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Face Masks are a category of things that cover the complete or a portion of the face and come in various shapes and constructions. Face masks can be used for a variety of purposes, from fashion to biological pollution protection. Medical masks are one type of face mask, and this category encompasses anything from surgical masks to biological contamination prevention masks. This research focuses on one such mask, a non-woven surgical mask, a sub-class of multilayered masks.

Medical practitioners commonly use surgical masks during any operation or medical procedure that involves direct treatment of any internal body parts to protect the patient from bacteria present in the practitioner’s exhaled breath and protect the practitioner from accidentally ingesting any bodily harm fluid during the procedure. Because these masks will be used in medical procedures, cleaning protocol requires that they be discarded after each operation or procedure. Making them use-and-throw masks must also meet the financial criteria of being a low-cost product achieved through mass production and low-cost raw materials.


The demand for high-quality face masks has increased dramatically since the introduction of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Even before the pandemic, the masks were utilised in healthcare institutions, hospitals, particular sectors, and salons. Even though they have now become an integral part of everyone’s lives, face masks are our constant companions. They will be around for a long time, whether it’s picking up a package from the porch, going for an evening walk, or buying groceries at the supermarket.

That is why producing three-ply surgical masks is a good economic opportunity, as well as assisting the world in dealing with the current issue.

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Market Potential of the Face Masks

The three-layered surgical mask serves as a barrier against pollution, bacteria, and viruses entering our body through our mouth and nose.

Given the current coronavirus crisis and rising pollution levels, it’s safe to assume that these masks will be around for a while longer. As a result, they’ve begun to be seen as a fashion statement, increasing the market potential for printed masks.

Along with producing high-quality masks using a 3 Ply surgical mask-making machine, we can also produce printed masks to capture a large portion of the market.

Market Overview

The surgical mask marketplace in country was esteemed at $4,060 million in 2017 and is probable to raise to $6,650 million by 2025, with a CAGR of 6.1 percent from 2018 to 2025. Surgical masks are constructed from natural fibres like cotton or disposable linen and synthetic materials like polypropylene.

Various reasons drive the Indian surgical mask market, including an increase in the older population, an increase in surgical mask usage in the general population, and an increase in the prevalence of contagious and chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma, and Corona Virus. Furthermore, the surgical masks sector is expected to benefit from increasing the number of medical equipment manufacturing companies.

The fastest-growing distributors of surgical masks are online business houses, followed by hospitals and drug stores. Due to the convenience of providing customers with bulk purchases and the ease of sending orders straight to their doorsteps, online surgical masks via e-commerce are predicted to drive sales considerably during the forecast period. In the distribution of surgical masks to consumers, online businesses are followed by hospitals and clinics and drug stores.

Types of Face Masks Used

There are three types of masks available for usage:

Cloth Masks

Cloth masks can be constructed from several textiles and come in various styles.

  • To avoid leaks, wear a cotton mask that fits snugly over your nose and mouth.
  • Multiple layers of breathable closely-knit cloth.
  • Wire for the nose.
  • When held up to a bright light source, fabric that blocks light masks considerations firmly woven.

Cloth masks should not be worn with:

  • Gaps are found on the facial or nasal sides.
  • Valve exhalation, vents, or other openings.
  • Fabrics with only one layer or those composed of thin fabric that does not block light.
Disposable Masks or Surgical Masks

A surgical mask is a disposable, loose-fitting mask that forms a physical barrier between the wearer’s mouth and nose and any pollutants in the surroundings. These masks are labeled surgical, dental, or medical procedure masks and should not be shared with anybody. Face masks are another name for these surgical masks. Surgical masks are available in a range of thicknesses and abilities to protect against fluid contact. It is quite easy to breathe through these face masks because of their features.

These masks should not be used more than once and should be properly disposed of. If your mask is broken or experiencing trouble breathing, you should take it off right away. Place your mask in a disposable bag and throw it in the garbage, then wash your hands after handling it.

N95 Respirators

These are respiratory protection masks with a very close fit to the face. The N95 indicates that these masks have been tested to block at least 95% of very small test particles (about 0.3 microns). Face masks can exceed the filtration capacities of these masks if they are worn properly.

The edges of N95 respirators are designed to seal around the nose and mouth. These masks, a subset of N95 filtering respirators and are referred to as N95, are often used in healthcare environments.

Raw Material

High-quality raw materials are required to create high-quality masks. The following are the raw ingredients required to create three-ply surgical masks:

  • Spun-Bound Polypropylene Roll
  • Melt Blown Polypropylene Roll
  • Polyamide Elastic Band Reel
  • Packaging Material
  • Mask Nose Pin

These materials account for a significant portion of the manufacturing process’ total requirements. To ensure a continual flow of production, they must be present in sufficient quantities.

If raw materials are not available in sufficient quantities, work may be halted, resulting in economic losses. If we have more raw materials than we need, we will have to pay more to store them, which will raise our manufacturing costs. As a result, get raw materials from reputable suppliers who can provide us with high-quality raw materials while also maintaining the proper quantity.

