New Business Ideas in Jaipur with Low Investment 2023

New Business Ideas in Jaipur with Low Investment 2024

In the last few years, businesses have already shown a considerable amount of changes. Now,  you don’t require a lot of investment to initiate a business; however, you can quickly grow the business with great ideas & little effort. If you want to start a business in Jaipur, then you have come to the perfect place because we are providing a list of top 10 best new business ideas in Jaipur with low investment that will surely help you in starting the business.

Jaipur has become one of the most popular cities that is considered as “Pink City” of India that has become the best tourist attractions & foodie delights. However, the capital city of Rajasthan has great potential for economic & business development.

If you own a small business in the bustling city of Jaipur, then it can be the next great thing. This particular city comes with an approximate population of 31 lakhs; however, this particular city serves as the best customer base for you to create a profitable and steady business.  In the below-mentioned paragraphs, we have discussed the top 10 business ideas in Jaipur that will help you in starting a business.

Top 10 Profitable & Successful Business Ideas In Jaipur

Textile BusinessArts and Painting
Travel BusinessHandicrafts
Hostels and Home StaysWarehouse Rentals
IT-based start-upsTravel and Food Blogging

List of Best Small Start-up Opportunity in Jaipur

Following are the few lucrative start-up opportunity in Jaipur that will surely be helpful for you.

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Textile Business

The popularity of the textile industry business ideas is at its peak in Jaipur. It has become one of the most popular cities that have already been a constant object of fancy and curiosity. You will go for a particular kind of conventional garment or have a variety of apparel, but it is greatly bound to attract a lot of attention if run correctly.  Before starting a business, you must understand your financial capacity to invest money in business.

You must understand overall investment & business acumen that will surely define how far you will surely be able to go financially. Starting a waste textile fabric recycling business also has a great boom in the Indian market as textile waste is found everywhere.

The perfect way is to create handcrafted, traditional clothing that is high in demand among tourists who always prefer purchasing authentic Rajsthani clothes. However, you can also look at becoming the source fabrics or wholesaler to sell to other textile shops.

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Arts and Painting

The demand for such great business is at its peak among art aficionados & foreign tourists. It always carries a great reputation and will lead to the best earning potential. There are different kinds of methods are out there that will help you in running such a fantastic business in collaboration. One should tie-up with art galleries to sell the pieces of paintings and art.

You should also check the variety of printing stores for printing mugs, shirts & other such articles.  You will have to hire an expert who will create congenital portraits, artifacts & paintings that will attract both local & tourist crowds.

Travel Business

If you want to earn a lot of money in a limited amount of time in Jaipur, then you should start a tour and travel business. The government of Rajasthan also supports so many travel businesses. It can be a flourishing business. You can also start such an incredible business for travel tickets, local tourist visits, or hotel room bookings. Therefore, it would be a lucrative opportunity for any kind of small business owner. If you want to expand the business, then you should collaborate with local businesses. All you need to build a powerful online presence via social media, website & other channels.


You will find folks in the Jaipur are incredibly fond of conventional and local handicrafts of varying kinds. It isn’t for themselves but for their relatives and guests as well. Handicrafts have become one of the best businesses to get into. Make sure that you are selling a variety of best things like jewelry items, traditional beds such as necklaces or earnings & other essential items like pottery like pots, vases, cups, and bowls. These are some conventional handicrafts businesses that can take shape. This could be a high-margin business. If you want to attract a lot of customers, then you must make use of top-notch quality raw material to stay updated with the latest trends. So many assistance schemes for handicrafts business are also being offered by the government.


Jaipur has become one of the great paradises for food lovers. This particular city has sufficient variety to satiate everybody’s food cravings. Make sure that you are focusing on a variety of best food like non-vegetarian or vegetarian, food or snacks, conventional or junk food. You can run a sweet shop, fast-food joint, an eatery, or any full-fledged fast food restaurant business. You can easily find out people walking into the shop. Social media has become one of the great methods to go when it comes to marketing & publicizing eateries. It is highly recommended that one must complete all the important formalities & registration from certified authorities. Opening a food truck is a small scale eatery point.

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Jaipur is earning a considerable amount of money from the tourist ecosystem business idea. The majority of the folks are traveling to the Jaipur for several purposes. You will find a lot of people are already planning family trips, romantic getaways, educational tours, and others. Naturally, a lot of people want to capture memories of the trip. It is always making photography a profitable business. Therefore, you must make use of social networking platforms that have become one of the best ways to reach you professionally.  It has become one of the great ways to push sales.

