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Tissue paper making is one of the technically feasible and economically viable projects with huge returns with little investment. Both small-scale and large-scale manufacturing is possible in the tissue paper making business. The tissue paper industry has emerged as a new sub-section within the paper industry in India.

The main reasons behind this are increasing disposable income, hygiene consciousness among the people, and deep penetration in the organized retail sector.

Is tissue paper making the business profitable?

As more and more people become aware of cleanliness, the market base will continue to grow. Furthermore, as it is a recyclable and biodegradable product, it also adds to the environmental benefits. The market growth rate is close to 12.5 per cent year-on-year.

The high growth potential of the tissue paper industry has inspired its migration from a small industry in India to a fully organized industry sector. Some of the largest companies in the paper industry are moving into tissue paper production in India.

The product also has strong export potential. The major export markets are South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, Middle East, East Asia, and Western Europe.

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Registration and license

To start and operate a tissue paper manufacturing business, you will need many different registrations and licenses from government authorities. These are:

Arrange funds

The tissue paper manufacturing business requires two types of finance. Fixed costs, including space and machines. Another is working capital which includes raw materials, wages, transportation, etc.

It is important to prepare a project report or business plan before starting a business. According to the report, you can apply for loans from any bank and financial institutions. In that case, at least 25% of the investment is required, as is the allocation of the owners on the reliability and total project cost. 

Tissue paper making machine and unit setup

Choosing the right location for the plant is an important factor in this business. The place should have easy availability of skilled labour, transport, commercial electricity, and water resources.

According to your requirement, you will need to organize the area of ​​that place. It is advisable to have a location in the industrial area. You will need to arrange a specific location for manufacturing operations, storage of raw materials, moving down of finished goods, and administration section. According to the desired output and manufacturing process, you have to select the right machinery. Some important machines needed to get started core making equipment, embossing units, perforated units, bandsaw cutters, rewinding machines, and more.

Tissue paper manufacturing process

The tissue paper manufacturing process involves the following steps:

Pulp and Dye: It is in the process of making soft tissue paper first. First of all, you need to make paper pulp. You can produce it from recycled materials.

You need to mix the fibre with the pulp of the wood then you have to bleach it and wash it. Then you need to place the fibre in a mixing tank where the manufacturer adds components such as dye. Tissue paper, used for domestic purposes, is usually painted in white. You can mix the dye with a mixture of colours if you want.

Pressing: Then, you have to go to the pressing to squeeze out the moisture. The main purpose of pressing the tissue is to make it dry and easy to enter the next stage of the process.

Creep: Here the pulp is processed through a dryer heated by steam. This helps in pouring the pulping process through the dryer creping. The roller dries the pulp with excessive heat as the fine blade scrape the tissue to the desired thickness.

Cutting and reeling: This is the last step of the process. Here, cut the long paper into desired sizes. They cut the tissue into different shapes which are used for different purposes. 


Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report on Tissue Paper Napkin Manufacturing

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Project at a Glance
  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Promoters and Management
  • Background
  • Market Demand Potential
  • Location of the Project
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Projected Profitability Statement
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Term Loan Repayment Schedule
  • Ratio Analysis & Assumptions
  • Expenses Detail
  • SWOT
  • Conclusion & Recommendations

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.

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In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

SWOT Analysis

Strength: The tissue paper manufacturing business gives you a huge return in little investment. Both small-scale and large-scale manufacturing is possible in the tissue paper making business. It is a recyclable and biodegradable product; it also adds to the environmental benefits.

Weakness: One of the major weaknesses of the tissue paper manufacturing business is that its demand is not everywhere. And this business requires lots of raw materials. So maybe it is possible you do not get more profit as you are expecting.

Opportunities: Making a strong export potential in South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, Middle East, East Asia, and Western Europe will be profitable. Use social media for selling tissue paper on a large scale. Moreover, making a bond with national as well as overseas retailers is opportunistic.

Threats: The biggest threat to this business is Environmental Protection Standards because lots of tissue paper manufacturing requires lots of raw material, and this raw material is made up of cutting down trees. 


Although these are simple production plans for the tissue paper manufacturing business. It is a technically feasible and economically viable project with huge returns with little investment. And anyone can start this business on a small and large scale with a small investment.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is tissue paper manufacturing profitable?

Tissue Paper Napkin Manufacturing Business is a very profitable small-scale business that will give high returns with less investment. No big capital is required, and only some training will be needed to start this unit construction.

How do I start a tissue paper manufacturing business?

Approximately 02 to 05 people to start a tissue paper manufacturing business is enough to start at the first stage, and this is one of the main points as to what steps I have to take to start a tissue paper making business in India. And train them with the help of a professional trainer to operate machinery.

What is the raw material for tissue paper?

Tissue paper is making in a paper machine with a high vapor heat drying cylinder (Yankee dryer), equipped with a hot air coil. The raw material is paper pulp. Yankey cylinders are sprinkled with glue to form a paper stick.

Is tissue paper toxic?

But the truth is that such paper is the most toxic to your body. The most dangerous of these toxins are chlorine and, most conventional toilet paper is processed with chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach forms such dangerous toxins as dioxin and furans.

What is the difference between tissue paper and paper napkins?

Tissue paper is also use for gift wrapping in boxes; a piece of tissue is a thin paper, sometimes coloured and designed printed paper. A restaurant is given a paper napkin that falls on your lap while eating.

Can you sell toilet paper rolls?

You can, of course, sell them for a decent amount on eBay, ETC, Amazon, etc. Empty toilet paper rolls are usually sold in high quantities and are sold in the form of a lot.

Does tissue paper have an expiration date?

The product can last several years or decades until you get toilet paper wet or allow dust and dirt to get into the packaging of your toilet paper. Since toilet paper is not easily eliminated, buying a product in bulk may seem like the most logical option.

How many types of tissue paper are there?

There are mainly five types of tissue paper that you can buy; bathroom tissue, face tissue, paper towel, paper napkins and, special wipes, and wrapping tissue.

What tissue is making from paper trees?

The first step in the manufacturing process of soft tissue paper is to produce paper pulp, which can be produced from wood fibre or recycled material. The trees are logged and cut into chips that are then turned into the ground in fine bunches.

Where do the tissues come from?

The tissue also making using trees that turn into wood chips and then cooked to separate the fibres (cellulose) from the glue that holds the tree together. This fibre is formed again in a sheet and eventually in a tissue. 

Tissue Paper Napkin business plan

A clear Tissue Paper Napkin Project Report  is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. Therefore, you also wish to contemplate some important, like your initial costs, your target market, and how long it’ll see you interrupt even. Also, draft a proper  Tissue Paper Napkin Project Report that describes your expected income, product and repair lines, expansion plans, and other details of your business.  Because, a well-drafted project report will facilitate you in applying for any bank loan. Therefore, you can get a well-draft project report from our website www.projectreportbank.com.

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