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When a young business person thinks to start a business with low investment and easy work, then start with surgical adhesive tape business. This project easily starts with small-scale capital investment. Surgical adhesive tape manufacturing is a good option for many aspirants due to the continuous demand throughout the year. Tape refers to a good class of products with extremely small thickness, considerable width, long length usually rolled over a hub and utilized to carry some component or part by wrapping tape around that component. This type of bandage is made using a suitable quality white bleached cotton gauge cloth.

A subclass of tape called adhesive tapes features a layer of adhesive on one or both sides supported its further classification. These tapes are composed of base tape of a material like paper, fabric, or plastic, which is responsible for the overall strength of adhesive tape with glue on its surface for adhesion.

The surgical tape may be a class that is wont to hold various other components of dressing over a wound in its required place by utilizing its adhesive.

These Tapes use a hypoallergenic adhesive and a breathable porous material like cotton, 3M Micropore paper, etc. These base tape materials allow restricted passage of air and moisture to prevent irritation and rashes. 

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Raw Material

  1. Base Tape Roll (Cotton based material tape or 3M Micropore Paper).
  2. Zinc Oxide based Adhesive.

Some tapes are breathable and made of cottons, such as kinesiology tape and other elastic bandages with adhesive. These surgical tapes are often white because they contain zinc oxide, which has been added to help prevent infections. Surgical Tapes prepared of porous material, such as 3M Micropore, are widely used.

Machine Required

The surgical tape manufacturing is usually carried out on a single machine composed of several sub-processing and tensioning stations, as it will reduce the cost of roll winding station; roll unwinding station; feed, alignment, and tensioning rollers, which will be required in each machine for each respective station and it will also reduce the quality of product due to manual handling.

Surgical tape manufacturing requires roll unwinding, tensioning, coating, drying, roll winding, tape slitting, and packaging processes, which have been performed in individual sections of the Adhesive Tape Making Machine.

The machine has a roll unwinding station, tape alignment and tensioning station, coating station, drying station, roll winding station, and tape slitting station; these stations are generally required for any adhesive tape manufacturing.

Industry Outlook

The globally rising aging population and, therefore, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases. Due to increasing incidences of road accidents and sports-related injuries, the absorbent and packing gauze surgical dressings market has been predicted to grow globally. The increasing rate of incidences of wound infections raises and subsequently raises the sale of wound dressings, which has a positive impact on the market.

  • Asia-Pacific market is predicted to carry the most important share within the medical adhesive tapes market due to the exponential increase in countries like India and China.
  • Medical adhesive tapes have been extensively utilized in the medical field. Medical adhesive tapes are utilized in both major and minor cases and thus are taken into account one among the many medical care, which may be a must in every medical aid unit.
  • The increase in demand for medical adhesive tapes has been driven by the increasing medical quality and, therefore, the medical procedures around the world.
  • The growing aged population has also driven the necessity and demand for surgical tapes market massively.

Expansions, partnerships, new product launches, acquisitions, and mergers are a number of the key strategies adopted by players within the Medical tape Market.

Demand & Production Program 

According to a market assessment, the predicted demand for adhesive dressing for medical uses in 2022 would be 71 tonnes. In 2025, this amount will rise to 151.80 tonnes, and in 2030, it will rise to 188.38 tonnes. The speed of the coating machine is the limiting factor in determining plant capacity in sticky tape technology.

As a result, the proposed standard size for the facility in question is 300,000 m2 per year. This amounts to over 72,000 kgs (72 tonnes) every year. The plant will run in three shifts of eight hours each for 300 days each year.

The production schedule is based on the time required to increase labour productivity and establish prospective market outlets gradually. As a result, it is estimated that the plant’s capacity utilization is 70%, 85%, and 100% in the first, second, and third years of operation, respectively.

Manufacturing Process

The role of base tape material feed to tape roll unwinding section of adhesive tape making machine which unrolls the tape from its roll and feeds it to alignment and tensioning roller section via a set of feed rollers.

In the alignment and tensioning section, the machine ensures that the base tape material is aligned properly to avert improper adhesive coating on the tape. Thus the tape is feed to the coating section, which applies a coating of Zinc Oxide based adhesive onto the base tape uniformly along its width.

The tape is then passed through a drying section, which may use an air drier or air heater, to properly dry the applied adhesive, followed by which tape is feed to the tape roll winding section of the machine, which rolls the tape back to form a large roll….This roll is then fed to the tape-slitting section of the machine, which utilizes an appropriate cutter to cut the giant roll into the number of tapes. These tapes have been taken out of the machine, packaged, and sent for sale.

