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You can download the sample format of the Stationery Shop Project Report here. The project report aims to prepare a project report for a bank loan and other works. Project reports are useful for getting information about a stationery business. You can download the report for a small fee.


The stationery business is to fulfill the requirement of stationery of schools, colleges, offices, and all companies.

There is a huge scope of stationery business in India. Paper items include note pads, long books, winding books, etc. Non-paper stationery includes pencils, pens, publication hues, etc. Both paper items and non-paper stationery have a big scope in India.

The stationery business has developed due to an increase in education and tuition-based schools. The demand for premium stationery by corporate and workplaces has led to the development of the stationery business.

How to Download Stationery Shop Sample Project Report 

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How to Start a Stationery Business in India

The quality of education in India is rapidly improving. As a result, the number of schools and colleges grows every year. This development has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for stationery items throughout the country.

The scope of the stationery business in India is evergreen. If you want to get into this business, you can easily start a stationery shop with a small investment.

Stationery shop business plan

  • The choice of a good location is very important in the stationery business. You should choose a place which is close to the school or college.
  • Also, a location surrounded by offices can work, but you cannot expect much from it because companies provide stationery items to their employees. 
  • A small stationery shop requires 100-200 square feet of shop space to get started. For a medium to large-scale shop, you may need 500 to 800 square feet of shop space.
  • Having enough space in your shop always gives you the flexibility to add new product categories in the future.
  • For running a medium to large-scale shop, 2-3 employees may be required to assist you in managing the business.
  • If you have enough space, it is useful to include a Xerox machine and a colour printing machine in your stationery shop. This will generate additional revenue.
  • Selling the latest trending items always gives a healthy profit margin. The best way to get these items is to visit a local wholesale market in your area 
  • It will be beneficial if you also include other items like toys, gifts in your shop. This will help you in the off-season (when schools and colleges are closed). You can earn some income by selling these items in the offseason.
  • Sell items with a low margin in the beginning and add the latest trending items to your shop, then surely you will get enough customers in a few months. 

What are the licenses and Registrations required?

You do not need any special license to start a stationery business in India. Shop and establishment registration and business registration (sole proprietorship) are sufficient.

If you have basic documents like an Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account, and shop rental agreement, you can easily get these registrations. You can take help from any CA or legal agency to get these documents.

If you plan a small to the medium-scale stationery shop, then a GST certificate is not necessary. As per the government rules, the annual turnover limit of the business for the supply of goods has been fixed at 40 lakhs.

So if your turnover is less than 40 lakhs, then you do not need a GST certificate.

Stationery Store Business Investment Cost

The investment required to start a stationery business depends on factors such as whether you are planning a small or large shop, whether you own or rent the shop, purchase starting materials, the kind of items you sell.

Before investing in the business of the stationery shop, you must study the project report.

An investment of 5-6 lakhs is enough to start a small stationery shop.

  • Rack/shop interior, furniture, and signage boards 1.50 to 2 lakhs
  • Starting Material Purchase – 3 to 4 lakhs
  • Shop Security Deposit will be extra (if you do not have a shop)

To start a medium to large scale shop, you have to invest 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

  • Rack/shop interior, furniture, and signage boards 3 to 4 lakhs
  • Starting Material Purchase – 7 to 8 lakhs
  • Any Machinery/Equipment like Xerox Machine – 1.50 Lakh to 2 Lakh
  • Computer systems and printers – 75k to 1 lakh
  • Miscellaneous 50,000 Rs.
  • Shop Security Deposit will be extra (if you do not have a shop)

Profit Margin in Stationery Business

Since you will be selling various items from different brands, it will be difficult to pinpoint the profit margin in this business accurately.

However, you can expect up to a 20% margin in branded products. Note, since you are running a single store and your purchase volume is also small, you cannot expect any special plans or bonuses from the company.

You can expect a profit margin of up to 25% from non-branded items.

Always keep an eye on current trends. From trending items, you can get a margin of up to 50% if that item is not available in other stationery shops in your area.

Stationery Business development

Students of educational institutions purchase note pads, long books, winding books, pens, and scientific instruments.

Scoops and educational institutions influence customers, making purchases according to the advice given by them. Earlier, parents and children used to buy small branded state government issued books. However, at present, schools and educational institutions have annoying controls over children.

Youngsters take stationery to match their style, which they are not using. Teachers and craftsmanship teachers are the major influencers. Also read the article on Top 15 Most Profitable and Successful Stationery Business Ideas to understand the industry in more detail.

Customer Requirements and Business Improvement

Customer needs and better quality paper are becoming more widely used. Indian customers prefer to carry more quality items at affordable prices. However, this business is growing rapidly using Showcasing Instruments.


Location around schools, colleges, centers will be suitable for the shop. It would be advisable to open a shop in the colony as there is less competition in the colony.

Stationary Business Products

The major products of the stationery business are notebooks, exercise books, note pads, sticky pads, folders, leads, pencils, business papers, Xerox sheets, T-scales, angles, etc.

Current scenario

The Indian stationery industry has been witnessing massive changes in recent years. Despite the increasing competition from the markets, the Indian industry has continuously brought its feet to market with innovation and made it more customer-centric.

However, in India, there are important areas to focus on innovation, performance, and versatility. Further, Businessmen are now researching and developing new products, as the market is now consumer-oriented which is always looking for cost-effective prices.


However, there are huge market sizes available in India. Further, the use of new technology helps in the development of business. There are still untouched markets available in India. There has been considerable growth in both the luxury segment and the mass market in the pen segment.


However, competition with low-priced Chinese products is available in the market. Infrastructure related problems are also in India.


In conclusion, based on the above stationery shop project report, it is clear that there is a lot of scope for development in the field of stationery in India. Therefore, With the increasing level of education and increasing service sectors like the education and hospitality sector in India, there is a possibility in the future that there will be steady growth in this business in India. The stationery business is still untouched by corporate. In addition, the stationery business does not require much technical expertise. However, this business has a huge demand-supply gap, fragmented, and huge growth potential in the market. Therefore, one can easily start a business with the right location selection and marketing strategies.

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Key Points Cover in Detailed Sample Project Report on Stationery Store

Sr. No.ParticularsPage No.
1Project at Glance3
2Cost of Project – Means of Fund4
4Project & Service6
5Market Overview7
6Human Resources9
7Revenue Model10
8Form -I Proposed Facilities11
9Form -II Profit & Loss A/c12
10Form -III Balance Sheet14
11Form -IV Comparative CA & CL17
12Form -V MPBF18
13Form -VI Fund Flow19
14Ratio Analysis22
16Loan Repayment Schedule27



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