Business Ideas in Odisha Top 10 Best Small Successful Profitable with Low Investment

Business Ideas in Odisha Top 10 Best Small with Low Investment

Our article is going to provide you with the best top 10 business ideas in Odisha that will surely help you to make a good decision if you are planning to set up a new business in Odisha.

Odisha is one of the best places to start a new business. The main business ideas in Odisha comprise food, transportation, writing services, and much more. If you are keen to know about the profitable business idea in Odisha, you have come to the right place. I am going to share the top ten best business ideas in Odisha below.

Odisha is a great tourist hub in India because it is famous for monuments, beaches, lakes, temples, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. Bhubaneswar which is the capital of Odisha is an IT hub here. Hotels provide excellent services to their clients from across the country. Odisha being a fine state is good to establish a new venture. So many businesses here require very less capital and can be immediately started. The best business ideas for Odisha can be based on small, medium, or large-scale investments.

The profitable business ideas in Odisha can be the ones that need minimal investments and can gain you good profits whereas small-scale business projects in Odisha can be food eateries like small stalls or restaurants with beautiful infrastructure.  

List of Best Ten Profitable Business ideas in Odisha 2022

Cashew Nut Processing BusinessFood Delivery Business
Handicraft BusinessInitiate An E-commerce Business
Tourism BusinessBuy A Franchisee
Hotels and RestaurantsCar Rental Business
Computer Training InstituteDiagnostic Center

Detailed Guideline for Successful Startup Opportunities in Odisha

1. Cashew Nut Processing Business

As we all know that Odisha is famous for cashew nut production and Cashew being an important cash crop turns out to be the number 1 business idea in Odisha. The cashew Processing business is the most profitable business idea in Odisha. You can initiate small-scale cashew nut processing in Odisha depending upon your raw material and location.

The supply of cashew nuts in Odisha is limited whereas its demand is high. One of the best food processing businesses in Odisha is Cashew processing being a good profit-generating business too. The processing of cashew needs to be proper as people do not eat them raw. People are health conscious, so the cashews need to be good in quality. Being a small-scale business, it can gain you handsome profits.

2. Food Delivery Business

Food businesses can never lead you to losses if you manage them wisely. In Odisha, the food delivery system is not satisfactory so you can take advantage of the shortcomings of your competitors and win the hearts of your customers. Thus if you are looking for small business ideas in Odisha then choose a food delivery business that will turn out to be the best startup idea for the business in Odisha as people get attracted to good service. Starting food tiffin delivery service is also great idea for women to start.

Supplying food is not a business that requires huge funds. You can only increase your area where you have to supply food and this is possible by creating more and more contacts. Get in touch with hotels, and restaurants in your area or nearby and deliver food items. Developing an app is also a good option as people use smartphones every time. Make sure to give excellent services while delivering goods so that you can prove your business to be the top business venture idea in Odisha. For more information read the business plan and project report on the under mention topic.

Food TruckFast Food Restaurant
Cloud KitchenNamkeen Production

3. Handicraft Business

Among the best entrepreneurial opportunities in Odisha, handicrafts are the ones that cannot be ignored. It is a good source of money-making here. The artworks like pottery, terracotta, and many more can be made and sold. Online selling of handicrafts is also a good suggestion for you. These things are in good demand in the international markets so you can also contact the exporters and capture those markets.

Initially, it may take time to reach out to a large area in the market, but once your products get famous and get recognized in the market, you will make an excellent income. Govermnet of India has launched some useful schemes for helping set up handicraft business in India.

For more information read:

4. Initiate An E-commerce Business

If you have a desire to begin an e-commerce business idea in Odisha then it is a good startup proposal for you. Since Odisha is located on the seaside, thus the essentials from the colder areas are not available here. Thus you can start dealing with the kinds of stuff that lack availability by importing them from different countries using water transport.

The demand for these items will be high and you can earn more profits. To attract more customers, you only have to choose a good place for your business.

5. Tourism Business

One of the best venture plans in Odisha is the tourism-related business. Since Odisha is a hub to many beautiful places like beaches, monuments, landscapes, temples, etc. people from many countries visit here. You can plan for tourism business and make handsome earnings as tourism industry here is not so rich therefore you can make necessary arrangements for the visitors and give them good facilities while they are on their trip and make money.

You can become a tourist guide, a photographer or arrange taxis and earn well. The tourism business is a low investment business in Odisha. If you like exploring new places, then this business can bring you laurels.

6. Buy A Franchisee

If you are looking for a startup scheme in Odisha buying a franchisee is not a bad idea. This may involve more investment so it is a business with high investment high profit in Odisha. The franchisee can be of pizza, ice cream, food-based, footwear, electronic items, etc.

The location should be good so that you can make profits in the franchisee business once you have invested funds. Once the business rises, profits get higher.

