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A syringe is a tool composed of a plunger-cylinder association in which the running facet of the plunger is connected to a nozzle thru which the fluid is sucked in or compelled out beneath the impact of stress gradient that’s high quality in case of fluid pumping and negative in case of fluid suction, that’s generated by way of the plunger which leads out of the cylinder.

The syringe is a device used to suction or inject fluid under pressure, and it has both laboratory and medical applications. In the laboratory, it is used to inject a metered amount of chemical into an object for study, such as a fruit, vegetable, or microbe colony, or to extract samples from a liquid substance. The equipment is used in the medical industry for a range of tasks, including cleaning wounds, injecting medicine into the bloodstream, and removing bodily fluid samples.

Disposable Plastic Syringes Project Report

Disposable Plastic Syringes project report is a necessary document that will help you get all the necessary licenses, help you set up this factory and avail financial assistance from the banks. You can use it as a map that has all the solutions to your doubts and can resolve your problems in a gist of time.

One of the most profitable plastic business ideas is manufacturing plastic disposable syringes. Plastic syringes used in medicine and veterinary care are known as disposable syringes. Doctors use disposable syringes to administer medications intravenously or intramuscularly for the treatment of diseases and by research and development staff. Due to their availability in a sterile, ready-to-use, and cost-effective state, disposable syringes quickly replace age-old glass syringes.

The worldwide tragedy of AIDS has nearly eliminated the usage of syringes, and the need for disposable needles has skyrocketed. Polypropylene injection moulding is used to make disposable syringes. Syringes come in various sizes and styles, including 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, and 50 ml, and are made up of either two or three components. The type of syringe, the number of mould cavities, and annual production define the number and size of injection moulding machines required.

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Market Potential

The Indian Disposable Syringes Market became worth USD888.40 million in FY 2021, in keeping with research, and is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 13.28 per cent to USD1,828.20 million with the aid of using FY2026.

The Indian Disposable Syringes Market is expected to grow significantly during the projected period, owing to the growing incidence of many chronic diseases that require treatment with disposable syringes and the increased demand for vaccines throughout the world. Infectious disorders, inclusive of COVID-19, are getting greater common, resulting in a large call for disposable syringes.

In addition, several government organisations are funding firms that make disposable syringes for the treatment of coronavirus patients. This is expected to fuel significant market expansion in the coming years. Furthermore, the rising incidence of needlestick injuries and rising demand for injectable medications due to a lack of bioavailability in traditional drug delivery systems are two important drivers driving the Indian Disposable Syringes Market.

Because of the simple availability of disposable syringes and the high expenditure on healthcare in the region, North India is likely to dominate the Indian Disposable Syringes Market during the forecast period.

Disposable Syringe Sample Project Report Format

In our project report format, we have covered technology details, diagrams, flow charts etc. as and when required or deemed fit to include. You can get ready-made in-depth financial calculations which is necessary for the Investor/bank.

You will get the report data of the Disposable Plastic Syringes Manufacturing Business in PDF or MS Word so that you can easily use the project report. You can also modify the information according to your needs. You will be able to access the data easily according to your requirements. Additionally, you can easily convert the data to PDF format.

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Market Outlook

The introduction of the coronavirus, AIDS, serum hepatitis, and other dreaded infectious diseases has given disposable syringes a new dimension, resulting in rapid growth in their use in underdeveloped countries. Disposable needles are becoming increasingly popular in India and so have a lot of potential. As a result, the new units will have no trouble marketing their product in the future. Plastic disposable syringes contribute to a lot of plastic waste that is separately recycled. You can thus start a plastic recycling business as well and earn more. 

The disposable syringe has a large market. Glass syringes, which have been around for a long time, are quickly becoming outdated. There is no unit producing this commodity in the country’s eastern area. Some of the factories that make this product are located around the country:

  • Steryware, Faridabad
  • Cadilac
  • Discover, Faridabad
  • Cadilachospitalproduct, Ahmedabad
  • Surplus, Ahmedabad
  • Trans plastic, Pondicherry
  • Albert David, M.P
  • Manoj Surgical, Indore.

Some of these businesses are entirely focused on export. Disposable syringes are a widely used commodity in hospitals. The government also buys a lot of syringes. Because of the rapidly growing market, disposable syringes have a promising future.

If you are interested in some other plastic business then the plastic bucket business also has a good scope that can make good money for you.

Disposable Plastic Syringe Components

The parts of the syringe include:

Barrel: The barrel generates the syringe’s operational or work volume, which ultimately retains the fluid to be removed or injected.

Plunger (Plunger Top, Plunger Shaft, Plunger Head & Plunger Seal): The plunger top receives the force from the user without causing undue discomfort and transfers it to the plunger shaft, which in turn efficiently moves the force to the plunger head. The plunger head converts the applied force into positive or negative pressure to inject or suck fluid via the nozzle.

