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The food truck project report is a document that contains a business plan for the food truck business. You can download the project report by paying the nominal fee. This format contains the necessary information for the businessman who wants to invest in this business and is looking for an investor. You can get to know every crucial aspect of this startup and avail financial assistance from a bank or financial institution. This project report contains complete detail about the food truck business, and it is useful for entrepreneurs, students, tax consultants or chartered accounts. Anyone who wants to grab knowledge about this business startup can download this project report. You can also get a customized food truck project report from our website that is a map for you to begin and take every step wisely.


Food truck business is a reputed business in the world with the name of eating house wheels. Its quality has been rising enormously lately among the entrepreneurs and even several established business units are seeking interest in this business and wish to invest their funds. Like cloud kitchen, food truck is a highly profitable start up. 


Operating a triple-crown Food Truck business can rely upon the subsequent four conventions:


  • A sensible arrange, with a really solid foundation.
  • Dedication and temperament to sacrifice to achieve your goal.
  • Possessing technical skills.
  • Basic information of management, project finance, record keeping, and marketing research.

As a brand-new owner, you cannot master these skills and techniques. If your plan is to achieve success and prosperity with an honest profit in your hands, then you definitely need our project report.

Mini Food Truck Business Project Report

In order to start a food truck business, you need to write a project report for food truck startup that will work as a map to guide you in the future growth of your business. It is natural that you will have doubts in the near future as it is a new set up of a big or small restaurant in a movable van or truck.

You can learn a lot about this business plan from the information we are going to list here.

  • Although it is daunting to start a food truck business in India still you need to consider the points I am going to discuss here.
  • You need to choose the right food truck or vehicle that is commercially used.
  • Arrange all the kitchen equipments that are used in cooking and the raw materials need to be there.
  • Applying for licenses and permits takes time thus you need to pre think about arranging the necessary licenses and permits for starting food truck business.
  • Arrange for workforce that you need to start this venture.
  • POS Software is mandatory, so you need to install it. You must think about the uniform that your staff is going to wear while they will be at work.
  • Marketing your new business
  • Deciding about the investment that you need and how to arrange funds.
  • Source of funding and procuring funds.
  • Other things that are needed to start food truck business on the mark.

Let’s read about them in deep so that you plan things as per our project report and then easily sort out your problems when ever you face them.

How to Download Business Plan of Food Truck?

First, add the project report to the purchasing cart. The second step is to check out the project and make the payment. There is an option to download the report immediately after making the payment. Download link is also sent to your email. This document is a sample report of the food truck business. Sample reports help prepare project reports for all works. This project feasibility report is in PDF format.

Marketing Research

For a little business to achieve success, the owner should recognize the market. You wish to analyse it, a method that takes time and energy.

You do not ought to be a trained statistician, to analyse the marketplace, nor the analysis ought to be pricey. Analysing the market could be thanks to gathering facts concerning potential customers and to see the demand for your product or service. A lot of info you gather the bigger your probabilities of capturing a section of the market. It’s vital to understand the market before financing it slow and cash in any business venture.

Choosing The Right Vehicle for Food Truck Business

The first essential thing is to choose the right vehicle for your food truck business. It needs to be a commercial vehicle. The choice of vehicle will depend on the menu you are going to finalize for offering to the customers. If it is an indian or continental cuisine, then you need to have a vehicle that is atleast 18 feet loan and it may cost you around Rs 9 lakh. You can buy commercial vehicle from Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata or Ashok Leyland.

In order to save investment cost initially, you can buy a second hand vehicle as it will be half the cost of a new one. When you buy an old vehicle or truck, you need to check that it contains insurance, road tax receipt, proper fitness certificate and is registered.

It must not be more than 5 years old as it may cause more pollution and the environmental authorities are planning to ban 10 years old vehicle from running in states and cities. The old vehicle needs to be modified or designed further costing you 1 lakh more. The total cost of an old food truck without kitchen equipment can be around 5 Lakh Rupees.

