Healthcare Oxygen Project Report



You can instantly download the format of the Medical Healthcare Oxygen sample project report format pdf or word file and proceed with writing one for yourself. Yes, you can download our healthcare oxygen project report instantly and keep it for later use. 

While thinking of running an oxygen gas business, especially one which is unaffected by the market crisis, this is no doubt it is an amazing option with great potential and highly profitable, although this business is lucrative it is capital-intensive. However, if capital is not the problem then you get superb returns in this business and do not suffer during economic up and downs. Oxygen is used in a wide range of applications including industrial and medical and the scope for the business is immense because of the use of oxygen in so many industries.

Although, proper market study before starting any business is very important as we have to understand how well it will go. 

Healthcare Oxygen Project Report

Oxygen is one of the most basic and abundant chemicals on earth. Its common form oxygen, colourless gas found in the air. Our human body is about two-thirds oxygen or we can say to sustain life on this planet oxygen is the topmost element. We breathe oxygen which goes into the lungs and mixes with the bloodstream and reaches every cell of our body. It works as an oxidizing food inside every cell of the body to release energy and heat to perform the daily task of your body.

Purpose Of Healthcare Oxygen Project Report

The Healthcare oxygen project report gives you the complete information that you are looking forward to read before investing your money in the medical oxygen gas manufacturing plant. You can get the knowledge of every stuff like uses, applications, manufacturing process, plant design, and financials. You will also get an idea about the market potential and growth. To know the size of the business is very important before you invest in it.

If you want to start a new business or expand the already existing business you would require the healthcare oxygen project report format for bank loan  pdf to present it before the bank and get funds. Being new into this business, you will have a number of dilemmas in your mind, you can thus choose to read it and make up your mind.

Market Outlook

The overall demand for gases is growing at a high speed in the past years and in future it is going to increase at robust speed. The Indian gas market gets dominated by oxygen only as it accounts to be 75% in total production of gases like carbon di oxide. Oxygen being found in every gas has a tremendous demand in the Indian market.

Application of Medical Oxygen 

It is obvious oxygen is vital for healthcare areas. It is used in different medical applications including

  • COPD
  • Low blood oxygen
  • Cyanosis
  • Shock
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Severe haemorrhage
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Major trauma
  • Cardiac/ Respiratory Arrest.

In the list of essential medicines, World Health Organization includes oxygen as the most essential one and some specific instructions issued by WHO for producing medical grade oxygen regarding purity and upkeep. Even in the fabrication of those involved in the manufacturing of medical oxygen, it is mandatory to meet the specifications and the best quality material is only used for its generation. For medical oxygen production, it is mandatory to have a drug license. For manufacturing and exporting medical oxygen generators, all necessary licenses and permissions are required.

Healthcare Oxygen Project Report Sample PDF 

It is difficult to effectively finish a business plan without having begun a far comprehensive and informative report. Therefore, utilizing Medical-Healthcare Oxygen Manufacturing Plant project report formats helps project professional to convey vital data on project progress, execution and success to the key partners that have an interest or envelopment in the project. 

However, this Project Report Template is intended to assist professionals with preparing foeir reports. We attempted to make the Format including the vital areas of a regular project report. Thus, you can download the pdf format of healthcare oxygen project report sample. 

Report Structure: The Key Sections 


The Abstract segment of an average report layout typically contains around 500-600 words covering the picked project execution approach and giving knowledge into different parts of the venture execution measure.


The Acknowledgment area gives a note of thanks in acknowledgement task information sources, administration, or some other help given by key partners associated with the undertaking. Normally this segment of an ordinary venture report record incorporates around 200-300 words to communicate on account of the multitude of individuals added to the fruitful consummation of arranged work.

Chapter by chapter guide

The Table of Contents helps viewers rapidly and helpfully discover what they need. For effectively composing an example report it is critical to cause a nitty gritty chapter by chapter guide to permit viewers to get an outline of the venture execution steps and comprehend what devices, arrangements, frameworks and programming were utilized during the execution. The objective of the Table of Contents is to helpfully coordinate the report structure.

