Ladies Garments Manufacturing Project Report



Ladies Garments Manufacturing Project Report can help you in making every decision when you start this business. Ready made ladies garments business is among the top 10 textile business ideas that have occupied a good place in the industrial scenario these days. You can now generate export earnings and create good employment for yourself and others. The contribution of the ladies garments industry in industrial production, export earnings and employment is high. The ladies garments business plan will be useful if you are planning to set up your new venture. You can follow our article to take every step wisely. Women Wear production unit project report will help the chartered accountents, studets, entrepreneurs and many others.

Ladies ready made garments industry provides necessities for living and is a good source of livelihood for millions of entrepreneurs and labourers in the country. You need to invest minimum capital and generate maximum employment under this venture. This is a highly labour-intensive business. Ladies garments manufacturing project report is prepared for the manufacturers who want to start with ladies garment manufacturing for local or international markets. Anyone who knows about cutting and stitching can start up this business.

Ladies Garment Manufacturing Project Report

People in India usually start any business without doing market research. They don’t even follow the set procedures. Thus if you are one of them you will have to stop here. This article is completely for you. We are going to provide complete about setting up a ladies garments business in India.

The ladies garment manufacturing industry is among the highly profitable business in India in terms of contributing to GDP and creating employment. While creating the project report on this niche, we explored a lot of information and did market research so that you work gets easy. You can just download the ladies garments manufacturing project report and start your business. You can also explore garment shop business details if you want to open a ladies garments shop.

How To Download Ladies Garments Manufacturing Project Report

Women Wear Production Unit Project Report being a formal document is very helpful to you. It will clearly define the goals and objectives that you have set for starting your new slipper-making business. 

You can get your ladies garments manufacturing sample project report in hand, as you can instantly download the report in excel or word format.

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Second Step       –  Immediately after successful payment, you will get a link to download the report. You can download the report immediately from this link.

Ladies Garments Market Overview

The global market for ladies garments is US$ 1300 as per estimation. Europe, USA and China are the leading global markets in ladies garments producing 17%, 135 and 14% of the market share in ladies garments. The trading of ladies outfits stood at $ US 500 billion and China became the leading producer across the world.

The demand for ladies wear in the world is growing in recent years and is expected to rise by 30% in the upcoming years. The long-term demand for ladies garment sector is going to rise. Indian Ladies Garment Market segment is among a few countries that produce ladies wear globally and export it to foreign countries. This shows that India has large market demand domestically for ladies wear. The business men can also start making jute bags to deliver ladies garments in them.

Since the raw material is present in the form of polyester and cotton, fibres and fabric manufacturing have given rise to the ladies garments business in India. Although the market of ladies wear is dominated by ethnic wear but there are western categories that you can manufacture as they are growing at a fast pace.

Raw Material Needed For Women Wear Production Unit

The basic and most important raw material for manufacturing ladies garments is fabric. It is the main input required for all-purpose accessories be it aesthetic or functional. Fabric variety depends on the type of garment you are manufacturing, its usage, season, price etc. Regarding fibres, polyester, cotton, linen, viscose and threads, buttons, hooks, laces or zips are bought as raw materials. Other accessories that are brought to use in manufacturing ladies garments like sewing threads, needles, labels, laces etc are also to be arranged.

What can I manufacture in Ladies Garments House

You can manufacture a wide range of products in the women wear category like:

  • Knitted Apparels
  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Dresses
  • Kurtas
  • Denim
  • Skirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Jerseys
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters
  • Cardigans

Ladies Garments Manufacturing Process

The process of manufacturing women’s wear includes Spreading, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, Inspection of the Garment, folding, packing and dispatch.

Spreading and Cutting

Spreading is the process of laying down fabric layers on the floor or table one on another so that it is set for cutting in the cutting room. The fabric rolls are set on the roll holders. The fabric is set manually and spread by spreaders or a semi-automatic machine. After the layers are spread, they are cut using a straight knife cutting machine and edge cutters. A handy cutting machine is used to cut across on a wide table. It is a sort of rail that is used with a knife for cutting. It has a foldable handle too.


