the wire mesh considerably increases the concrete’s performance life. They’re perfect for both temporary and permanent partitions and easily modified to meet specific needs.


Who are the key players involve in this industry? 

List of the players:

  • Jeetmull Jaichandlall Madras Private Limited
  • Veena Industries
  • Marco Specialty Steel
  • Metal Mesh
  • Direct Metals Company LLC
  • Newark Wire Cloth Company
  • Weld Mesh
  • California Wire Products Corp
  • Edward J Darby Son Inc
  • Riverdale Mills
  • Dorstener Wire

Explain different types and applications of welded wire mesh?

Welded wire meshes come in a variety of kinds and styles, depending on the application. These wires can be classified based on the welding technique and the many materials utilised in their manufacture.

Types of welded wire mesh

PVC Welded Wire Mesh:

For corrosion resistance, this mesh is coated with fine PVC powder. The plastic covering both protects the underlying metal and gives the colour of the completed item. These meshes have corrosion resistance and other characteristics that aren’t usually present in standard wire meshes. It may be used in farming, building, transportation, and mining for structural protection, safety segregation, poultry and animal keeping, and decorating, among other things.

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh:

Galvanizing can be done before or after the wire mesh is made, whether woven or welded. The mesh is immersed into a bath of molten zinc once the welding or weaving is done. Zinc adheres to the surface of the wire, completely sealing it and preserving it from rust and corrosion. One of the primary advantages of galvanised wire mesh is that it often comes in a wide range of aperture widths and wire diameters. It’s utilised on wire meshes for a range of final product applications, from fence beautifying to a strong industrial zone.

Welded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:

This mesh is made by welding stainless steel together at intersections to make a consistent steel barrier. It gives its users strength and longevity. The look of stainless steel welded wire mesh is compatible. Stainless steel wire mesh filters are extensively used because they do not react with fluids, extending their life and improving their function. Transportation, agriculture, mining, horticulture, entertainment, and other service industries all use it.

Welded Wire Fencing:

This sort of mesh wire is used for fences and comes in rolls or panels. They’re pre-built before they’re used. It’s offered galvanised or ungalvanized. The non-galvanized variant is less expensive. Because it is constructed of steel and the posts that hold it are equally as deep in the ground with cement footings, welded wire fencing is one of the most durable fence designs available. It’s utilised in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial.

Welded Steel Bar Gratings:

Automatic resistance welded steel is used to make welded steel grating. The bearing bars and crossbars are resistance welded under high heat and pressure to produce a permanent connection. This method not only ensures the welded steel grating’s robust construction but also maintains a smooth and level surface that is easy and free to walk on. Carbon steel bars, aluminium steel bars, and stainless steel bars can all be used to make welded steel grating. Due to its robustness, cost-effective manufacturing, and ease of installation, welded steel bar grating is the most common of all grating kinds. It has a wide range of uses, including walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers, and ventilation grates, and is utilised in most typical industrial operations as well as commercial structures. Welded steel bar grating has an anti-slip surface, corrosion resistance, active drainage purpose, high strength, and load capacity.

Wire Mesh Fencing Fabric for Slab Reinforcement:

Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) is a prefabricated reinforcement made up of a sequence of parallel longitudinal wires welded to cross wires at the specified spacing. It’s suitable for slabs and ferrocement projects.

Sample Project Report Format

In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart etc. as and when required or deemed fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations which is necessary for the Investor/bank.

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