Sources of Business Ideas Top 15 Latest Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Sources of Business Ideas Top 15 Latest Ideas For Entrepreneurs

If you are looking for sources of business ideas to become an entrepreneur in India, you have landed at the right place. Doing a job under somebody can never make you a boss. You can be a boss when you start your venture. Starting a new business in India is not at all difficult, because many financing houses can fund you for investment.

Before making this tough decision to start a new startup, we were very confused and had many thoughts in our minds. They may be whether the business will excel or not. Will I be able to manage all the activities in the new business? Will I earn profits? And many more.

We ask our friends and relatives for their opinion on which business should in start in India to earn maximum profits.

Well, people with different opinions confuse us more. Friends, one should do what your heart says. All the answers to your thoughts before starting a new venture, are in your heart only.

The Best Sources For New Business Ideas

When you decide that you are going to start a business, but are confused about which business to begin. You can explore business plans near you. You can look for business ideas in so many places. Sometimes you can take ideas from ongoing projects in your present office.

With time, you may come across some business ideas in India in daily life. You can further think over those ideas and plan for your new setup. These ideas can make your fate. Let’s read about them.

Top 15 Starting Points of New Schemes For Entrepreneurs

Past Work Experience

This is the starting point of business ideas. If you are presently on the roll somewhere I am sure you must have done something great to survive so far. While you are employed, you must have learned something from your experience and been exposed professionally to face several challenges.

You must have even brought contracts for the company and the entire industry. Being trained in a particular specialization, you might have upgraded your skills too.

All you have to think about now is what have you learned in these years and how it relates to your business idea. Analyze what all you have done good for your company and can you do it all for yourself? If yes, you can use the same skills and start up a company independently.

Can you think of making your present boss your future client? There are several instances where the fresh entrepreneurs approached their boss to serve them as customers.

 When you look forward to a new business that involves the skills you possess from your present job, you carry many advantages in this case.

Your new business gets a plus point to flourish from your experience, technical knowledge, and ideas.

Hobbies And Interests

What I love about sportspersons is that they do what they love. Sanya Mirza plays tennis and others commentate on it whereas the audience pays to watch the match. Unfair!

Adapting your hobby as your profession is a dream come true and so is the case with players. You can also try to convert your hobby into a business idea so that you can enjoy what you love.

This will avoid boredom in your work. Therefore it is the time to explore your hobbies and interests like any sport, music, yoga, stamp collection, writing, etc.

For example, if you are interested in yoga, you can plan to start a yoga learning centre where students come to practice yoga with you or you can manufacture yoga mats or become a retailer of yoga mats and so on for other interests. You can explore this origin of business ie

Strengths And Abilities

You must make sure to let your business judge your strengths and weaknesses with proper swot analysis. That says to know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Create a list of them and ask your friends and family to help you with it.

For strengths, you can mention your top 10 achievements. Your skills and attributes helped you achieve success in the past. Know what you are good at either compiling information working with animals or negotiating.

You may look for what you enjoy and try all this to start your business. For example, if you are good at cooking, you can be a good cook or chef. May even start a YouTube channel for it or open a cooking point.

Friends And Family

The best way is to consult your family and friends because they know you better. It is great to seek their ideas. They may help you in starting your business as well.

Their experience is also of good help to you. Their ideas may help you analyze your opportunities in a better way.

A good way to know their opinion is to sit with them together and discuss this topic. Also, you can invite people to know the domain. For example. If you wish to discuss opportunities for business in website and blogging, then the people who possess such knowledge can be a part of the discussion.

Distribution Channels

The distributors and retailers are the ones who are very close to consumers. No one can guide you better than them. They will provide you with complete details about what the customers demand and like. Many distributors deal in a large number of products, so their experience might help you.

Grab information from them about which products are increasing their sales and which ones are facing trouble. The retailer can provide you with detailed information on consumer behaviour. People involved in distribution can suggest you completely for new products.


Ideas can come to your mind when you are travelling to other parts of your country or foreign countries. You come across many things and products that you say, I can also start this business.

Travel helps you become aware of many alternatives. If you are visiting a major city, I suggest you explore it deeply and have a good time there so that you can visit supermarkets and explore new products available there.

You will come across several processed and unprocessed foods there and find good ways to deal with the crowd. You can visit Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai for better business prospects.

Books And Magazines

There are so many business publications and magazines available in the market. You can buy them and explore ideas for your business. You may refer to other periodicals and weekly papers as well.

They mention the latest trends in the market and the present business environment. Business magazines can give you a better knowledge of what you can have by reading the magazines you are interested in. This will help you to be in touch with the market trends and techniques along with the latest happenings around you.

Current Trends

You need to know the current trends in the market. Look around yourself and use the internet to explore the world. Create new opportunities for yourself and know them. The size of the family may also give you business ideas like the couples who work out, demand crèches, ready-to-eat eatables, home security, etc. You can use them to start your business or choose according to your interest.