Rundown of Figures

In the List of Figures there are recorded the entirety of the titles for figures and tables utilized in the project revealing layout. This part is committed to finish the report construction and give viewers a rundown of fast references to the figures and tables.

Key Chapters

A format of Medical Healthcare Oxygen Manufacturing Plant project report normally incorporates the Key Chapter area is the body of the report to depict the key information and conversations on the task improvement and execution. The segment may comprise of a few parts. For instance, in your venture report format there might be the accompanying five parts:

Section 1. Foundation.

Section 2. Approach and Design.

Section 3. Discoveries.

Section 4. Assessment and Analysis.

Section 5. Results.

Conclusion Of Project Report

The Conclusion part of the revealing layout gives the primary cause(s) of the issue or opportunity featured by the venture. It gives a rundown of the conversations made in the Key Chapters, diagrams the primary discoveries, and gives a reference to the Recommendations report area.


The Recommendations that are a part of medical healthcare oxygen project report for bank loan are intended to inspire individuals dependent on the discoveries, investigations and results that have accomplished upon project finish. It ought to be composed with significant and explicit sentences and give an answer for the issue researched by the undertaking. Frequently organized and bulleted records are utilized to indicate proposals in the more helpful and lucid way. You can thus use the proper format of healthcare oxygen project report to get bank loan. 


The Appendices part of an average task revealing record incorporates criticism structures, maps, photos, numerical strategies, measurable computations, outlines and crude information, some other material on the side of undertaking discoveries. For example, in your proper report layout you can add such data as Sample Survey Form, Results of Statistical Analysis, Gantt Charts, Resource Usage Diagrams, Project Schedule Template, Issue Log.


The last part of your layout for Medical Healthcare Oxygen Manufacturing Plant project revealing covers every one of the wellsprings of data used to make the exploration and build up the archive. The References area is normally planned as a rundown of books, diaries, articles, research papers, formal records and reports, sites and online assets, and some other material utilized for arrangement of the task report layout.

Ideas and Tips

Keep your project report layout short yet thorough. Because, abstain from utilizing long and garbage sentences and attempt to maintain the viewers’ emphasis on the basic segments of the report.

Project Report Preparation

When composing your venture report, you ought to characterize who will be the viewers – one individual or a gathering? Is there a need to make a few duplicates of the report?

Make the Medical Healthcare Oxygen Manufacturing Plant report discernible as well as lovely and appealing. Consider the best project report design (Excel, Word, PDF and so forth) The simpler and more charming the report configuration will be for viewers, the more data they will be empowered to appreciate and examine.

Build up a hierarchical moved toward structure for your project report test. It is firmly prescribed to utilize the hierarchical methodology for composing reports. Your report design should list less significant subtleties further down.

Ensure your report archive features the greatest issues and dangers. Additionally, you need to recall that once an issue is expressed it is important to depict an effective answer for that issue.

Portray achievements

You can incorporate 3-7 achievements for your conventional venture report format to demonstrate that the advancement is being made.

Also, remember status particulars for each part of your venture report to allow partners to peruse only a couple sentences needed for understanding the central issue of the project.

Contents Of Healthcare Oxygen sample project report 

Sr.No.ParticularsPage No.
1Cover Page1
2Table of Contents2
3Executive Summary3
4Industry Introduction4
5The Packaged Wheat Flour in India is Breaking The Old Age Traditions..!5
6Industry Lookout and Trends7
7Presentation of Production Statistics with Graphics8
8Market Overview9
9Effect of Covid 1910
10Branded Wheat Flour Market in India11
11The current market trends branded wheat flour12
12Marketing Strategy for major wheat Flour Brand13
13Presentation of Market Statistics with Graphics17
14The Major challenges19
15CRISIL SME Tracker: Wheat millers facing the heat as demand slumps20
16About Project21
18Manufacturing Process Flow Chart / Diagram24
19Plant Layout25
23Why We Need This Fund ?28
24How we start ?28
25Total Unit Cost and Financials28
27COST OF PROJECT & Means of Fund with Graphics30
28Calculation of Debt-Service Coverage Ratio DSCR With Graphics31
29Planning for Human Resources Manpower Spending Chart32
30Revenue Model33
31Form -I Proposed Facilities36
32Form -II Profit & Loss A/c37
33Form -III Balance Sheet38
34Form -IV Comparative CA & CL42
35Form -V MPBF43
36Form -VI Fund Flow44
37Ratio Analysis47
38Trend Analysis with Graphics51
40Loan Repayment Schedule55

