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You can now download the Pathology Diagnostic Centre Project Report. The project report being a formal document is very helpful to you. It will clearly define the goals and objectives that you have set for starting your new pathology lab business. 

Our diagnostic centre project report will help entrepreneurs, doctors, students, chartered accountants, and hospitals in every way. It covers all useful and important information related to machinery, raw material, investment and profit margin. You will be able to understand the detailed concept of path lab and diagnostic centre from our business plan. 

We have tried our best to provide every piece of important information to potential entrepreneurs who are planning to start a pathology diagnostic centre in India.  

You can get complete guidance on starting a medical store by reading the article based on the project report of the pharmacy shop.

How to Download Pathology Diagnostic Centre Project Report 

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Pathology And Diagnosis Business

The health care industry is fast growing. As the population is increasing, the citizens are becoming aware and conscious of their health. India has a large number of advanced hospitals and well-reputed diagnostic centres. As the majority of treatments are dependent on pathology results, so the demand for diagnostic centres has increased.

If you are a medical professional, you can start your path lab because it is one of the best profitable business ideas in India. Setting a path lab is not a one-night job. You need to plan before setting up a well-built diagnostic centre. One needs to put a lot of effort and research into every important thing you are planning. You will be glad to know that our pathology diagnostic centre project report will be of great help to you as it contains all the important details you want to know. It is about the top 10 business ideas in Delhi

Let’s explore quickly the important facts about this business in the project report.

Services To Offer In Pathology Diagnostic Centre

Pathology Lab, Blood Test Centre or Diagnostics Centre is all one. It is the business of examining body tissue samples. It helps the doctor to diagnose diseases in the human body for proper treatment. As there is an increase in the risk of diseases among patients, it has given rise to pathology diagnostic centres in India.

The complexity and range of the disease make it important to examine the patients in the initial stage of the treatment. The need for a laboratory is there at every point.

Before you open a blood sample collection centre, you must know what all tests can be done in your diagnostic centre. Patients always look for budget-friendly and accessible laboratories to get their issues diagnosed. Here are the tests that are commonly in demand.

Bio Chemist– It involves lab analysis of blood fluids like stool, urine etc.

Radiology– It involves check-ups like CT-Scan, X-Rays, MRIs, USG etc.

Pathology– Pathology relates to the medical investigation of blood that is done under a supervisor or by a pathologist (MBBS). He investigates the blood samples and gives the report.

OPD– Outdoor Patient Department is a medical centre or a clinic where the doctor advises the patients foforheir their treatment.

If you want to start your own pathology Lab Centre it is a surely profitable business venture because of the high demand and scope of diagnosis. Here are the details of pathological and lab testing in the Indian Market.

India has more than 10,000 diagnostics brands including radiology and pathology centres all over India.

Pathology covers 80% of the market in the Indian Economy.

Radiology is 20%. 90% Of the total players in Pathology are unorganized.

The size of the pathology and diagnostic industry is $5 billion and it grows by 15 to 16% annually.

You can know every detail about this business in our pathology diagnostic centre project report if you are serious about this business.

You can also think about the business of manufacturing sanitary napkins and surgical cotton along with the pathology business.

How To Open Diagnostic Centre

Fast commercialization in the diagnostic and healthcare industry has given a huge boom to path labs in India. Indian diagnostic market is vast growing at a speed of 15 to 20% annually and is expected to reach Rs 40,000 crore soon. Setting up a path lab is a highly lucrative business in India.

You need to do the following checklist for starting a diagnostic centre.

Location Of Pathology Lab

The main requirement of a path lab start-up is the location that should be reachable to mass people. Your path lab should be in a hygienic area and not in contaminated areas as it can lead to contamination of samples as well.

You need to have a good space for medical instruments and a cool environment so that the functioning of the lab can take place efficiently. The temperature in the lab can be maintained using the air conditioner.

The path lab should preferably be on the ground floor because it will be convenient for the elderly, expectant ladies and disabled to come and give samples for diagnosis.

Registration Of Path Lab

You need to go through the registration process to start your pathology lab. The license may vary from business to business. You need to take all legal measures and apply for the licenses that are mandatory to have.

Registration of lab with the government is important and compulsory for accreditation and construction.


To start a new path lab you need to have cash in hand for petty expenses in the beginning and make investments. The equipment in your lab arise the backbone of the service you will provide.

The machines that you will require for diagnosis are expensive and require timely service. Thus you need to arrange enough capital so that you can buy the lab equipment and instruments.

