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Many people are interested in running a flour mill business, but they don’t have any idea about the process and costs for setup. Flour Mill could be a very much profitable business, but you need some patience.


If we review our local market needs, there are different types of flour mill setup like domestic flour mills, commercial flour mills, bakery/mini flour mills and roller flour mills. Out of these, commercial one is very useful as it required low cost but also variable-since flour procure from this at commercial level.


Flour Mill is the traditional process also. Generally, we see flour is used in our daily life for different purposes like chapatti making, naan, puri, bread etc. This is the essential raw material and highly consumed in daily routine in India.


Grains should be clean and dry before grinding and then break split by sieving to superior or intermediate particles and other rough particles. Different types of grains flour in the mill like wheat, bajra, Makka, rice, millets etc. are in great demand. Therefore mill is required for the flouring purpose. Flouring is done 5-6 times to get smooth flour.


Market opportunities and high demand in wheat flour plant project-

Around 812 roller flour mills run in India which produces nearly 25 million tonnes flour of Rs 1000 crore per day. 30-1000TDP minimum capacity required per day of raw materials. For the startup of small or mini flour mill, at least 30 tonnes of raw material is required daily.

A lot of products like chapattis, puri, paratha are formed using flour. Various bakery products like biscuits and cakes are prepared using wheat flour or maida, which is the primary ingredient.

In this process, there is no pollution problem except dust, which can damage plant and machinery, also counter effect on workers’ health. For this reason, cyclone used to separate dust in the mill. In the milling system, the person should be aware of the selection of motors and energy requirement.

Price involved in a startup a mini flour mill project 

  1. Costing for land and office setup is Rs.500000/-.
  2. Purchasing machinery and equipment’s milling section is Rs.7,50,000/-
  3. Costs involved in preoperative expenses is Rs.50,000/-
  4. Raw material purchase cost is Rs.5,00,000/-
  5. Other utilities cost like power and water requirement is Rs.1,00,000/-
  6. Total Costing is around Rs.19,00,000/-

Key Points Cover in Technical Project Report on Wheat Flour Mill Plant


The following are the key points covers in technical project report, whichever relevant to your business :-


Sr.No. Particulars Page No.
1 Executive Summary 3
2 Industry Introduction 4
3 Market Overview 9
4 Mfg.Process 22
5 Critical Factors 23
6 SWOT Analysis 24
7 Technical Aspects 26
8 Flour Production & Its Parts 29
9 Mini Flour Mill Technology 34
10 Quality & Type of Flour 39
11 Germ Technology 45
12 Milling 50
13 Processing Technology 63
14 Use of Wheat Flour 66
15 Packaging for Germ 69
16 Wheat Based Products 73
17 Automatic Whole Wheat Chakki P. 115
18 5 MT Flour Mill 121
19 10 MT Flour Mill 122
20 30 MT Flour Mill 125
21 300-450 kg/h  Flour Mill 127
22 250 TPD Flour Mill 147
23 Cleaning Equipments 155
24 Milling Equipments 159
25 Packaging 169
26 Economics Chakki Flour Mill 174
27 Eco. Atta, Maida, Suji, Brans 177
28 Economics Mini Flour Mill 180
29 Eco Roller Flour Mill 186
30 Eco 115 MT Flour Mill 194
31 P&M Suppliers List 197
32 Wheat Structure & Nutrient 203
33 Laws and Regulations 287

Report Size : 305 Pages,

Apart from this, you will also get other necessary information.

How to Download TECHNICAL Project Report

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TECHNCIAL Business Plan project report

A clear technical project report guide of Wheat Flour Mill is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. A well technical project report will facilitate you in starting business. Therefore, you can instant download the same from our website.


Research has not been done in preparing the report. It is simply a collection of data available on the subject concerned. This information will definitely be useful for you. Information is collected from internet and other offline sources.

This report cannot be used to apply for a bank loan. 

रिपोर्ट को तैयार करने में रिसर्च नहीं की गई हैं। यह केवल संबधित विषय पर उपलब्ध डाटा का संग्रहण हैं। यह जानकारियां निश्चित रूप से आपके लिए उपयोगी होगी। जानकारी इन्टरनेट एवं अन्य ऑफलाइन सोर्स से जुटाई गई हैं।

इस रिपोर्ट को बैंक लोन के आवेदन हेतु काम नहीं लिया जा सकता हैं।

How to register for a wheat flour mill plant project and how to get the license for it- 

Shop Act or Trade License

Apply for a Shop Act license from the local authorities if you want to set up a flour mill in India to startup your business. 

Udyam Registration 

Flour mill set up is considered as a small business, and therefore, it is to be registered in Udyam MSMEs Online Portal.

GST Registration for Wheat Atta Chakki Plant

Every business’s basic requirement to show the taxes at any point of business.  Therefore, it is important to manage all taxes in a single uniform taxation structure present in India under which you have to register your business i.e. under Goods and Services Tax (GST) which is now common for everyone.