Nozzle: Due to its manufacturing method, the nozzle is incorporated into the barrel and transforms pressure head to velocity head to acquire a jet of fluid at the time of injection and vice versa at the time of suction to obtain a gradual influx inside the work volume.

Needle attachment includes Needle Adapter, Needle Hub, Needle Shaft, Needle Cover and Bevel.

Types of Syringes Available in the Market

The syringe can be made of a variety of materials, such as aluminium, steel, and various plastics, each with its own application, advantage, and limitation; however, this work only focuses on disposable plastic syringes, which are commonly used in the medical field for drug injection and body fluid sample extraction. Different types of syringes are:

  • Stainless Steel Syringe
  • Aluminium Syringe
  • Plastic Syringe

Disposable Plastic Syringes are a type of syringe made of plastic and designed for single use. Medical professionals widely use these syringe types since single-use prevents transmission of any bacteria, fungus, virus, other parasites, and blood strain into the patient’s body.

Raw Material Needed to Manufacture Disposable Syringes

What makes a syringe disposable is its low manufacturing cost, which can only be achieved through mass production and the use of low-cost raw materials, which in the case of disposable plastic syringes are essentially Polyethylene and Polypropylene. The following raw materials are required for a complete module of disposable plastic syringes:

  • High Purity Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) Pellets
  • Stainless Steel Needle Tube
  • Ink for graduation scale printing and package printing
  • Medical Grade Syringe Rubber Seal
  • Additives (Stabilisers, Plasticisers, etc.)
  • Packaging Material

Machinery & Equipment Needed to Make Disposable Syringes

Mixing, grinding, injection moulding, printing, and packaging are the manufacturing processes used. Hence the machines needed are:

  • Tube Cutting Machine
  • Tube Grinding Machine
  • Honing Machine
  • Water Jet Cleaner
  • Mixer with Heating and Cooling Arrangement
  • Weighing Machine
  • Grinder
  • Injection Moulding machine
  • Moulds of Barrel, Plunger, Needle Cover and Needle Adapter
  • Graduation Printing Machine
  • Syringe Assembly Machine
  • Sterilisation Chamber
  • Packaging machine

Manufacturing Process of Plastic Syringes

  • The needle tubes are fed into a Tube Cutting Machine, which cuts them into the size of syringe needles, after which they are fed into a Honing Machine to improve their surface finish; after that, they are fed into a Grinding Machine, which grinds a small section of needles at an angle to generate bevel; and finally, they are cleaned in a water jet cleaner.
  • The PP or PE pellets and various additives are weighed and fed to a mixer in metered quantities. The mixer has an inbuilt heating mechanism that melts multiple raw materials into semi-solid states and then mixes these reagents with the raw material to obtain the plastic mixture required for moulding.
  • This plastic is then chilled to its solid condition. The solid plastic is fed internally to a grinder, which turns it into little pellets, which are then fed to an injection moulding machine when the appropriate mould is mounted
  • The Injection Moulding machine produces various plastic parts, such as a barrel with nozzle, needle adapter, needle cover, and plunger, from prepared plastic pellets using appropriate moulds by melting the pellets into a semi-solid state and reforming them back into the shape of the mould, then cooling them to obtain the parts.
  • The barrel is next delivered to the Graduation Printing Machine, which prints the volume scale on it, after which the barrel, along with all other pieces, is sent to the assembly section, where all of the syringe’s parts are assembled.

Machinery Detail

A Syringe Assembly Machine is typically used for assembling, as it fits all of the parts into their proper orientation and location to produce a finished syringe. Separate machines for the assembly of individual modules, such as Needle Module Assembly Machine, Plunger Seal Assembly Press, and Plunger Barrel Assembly Machine, are also available. Still, a Syringe Assembly Machine is the most advisable as it reassembles all of the parts.

The syringes are then sent into a sterilisation chamber, where they are sterilised before being tested for quality. They are then fed into a packaging machine, and packed into individual packs before being loaded into carton boxes and delivered for sale.

Quality & Standard 

Drug licenses are essential for starting units for the manufacturing of disposable syringes and are manufactured according to the Drug Control Act.

Land Needed to Start Disposable Syringes Business

A 30 square meter space for Moulding and a 15 square meter area for assembling are advised for simple installation. The assembly space must be ventilated and equipped with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters. If necessary, an appropriate exhaust system must be installed in the Moulding portion.

Uses Of Disposable Syringes
  • The most apparent benefits of using a disposable syringe are sterilisation and safety. Patients no longer have to rely on doctors’ sterilising measures for their protection thanks to the introduction of disposable needles, which are disposed of away after one use. As a result, no possibility of cross-contamination exists.
  • Disposable syringes also have the benefit of being inexpensive. These disposable syringes are far less expensive than regular syringes, and they don’t need to be maintained. In addition, doctors are not required to sharpen them. As a result, they may devote more time to caring for patients rather than maintaining expensive medical equipment. Accidents can also occur at any time. It will not be a major loss if a plastic disposable needle breaks or is lost by accident. A physician may easily afford to purchase a new one, whereas reusable syringes are more expensive.
  • Finally, when properly disposed of, disposable syringes are not dangerous. They are an environmentally beneficial solution that does not harm the environment’s quality. This characteristic proves to be quite advantageous as the world slowly shifts towards eco-friendly options. Society will be safe if they are properly disposed of and kept out of reach.
Why should I start the Disposable Plastic Syringes Business in India?

