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Dalia wheat has another name called broken wheat or cracked wheat created by coarsely grinding whole raw wheat grains. Broken wheat kernels can be coarse, medium, or finely ground. Dalia is made of broken wheat and is a good source of fibre and protein.

  • It is commonly used to create soups and stuff vegetables because it is low in fat and helps with weight management by reducing obesity. Many people eat it as a main course, with vegetables or meats on the side.
  • Grain pulaos, multi-grain bread, and pancakes can all benefit from it.
  • Tabbouleh, a broken wheat salad, is a popular dish in Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • Broken wheat is used to make various kheers and sweet foods in India, such as lapsi.
  • Broken wheat kheer, made with coconut milk and jaggery, is a festival dish in south India.
  • Another favourite breakfast or snack item in India is broken wheat upma. 

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Market Potential 

The importance of Dalia is increasingly being recognized due to awareness of diet products.

Dalia is both healthy option with nearly identical nutrient content; however, the former is gluten-free, so it can be used by gluten-intolerant people or suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease.

Health Benefits of Dalia, Broken Wheat

Fibre in Dalia and Broken Wheat Assists in Diabetes Management 12 a cup of raw, broken wheat contains 1.3 g of fibre. It has a higher fibre content than wheat since wheat retains some of the bran during processing. This high fibre content can help people with diabetes avoid blood sugar spikes, which can be harmful.

Magnesium in Dalia, Broken Wheat Aids in the Maintenance of a Healthy Heartbeat Cereals, in addition to green vegetables and nuts, are a rich source of magnesium.

Raw Material

Whole wheat grain is required as raw material for the Dalia processing unit.

Packaging material

  • Packaging of food grade paper and HDPE, which is known as High-density polyethene, along inner is necessary.
  • Cardboard Packaging boxes of seasoning in the bunch is necessary.

The average cost of raw materials per quintal is between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 3000.

Machine Description

  • Dalia Making Machine: Used for converting wheat into Dalia by broking it into small pieces.
  • Gravity divider: allows the material to be separated based on its weight. As a result, harder particles travel to the top of the deck and lighter ones to the bottom.
  • D-stoner: A d-stoner is a device that eliminates pebbles and clods from soil ridges and transports them to the furrow, leaving the ridges stone-free.
  • Packaging Machine: for packaging of dalia into small packets.

Manufacturing Process

After purchasing raw materials from the market, wheat is stored in a warehouse and transferred to the processing sector as needed.

  • The stone is then removed from the wheat using a d-stoner.
  • After the destoning process, the Dalia is sent to the grinding area, cut into small pieces using a Dalia manufacturing machine.
  • Wheat is then divided into three types using a gravity separator.1) Flour 2) Dalia Thin, which is the final product. 3) Fat sent Dalia for reprocessing
  • Sorting three different materials into containers.
  • Final product testing, packaging, and shipment for sale.

Manpower Requirement

The Dalia processing unit will require 5-6 people.

  • Skilled labourers – 2 Nos.
  • Skilled labourers – 2 Nos.
  • Assistants – 2 Nos. 

Key Points Cover in Sample Project Report  

Project Report Table of Contents

Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose Of The Document
3Market Potential
4Product Description
5Product Benefits
6Nutrition Facts Of Dalia, Broken Wheat
7Raw Material
8Packaging Material
9Machine Description With Images
10Manufacturing Process
11Project Components
13Misc. Assets
14Power Requirement
15Manpower Requirement
16Cost Of Project
17Means Of Finance
18Projected Balance Sheet
19Projected Profitability Statement
20Cash Flow Statement
21Production And Yield
22Sales Revenue
23Closing Stock
24Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
25Power, Salary & Wages Calculation
27Loan Repayment Schedule
28Calculation Of D.S.C.R
29License & Approvals
30Implementation Schedule


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