Along with these registrations, you have to apply for BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards  certification. In this registration, no pollution clearance request is applicable, but it’s better to investigate with the State Pollution Control Board of the local area before startup any business.

Loans and subsidies for establishing a mini flour mill project

In the market, this business in great demand and money expenditure is very less, therefore; banks are easily ready to provide loans for Flour mill Business. It required very less space and not gender-specific means anybody can start this with good knowledge. Hence, it helps to start on a small scale, and banks provide a 60% loan on the machinery for setup.

Banks list which provides loans and subsidies for establishing flour mill business:-

  1. State Bank of India
  2. Canara Bank
  3. Punjab National Bank
  4. Union Bank of India
  5. Central Bank of India
  6. Bank of Baroda
Requirementsto set up flour mill project

Some major requirements to set up a mini flour mill project are-

  1. Land minimum of 200 sq. Mtrs.
  2. Construct an area for the plant and machinery as well as for the storage bins for grains.
  3. Construct office, laboratory etc.
  4. Machinery equipments include the following things:

4.1 Single bucket elevator without belt and bucket

4.2 Reel Machine (3 segments)

4.3 Rotary separator with aspiration channel

4.4 Scourer machine with aspiration channel

4.5 Intensive dampner

4.6 Rotometer

4.7 De-Stoner without fan & cyclone

4.8 Indent cylinder

4.9 Screw conveyor 7 m 1500/m, 4.5 m 1500/m

4.10 Dust cyclone with air sealdia 960mm

4.11 L.P. Fan for 1st Cleaning

4.12 L.P. Fan for Main Cleaning

4.13 L.P. Fan for DE stoner

4.14 L.P. Fan for final Cleaning

4.15 Magnets 6″*12″

4.16 Silogate

Milling Section

4.17 Roller Mill body

4.18 Rolls diameter 250 x 1000 mm (Indian)

4.19 Roll Grooving & spindle cutting

4.20 Plan sifter eight feed /16 sec

4.21 Purifier

4.22 Bran – finisher

4.23 Pneumatic lifts

4.24 Triple worm 8 mt. each

4.25 L.P. Fan purifier 1120 mm

4.26 Dust cyclone diameter

4.27 H.P. Fan

4.28 Supper cyclone

4.29 Bolting cloth lot

4.30 Misc. accessories like inspection, cover & joint range etc.,

4.31 Electrical motors

4.32 electric pannel boards fitted with main starter switches, cables, cable fittings, volts and AMP meters, AC.B capacitors

4.33 Reduction gears standard make

4.34 V-Groove, Pulleys, Couplings, V-Belts

4.35 Erection Material such as angle, Channel, Sheet, Iron

4.36 Tools and other equipment required during Erection

4.37 Consumable things like Nut, Bolt, Gas, and Welding Rods, Nanda, Fevicol,

4.38 Weighing scale 4 Nos.

4.39 Erection and Consultancy charges

Subsidies and eligibility for the scheme

Flour Mill is a very good opportunity to start up such kind of business as you can receive 25% of the capital cost of the plant and machinery cost, civil work cost from the government in general states.

In case of tribal development project, 33% up to Rs.75 lakhs received in areas like Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, north-eastern states, Uttarakhand, etc. Only you need to submit affidavits.

All firms, PSUs, cooperatives, companies can also apply for the same on a large scale and provide good job opportunities in such kind of areas.

Disbursement of grant or subsidies

The economic process is done in two equal instalments which released in two equal parts first and second (50%) and (50%).

 Documents requirement and subsidies for mini flour mill

Following documents are required to set up this business and to take subsidies.

  1. Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100 as an agreement.
  2. Non-judicial stamp paper of value Rs.100 as an affidavit.
  3. Non-drawl of MFPI grants paper.
  4. Provide proof or certificate that you have not applied for this scheme or subsidy or loan in the past from anywhere like centre government or department or ministry or agencies or state government as per the rule 209.
  5. MFPI for the grain milling sector to avail the grant.
  6. Utilization certificate by the plant unit produced in the form of GFR 19A.
  7. Also, you can apply for term loan linked application to avail grant.
  8. Liability from the lending institutions under the scheme.
  9. For a total outlay of the scheme take 15%.

This loan and subsidy will be permitted only as per rules of the government for proper usage of the lands and schemes.

Market Strategy

It’s a hard task for factory investors to sell the flour to the direct customers, but if the competition in the local market is low, then the selling of final flour is easy. Some markets are very hot for the startup of this business since it is in high demand and competition is very low.

 Conclusion of Flour mill project

Flour mill subsidy provided in following states like Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura. Government subsidy for a flour mill, Pindi girni subsidy and loans, flour mill loans from banks, mini flour mill cost, wheat flour mill cost and subsidy, Ragi flour mill cost and subsidy,Cornflour mill cost and subsidy, license to start a flour mill business,business plan of flour mill, grain flour mill cost, subsidy, rice flour mill cost and subsidy and atta mill cost and subsidy.On all these, the government provides handsome subsidy and therefore you can easily establish your business and support yourself. 

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