If you are planning to make some good money, you can start a disposable syringe-making business in India it is a perfect business because plastic disposable syringes are a part of the healthcare business and are always in demand at hospitals and other medical centres. There are so many benefits to starting this business in India. It has both profitable and eco-friendly benefits.

The disposable syringe manufacturing business is becoming popular these days. It is a good way to save the environment as harmful plastics are disposed of. It is a good way to make money for entrepreneurs. It is a nice way to help people get medical supplies. It is a good way to build a business and relationships. It also helps to reduce the spread of deadly diseases.

Market Demand

Fast technological advancements in injecting syringes, immunization rates, rise in safety syringes demand, improvement in the manufacturing process of syringes and growing demand from the customers in pharma industry have driven more revenue and demand for this product in the global market. 

Plastic syringe is used in the medical field and veterinary treatments. They are taking the place of glass syringes as they are sterilised and readily available for use. These days plastic syringes are affordable in price. 

Easy to dispose plastic syringes are well developed and thus they are hygienic so their demand is constantly expanding. 

Manpower Requirement for Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Business

If you are planning to start a disposable plastic syringe business then you need the manpower listed below. 

  • 5 skilled workers
  • A Supervisor
  • 12 unskilled labour
  • 2 security staff
  • Marketing and Sales Executive
Contents of Disposable Plastic Syringe Project Report
Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose of The Document
2Project At A Glance
4Parts of Syringe
5Types of Syringe
6Raw Material With Images
7Machine Required
8Manufacturing Process
9Market Potential
10Implementation Schedule
12Land And Building
14Power And Fuel
15Licences And Registrations
16Break-Even Point Analysis
17Cash Flow Statement
18Projected Balance Sheet
19Projected Profitability Statement
20Computation of Manufacturing
21Closing Stock
22Computation of Working Capital Requirement
23Break Up of Labour
24Break Up of Salary
26Repayment Schedule of Term Loan
27Calculation of D.S.C.R
28Computation of Sale
30Plant & Machinery List

It can be inferred from this review study that the disposable syringe market has a lot of room for growth. Disposable syringes provide numerous advantages, including convenience, affordability, efficiency, sterility, safety, marketing benefits, and manufacturing benefits. As a result, disposable syringes will eventually take the place of traditional syringes.

Disposable Plastic Syringe project report is designed for an individual enthusiastic about investing in this business and willing to generate extra earnings with his investment in this business. The complete set-up requires a detailed project report and business plan that can tell the entrepreneur in detail about the market research and a lot more. Our project report contains all the necessary details that you need to know before setting up your business. It will help you in assisting to write down the project report and applying for a bank loan.

Frequently Asked Questions On Disposable Plastic Syringes Project Report

How do I start a disposable syringe manufacturing business?

Starting a plastic syringe manufacturing business requires deep market research and analysis. You need to check out every detail beforehand like where to set up your unit, how and from whom to get raw materials, and easy transportation. The major thing is from where to arrange investment amount. Once you resolve these queries, you can start this business in India.

How do I start a disposable syringe business?

You can start a plastic syringe business in India after writing an effective project report. If you lack time and efficiency to write a project report then you can buy a disposable plastic syringe project report from our website and get a bank loan.

How to start disposable syringe Making Business in India?

You can easily start a disposable plastic syringe making business in India by exploring the market to know the best location in your area. You will also have to study the disposable syringe-making business project report to get every important detail about this business.

What are the requirements to start disposable plastic syringes business in India?

You require a well-written project report for this business. This you can get from our website in a gist of time. It contains every significant detail about this startup that can benefit you in making wise decisions. You will also have to arrange space and buy equipment that we have listed in the project report.

Where can I get disposable plastic syringe making business sample project report for bank loan pdf?

Well, you can explore the best disposable plastic syringe manufacturing business project report PDF on our website and take help by checking out all the important details for your new business from it. It will serve as a guide using which you can write your project report and submit it to the bank to avail a loan for your new venture.

What is the right disposable plastic syringe project report format for a bank loan?

We have clearly stated the right format for this start-up in our project report. You can check out the project report details by downloading it after making a nominal payment to us. We have covered every important aspect of this venture in our report.

Can I download disposable plastic syringe project report in the format of excel or word file?

You can easily download this project report from our website in PDF Format and use it for writing your project report. If you want to get it in a word or Excel file. It is very simple to later convert the pdf to Word or excel using free file converting tools.

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