The production section is implemented in the manufacturing plant. It is a sort of assembly line system where operators work on the product. It depends on the type of product being manufactured. Operation sequences define the sequences of the production process. It includes machine type and work aids needed. Quality of stitching and production are of great importance. Thus you need to import high-quality machines so that production is carried out at best.

The machinery used in stitching should be brought from reputed suppliers. The quality of the product produced will be checked and then it will be passed to the finishing department.


The finishing department checks for defaults or defects in the manufactured stuff. If the found defects are reparable, they are repaired otherwise the piece is rejected for sale. The defect-free pieces are ironed and packed after completing further checks on them. In case there are some stains on the product, the staining department removes the stains.


The ladies garment pieces are further inspected for any broken thread, yarn, fabric, barre, thin yarn, hole fly etc.

Packing and Dispatch

After inspection, the defective pieces are sent for correction while the correct pieces are packed. You can pack the garment pieces in plastic or paper packets. You need to pack them as per the buyer’s specifications.

Once the packing is done, the order is dispatched.

Garment Testing

Garment Testing helps to check out the quality of workmanship and garment. The garment testing relates to quality control checks. It includes:

  • Colour Shading
  • Symmetry Check
  • Colour Fastness Check
  • Adhesive Check
  • Size Fitting
  • Fabric Weight Test
  • Zip Quality Check
  • Fasteners Fatigue Test
  • Water Proof Test
  • Down Feather Leak Test
  • Care Labelling
  • Seam Slippage Test
  • Needle Damage Test
  • Burn Test
  • Barcode Scanning Test
  • Contamination Protection Test
  • Ventilation garment Test

Garment Manufacturing Clusters in India

The Indian ladies garments manufacturing Industry is operating in 60 units across the country. The organized sector in this business is dominated by the exporting companies of ladies garments items.

Suitable Locations For Ladies Garments Manufacturing

Ladies Garment manufacturing takes place as a market-oriented business. The success factor of this business mainly depends on the trained manpower and availability of supply chains like fabrics, dyeing facilities, accessories etc. at the place your business location is set.

Here are some suitable locations for ladies garment production units. Some of these units focus on export while others capture the domestic market.

  • Punjab
  • Haryana
  • Rajasthan
  • Maharashtra
  • Tamil Nadu
  • West Bengal
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Madhya Pradesh etc.

Market Potential

The manufacturing of ladies ready made garments depends on the choice of customers. These days it is gaining wide acceptance from semi-urban or rural areas. Tailors who charge high rates and delay in providing the garment piece have made people switch towards the readymade ladies garments. In the Indian market and international exports, ladies garment manufacturing units have made spectacular progress in recent years.

Ladies readymade garments industry is becoming vibrant and a lot of foreign investment is attracted towards it. Since the industry has low risk and high-income potential businessmen can surely start this one. The ladies items are fashion-oriented, so the entrepreneurs must keep in mind that fashion changes frequently so the items to be manufactured need deep market research every time.

Basis and Presumptions

  • This business project depends on a single working shift and for 300 working days a year.
  • This industry is labour intensive, so the efficiency of workers is required.
  • The cost of equipment and machinery indicates the items to be manufactured and if they prevail at the time of manufacturing.
  • Installation of machinery and electrification is considered at 10% machinery and equipment cost.
  • The non-refundable deposits, trial production, ladies garment manufacturing project report, and security deposits with the electricity department, because they come with pre-operative expenses.
  • Depreciation is charged at 5% on building and 10% on plant and machinery, Office furniture at 15% and on fixed assets, it is taken as 15%. Capital investment interest is 16% annually and fixed assets depreciation is 15%. You need to have 25% as margin money from the total investment.

Investment Needed For Ladies Garments Manufacturing Business

The investment that is required for setting up ladies wear business in India is a minimum of Rs 20 Lakh if you arrange to land on lease. This investment is just for small-scale ladies garments manufacturing units. As the scale increases so is the investment.

Land Requirement for Women Wear Production Unit

You need to arrange space of about 600 feet to 1000 feet to start the ladies wear production unit. You can arrange for a lease of land if you don’t have enough funds to buy it. The rent will be 30,000 to 40,000 per month if the building is in the market area.

Licenses and Registration Required For Ladies Wear Production Unit

You need to acquire several licenses and registrations to start ladies wear production house in India. It completely depends on the type of business like a sole proprietor, partnership etc. You have to first register your business as per the norms of your state. The legal formalities take place as per your location. You need to obtain the following licenses.

