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While planning for a chapati-making business, a chapati making business project report will guide you to start this profitable business in India. Chapati is a famous most eaten basic food in every family among both men and women. It is consumed as food in almost all states of India. The basic ingredient for chapatti is dough and water. If you are looking forward to starting a chapatti-making business in India on a large scale you can do it by installing an automatic chapatti-making plant. It is a lucrative business idea as you can capture a wide market. It is a splendid opportunity to excel. You can invest in a roti-making plant because it is a bright future plant.

The consumption and demand for chapatti are directly related because of urbanization as domestic men lack time to make food for themselves. This page is going to provide you with complete detail about chapatti making business project reports and how you can start the roti-making business in India.

You will also learn about the investment you need to make and what license you require to start it. If you look for the machinery required for starting a chapatti-making business you will get to know that as well. You just keep to keep patience and read it till the end.

Chapati Making Business Project Report

From homes to hotels to hostels to hospitals a chapatti is demanded. It is also eaten in places like canteens, tiffin places etc. There is an increasing demand for chapatti in the working areas where men and women do not get their lunch from home and wish to eat home like chapatti.

This has also increased the demand for bread suppliers in the country in both big and small cities. If we consider the demand for roti in today’s time, we can say that it is a great option to choose as a business.

Roti or chapatti manufacturing is going on for centuries. As of now, science has made good progress so new technology has developed for chapati making in the form of roti making machine. Starting a cloud kitchen and selling chapatis of different types has a good scope in the market. 

Making a chapatti is easy but technology has made it easier to make chapatti using machines. You can now make more chapattis in less time and make more money. The machine is easy to work on and using the ease anyone can make chapatti in roti making machine.

Location For Chapati Making Business

The space for the chapatti-making business depends on the size of the machinery. If the machine that you have bought is big, then you need large space and if the size of your machine is small then you need less space. As per the medium-sized roti-making machine, you need 1000 meters square of land so that you can install your machine there and prepare and store chapattis as well.

If you are planning to start a chapatti-making business on a wider scale then at least 1000 square feet is needed. An investment of 4 to 5 lakh is also needed. If you have your own space, it’s good otherwise you need to either buy it or get it on lease.

Raw Material for Chapati Making Business

  • Flour
  • Clean water
  • foil wrapping paper
  • Oil

You need wheat flour and water as raw materials to make dough. You might add oil after making the dough to keep it fresh. So oil is another important raw material. Foil paper is needed to pack the chapattis so you can buy aluminium foil in bulk at wholesale price.

Chapati Making Machines

The chapatti making machine comes in different designs, types and sizes. The semi-automatic or fully automatic machines are available for sale in the market. In a fully automatic machine, the complete work of making chapatti is done simultaneously. From making roti to kneading and rolling dough everything takes place at one time.

Another semi automatic machine involves human effort. There are two machines attached to this chapatti making machine. A mixing machine is used to knead the dough by giving you the option of mixing flour and water so that you can knead it properly. Another one is a ball cutter machine that can help to set the thickness and diameter of the chapatti.

With these machines, chapatti can be prepared in proper thickness and size. Thus from kneading the dough using a machine to roll and make a chapatti it takes very little time and you can make 800 to 1000 chapatis in an hour.

Chapati Making Machine Price Automatic and Semi Automatic

The cost of chapatti making a semi-automatic machine is around Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. As per the rate and capacity, different companies manufacture it and there is a difference in their rates too.

Before you buy the machine for chapatti making, go through it carefully, learn to operate it and compare its price with other company machines. The cost of an automatic chapati-making machine is more than a semi automatic machine for making chapatti. So if your budget is to buy the chapatti making machine then you can buy a second-hand machine for your business or go with a semi-automatic one.

Chapati Business Packaging Chapati Packing

Chapati making business is also a catering business. Therefore you need to take special care of hygiene and cleanliness while you do the chapatti packing. Using foil paper for packing chapattis is a good idea.

The chapatti will remain fresh and soft. When you package chapatti, it is important to keep in mind that chapatti is full and is not damaged.

License Required For Chapati Making Business

To run any business in the country you need to obtain a license from the concerned authorities. If your business is registered you can earn good profits and your work goes without any hindrance.

You can get several benefits if your business is registered. The government provides you financial aid to start your chapatti making business. You must therefore register the chapatti making business under MSME Udhyam Registration.

Since chapati making business is related to food so registering is mandatory. You need to get the license from FSSAI. The food and health department of your city provides it to you. The rules to get a license may vary from city to city.

Things to keep in mind before starting Chapati Making Business In India
  • You need to take good care of cleanliness because it is a food-related business.
  • The flour you use as a raw material in your chapatti should be of good quality. Therefore you need to taste chapatti before selling it.
  • Pay attention to packaging. You must use aluminium foil to pack the chapatti so that it remains hot, fresh and soft till consumed.
  • Obtain a license for chapatti making business.
Promotion and Marketing Of Chapati Making Business

When you start your new chapatti making business from home or outside you need to market it in the initial years or months. In the beginning, it requires hard work for this business and so you need to promote it. Canting, call centres, hospitals, restaurants, hotels etc are the places where you can advertise and get clients for your chapatti. You can also get the opportunity to sell your chapatis near government or public offices so that you can offer chapatti to the employed people.