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Hostels and Home Stays

Backpackers or long-term tourists are considered as few groups of the tourist who like to stay in the hostels & house stays over conventional hotels. They are not only cheaper, but they also have a powerful or rooted cultural element to them. However, accessibility, location & ease of booking are considered as most important factors that will surely make the overall venture in such a great segment a success. A Homestay business can be started with little investmnet and some renovation in your house.

Warehouse Rentals

Industries have always been considered as the strength of the Jaipur. You will find requirements of the warehouses are continually increasing. It is highly recommended that you should take some additional space so you will be able to rent it out to other parties to make a considerable amount of profit in a limited amount of time.

IT-based start-ups

There are so many start-ups that have already emerged as successful ventures. It has become one of the biggest start-up hubs in India. There are so many new-age entrepreneurial ventures, such as CarDekho, InstaCash, etc, that have already gained nationwide recognition.  Jaipur has become one of the great cities that is providing a great ecosystem for start-up businesses. Accelerators and Incubators have already shown a great presence in Jaipur that is continually making it favorable in case you want to establish a start-up business in a limited time.

Travel and Food Blogging

If food or travel is your passion, then it would be a great opportunity to initiate a travel or food blogging.

Jaipur has become one of the great places for tourists, and Rajasthan has become a great state to initiate a blogging career.

However, you can also start video blogging or vlogging, which has become one of the great trends on social networking platforms. Our list of top 10 business ideas in Jaipur will help you in starting a new business.


What is the right business to start in Jaipur In 2024?

If you want to start the perfect business in Jaipur in 2024, then it is your responsibility to do proper planning. All things totally depend on your budget. Moreover, if you are starting a new business in Jaipur, then it doesn’t need much finances. You should make contact with a professional entrepreneur who will give you effective suggestions related to the best business that you can start in Jaipur in 2024.

Which business is best to start in Jaipur?

Food stalls like pav bhaji, kathi roll, food truck business or fast food restaurant busines is the best business to start in Jaipur as people keep on visiting this pink city throughout the year so starting a food business is the best idea.

Which business is most profitable in Jaipur?

Homestay and car rental business is best to start in Jaipur as people visit Jaipur during their holidays and look for a homely place to live. Thus you can easily start a homestay business here and rent out your car as well.

Which business is best in Jaipur with low investment?

Handicrafts business is best in Jaipur that can be started with low investmnet and at home. You can make a lot of elegant handicrafts and sell them in malls and shops where travellers visit. Thye can buy them as these handicrafts may not be available in their city.

How to start a small business in Jaipur?

It is easy to start a small business in Jaipur simply with taking the business idea seriously, investing your money, getting it registered, arranging raw material and doing the manufacturing that will end with sale and profit margin.

What business can i start in Jaipur?

You can start a travel guide business in Jaipur as it comes with very low investment. You can guide visitors to visit famous forts and palaces in Jaipur and pick and drop them. They will pay you good for your service and you can make good money.

Is Jaipur safe for business?

Jaipur is the pink city of India that allows visitors throughout the world to come and explore the beauty of museums, forts and palaces here. You can start any business here like travel, car rentals, or food. Every business will help you get good return if your planning is smooth.

Which type of business is best in Jaipur?

I think the handicraft business is best in Lucknow. All elegant handicrafts are used to decorate the houses of people living in Jaipur and travelers. You can invest money in the handicrafts business and make them from your home. They reflect the culture of Jaipur.

Which start-up business is great in 2024?

The majority of the folks are starting the home-based catering business in 2024. You will find a lot of people love the food they get prepared in their premises during the festivities and events the expenditure on food if they get it catered from best hotels.

How to start a business in Jaipur in 2024?

If you have a sufficient budget, then a travel business would be a great opportunity for you. Make sure that you are investing a considerable amount of time in the research and learn about the different businesses that you can start in 2024.

How much does it cost to work on a new business idea in Jaipur? 

In case anyone wants to start a business without investing a lot of money, then some online businesses would be reliable for them. It can be a great option for them because they can do their work while sitting on their favorite couch. You will need less investment in comparison to store businesses. You can also check the list of top 10 business ideas in Jaipur that will be helpful for you.

What are some great opportunities to have a work-from-home-based business in Jaipur?

If you are searching for something that you will do from home and support yourself & your beloved family, then it would be better to initiate a home-based business that can be an ideal option for you. You will surely go ahead with green plant vending, pottery making, digital marketing, crafts making, and a few other best opportunities in the eCommerce sector. There are a lot of freelancing opportunities are also available in Jaipur where you can work from home only. 

Which industry is famous in Jaipur?

Food industry and Handicrafts industry is the best in Jaipur. People are fond of eating and buying handicrafts from Jaipur and gift their friends and relatives.

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