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Our Biodegradable Plastic Bags Project Report has in store all the useful information to guide you set up this new venture in India. The biodegradable Plastic bags business is a highly profitable startup because this industry is growing at an unstoppable speed in India. Because of the strict ban on the usage of plastic bags or polythenes, this sector has got a great hike.

The global biodegradable plastic bags market has a value of 2.8 billion which is expected to rise to USD 8.6 Billion. Using about 5 trillion plastic bags, only 1 per cent is recycled and it is too less. It is going to take around 500 years to decompose plastic completely. Thus government around the world is banning the use of plastic bags so that the environment can be saved. Thus it is supporting the biodegradable plastic bags business in the country.

You can therefore get the complete information about the biodegradable plastic bags business in India in the blog below and get answers to all your queries.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags Project Report

You can immediately download the Biodegradable Carry Bags Manufacturing sample project report format template, in MS excel or word/pdf format.

One of the most prevalent types of plastic used in protective packaging materials is polyethene. As biodegradable bags become more widely available, plastic may be phased out entirely. Cornstarch and other natural materials are commonly used to make biodegradable bags.

Instead of being used as primary packaging, biodegradable plastic may be used to transport goods. Biodegradable materials will become more financially feasible if they are used more widely.

From 2018 to 2024, the global biodegradable bag market is expected to reach USD 12.1 billion, rising at a CAGR of more than 4.90 per cent. Stringent environmental rules governing the use of plastics and increased consumer awareness of human health are driving the industry.

What are biodegradable bags?

Biodegradable polymers, also known as BDPs, and sometimes referred to as biodegradable plastics, are polymeric materials that can decompose into carbon dioxide, methane, water, and inorganic chemicals.

Biodegradable plastic bags are constructed from polymers including polyethene, polystyrene, and polypropylene that have been tested in the open environment to decompose or biodegrade.

Because of its properties, such as minimal weight and ease of disposal, biodegradable plastic bags are widely used. Plastic has been widely utilised for packaging in a variety of industries around the world. Due to the implementation of rigorous rules on the use of non-degradable plastic by many governments across the globe and a rise in health awareness among consumers, the demand for biodegradable plastic has increased over time.

People that are environmentally conscious favour biodegradable polymers. Various governments are focusing on lowering waste percentages and promoting the usage of biodegradable packaging materials.

What are the uses of biodegradable bags?

When exposed to air, water, or sunlight, biodegradable shopping bags disintegrate or decompose. This category is expected to dominate the biodegradable bags market among other end-user industries because of an increase in demand for ready-to-consume food and beverage. Because of their small weight and ease of disposal, biodegradable bags are utilised in a variety of industries, including food and beverage packaging, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Due to the rising use of eco-friendly products, the possible applications of biodegradable polymers are expanding.

Factors affecting the growth of the Biodegradable Plastic Carry Bags Market 

  • Strict ban on plastic bags and other common plastic items that harm the environment.
  • Awareness of Consumers on sustainable solutions of plastic.
  • Efforts of Government in reducing petroleum dependency.
  • Hike in the dependency on environment-friendly items be it packaging of food items or textile.
  • Harmful effects of plastic waste.

How to Download Biodegradable Plastic Bags Sample Project Report 


Now you can instantly download reports in excel or word format. It is a well-written project report made after a deep analysis of facts, figures and complete information especially gathered to help you and solve your purpose of downloading it. Follow these steps to download the project report of biodegradable carry bags pdf. 

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Second Step       –  Immediately after successful payment, you will get a link to download the report. You can download the report immediately from this link.

How are biodegradable plastic bags made?

You must know about the bioplastics which we get from vegetable virgin or natural products. This helps us to make biodegradable plastics. The objective to create biodegradable plastic bags is just to cause no or less harm to our environment because you can decompose them quickly.

Thus these bioplastic bags are made from raw materials like corn, potatoes or soybean. These are the important ingredients used to manufacture biodegradable plastic bags.

There are many options to produce biodegradable plastic bags but it completely depends on the availability of raw material for you to decide which method you will use. You can start this set up from your house also. Manufacturing plastic bags is a lucrative business idea if you follow the right process and spend time in this business.

How much investment is needed for starting a biodegradable plastic bag business?

Initially, you can start a plastic bag manufacturing business with an investment of Rs 60 lakh approximately on a small scale. To start a large-scale biodegradable carry bags business you might need 1 crore. 

What is the raw material for manufacturing biodegradable plastic bags in India?

The raw material for manufacturing biodegradable carry bags is the compostable granules of plastic that are made from starch and natural polymers. It is easy to decompose them and thus manufacture eco-friendly plastic bags or carry bags.

How much area is required to set up a biodegradable plastic bag manufacturing unit?

If you are setting up a small-scale unit initially then you require at least 400 square meters of land to start this business. If it is going to be put up on a large scale, then the investment is 800 square meters or more. Initially, you can start from a small scale and later you can expand it.