If you start your food business in India on a land somewhere the lease amount will be around 50,000 Rupees and the cost of land will be very high. Thus, you can start the food truck business as here you save a lot of investment money and just a little rent or fee is to be paid depending on location to location.

Right Location for Food Truck Business

You will have to choose the best location for your food truck business. If you want to open your food truck business in a street somewhere, then it is a wrong decision. You need to look for the location that caters regular flow of customers, so that you can attract huge footfall. Choosing the location near establishments where colleges and schools are located is the best location.

You need to park your truck in a manner that it doesn’t jam the roads and is even visible to the customers. It is advised to buy the commercial vehicle that is light and not bulky so that it is allowed to stand after 9:00 pm in the market.

Source of Raw Material and Kitchen Equipments

The kitchen equipments may cost you around Rs 3 lakh that includes cost of microwave, griller, freezer, juicer mixer, steamer, burner, generator, batteries or inverter, refrigerator etc.

It is advised to choose new equipments as they are electronic items and new ones will run till long time. You will also get warranty for one to two years on certain electrical items. You will not have to initially incur extra cost on electronic equipments atleast.

If you choose kitchen equipments wisely then you need to first determine which ones can be bought used or new. Along with the purchase of kitchen equipments, you need to spend money on raw material. The initial week raw material will cost you Rs 30,000. Initially it is advised to stock less raw material as soon as the sales will increase, you can increase your raw material stock as well.

Arrange Licenses and Permits

As in there is no clear laws that tell you about the food truck business licenses and permits. A set of documents are required among them is the food truck business project report on top. It is mandatory to arrange set of licenses for this business. They will allow you to carry your business in India.

  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • NOC From RTO
  • Kitchen Insurance
  • Shop and Establishment License
  • NOC from Municipal Corporation
  • FSSAI License

The entire paper and licenses work is going to add Rs 50,000 cost to your investment budget. There are many consultancies that are going to help you with this.

Manpower Requirement

Food truck business being one of the best food business ideas in India demand manpower that is good at cooking and serving. In food truck business, a maximum of 2 chefs and a helper is enough. These persons can take good care of the food truck. Average salary that they ask for is between Rs 13,000 to 15,000. The salary of helper is Rs 10,000.

If you want to hire a delivery boy to deliver your orders, you can hire two more employees who can charge around Rs 10,000 salary. To keep the service good, you can create your good identity in the market. 

POS Software

It is advised to have a good point of sale software that can keep your data safe so that you can have detailed information about your stock and sales. A good POS can lead your business to successful heights.

A good software can increase your sales and cost you around Rs 25,000 per annum. You can even make a monthly payment of Rs 2,000.

Uniform of the Staff in Food Truck

The uniform of the staff represents your food truck business as a brand. This helps to build your reputation and trust among your customers. A good collar T-Shirt of your employees will cost around Rs 150. As you will hire around 5 employees then it will cost around 1000 with caps for T Shirts and bottoms can be black or blue denims that may cost 400 to 500 per employee.

Marketing of Food Truck Business

The food truck business demands distribution of pamphlets among the crowd to let them know your menu. It is necessary for footfall. Thus, to create initial buzz, you should choose for 15,000 pamphlets for distribution that may cost you Rs 20,000 and also arrange some posters or billboards to create awareness about your business among the customers.

You will also have to make use of online marketing tools as only going with offline publicity is not enough. You can thus choose social media marketing for your startup and promote it. It will help you by spreading word about your food truck, its discounts, new food items in your menu etc.

You should keep a track record of the gatherings or events in your nearby area so that you can park your food truck nearby and increase your sales. Event planners and food influencers can help you with this so you can tie up with them. Personal contacts, your uniform and serving equipments also add impression and spread good words about your business.

Cost of Opening a Food Truck Business

The average cost of opening a food truck business is around Rs 10 Lakh. The fully equipped food truck will cost around Rs 20 Lakh investment. It may vary as per the type of vehicle you are using and the kitchen equipments you are planning to buy. Here is the complete cost distribution for your food truck business in India.