Apart from equipment and machinery, you need to arrange for land as well. Either you can buy your land and set up the path lab or take it on lease and make necessary arrangements for the path lab you want to start. Money is also required for maintenance, electricity, water and staffing.


You cannot start a path lab without buying instruments. One can prepare a list of instruments like blood collection tools, X-Ray machines etc. You will also require a microscope, centrifuge, chemicals, Kits, and blood cell counters.


The pathologist needs to hire good staff because your lab is the reflection of the staff. You need to have skilled lab technicians in your path lab. You can therefore hire doctors, nurses, technicians, professionals etc who can help you run your lab successfully.

Apart from important employees, you would need an HR, Accountant, Receptionist, housekeeping staff etc. They can handle the administrative duties in your lab. You need to make a good recruitment plan for your path lab in India.

Purpose Of Pathology Diagnostic Centre Business Plan

The purpose of the path lab business plan is to provide you with complete detail about the pathology diagnostic centre business. This business model will help you get complete information about the equipment and machines you need to have to start the business and how must capital investment is needed. You will be able to follow our project report as a guideline in every step you take while setting up your new initiative.

Planning and Research To Start A Path Lab

You need to plan everything before starting a path lab. Proper planning will ensure fewer financial losses and things may work as you want. You should spend a good time choosing the right location for your pathology Lab. It should be accessible to patients.

Infrastructure Of Pathology Lab

You need to arrange for the reception area. Maintaining clean restrooms is important too. All important equipment is a must like a deep fridge, dispensing scale, regents and chemicals so that there is quality in delivering the service to the customers.

What and the licenses and permits required for a Pathology Lab?

You will need the important registrations and licenses from the recognized offices. Registration and licenses should be acquired before starting the path lab. Some of the licenses that are compulsory to get are the following.

  • Certification from National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)
  • Registration with Shops and Establishments Act
  • Registration with the Clinical Establishment Act
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the fire department
  • Certification from Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
  • Registration with biomedical waste disposal body
  • NOC from the local municipality
  • Approval for waste generation from the state pollution board
How much Finance is Required to start a Path Lab?

To set up a path lab requires money. Right from the infrastructure development, to buying equipments hiring employees to pay them every step requires good flow of capital.

Henceforth you need to take care of finances from the very beginning. The complete finance depends on the level and scales you are planning to set your lab on. Arranging a hefty amount of finance is difficult for you, so you can avail yourself of business loans for doctors in India.

The leading financial institutions and banks will provide you with loans easily after fulfilling the formalities. But in the first hand, you should know how to write a pathology diagnostic centre project report.

The banks offer loans to doctors on interesting and comfortable rate of interest. If you possess a high credit score, you can get high amount of loan as well. You should check your doctor loan eligibility and plan your investment and scale of business.

Who can start a Pathology Lab In India?

Any one who wants to start own pathology lab should be a qualified MD. Pathologist only can start his own lab in India. If you want to start this business, you should be capable enough to handle the investor role or manage this business.

Therefore the individual who holds a MD Pathology degree or diploma can only start a pathology lab.

How To Save Money and Cut Cost in Path Lab Business?

GST Registration is helpful. Although the path lab industry does not fall under taxable but still the equipments used in testing and machinery you have bought has high value and has charged you GST. Thus you must get it into GST so that you can save 18% additionally.

You are a new one into pathology business, so may be you have small budget, then you must try to avail second hand X-Ray machines, USG etc as this will reduce your cost to 50%.

Earning from one hand and spending from the other is not a good idea. You must get smart and quality pathology softwares updated so that you can deliver report in one day. It will help you control your earning and billing. You can win the confidence of the patients by issuing them genuine and right reports and keeping their data safe for long run, It will protect you from internal manipulation or misuse in future.

Second Way To Run Pathology Lab

The other way of running a pathology business is to take a franchise of diagnostic centre. You can also get guaranteed returns on your pathology business. Read below to find how.

Medical or Diagnostic Franchise is a fast and smart way to earn income on your investment. You just need to have a strong business plan. You can enjoy your ownership alone and hire a pathologist to control all the activities of your path lab.

The pathologist will only appoint your staff. You will only be concerned about the funds and earn profits but your set up will be in the control of the efficient pathologist you have hired.

Franchises like Lal Path Lab, SRL Diagnostics, LifeCare, Ranbaxy etc labs provide franchise to grow and expand the pathology business to the ones who are wishing to set up their own path lab.

You will get encouragement and support from the franchise to grow and take your business to another level. Franchise is suitable to you if your investment amount is less and you wish to spend low running cost and get attractive income return.

