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The Project Report of Panipuri Business is available for download in PDF format on the website. You have to pay a nominal fee to download the document. The objective of the sample report is to provide information about the business of the food processing sector to potential entrepreneurs. The description of Panipuri is also helpful in preparing project reports for bank loans and other schemes. The pre-feasibility report covers various business concepts, development, startup, marketing, finance, and business management. 

Panipuri Business Plan 

Panipuri is India’s most famous street meal and an authentically Indian dish. Its origins may be attributed to the Magadh area of Uttar Pradesh, and several names know it in different parts of the country, such as Pani k patashe in Haryana, Fulki in Central India, Golgappa in Delhi, Phuchka in West Bengal, and so on. The most prevalent name, though, is Panipuri, which I will use from here on.

It’s a trendy item with low expenses and significant returns. A closer look at the business approach for selling this popular food item reveals the enormous economic potential it holds. It isn’t only a cheap commodity accessible on the side of the road, as evidenced by the fact that it has permeated practically every market category, from weekly markets to fancy malls. Several external elements such as hygiene, presentation, and specific ingredients have changed over time and managed to stay up with customer sentiments. I could see a clear cut plan in place, one that works flawlessly and successfully bridges the gap between consumer expectations and fulfilment. The product is widely available and appeals to people from all walks of life. The cost fluctuates greatly depending on the area and region, but the concept remains functional.

Panipuri business starts in a variety of ways. One can set up a panipuri booth, while another can create Panipuri and sell it wholesale. Both sorts of businesses will function smoothly and profitably with a small investment. Panipuri is a Low Investment Business that can establish a small amount of money (golgape ka business kaise kare). If someone wants to start a business with a small amount of money, Panipuri Making Business is a good option. We will explain Panipuri Making Business in this project report.

How to Download Panipuri Business Project Report

You have to pay a nominal fee to download the project report of the Panipuri business. You can download the document in PDF format immediately by paying the price for the info. The download link will also be sent to your email to download the project report.

Product Overview

The most notable feature of this meal is that people are willing to sacrifice sanitation and queue for hours to receive a taste. It’s the cheapest item on the chat menu, and it’s delivered straight to the client. It is very adaptable to meet the consumer’s demands, such as sweet ones for kids, filling kind, and spice level. The delivery time is relatively short, and on average, 5-6 clients are served at once, with an average dish containing six pieces. Onions, boondi, or sev as it is generally known are among the toppings available according to customer preferences. These ingredients make this product so popular; each consumer may have a unique flavour. An excellent illustration of how product customisation and personalisation can please customers.

Customer expectations, such as mineral water and disposable plates/spoons, have increased the cost inputs, resulting in price increases. Despite this, demand has remained constant, which may be ascribed to the product’s distinctive trait, its flavour. The impact is that just thinking about Panipuri entices the taste buds and stimulates the desire to eat it. It is also a scenario when simply displaying the merchandise is sufficient to attract buyers.

Marketing strategy

  • Having a name for the shop is usually the norm; this produces a lasting impression on clients’ thoughts, and they identify the flavour with the shop. It is for shops/vendors that are well established in one location.
  • The current increase in demand for excellent places in upscale regions across all cities has compelled these carts/joints to become more mobile. Instead of being concentrated in one area, these stores are now dispersed over the city.
  • The owner ingeniously arranges his carts in places where people must wait, such as at signal crossings. They continue to expand their reach by erecting stalls in adjacent locations. There is no shortage of labour, which primarily originates from North India. It’s a beautiful idea of a company expanding and entering new areas.

Before preparing the marketing strategy for the business of Panipuri, it is necessary to study the project report.

  • To increase sales, all of the carts/stalls follow a basic guideline. The spherical Panipuri is displayed so that people may recognise and understand them without any further signage. As a result, the advertising cost inputs are nearly nothing.
  • The water used for filling is also an essential feature; it is usually kept in a vase with a dark coloured cloth draped over it. This method communicates to clients that the water is cold and is kept in a sanitary manner.
  • The panipuri vendor has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of its customers. It is explained in small details, such as using plastic gloves and the provision of hand tissues. This food has also permeated mall culture, and despite expectations that it will lose market share to more sophisticated eatables offered there, it remains a popular item.
  • People are willing to spend up to three times what they usually pay outdoors. The approach and strategy remain the same: the emphasis is always on putting Panipuri in front of clients. Most of the time, this is accomplished by hanging packages that are easily visible from afar.
  • The bandwagon effect is driving consumption habits, as seen by the critical placement of these stores. Each region follows the same method, such as a busy street outdoors or an open space near a significant business with good exposure in a mall.

Before preparing the strategy of advertising for the business of Panipuri, download the project report in PDF and study it.

Panipuri Market Analysis

Panipuri is known for “Taste of India”. Golgappa is a typical Indian fast snack prepared with whole wheat flour. With rapidly changing lifestyles, socioeconomic trends, and increasing urbanisation and consumerism, there is a growing demand for convenience fast foods that require little or no preparation time, particularly ready-to-eat. For all of these reasons, panipuri machines have evolved, making it simple to prepare chapatti.

In India, over 30% of the population consumes PaniPuri regularly. Manufacturers are creating several types of machinery in various sizes and price ranges aimed at low-income consumers so that PaniPuri may be easily prepared.

Types of Panipuri shop Formats

  • Nook Joints
  • Carts with only Panipuri
  • Carts with all types of chats
  • Brick & mortar Chart shop.