Medical Healthcare Oxygen Project Report Format Download

You will get the data of Medical Healthcare Oxygen Business plan Sample Project Report Format in PDF or MS word that you can use easily. One can also modify the information according to your need. You will be able to access the data easily according to the your requirement. In addition, the data are well in MS Excel worksheet. Additionally one can easily convert the data to PDF format.

For whom IS Healthcare Oxygen Business Project Report format useful?

1) CA Chartered Accountants 

2) Tax Consultants

3) Small Business Owners

4) Students

In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

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How Is Oxygen Made For Hospitals

Oxygen produces using different materials and methods. The most common method is photosynthesis which is a natural process of the life cycle and in this plant use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide in the air to produce oxygen and back to back animals convert oxygen in the air back into carbon dioxide. On the other side, very common two commercial processes of producing oxygen are the separation of air using either a Cryogenic distillation process or a Pressure swing adsorption process. Nitrogen and Argon are also produced by the separation process.


  • Cryogenic distillation process
  • Pressure swing adsorption

This is the most extensively used technique in hospitals. By using the liquefaction method it takes atmospheric air and separates it into oxygen and nitrogen then compressed air sent to a clean-up system where impurities like a hydrocarbon. Carbon monoxide and moisture are removed and then go to a heat exchanger where the air is cooled to an extremely low temperature. Now air goes to a high-pressure distillation column and oxygen gets separated from nitrogen and other gas traces. At the top of the distillation column, oxygen is formed, collected, and move to a low-pressure distillation column where it is further distilled as per commercial requirements.

In this process, two vessels are used which are filled with Zeolite molecular sieve adsorbers. Compressed air pass through one adsorber and the other one molecular sieve adsorbs nitrogen. This process makes oxygen which goes through the adsorber and the product is collected as a gas. The inlet flow is a change to the second adsorber when nitrogen overflows the adsorber. By keeping the pressure down the first adsorber starts eliminating nitrogen and this pressure repeat between high and low pressure.

Benefits of Oxygen Gas Business

There are several benefits of the oxygen gas business are available if you plan this setup:

1. Market Competitors are less

There are very few people engaged in this business and oxygen gas is in great demand in developing countries where manufacturing is starting. Oxygen gas is used in various medical and industrial applications with huge potential.

2. Life Saver & Essential For Manufacturing

Oxygen is a basic requirement for sustaining life and most essential for the patient suffering from low oxygen. With growing time this source is high in demand and used in intensive care units, surgery, and ambulances. Also, oxygen is used in other applications like the industrial process in steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, and numerous other industries.

3. Long-Lasting Equipment

Equipment used in this business is run long-lasting as oxygen plant life cycle of over 25 years, this is another benefit of running oxygen gas business. This business yields fruitful revenue during its life cycle after one investment in the machinery.

Important Facts about Oxygen

Oxygen non-metallic gas with symbol O and atomic number 8 in the periodic table. You cannot taste, smell, touch, or see but it is the most important part of life. Another important fact is that it makes up over 65% of the human body by mass. This element constitutes nearly 21% of the earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen exists only in the atmosphere that we breathe to stay alive.

Numerous other important facts about oxygen are described below:

  • We Respire 21% of Oxygen from Air

We take air which consists of 78% Nitrogen, 21% oxygen and some traces of other elements. Our process take 550 litres of oxygen per day out of 11,000 litres of air, on breathing this air we take 21% of oxygen while 15% of oxygen being exhales at the same time.