  • Trade License from a local authority.
  • Factory License to set up your unit.
  • EPF
  • ESI
  • Fire License
  • GST Registration is a must to carry out the daily transactions.
  • Registering your business with the central excise department is compulsory.
  • NOC License from Pollution Control Board
  • VAT Registration

Machinery and Equipment Needed For Ladies Wear Production House

  • Fabric GSM testing machine,
  • weighing scale,
  • Meter scale,
  • Fabric visual inspection machine.
  • Color cabinet
  • Fiber content
  • Sample washing machine and Tumble drier
  • Fabric handling equipment in the fabric store
  • Fabric Spreading Machine
  • Cutting Table

Cutting Room Machines and Tools

  • A fusing machine,
  • Piping cutting machine (automatic rib cutting machine)
  • Ply number machine
  • Trolley for moving cutting from bundle section to sewing lines
  • Racks for storing cutting
  • Heat transfer printer if the designs have printed labels and logo

You can select any of the sewing machines I am mentioning here.

  • Single needle chain stitch machine
  • Multi-needle chain stitch machine (e.g. Kansai Special)
  • Overlock sewing machines
  • Flatlock machines – Flatbed and cylinder bed types
  • Double-needle lockstitch machine
  • Button holing machine
  • Button Sewing machine
  • Zig-zag sewing machine
  • Snap button attaching machine

How To Start Women Wear Production In India?

Here are the steps you need to follow to start a ladies garment manufacturing business in India.

Market research

You need to do deep research on the market industry. You need to have every information about the supply chain of the ladies’ garments industry. You need to have an idea about products to manufacture, internationally and in the domestic market, look for selling opportunities, market share, demand and supply, cost, competition, suppliers, logistic solutions, machinery, packaging cost, marketing, branding etc.

You will have to maintain good relations with customers. Once you get the idea, it is necessary to know about the already established industries and successful manufacturing houses of ladies garments. You need to explore their style of doing business. It is important to research the B2B market segment to know about competitors and how you can be different and better than the existing companies.

Opportunities For Ladies Garment Business

To establish a unit, you must know the market opportunities avail to you for this set-up. If you manufacture the ladies garments that already have a lot of manufacturers then you won’t make many profits because competition is high. It is henceforth recommended for you to explore the areas where you won’t find many players dealing in the same business so that your business has good scope for growth.

You need to understand the consumers you have to target. For instance, as consumers you must be aware of environmental problems, you can thus increase the demand for your products b sustainability and slow fashion. This trend is driven by many businessmen for a particular consumer group so that you can succeed.

People who like to buy a variety of clothes, especially ladies garments, need to think about fast fashion changes and manufacturing ladies garments keeping in mind the latest trend. In this situation, as a manufacturer of ladies garments, you will have to set up the manufacturing unit and focus on changing trends so that you can frequently change designs in a short time.

Choose Your Product Range

You need to choose the product you are going to manufacture in a ladies garment company because there is a wide range of garments that ladies wear. You can initially start with a particular one or two products and later you can expand it. Initially, you can thus begin with the ladies garments that have more demand in the market.

Like denim jeans, nightwear etc are more in demand. It is always better to start with a single category and later you can set up more. Once you know your product range, you can then research and work on multiple niches in the ladies garments manufacturing industry.

Best Location For Manufacturing Ladies Garments

Finding the best location is a very important step in setting up this plant. If you have a plan to move away from your native place, then you can choose a location anywhere in India. It is better if you look for a location near textile hubs like Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal or Madhya Pradesh.

It is good if you set up your ladies garments manufacturing plant in an industrial area because several benefits are connected with it. You need to consider many factors to select your location. A few of them are raw materials, state laws, logistics etc.

Estimating Production Need

Depending on your budget and the demand of customers you can estimate the production of ladies garment items for a single day and monthly. You will have to run your plant at full capacity to gain and earn more. It is important to first estimate the production need and then manufacture. This you can get to know after proper market research.

Setting Up Machinery, Raw Material and Manpower

Considering the requirement of ladies garments in the market, you will have to decide on how many machines you will require and which ones. You will also have to calculate the production capacity of the machine per day and then invest. You also need to decide on the manpower you require to run your plant effectively.