Plan 2 For Pathology Lab Business

We all have heard, it is wise to keep plan 2 if plan one fails. You should try to make contract with other small labs in your location, to help them in services that they don’t offer. There are many small labs who don’t have specific machinery for important tests. If you provide those services, then you can join hands with them and offer them your services on reasonable rates. This way you will attract more patients and you can also sell your franchise to them to expand your business.

You can also look forward to tie up with the hospitals and nursing centers who don’t have their own laboratory. These hospitals might require medical imaging or blood samples testing to carry out the right treatment of their patients. They can send you their patients to your diagnostic centre and you can proceed with the tests and scans.

Conclusion of Pathology Diagnostic Centre Project Report

Proper planning and implementation helps you in decision making and this will help you in growing your business. Among the 10 thousand laboratories in the country, 70% of them offer pathology services and the remaining 305 provide MRI, CT-SCAN, X-Rays, USG or PET. Consumers know much about the market so they smartly compare the services and prices. For patients, at times it is difficult to decide upon the quality of service you are providing.

You need to thus make effective plans to run your lab and take help of the pathology diagnostic centre project report to lay a successful business plan. The franchises at present are gaining huge profits, but still this industry is dominated by non franchise path labs as well. If you plan out every important requirement wisely, then you can surely grow you pathology lab and earn decent income.

How much does it cost to open a path lab in India?

The setting up of a path lab requires good money to invest. The more the services you want to offer, the more is the investment cost. The more the patients, the more is the cost. The lab setting up cost also depends on the location you have chosen for your lab. It also depends on the space you finally arrange for it.

The machinery maintenance adds to more cost. The air conditioners consume more power adding more cost. They are important to keep the labs cool.

The software tools required to run your system in the lab is additional cost. The team of qualified staff and skilled technicians take good money as their salary.  They will only help your lab offer services.

Sample Project Report Format for Pathology Diagnostic Centre Project Report

In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart etc. as and when required or deem fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations which are necessary for the Investor/bank. 

You will get the report data on Path Lab and Diagnostic Centre Business in PDF or MS Word which you can use easily. You can also modify the information according to your need. As a business man or a doctor you will be able to access the data easily according to your requirement. Additionally you, can easily convert the data to PDF format.

Contents of project report format for diagnostic centre
Sr. No.Particulars
1Project At A Glance
2Highlights of The Project
3General Information And Location
4Promoters Background
5Project Introduction
6The Project Proposal
7Prospect For Investment
8Potential Target Customers/ Market
9Marketing Strategy
10Critical Success Factors
11Process Details And Technical Aspect
12Process Flowchart
13Raw Materials And Consumables
14Power And Utility
15Tentative Implementation Schedule
16Basis & Presumptions
17Capital Investment Estimates
18Plant And Machinery
19Preliminary And Pre-Operative Expenses
20Computation of Working Capital Requirement
21Estimated Cost of The Project
22Proposed Means of Financing
23Estimated Annual Sales Turnover
24Projected Profitability Statement
25Calculation of Interest Amount
26Depreciation Schedule
27Term Loan Repayment Schedule
28Debt Service Coverage Ratio
29Break-Even Analysis
30Projected Cash Flow Statement
31Projected Balance Sheet
32Internal Rate of Return
33Pay Back Period
34Statutory Permits And Licenses Required
35Important Steps To Start The Project
36Smart Tips For Successful Pathology
Conclusion Of diagnostic centre project report

You can learn a lot about your new business say if you want to start a new path lab and a diagnostic centre then you should know how to write a medical diagnostic centre project report. Our project report can guide you till the end. You can use it as a guide while making every important decison about your diagnostic centre. 

Frequently Asked Questions About modern pathology project report

Where can i get pathology Lab sample project report for bank loan pdf?

You can check out our website for all project reports. Our professionals provide well researched data to study when you want to start your own path lab. You can easily download our pathology diagnostic centre project report and write as per your busines plan to avail the bank loan.

What is the right path lab project report format for bank loan?

The right format for modern diagnostic centre is the one that includes all important information you want to research before starting the new business. It can help the doctors and business men both who want to invest in this business.

Can I download pathological laboratory project report in the format of excel or word file?

Yoiu can easily download path laboratory project report from our website by paying us. You will get the project report in pdf format. Later you can convert this into word or excel by using free conversion tools for files.

Can I download diagnostic collection centre project report for bank loan?

As a pathologist or doctor or a business man you can easily get bank loan to start your path lab in India. You need to present the project report before the bank and it should contain every important detail about your business so that it can help you get loan from bank.


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