  • Oxygen Found in Water, Flora and Fauna

Other than earth oxygen is also found in different water bodies, flora and fauna. Oxygen presents mostly in the form of oxides of silicates etc also a constituent of the planet’s crust making up around 50% of it.

  • Excess of Oxygen is Toxic

Beyond every limit, things taken get toxic like atmosphere comprises 21% of oxygen and till 18% taken we have no problem on the downside but after that, it can be toxic that prove too much oxygen also bad for the body. This data concludes that every living being required oxygen for survival and proper body functioning oxygen is required in limited percentage more than that can be toxic.

  • Fetus Breathe Oxygen through the Umbilical Cord

Do you know how a baby takes oxygen inside the mother’s womb? The fetus does not breathe itself the mother does the breathing and passes the oxygen through the umbilical cord and through the cord baby breathes inside the mother’s womb and does not get drowned.

  • Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is used when an individual is not able to breathe an adequate amount of oxygen due to some underlying conditions then the person prescribed supplemental oxygen. It is helpful in diseases like COPD, Cystic fibrosis, and sleep apnea.

Which Method Can be used to Isolate Oxygen from Liquid Air?

The cryogenic distillation method is used to isolate oxygen from liquid air. Other techniques like pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane separation but these techniques do not use liquefaction. Cryogenic distillation is the only method that helps in the separation of atmospheric air through liquefaction. This is the most efficient method for producing high purity oxygen another method generates oxygen on small scale.

What are the benefits of isolating Oxygen from liquid air?

There are many benefits of isolating liquid oxygen (LOX) from the air. Some points are as follows:

It is easy to transport and store as due to oxygen high-pressure transportation is difficult and any leakages cause fire or explosion therefore liquid oxygen is preferred over oxygen.

Cost efficiency benefit while producing liquid oxygen as gaseous oxygen lost during travel and hurt business.

What is the detailed Process of Isolating Oxygen from Liquid Air?

The cryogenic distillation process is used for the separation of oxygen from liquefied air, developed by Linde & Claude at the start of the 20th century. The following steps involved in this are as follows:

a. Atmospheric air goes into the air separation unit and it passes through compression in the air compressor.

b. Air is passed through a sieve called molecular purification and impurities like carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and water vapours are removed.

c. Now cleaned air pass through a series of heat exchangers cools down to extremely low temperatures.

d. Next, the air moves into a high-pressure distillation column and separates oxygen from nitrogen and other gases in the air.

e. Crude liquid, it’s a kind of oxygen is formed at the bottom of the column and nitrogen at the top.

f. Now Oxygen is collected in a low-pressure distillation column where it is distilled to meet industrial or medical specifications.

Why Cryogenic containers used?

Cryogenics means the production and behaviour of materials used at very low temperatures. A cryogenic liquid is defined as having a normal boiling point below minus 90°C and these type of containers are highly insulated in which liquid gases are stored at very low temperatures and travel. 

Conclusion Of Project Report

The project report pdf of healthcare oxygen has an excellent use for you because it is going to explain every detail about your healthcare oxygen project report pdf for bank loan to the banker and he will get complete idea of healthcare oxygen business plan and will plan to give you loan too.

Frequently asked questions on Healthcare Oxygen Project Report
How has the healthcare Oxygen Gas Plant performed in the previous years and what is its scope for coming years?

Well, in the recent years the demand for oxygen has risen abundantly. The oxygen gas plant has been in progress and generated oxygen for the country. It has made the entrepreneurs earns crores. In the upcoming years the scope is going to be wider.

How much working capital is required for healthcare oxygen gas plant?

Well, on a daily basis thousands and lakhs of rupees are required so that daily expenses are bore.

What is the total project cost for setting healthcare oxygen gas plant?

The project cost includes crores because a lot of money is spent in setting up the plant and buying plant and machinery. You will also have to spend money on land that you will choose for the establishment of plant be it on lease or buy.

What is the project report format for bank loan of oxygen gas?

The format of project report for bank loan is very simple. You simply have to follow the steps as prescribed in our oxygen gas business plan and create one for yourself