  • Target Customers: Girls and boys are required to accompany them at all times.
  • Product: Panipuri with multiple varieties.
  • Price: Relying on the Storekeeper.
  • Place: In front of the girls’ college, particularly in the market, where ladies frequently purchase.
  • Promotion: WOM (Word of Mouth): “Bas Naam Hi Kafi Hai”
  • Segmentation: Micro Marketing (Customisation: according to the demand
    of the customer).
  • USP: Customer Satisfaction.
  • PLC Stage: Always on boom.
  • Future of the Business: Immense Scope.

Raw Material

Panipuri does not require a lot of raw materials. Flour, semolina, and water are usually needed. The standard pricing of both of these commodities is described below.

  • Rs 35 per kilogramme for flour
  • 80 rupees per kilogramme of semolina

Description of Panipuri Making Machine

Panipuri machines include the following:

  • Dough Mixer
  • Main Panipuri Machine

The Automatic Raw PaniPuri Making Machine is well-known for its efficiency and low cost. Fully Automatic PaniPuri Making Machines are durable and compact in design.

Depending on the width of the Panipuri, this machine can manufacture 3,500 to 4,000 panipuri each hour.

The PaniPuri producing machine is mostly used to make raw Panipuri from dough that has been mixed in a dough mixer. The operation of rolling and heating is completed quickly with the aid of this equipment.

Panipuri Making Process

The procedure for producing Panipuri is given here:

  • To begin, add maida or flour to the mixing machine, along with the semolina combination, depending on your needs.
  • After that, switch on the machine and fill it with clean water as needed.
  • Slowly, the flour you’ve added will begin to knead. The dough is kneaded thoroughly.
  • Place the kneaded dough in the panipuri-making machine after that.
  • With this machine, the entire Panipuri is shaped into a circle.
  • The puris are then cooked in a circular shape. Because these puris are pretty rigid, be careful not to shatter them during frying.
  • The puris are now ready to eat.

A project report is helpful to understand the process of the Panipuri manufacturing business.

Panipuri is required for the establishment of a business.

This machine doesn’t take up a lot of room. A 10/10 room is usually plenty for this. You can utilise more room if you wish so that the task can be stretched out and completed more efficiently.

Panipuri Every Kg: There are around 100 to 110 pieces of Panipuri per kilogramme of semolina.

The total cost of starting a panipuri company

If 4000 panipuri are required to start this company, 38 kg of semolina would be necessary. When the cost of oil, semolina, energy usage, and other expenses are factored in, the entire cost amounts to Rs. 3,500. Before investing in the manufacturing business of Panipuri, you must download and study the project report in PDF format.

Time spent preparing Panipuri in total.

It’s worth noting that this machine produces a lot of stuff. In an hour, you may manufacture 4000 pieces of Panipuri using this machine.

Business promotion is made more accessible with Panipuri.

You may either put up stalls yourself or hire others to set up booths in various locations across the city. To generate a solid profit in your business in either of these situations, you must identify the areas where you can make the most profit. You can set up stalls in areas of the city where there is a lot of foot traffic. For example, you may set your shop outside a bus stop, outside a train station, outside a school, outside a college, a movie theatre, or a temple. These locations have a higher chance of selling Panipuri.


Friends, I just informed you how to start a Golgappa (Panipuri) store today. You may get all the information you need here and use this strategy.

As a result, you will significantly boost your business and earn it. Hopefully, you enjoy this business idea.

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What are the points included in the project report of Panipuri business?

The Project Report of the business of Panipuri includes the following points.

Sr. No.Particulars
3Description Of Pani Puri Making Machine
4Pani Puri Market Analysis
5Pani Puri Making Machine Manufacturing Process
6Machinery &Equipment’S Required
7Land &Building Required
8Labour Requirement
9Raw Material Requirement Of Pani Puri
10Pani Puri Unit License &Registration
11Implementation Schedule
13Project At A Glance
14Cost Of Project
15Means Of Finance
16Computation Of Production
17Computation Of Sale
18Utility Charges
19Projected Profitability Statement
20Projected Balance Sheet
21Cash Flow Statement
22Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
23Traditional Method
242Nd Method
253Rd Method
26Computation Of Depreciation
27Repayment Schedule Of Bank Loan
What is the profit margin in the Golgappa (Panipuri) business?

Golgappa’s task of making water puri (Panipuri) was also a fantastic idea that accomplished everything independently. When you first walk into the store. Then you reason that if I’ve done this labour, I should be able to make a profit to supplement my income. Friends, by completing this activity, you will be able to create 4 thousand puris in an hour, and you will be able to earn at least 800 to 900 rupees from these 4 thousand puris.

By doing this, you can earn more money while working less. Let me inform you that by working 8 hours, you may make between 6,000 and 8,000. That’s daily, so you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and make a lot of money.

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How can you expand your Golgappa (Panipuri) business?

Then comes the most crucial thing: friends. When you’ve completed all of your tasks, they make a lot of money as well. But then consider how to proceed with this project. Let me tell you something: you may go to the market and open a business independently. You may even install a little stall on it if you don’t have to work at home or if you can hire a poor person. By keeping her on the celery of the month, you may make more money.

You must visit such a location before deciding to open a store. People eat more and more where there is a larger crowd. Check that you have retained these or your places, such as the bus stop, railway station, or school time. It’s possible to keep it. This idea will help you grow your business and make more money.

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