If you plan to buy a new food truck it will cost, you around Rs 5 Lakh. The kitchen equipments that is a one-time investment including stove, vessels, tables, chairs, cutlery etc. will cost around Rs 2 Lakh.

Raw material that needs to be there for preparing meals costs around Rs 25,000. The cost of POS Software that adds a piece of technology to your new venture will cost around Rs 25,000 annually. It is there to take care of your billing and technology. The salary of staff per month can be around Rs 10 to 15,000. You may hire 3 to 5 employees so you can calculate their salary.

The marketing of your new food truck business will cost you around Rs 20,000 monthly. It is needed to advertise your business among the customers so that they can get attracted towards you. It can be done both online and offline.

Source of Finance of Food Truck

When your food truck project report is ready you need to avail finance using this business plan only. You can get finance from banks or financial institutions.

Personal Savings

Around 50% of the food trucks can be financed in today’s time. You need not worry about capital arrangement as it will be quickly financed.


  • You can borrow money from your friends or family.
  • Community Sponsors can help you too.
  • Microfinance institutions or banks can arrange funds for you.
  • Credit cards have pre-approved funds for you. You can henceforth meet your capital requirement from there.
  • Crowdfunding platform like indiegogo or Kickstarter.
  • You can get one business partner who can finance your project on shared profit basis.
  • You can finance your business using venture capital fund if your capital requirement is not fulfilled.
Accessories required for Food Truck Business

Apart from the requirements stated above you need to arrange two mobile phones, an attendance register, calculator, daily writing book, 3 big dustbins to keep the area neat. Unlike all other food trucks your business should be superior in terms of set up, service, quality of food and serving.

Props and Cons 
  • The pros and cons can be the location for which you want to do market research first. Choice of location can be a boon or a bane for this business.
  • It is quite an uncertain business as there is no proper framework and guidelines that you can use to operate the functioning of your set up.
  • If you take things seriously and responsibly then you can turn out your food truck business format to be the best. Our food truck business project report will help you do it.
  • The investment that you do in the food truck business are slightly higher than a few other food businesses in India like OSR. The best part is that operational cost is less than QSR or other restaurants running nearby.
  • The regular restaurant or food business can get a daily sale of around 9,000 rupees on a daily basis, but a food truck business can make money from events or caterings. It can even make you earn Rs 35,000 per day.
How To Open Food Truck Business?

A well written project report of food truck business can guide you at its best on how to take your food truck venture to heights. It is important to help you raise funds from banks or financial institutions.

Giving your business detail is significant in the project report as you will get financial assistance only on the name of your food truck business.

The deep market analysis will guide you about the demography who have to serve and who your target audience is.

The description of product includes complete list of menu that you are going to serve in this business.

To start your food truck business, you need investment for:

  • The Truck
  • Insurance
  • Disposables
  • Decoration
  • Ingredients
  • Staff
  • Advertisements
  • Food Safety Certification
  • Cooking systems
  • Fuels
  • Staff Payroll
How To Create Your Food Truck Brand?

In the food truck business, your reputation is everything. You need to create your brand to touch the sky with glory. You can create your brand if you do the following.

Finalize your target audience

Deciding on whether you want to serve the youth or families. This will help you choose your target audience and then you can create your social media strategy to attract your chosen target audience.

Competitor Research

Finding out your competitor and creating strategy to face the competition in the market and becoming better than them can help you succeed. If you are able to face competition you can create a good brand worth.

Create Differentiators

How you are superior and what makes you better than your competitors needs to be circulated. If you can stand out of the crowd, you can give a good answer to these questions.

Finalize a brand name

You need to soon finalize the name of your brand that is easy to pronounce and is related to your business.

Create a design and logo

A logo is a symbol of your rand that shows what your set up is about. The design and logo on your food truck and in banners will speak about your business in both online and offline promotions.