7. Hotels and Restaurants

Odisha is a tourist spot so hotels and restaurants businesses can touch the sky with glory as tourists like to stay in hotels that offer good facilities, services, and hygiene. Catering to the needs of tourists in your hotel will attract more tourists. The location of the hotel can be near the tourist spots like Chilika lake, Puri, Cuttack, Konark, etc. The idea for the best side business in Odisha can be a guide who can take the tourists out for visiting new places and earn you part-time income. Fast food restaurant business can be started in a busy market with good parking space to grab attention of customers.

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8. Car Rental Business

Tourism is very popular in Odisha so the demand for car rental services is increasing at a fast speed. Car Rental is a high-earning entrepreneur plan in Odisha. All you need to do is to schedule customer reservations and provide them with the rental car. Less investment of capital by buying one or two cars initially, be it second-hand and supply them on rent.

9. Computer Training Institute

Bhubaneswar being a knowledge hub in India has new public and private universities. The famous IIT is also established here. Thus computer training institute is the ideal business in Odisha for the students who are computer savvy and want to work as professionals here. To own a computer training institute in Odisha, along with other services will prove to be a rewarding and profitable business here. For more information read business plan & project report on Computer Institute.

10. Diagnostic Center

An individual who has done a diploma in laboratory science can open a diagnostic center with the required investment of capital. The diagnostic center in pathology is a money-making business in Odisha in the medicine and pharma industry. High-quality service and reporting are required by doctors and patients so you have to be focused on this work.

List of High-Return with Low Investment Business Opportunities in Odisha

  1. Amusement park along with water park.
  2. Disposable diapers
  3. Tyre business
  4. Disposable plastic material with syringes
  5. Healthcare centers
  6. IV Fluid
  7. Fruit juice corner
  8. Cake soaps and detergent powder
  9. Pharma shops
  10. Steel plants
  11. Flush doors manufacturing business
  12. Repairing transformers

Odisha is an excellent place to work. If you want to start a new venture in Odisha, you can do it as it is going to succeed here for sure. There are many local startup ideas in Odisha too which require less investment and immediate earning. We hope your research brought you to the right place. You can choose any idea from the above-mentioned ones as they were well researched before writing. 


How to choose the right place for my business in Odisha?

The best way to decide the right location for your business in Odisha is the availability of raw materials. The target audience also plays a major role in helping you decide where you are going to start your business. People won’t travel a far distance because of their busy life. It is advisable to be in the market for your start-up and your raw material can reach you without putting extra expenses on your shoulders.

How to promote my business in Odisha?

You have the availability of several media for promotion be it posters, newspapers, local magazines, online ads, blogs, e-mail marketing, push notifications, etc. Your budget can help you choose the promotional tools. Initially, when your business has just started you might need to spend more money in promoting it, but later you will become recognized in the city you are doing business in and thus won’t spend more funds on advertising.

What are the skilled businesses that I can start in Odisha?

There are a few businesses that require your skills and thus you can start them in Odisha. A few of them are writing blogs, dance academies, teaching institutes, cooking classes, beauty parlors, etc. Beauty parlor is a very famous business opportunity for females in Odisha.

Which is the topmost profited business in Odisha?

The tourism business is the most profitable business in Odisha in which you can start a taxi service or initiate a hotel or a restaurant nearby tourist spots. This is a successful business project in Odisha because many tourists visit this place during their vacation and love to stay for some days.

Which franchise should I buy in Odisha for my business?

If you are thinking to buy a franchise in Odisha then you can go for food points like pizza, ice-cream here and that too near the tourist places as you will attract customers easily.

What are the greatest small-scale business ideas in Odisha?

You can start any business in Odisha depending upon your capital, time, and interest. Small scale businesses can be tutoring services, food stalls, and writing services.

Which business is best to start in Odisha?

Starting a handicraft business in Odisha is the best as you can get benifit of government scheme to set up this venture.

Which business is most profitable in Odisha?

Fast food restaurant business is most profitable in Odisha. People of all age groups like to eat outside food in restaurants and celebrate their special occasions too here.

Which business is best in Odisha with low investment?

Car rental business can be started in Odisha with low investmnet. If you already have 2 or 3 cars you can easily start this business as the major investment of this business is in buying cars that you already have. If you don’t have a car, you can buy a small one on EMI and start this business with 1 car also.

How to start a small business in Odisha?

By arranging finance for your business, finding a good location and buying the raw material at cheap cost will help you start a small business in Odisha. You should do a detailed market research before starting a business in Odisha.

What business can I start in Odisha?

You can start E-Commerce business, Diagnostic centre, computer training institute or food business in Odisha. You can choose any other business also to start in Odisha that we have listed in our list.

Is Odisha safe for business?

Every city in India is safe for business because people require all the products of their use that you can provide them. The thing is that you need to research well for any business you start in Odisha and check out its market potential before investing money.

Which type of business is best in Odisha?

Any food related business is best to start in Odisha like fruit juice corner, food truck business, fast food restaurant etc.

Which business is best in Lucknow?

Starting a garments business is best in every state as people are crazy about clothing. Thus you can start garments shop in Odisha and make good money. You can also start a textile recycling business in Odisha and get assistance from government to set up this venture.

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