Research Organizations

You will find many research organizations in the country or some universities that deal in developing new technology and selling it. If you visit these organizations you will find those works going on that you have never heard of even.

Organizations here can be big or small but they can solve all your queries and suggest different business ideas as well. All these organizations stay in touch with the industries and therefore follow proper procedures to transfer the technology.

You can henceforth buy technology and all you need to know is to be alert while buying and selling because you are new to this field.

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The Web

The Internet is everything in this global world. Things have come close only because of advancements in the internet. You can find heaps of knowledge only on the internet. You need no one for suggestions if you completely believe in the internet.

All you need to have is a laptop and a stable internet connection. Here you go, using the search engines efficiently and visiting famous sites. Here you can also chat with experts and take their guidance on establishing your business.

You have to gather a lot of information from the virtual world or the real world by meeting your acquaintances. For example, if you are interested in the blogging business, you have to gather a lot of information about it on the internet, the niche and its scope, thereafter explore its scope and further you can start your business.


A franchise is the ownership of a particular brand. One can be a manufacturer and distributor of a product, service, or trademark. You have to follow the guidelines of the franchise you are going to choose.

We have to pay a royalty fee to the franchise we choose to run. It says you to follow standardized procedures as well. Along with buying a franchise, you can set up and sell the franchise for a large-scale business opportunity. You can build up your franchise by arranging funds on your own or going for a loan option.

Mass Media

It is also a great source of information and new ideas. Mass media includes advertisements and promotions on television and in newspapers. The Internet is also a part of mass media.

Have a look at the commercial advertisements and you can get a good number of ideas for your new business set-up. A good way to become an entrepreneur is by responding to the advertisements and offers you see. You can also read articles to know the changes going on in the fashion industry or technology. This will enable you to decide upon the latest technology for business setup.

For example: If you read somewhere and research that people nowadays are becoming health conscious you can decide your business in this segment. Like, you can start selling or manufacturing green tea that not only flushes out toxins from your body but also keeps you healthy and charming.


The kind of market is Customer. You can collect data by a survey by gathering people or visiting them. It can be done by presenting before them, a questionnaire regarding which product they like and dislike and why. Prepare in MCQ form so that it is less time-consuming and helpful for them.

The survey can be conducted formally or informally. You can initiate by talking to the family members of the consumer and grabbing the information you need. At least you will have an idea about what products the customers don’t like. Therefore you will have an opportunity to create better products to meet the needs of the consumer.

You have the chance to talk to both existing and potential consumers of your product. The more information you get, the more it is beneficial for you.

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Brainstorming is a term that is related to creative problem-solving that generates ideas for you. The objective of brainstorming is to give you several ideas for your new startup. It begins with questioning and problem statements.

For instance, you ask about, What are the services needed in our house today that we don’t have. You think about them and get many answers. This generates so many ideas in your mind and you can choose the best opportunity according to your interest and budget.

Each idea is filled with a few more ideas. This results in brand-new ideas that you can use.

What you are supposed to do?

Consider every idea open-mindedly and don’t criticize other ideas. Quantity of ideas is needed for you to have multiple options. Club them and find the best idea among all the sources of business ideas.


Human nature cannot change, especially the complaining one. Yes, each one of us, including me has a complaining attitude. I wish I was this, I wish I was that I wish I was there, and so on. We keep on complaining and stressing our lives.

We at our workplace like something and dislike many. The dislikes in others can generate ideas to improve them by starting your ventures. There are so many complaints that customers make about a product.

Any one of us who wants to become an entrepreneur can start a new business by turning those complaints into opportunities. Therefore the complaints can bring potential business ideas for you.


You can find plenty of ideas from different sources of business ideas. This helps you to explore the shortcomings in the present market. You can take advantage of these shortcomings and create opportunities for yourself. Everyone likes to be a boss, so try to be one. Among the best sources of business ideas, the internet is the best because it doesn’t require any other third person to guide you. The reason is that you find many experts out there on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions On Sources Of Business Ideas

What are sources of Ideas for business?

The ideas related to new business opportunities for you in your country or abroad are referred to as sources of business ideas. These ideas come from different sources and give you ideas that you may use to start your business. You can consider them if you are looking for some plans to become an entrepreneur.

What are the internal sources of business ideas?

The internal sources of business ideas are the sources that you get from your work environment, home or acquaintances, and personal experience. If you have complaints about your present work and want to do something new from it. It is an internal source of business ideas because you are not being convinced by anyone.

What are the sources of business ideas?

The sources of business ideas are the plans that you can explore from the internal and external environment like work experience, strengths, and weaknesses, complaints, mass media, internet, etc. All these sources influence you to do something great by setting your goals towards a new path of entrepreneurship.

What are the sources of business ideas for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship requires detailed research and planning. For this, you must go through all the ideas and sources on your way and never ignore even a single thought that comes to your mind. The ideas that help you become a successful entrepreneur are the sources of business ideas for you.

What are the sources of business ideas pdf?

The ideas for business in the form of a pdf format are

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