Maintain Health and Hygiene

You will have to maintain good health and hygiene in this business. Food trucks who operate in small areas need to maintain hygiene in the kitchen and check out the food waste management and pollution level.

Environmental pollution can have adverse effect on food truck business. Here is what you can do to check health and hygiene.

  • Make use of chimneys so that air pollution can be controlled.
  • Need to keep a check on waste food at least twice a day and keep cooking area clean.
  • Your staff needs to maintain hygiene and good sanitation.
  • Keep dustbins nearby your food truck.
Who can use Food Truck Business Project Report?

The Food Truck Project report contains business information. The essential aspects of the business are in the project report. Project report of a food truck helps prepare a business proposal for a bank loan and other work. Food business feasibility reports are helpful for Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, School Students, College Students, and all Business Owners. Project reports for Fast Food Restaurant, Cloud Kitchen and Restaurant Business have more information on related projects.

Licences required to Start a Food Truck Business in India

The food truck is subjected to all the valid licences that any other restaurant has to own. That being,

  1. FSSAI License: Any food business with gross revenue of more than 12 lakh in the national rupee has to have an FSSAI license. You cannot imagine having a food truck if you do not own this license.
  2. Should have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from a Chief Fire Officer: because food trucks have to deal with fire a lot of gas appliances are brought into use so yes it should have the certificate mentioned above from a certified authority.
  3. You should have a permission letter from the local municipal authorities or cantonment board or a village panchayat whatever is working around you. You should have a stamped certificate of permission granted by the local body.
  4. And last but not least, the owner of the infamous restaurant on wheels should have a proper driving license.
Benefits Of Starting Food Truck Business
  • You have to put in a very low investment on a food truck as compared to a full-blown restaurant. Still earn as much profit as a restaurant.
  • You do not have a headache of requiring more resources.
  • We can learn a lot about, food business through starting it via a food truck because you get into a lot of activities and understand yourself.
  • Being a food truck, you have the most important and a very big asset, being able to be mobile, you can carry your restaurant with you, and thus you’ll get more catering orders.
Why should i start food truck business?

As a primary and often unnoted step, raise yourself, why you want to own your own business. Check the explanations that apply to you from the below mentioned ones.

  • Freedom from the nine to five daily routines.
  • Being your Boss.
  • Doing what wish you would like after you want to try and do.
  • Making an attempt to enhance your commonplace of living.
  • Boredom, together with your gift job.
  • Having a product or service, that you feel there’s a requirement.
Contents of MINI Food Truck Business Plan

The following elements are included in the project report of the food truck business:

Sr. No.Particulars
1Project at a Glance
2Highlights of The Project
3General Information and Location
4Promoters Background
5Project Introduction
6The Project Proposal
7The Products
8Prospect for Investment
9Potential Target Customers/Market
10Market Entry and Marketing Strategy
11Critical Success Factors
12Process Details and Technical Solutions
13Process Flowchart
14Technical Solutions
15Installed And Operational Capacity
16Quality and Standards
17Raw Materials and Consumables
18Power And Utility
19Tentative Implementation Schedule
20Basis & Presumptions
21Capital Investment Estimates
22Computation of Working Capital Requirement
23Estimated Cost of The Project
24Proposed Means of Financing
25Estimated Annual Sales Turnover
26Projected Profitability Statement
27Calculation of Interest Amount
28Depreciation Schedule
29Term Loan Repayment Schedule
30Debt Service Coverage Ratio
31Break-Even Analysis
32Projected Cash Flow Statement
33Projected Balance Sheet
34Internal Rate of Return
35Pay Back Period
36Permits And Business Licenses
37Beginners Guide to Food Truck Business
Frequently asked questions on food truck business project report
Can i get food truck project report in pdf format?

Yes you can usrely get food truck project report in pdf format and in ms word or excel also. You can convert food truck project report pdf in any format using free online file conversion tools.

Is it profitable to start food truck business in India?

Yes, it is a highly profitable startup in India. You just need to select your target audience and cuisine wisely.


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