During production, some adhesives have passed through an organic solvent so that they can vaporize very easily. Coated backing then passes through a drying tunnel which evaporates solvent in it. After the drying process, the adhesive tape coating becomes solid and connected firmly with the backing.

Note: An extra section is present in some machines in which a smooth non-stick paper is applied to the adhesive side of tape before the tape roll winding section to prevent stickiness due to adhesive on the adhesive-free side of the tape.

Raw Material Market

The required material can be obtained from the local market. Auxiliary materials include labels, packing material, and other inputs. Raw materials suppliers provide the chemicals and components to manufacture tape products, including petroleum, petroleum by-products, natural rubber, acrylic resins, synthetic rubber, dispersions, polymers, solvents, and other chemicals.

Demand Projection

The demand for surgical adhesive tape is mainly influenced by population growth, economic growth, and expansion of the health sector.

The government has given the health sector due attention. Due to the favorable environment created for private investment, several health facilities, including hospitals and clinics, are established.

Medical and health facilities registered an annual average growth of 12.00% approx over the past four years.

Considering the rapid economic growth and the expansion of health facilities in the urban and rural areas, the demand for adhesive dressings for medical purposes has been assumed to grow by 12.00% per annum.

COVID-19 Impact

During the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, the medical adhesive tapes market has shown tremendous growth. Though the pandemic has affected the surgical adhesive tapes market in logistics and supply, surgical tapes are one of the foremost sought-after medical applications. They have expected to grow considerably over the subsequent few years. The medical adhesive tapes market has been estimated to grow with a pointy increase in growth by the top of the year 2021.

Key Market Players

The key players of adhesive tapes include 3M Company (US), Lintec Corporation (Japan), Intertape Polymer Group (Canada), Tesa SE (Germany), Nitto Denko Corporation (Japan), Lohmann GmbH (Germany), Berry Global Inc. (US), Avery Dennison Corporation (US), Scapa Group PLC (Canada), and Rogers Corporation (US). The 3M Company (USA) is one of the world’s largest adhesive tape manufacturers. This company is well-known around the world. It offers a diverse product portfolio to meet the needs of different end-use industries. The corporation may enter new industries and target new markets to maintain its dominant position.

Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report 

Table of Contents

1Purpose Of The Document
2Project At A Glance
4Raw Material
5Machine Required
6Industry Outlook
7Market Trend
8Manufacturing Process
9Demand Projection
11Raw Material
14Statutory Approval Requirements
15Financial Aspects
16Cash Flow Statement
17Projected Balance Sheet
18Projected Profitability Statement
19Computation Of Manufacturin
20Computation Of Raw Material
21Closing Stock
22Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
23Break Up Of Labour
24Break Up Of Salary
26Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
27Calculation Of D.S.C.R
28Computation Of Sale
30Break Even Point Analysis
31Plant & Machinery

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.


Why is surgical adhesive tape gaining popularity?

Surgical adhesive tape is growing market share due to increased usage of adhesive tapes in various end-use sectors, rising urban population, and improving healthcare systems in emerging economies.

What are some of the most common end-user industries or categories for surgical adhesive tapes?

Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other health care facilities are the primary end-users of surgical adhesive tapes.

How much investment is required to start a surgical adhesive tape business?

Investment depends on the businessman that how much wants to spend on starting on new business. The estimated cost of the machinery, including motor cost, ranges from Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 700,000. Raw material costs at least Rs. 2,00,000 and other miscellaneous things like electricity charges etc. are Rs. 1,00,000. This means the entire cost for starting this business is an estimated minimum of Rs. 8 lakhs.

What are the market strategies to promote surgical adhesive tape?

Some key points follow for marketing your product:

Firstly, Networking is the most important key for success as you have to connect with hospitals, clinics, medical stores, etc., to promote your business.

Secondly, develop a good marketing plan.

Thirdly, maintain your surgical adhesive tapes website to build confidence among people and encourage them to buy your product.

Fourthly, to increase more your business, starts an online retail store….Fifth, make contacts with surgical bandage buyers to sell your product wholesale.

Sample Project Report Format

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You will get the  report data Surgical Adhesive Tapes Manufacturing in PDF or MS word. Which you can use easily. You can also modify the information according to your need. You will be able to access the data easily according to the your requirement. Additionally you can easily convert the data to PDF format.

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