You can also contact small or big centres of tiffin services nearby your location and supply chapatis to them. These days food services are online in every city so you can sell your chapatis online as well.

You can even make a good amount of money by giving the chapatti making machine for rent. It is a source of extra income that you can make by renting roti-making machines for big events like satsangs, Bhandara, during elections and weddings. You can make around Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 in one day by renting this machine.

Profit From Chapati Making Business

As in there is no fixed profit that you can make on daily basis from chapatti making business. It completely depends on the chapatis you supply in your location. In which city and area you are running your business and how many chapatis are sold every day detail the profit earned from this business.

Your profit also depends on the orders you get in a month and how many sales you make along with the price you are charging per chapatti in wholesale and retail defines your profit. The better your marketing, the more quantity you sell, and the high profits you make.

Profit calculation of Chapati Making Business

You can very easily calculate your profit. The cost of business is Rs 1000 daily. Out of this money is spent on daily raw materials and wages of workers. The cost of machinery is also included. Thus if you make 1000 chapatis in an hour, then you can earn Rs 1000 after cutting your cost. For 8 hours a day, you can make Rs 8000 per day.

You must keep in mind that in metropolitan cities, the cost of one chapatti is Rs 25 and in a small town, it is Rs 15. When you sell it wholesale, you must charge some less. It gives you a clear idea of how much money you make in a day.

How To Start A Large Scale Chapati Making Business On A Large Scale

Chapati making business has a big potential market. If I talk about metropolitan cities like Gurugram, Bangalore, Pune etc. where a large number of migrants are working away from their homes, love to eat home-cooked chapatti in their meals. You can even start selling chapatis in restaurants or open restaurant chains and serve customers. 

The migrants in these cities usually order their food from outside or cook themselves. Thus making chapatti business can be profitable here. They may prefer to buy chapatis from nearby shops, off the sheds or from food halls in malls.

You can offer chapatti service here by packing it in aluminium foil and directly handing it over to your customers. They can ask you for 2 to 3 chapati for their single meal or 10 chapatis for a day.

You can even establish your brand for chapati making business. You can even sell semi-cooked chapatis, which the consumers can cook further by applying oil if they want. Thus you can install the automatic chapatti making machines having a capacity of 500 to 1000 chapatis at a time and you can produce them.

You can therefore establish chapatti making large-scale business in Rs 15 to 20 Lakh where you can buy at least 2 to 3 machines because the profit in this business is high and you can earn the invested money in around 2 years.

Can I start chapatti making business in India with minimal Investment?

If you are planning to start a handmade chapatti business then you can offer variety in your chapatis as per demand as people may order Nann, Tandoori Roti, Lachcha Parantha or Rumali Roti Type items. Therefore you can start it on a small scale by offering variety. But what if the demand tends to increase shortly? Will you be able to make these different types of chapatis in a short time and in more numbers?

If yes, you can proceed with this idea. You need to try to make your business commercially viable. Here are the reasons.

  • You need to reach the limit of demand for your chapatis.
  • You need to produce chapatti as per the choice of the customers.
  • You can hire employees to make chapatis to meet the rising demand.
  • If you will make chapatis in limited quantity, you will not be able to reach your target thus you have to meet the demand for your chapatis in the market.
Contents Of Chapati Making Business Project Report
Sr. No.Particulars
4Health Benefit of Chapati
5Description of Chapati Making Machine
6Chapati Market Analysis
7Chapati Making Machine Manufacturing Process
8Machinery & Equipments Required
9Labour Requirement
10Raw Material Requirement of Chapti
11Chapati Unit License &Registration
12Implementation Schedule
13Project At A Glance
14Computation of Production of Chapati
15Projected Profitability Statement
16Projected Balance Sheet
17Projected Cash Flow Statement
18Computation of Working Capital Requirement
19Computation of Depreciation
20Calculation of D.S.C.R
21Repayment Schedule of Term Loan
Conclusion Of Cloud Kitchen Project Report PDF

You can learn a lot about your new business say if you want to start a new venture of cloud kitchen, then you may write a project report on cloud kitchen and provide every detail that you are planning to do when you start this business. This will be demanded by the bank also for cloud kitchen business plan for bank loan.  This project report will surely help you to rise and shine in a short span of time. Therefore you can start cloud kitchen business to earn good profits in the near future. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Chapati Making Business model
How can i get to know about the Chapati Making Business Growth and Scope?

We have mentioned every detail about Chapati Making Business in our project report. You can download it as it explains every detail about the scope and growth of Chapati Making Business.

Where can i get sample project report for bank loan pdf?

You can check out our project report for Chapati Making Business and write it as per your business plan. Our project report contains all important information that you will require to write your project report to get bank loan.

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