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The plaster is a class of medical treatment tool that is used to support muscle, fascia, ligament, tendons, and bones in case of any injury to them; to allow them to rest by taking away a portion of their load, thus allowing them to heal or to cover a small part in case of small wound that doesn’t require full bandage dressing.

Medical Plaster is of various types ranging from adhesive plaster band to plaster cast depending on connective tissue in question and extent of injury; this research work extensively focuses on Adhesive Plasters, whose construction is similar to that of surgical plaster but have cotton gauze of finer mesh as base plaster material; strength of the fabric to be manufactured depends on the type of medical plaster produced. Plasters are a sterile dressing wont to cover light cuts, abrasions, and lightly bleeding wounds. Protecting such injuries helps to stop them from infection and further damage.

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Raw Material

  • Bleached Cotton Thread
  • Zinc Oxide based Adhesive
  • Packaging Material

Medical Zinc oxide plaster does not have any effect on the normal function of the skin. Obvious results are obtained due to Strong adhesive properties, good moisture penetrability.

Machine Required

The manufacturing of Medical Adhesive Plaster requires weaving, roll cutting, roll unwinding, tensioning, coating, drying, roll winding, and packaging processes, which are performed in Air Jet Loom and various individual sections of Adhesive Plaster Making Machine; thus, the machine required is:

1) Air Jet Loom for Cotton Gauze: Loom is a fabric manufacturing machine that has used to weave a fabric. The air jet loom utilizes air jets to insert the weft to form the woven fabric.

2) Adhesive Plaster Making Machine: The machine has a roll unwinding station, plaster alignment and tensioning station, coating station, drying station, roll winding station, and plaster slitting station; these stations are in general required for any adhesive plaster manufacturing.

3) Gauze Bandage Packaging Machine: This machine packs the adhesive plaster within plastic packaging.

Market Outlook

Due to increasing incidences of road accidents and sports-related injuries, the absorbent and packing gauze surgical dressings market has been predicted to grow globally. The world’s aging population and, as a result, the prevalence of chronic diseases is rising. The swift healing times make them useful during emergency care.

The increasing rate of incidences of wound infections raises and subsequently raises the sale of plaster, thus having a positive impact on the market. The increase in demand for medical adhesive plaster has been driven by the increasing medical quality and, therefore, the medical procedures around the world. The global and regional Adhesive Bandages market segmentation analysis and outlook enable you to create powerful marketing strategies and invest within the right growth segments supported by a comprehensive understanding of dynamics.

Manufacturing Process

The threads of bleached cotton have been placed in an air-jet loom, and appropriate settings have been made, followed by which it weaves the cotton threads into a cotton plaster fabric, which the machine has also rolled into a large cotton plaster roll.

The huge cotton plaster roll is then sent to an adhesive plaster-producing machine’s plaster roll unwinding section, which unrolls the cotton plaster and feeds it to the alignment and tensioning roller portion through a set of feed rollers…..The alignment and tensioning section of the machine ensures that the plaster sheet is aligned properly to avert improper coating of adhesive on plaster. Thus the plaster is feed to the coating section, which applies a coating of Zinc Oxide based adhesive onto the plaster uniformly along its width.

The plaster then passes through a drying section, which may use an air drier or air heater, to properly dry the applied adhesive, followed by which adhesive plaster is obtained and feed to plaster roll winding section of machine which rolls the adhesive plaster back to form a large roll.

This roll then feeds to the plaster slitting section of the machine, which utilizes an appropriate cutter to cut the giant roll into the number of adhesive plaster as per the length requirements.


An extra section is present in some machines. A smooth non-stick paper was applied to the plaster’s adhesive side before the plaster roll winding section to avoid stickiness caused by adhesive on the tape’s adhesive-free side.

These cut Medical Adhesive Plaster Rolls are then fed to a gauze bandage packaging machine, which seals these bandages within the packaging or packed manually into appropriate packaging. They are packed in cartons and sent for sale.

When applying one:-

  • Clean the wound and nearby skin after getting it dry.
  • With the pad side facing down, unwind the plaster and hold it by the strips.
  • Pull off the strips but try not to remove them.
  • Place the pad on the wound, shy away from the strips, and press the sides of the plaster down.

COVID-19 Impact on the economic growth

The Adhesive Bandages market may be a dynamic industry with significant opportunities for business development. Still, the present COVID-19 conditions caused uncertainty in forecasts. Shifts briefly term planning goals, focused on near-term cost management and future complexity management concerns.

Market Demand

Population increase, economic growth, and the expansion of the health sector all influence surgical adhesive plaster demand.

The government has given the health sector due attention. Due to the favorable environment created for private investment, several health facilities, including hospitals and clinics, are being established.

Medical and health facilities registered an annual average growth of 12.00% approx over the past four years.

Considering the rapid economic growth and the expansion of health facilities in the urban and rural areas, the demand for adhesive dressings for medical purposes is assumed to grow by 12.00% per annum.

Raw Material Purchase

The necessary material can be found in the local market. Labels, packing material, and other inputs are examples of auxiliary materials. Raw materials suppliers provide the chemicals and components to manufacture plaster products, including petroleum, petroleum by-products, natural rubber, acrylic resins, synthetic rubber, dispersions, polymers, solvents, and other chemicals. 

Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report 

Table of Contents

Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose Of The Document
2Project At A Glance
4Machine Details With Images
5Industry Outlook
6Industry Trend
7Manufacturing Process
8Market Demand
10Raw Material
13Implementation Schedule
14Statutory Approval Requirements
15Cost Of Project
16Means Of Finance
17Break Even Point Analysis
18Cash Flow Statement
19Projected Balance Sheet
20Projected Profitability Statement
21Computation Of Manufacturing
22Closing Stock
23Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
24Break Up Of Labour
25Break Up Of Salary
27Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
28Calculation Of D.S.C.R
29Computation Of Sale
30Computation Of Electricity
31List Of Plant & Machinery

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.

Sample Project Report Format

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