You will have to hire direct labour that is efficient along with some supervisors, and managers. The source of raw material is important too. Thus you have to select the raw material suppliers who can deliver your material in time without compromising the quality. You must calculate the volume of raw material you would require every month or weekly. You must plan to pick raw material from more than one supplier so that there is no problem in future.

Investment and Raising Funds

Once you have estimated about machinery, raw material and manpower you require, it is time to calculate and set your budget. Once the investment is planned, here is the main step of how to arrange funds. You will require a good investment in this business. Ladies Garments Manufacturing Business model contains the detail about the fixed and variable costs of the ladies garments manufacturing industry.

This will give you an idea about the initial capital you need to have to start ladies garments manufacturing unit in India. Ladies Garments Manufacturing project report will guide you about the amount of investment you require step by step. You need to raise funds for investing in a garments manufacturing unit and setting up a plant is expensive at this time. You have to select the best option to arrange investment and they are banks. You have to write a ladies garments project report and submit it to the bank. The banks will verify your details and provide you with financial assistance.

Acquisition Of Customers

Attract and genres customers is difficult these days because competition is high. You need to build your credibility in the market so that you can attract more customers. You need to invest money in marketing. Your marketing team will assist you in the initial phase of your business. Marketing will make your product popular in your town.

You can also create a solid marketing strategy so that you can focus on selling your items. Social media can also help you a lot. Create some social media campaigns to create a good impression on the public and collaborate with international clothing brands as well who deal in ladies garments. Your company will soon begin to grow after all these efforts.

Setting Up the Ladies Garments Plant

Once the research is done, now you have sufficient funds as well to start your new venture. Follow the procedure listed below to start a ladies garments business in India.

  • Register Your Business
  • Open a current account
  • PAN Card and GST Registration
  • Government approval for the factory set up
  • NOC From Local authority
  • Ladies Garments Manufacturing Project Report
  • Setting up Your Website
  • Hiring Staff, Labour, supervisors and manager
  • Purchase and installation of machinery
  • Making Different Departments
  • Marketing Your Items
  • Collecting Bulk Orders
  • Purchase Raw Material
  • Starting Production
  • Quality control check
  • Dispatching Timely Orders
  • Setting CRM
  • HR Checks on labour productivity
  • Maintaining Machinery timely

Setting up E-Commerce Website For Ladies Garments

These days people are selling their manufactured items online. You can also do the same and sell your ladies garments direct from factory outlets to online platforms. Setting up an e-commerce website will help you and provide an e-commerce marketplace to reach a large number of the target audience.

This will increase your sales immediately and create a good customer base. Initially, it is challenging to set up a ladies garments business. It requires deep research and effort from the beginning to the end. Thus you need to be careful.

Content of Women Wear Business Plan

1Purpose Of The Document
3Qualities Of Neem Oil
4Benefits Of Neem Oil
5Chemical Constituents
6Raw Material
7Market Analysis
8Description Of Machinery & Equipment
10Land &Building Required
11Machinery & Equipment’S Required
12Raw Material Requirement
13Labour & Staff Requirement
14Neem Oil License & Registration
15Implementation Schedule
16Cost Of Project
17Means Of
18Computation Of Production Of Neem Oil
19Computation Of Sale
20Sale (Neem Cake)
21Break Up Of Labour Charges
22Utility Charges
23Projected Profitability Statement
24Projected Balance Sheet
25Cash Flow Statement
26Closing Stock
27Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
29Calculation Of D.S.C.R
30Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
For whom is Women Wear Production Project report formats useful?
  1. CA Chartered Accountants
  2. Tax Consultants
  3. Small Business Owners
  4. Students
  5. Engineers
  6. Who wants to self-study

In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions On Ladies Garments Manufacturing Project Report
Can i download ladies garments manufacturing project report for bank loan PDF?

You can easily download the project report of women wear business in a gist of time. This project report is available in PDF Format. You can convert it into word or excel also by accessing free online conversion tools. If you take help of avail bank loan as a blueprint, you can write your own project report.

How To Write ladies garments manufacturers project report?

You need to follow the sample project report format for ladies garments business to write your own project report.