Machinery Needed To Manufacture Biodegradable Plastic Bags In India?

Extrusion Machine

This machine helps in shaping the film with the help of compostable granules. A single set of extruders and two machine heads help to blow high-density polyethene and lower-density polyethene plastic films. You can manufacture flat bags from plastic films and vest bags as well.

Sealing and Cutting Machine

You can cut and seal the biodegradable plastic bags using a sealing and cutting machine. You can get your bags ready in the desired design and shape.

Printing Machine

This machine is going to help you print your brand name and logo on the biodegradable carry bags. You can choose the font and colour of your logo for printing. Therefore this machine plays a vital role in increasing brand awareness.

Biodegradable Bags Business Market Research and Market Trends

  • An Indonesian business has developed a plastic bag that is so environmentally benign that it can be eaten. It’s made of cassava, a root vegetable that’s a mainstay in many African, Latin American, and Asian diets but may also be utilised in manufacturing.
  • Due to its rising population, Europe is the top consumer of biodegradable paper and plastic packaging. Furthermore, North America is growing rapidly in the worldwide market.
  • The United States had the greatest market share in biodegradable bags, owing to people’s growing environmental concerns, which is expected to boost the worldwide industry in the future.
  • The oil and gas business has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last two years, with sluggish growth due to low demand and oversupply. The decline in oil prices has benefited the plastic bags and sacks industry, as manufacturers can now obtain raw materials at lower prices.
  • As consumer awareness about environmental protection has grown, as has the legislative landscape imposing single-use plastic bag restrictions, ecofriendly product makers around the world have moved their focus to biodegradable and bio-based plastic bags.
  • The biodegradable packaging sector is largely influenced by the food and beverage industries. As a result, the biodegradable bag industry will rise in the next years as the f&b packaging business expands.

What is the electricity and manpower requirement for biodegradable carry bag units in India?

40 Kw to 50Kw of electricity power and a team of eight to nine employees is initially required to set up a biodegradable bag manufacturing business in India.

Major Players Of Biodegradable Carry Bags

  • Dunplast Poly Bag Ltd.
  • Al Shoaib Plastic Factory
  • Luban Packing
  • Zubairi Plastic Bags Industry LLC
  • Four Star Plastics
  • Pack-It BV
  • International Plastics
  • Hefty Brand Products & Home Solutions
  • Amrit Plastochem Pvt Ltd.
  • The Glad Products Company

Which license is important for Biodegradable Plastic Bags Business?

  • GST registration
  • UDYOG Aadhar registration
  • CPCB registration
  • NOC from the pollution department

SWOT Analysis for Biodegradable Carry Bags Business

Your aim should be to become one of the leading biodegradable plastic bag manufacturing companies in the country. It is expected of you that you will make the right decisions for your business at the right time. It is going to help you manage your organizational structure well.

Although there are many biodegradable plastic bag companies in the country, to manufacture tarry bags and fulfil the demand for the same in the market. Here is a swot analysis study that is specially conducted for your business to let you know the strength and opportunities that you have in this business.

You must work to minimize the risks and maximize your profits.


Your strength is the quality carry bags that you can manufacture in your company. It is dependent on your teamwork and their power. The strength also lies in creating a plastic bag manufacturing factory with highly trained employees and producing top-notch plastic bags.


The major weakness that you may witness is that we are a new biodegradable plastic bags making company and many are already flourishing, so it may take time to build your reputation.

Another weakness is not having enough funds to compete with rich companies in this industry. You may lack the cash to promote your business on the national level.


You may get several opportunities from the rising awareness of the environment. It is the reason that demand for biodegradable plastic bags is increasing. You can thus work to meet this demand.

Initially, it may not seem to have high profits but the demand will be evergreen and strong. With a proper market survey, you can get an idea about the potential clients and position yourself well to satisfy them.


One of the major threats that you may face on your way is the economic downturn. It affects your purchasing and spending power. Another threat can be the arrival of a new company manufacturing biodegradable plastic bags in your location.

Unfavourable government policies can also affect your business adversely and pose threat to you.

Global Biodegradable Plastic Bags and Sacks Market

Bio-plastic carrier bags are currently in high demand across a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail, health, and personal care, because they are available in a variety of appealing forms and shapes. Plastic manufacturers have shifted from regular plastic bags to bioplastic carrier bags in response to rising consumer demand for environmentally friendly plastic carrier bags. Another important aspect driving the market for bioplastic carrier bags is the reusability feature, which customers highly value.

The government’s initiative to purchase environmentally friendly solutions has spurred the demand for bio-plastic carrier bags. Because of its increasing use in numerous industries as well as by consumers, the bio-plastic carrier bag market is predicted to rise significantly during the forecast period.