Machinery and Equipment

To manufacture face masks, we need to purchase the following machinery and equipment:

  • Non-Woven Mask Blank Making Machine
  • Face Mask Machines
  • Mask Inner Ear Loop Welding Machine
  • Tie on Mask Making Machine

The manufacturing of 3 plies surgical mask involves welding, folding, hot pressing, and packaging; thus, the machines required are;

Non-Woven Surgical Mask Making Machine: The equipment contains a roll feeding section, edge seam welding section, fabric folding section, fabric hot press section, mask cutting and edge welding section, and elastic ear loop welding section. It is used to create 3-Layered Surgical Masks.

Mask Packaging Machine: The mask is packed into a plastic package by this machine.

Manufacturing Process

Two spun-bond polypropylene rolls and a melt-blown polypropylene roll are placed in the roll feeding section at appropriate locations, while a polyamide elastic band reel is inserted in the non-woven surgical mask production machine’s ear loop welding section.

The non-woven surgical mask machine unrolls sheets of two spun-bond polypropylene and melts blown polypropylene from their respective roles simultaneously, pushing them into the edge seam welding area.

The outermost layer is made of spun-bond polypropylene sheet and serves as the mask’s external non-woven fabric sheet; the second layer is made of melt-blown polypropylene sheet and serves as the mask’s filtration layer, and the third layer is made of another spun-bond polypropylene sheet and serves as the mask’s inner skin contact layer.

This welded material is then fed to the folding section, which folds the mask to adopt the right form necessary to protect the user’s face when in use. The mask material is then passed through a hot press to set the folds.

The mask material is then fed into the cutting and welding section, which cuts the mask material into mask widths, which are then welded at the edges to form the mask’s body; these mask bodies are then separated into multiple lines, each with its ear loop welding section, which welds the ear loop onto the mask, cut from polyamide elastic band; surgical masks are thus produced by machine.

Following that, the surgical masks are fed into a packaging machine, which packs them into proper plastic packaging, after which the masks are packed into cartons and delivered for sale.


Because it is a small-scale enterprise, the mask-making industry requires less manpower. We can begin production with not more than two skilled and two unskilled personnel in the production unit. If our company is large enough, we can engage additional labourers as needed. The labourers do not need to be professionals, but they must have the necessary abilities and knowledge to make face masks.

We can also hold an orientation or training programme to learn about the production process and the common industry standards. To popularise our business, we can even print out the company’s emblem on the side half of the mask.


Certain permissions are required to start a mask-making firm. A trade license, which can be obtained from the nearest municipal government, is required to conduct business in society. Other licences you’ll need to conduct your business legally include:

  • CE certificate
  • GMP certificate
  • FDA certificate
  • GST registration

With all these licences and registrations in place, you can start creating 3 ply surgical masks without fear of legal repercussions.


We must market our business to reach our target clients. There are numerous approaches to contact the target market in the digital age. To improve our business’s exposure in the SERPs, we can develop a website and execute SEO. We can also use social media channels where our target audience is most engaged to promote our company and attract new clients. To make our brand a buzz in our market segment, we might work with a marketing firm.

Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report 

Table of Contents

Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose Of The Document
2Project At A Glance
4Raw Material
5List Of Machinery With Images
6Manufacturing Process
7Market Overview
8S.W.O.T Analysis
9Project Infrastructure
10Land And Building
12Power And Fuel
13Bank Term Loan And Working Capital
15Licences And Registrations
16Cash Flow Statement
17Projected Balance Sheet
18Projected Profitability Statement
19Computation Of Manufacturing
20Computation Of Raw Material
21Closing Stock
22Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
23Break Up Of Labour
24Break Up Of Salary
25Computation Of Depreciation
26Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
27Calculation Of D.S.C.R
28Computation Of Sale
30Break Even Point Analysis
31Plant & Machinery

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.


Face masks with three layers have become popular, and producing them has become one of the most profitable companies. People use them worldwide, giving producers a fantastic opportunity to grow their business by offering high-quality face masks at low prices.


How do you make a marketing surgical mask?

Some online advertising techniques which you can follow to promote your business:

  • Facebook marketing
  • Influencers
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Black hat PPC
  • Native ads

Why Should You Invest in a Face Mask Manufacturing Company?

The worldwide demand for face masks has been affected by the outbreak of this pandemic. With the advent of the Novel Coronavirus in China’s Wuhan metropolis, the virus has spread fast around the world.

Furthermore, no government has been able to combat the massive losses inflicted by this illness.

Furthermore, as a severe and terrible infection, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing many people’s health to deteriorate.

The main reason for the high demand for face masks in the current market is that many people’s health is deteriorating. As a result, the most compelling incentive to invest in the Face Mask Manufacturing Industry is the rising number of instances of the deadly COVID-19 epidemic.

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