Scope Of Bioplastic Garbage Bags Business

A garbage bag is a bag that is used to collect, store, dispose of, and handle rubbish. Disposable bags also have a wide range of uses in rubbish transportation and distribution. Low-density polyethene (LDPE), high-density polyethene (HDPE), recycled polythene, liner blend polythene, woven polypropylene, biodegradable polythene, and co-extruded plastic bags are some of the materials used to make these bags. Furthermore, these bags successfully reduce reliance on oil, providing plastic film manufacturers with a home answer.

They are hygienic, leak-proof, lightweight, sturdy, portable, air and water-resistant, and meet, and are recycled because they are created to FDA and USDA criteria. As a result, disposable rubbish bags are commonly utilised in homes, colleges, offices, stores, restaurants, hospitals, and enterprises. Biodegradable trash bags are an excellent method of transporting compostable and food waste to a compost facility. Many companies now sell “biodegradable” trash bags that aren’t biodegradable at all.

A recent university study assessed the numerous additives added to plastic to supposedly make so-called biodegradable rubbish bags compostable. The additions, it turns out, are useless. The bags break down into smaller bits, which the fish then consume.

The demand for Biodegradable Garbage Bags In India

The demand for handy and cost-effective garbage bags has been spurred by an increase in disposable income and purchasing power among customers, which has fueled the market expansion. Furthermore, the market is expected to grow due to a rise in demand for premium garbage bags due to their stretchy strength and odour control features. However, strict controls and taxes on plastic bags are likely to stifle industry growth to counteract the adverse impacts on the environment.

Manufacturing Process Of Garbage Bags

Degradable in nature, Heat sealing and cutting rolls of film produce plastic roll bags. Rolls of tubing or sheeting are fed into a machine that cuts the material to the required length. The machine then cycles through placing a seal on the material and cutting it off to create three different bags. Machine cycle speeds of up to 70,000 bags per hour have been seen with small bags in rare situations. In some cases, a huge bag may move at a rate of 2,000 bags per hour.

Quality Standards for Biodegradable Plastic Bags

IS/ISO 17088:2008 Biodegradable Plastic Garbage Bags.

Target Market For Biodegradable Plastic Bags Business

All the pharmaceutical stores, grocery shops, departmental stores, boutiques, supermarkets etc make use of eco-friendly carry bags in India. They are exclusively used for packaging items. You can thus target these stores and create a market for your product.

One should also know what your target market is expecting from you. A businessman can therefore manufacture and sell your eco-friendly carry bags in the FMCG sector including the ones listed in the above paragraphs and restaurants as well.

Our deep research has made us conclude that the biodegradable plastic bags industry has become competitive in these years and henceforth you must be creative enough to design and market your product so that you can survive in this industry.

You should be aware of the existing competition and prepare yourself to compete with your competitors.

Content Of Biodegradable Plastic Bags Project Report

  • Table of Contents
  • Project at a Glance
  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Promoters and Management
  • Background
  • Market Demand Potential
  • Location of the Project
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Projected Profitability Statement
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Term Loan Repayment Schedule
  • Ratio Analysis & Assumptions
  • Expenses Detail
  • SWOT
  • Conclusion & Recommendations

Sample Project Report Format For Biodegradable Carry Bags Manufacturing Plant

In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow charts etc. as and when required or deemed fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations which are necessary for the Investor/bank.

You will get the complete data on biodegradable Carry Bags Manufacturing in PDF or MS Word. Which you can use easily. You can also modify the information according to your need. You will be able to access the data easily according to your requirement. Additionally, you can easily convert the data to PDF format.

For whom is the biodegradable plastic bags project report format useful?

  1. CA Chartered Accountants
  2. Tax Consultants
  3. Small Business Owners
  4. Students
  5. Engineers

In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

Conclusion of Biodegradable Plastic Bags Project Report

If you are interested to start a plastic biodegradable business in India then it is a wonderful opportunity for you. Entrepreneurs can capture a vast market in this business. Restaurant chains, textile hubs and other small businesses have started using biodegradable plastic bags. This shows you have big market potential in this business.

If you choose the right strategy for your business and have a hard-working team, you can create a big brand name in a very short time. You will initially face some challenges in this business, but yes everyone faces them. You can move out, work hard and establish yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions On Biodegradable Plastic Bags Project Report
Can I download besan gram flour project report in the format of excel or word file ?

You can easily download the project report of besan manufacturing plant by making the payment from our website. You will initially download the pdf format of the besan manufacturing business plan and later using free online conversion tools, you can convert the file in word or excel format.

Where can iIget besan gram flour sample project report pdf for a bank loan?

You can check out the best business model of besan manufacturing project report from our website. You can use it as a sample project report and write your project report for your business so that you can avail bank loan for this business.

What is the detailed project report for besan manufacturing business?

A detailed project report is the one that has all important information to check out before you make the iinvestmentin this business. You can start besan manufacturing business with a small and large scale. The project report will provide you each and every information related to this subject.

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