Food Tiffin Delivery Business Project Report



You can download a budget-friendly food tiffin delivery business project report if you want to start this business and earn lakhs of rupees in a month. When you plan to start a food tiffin delivery service in India you need to know all the significant details about this startup. It is a highly profitable business venture. Since job opportunities are declining in the country, youth is moving forward to become entrepreneurs. People in metropolitan cities are starting a food tiffin delivery business. The entire population in the country cannot get jobs so becoming an entrepreneur is a great idea and you have no foundation of working as you are the boss.

The job employees who are residing in metropolitan cities do not get time to cook food or get tired. Thus, you can take benefit from this situation and can make money by starting this setup. Since cooking is time-consuming and tiring for workers food tiffin delivery business is an aid for them.

Tiffin delivery service is a catering food service where the food is prepared in large amounts and packed so that it can further be delivered to customers. It can be served on a contract basis. The food tiffin delivery business has shown good growth in recent years as it seems to be economical for customers.

You can attract clients by advertising your food tiffin delivery business in nearby hotels or through advertising media.

Food Tiffin Delivery Business Project Report

When you plan to start a food tiffin delivery business you need to download the project report for this business and check out significant details in. It contains all the crucial details that can help you in this startup. You will get major details about investment, budget, promotion of a business, or bank loan to buy space and equipment. You can now easily capitalize your cooking skills for food tiffin delivery service in many ways.

If you are very good at cooking, then this business has a wide scope for you. You can use this business opportunity. You need to check out the list of resources from our project report. Thus, immediately downloading it is a great idea. This business can help you monetize your cooking skills as this business has huge market demand.

Whether you see public or a private employee it is difficult for working men and women to prepare food for all three meals. Outside food in canteen or nearby food points are not healthy so they look for food tiffin delivery services. One cannot consume outside food daily so a nearby tiffin delivery service can help them and you can surely grab this business opportunity.

The office goers will get good food and you will get good money. You can attract them by offering healthy food and fixing them for your service.

How to Download Food Tiffin Deliver Business Plan in India?

The process to download the project report for the food tiffin business is very easy. You can download the food tiffin delivery business project report in PDF format by following the steps below.

First StepAdd to Basket
Second StepCheckout
Third StepPayment

Report download option available after payment.

Food Tiffin Delivery Business Idea

To start a food tiffin service in India is an innovative business idea. You can get all the details about this profitable business plan on our website. We will also provide you the tips to do the best marketing and attract customers so that you can provide excellent tiffin delivery service in your area.

What is a food tiffin delivery business?

A food tiffin service is a catering business that provides homemade food to customers. It is a very popular business in India where working professionals can get homely, cooked food and take care of their health too.

Is the food tiffin delivery business profitable?

A food tiffin business idea is a profitable start-up. It involves low overhead costs and can be started from the kitchen of your house. There is a great demand for this business as customers like to eat healthy and convenient meals at their workplaces and homes.

What are the requirements for a food tiffin delivery business?

To start this business, you need to arrange the required license at the priority which is a food license. It is made available in the municipal community. You will also have to arrange a commercial kitchen for this business so you can make an arrangement at your home or get a commercial kitchen on lease.

Starting A Food Tiffin Delivery Business

To start a food tiffin delivery business, you will have to understand the food tiffin market properly and make a business plan in that context so that it can guide you to attract more customers. Our information on this page will provide you with a full proof plan to start the best food tiffin delivery business.

Fund Generation

Generating funds is the basic starting of a business. Usually, food tiffin delivery business will cost you around Rs 10,000 for 15 to 20 customers monthly. If you are planning to start a food tiffin delivery service on a large scale, then your investment will increase as per the scale of business.

The main investment can’t be overlooked by its cooking utensils, ovens, etc. Clubbing your business with food points, hotels or restaurants can give support to your business in the beginning days.

How To Create a Business plan for Food Tiffin Delivery Business?

To create a business plan for a food tiffin business you must understand your customers and the market of this business. The main thing to remember in this business is that you have to prepare tasty food as per the customer’s needs and as per the scale of your business. You will have to use limited oil and spices to cook the food.

Customers who will benefit from your tiffin service are the ones who reside alone in the city and need home-cooked food that is within their budget too. You will have to provide them food accordingly and earn profit also. Moreover, the food tiffin service is a chain system that is connected with many other businesses like the chapatti-making business, spices business, flour business, etc.

You will need to choose the vegetable with good care and keep a vendor who can provide you with fresh vegetables and a delivery boy who can deliver your food tiffin in reasonable time with punctuality.

Food Tiffin Delivery System

It is always good to choose a reliable food tiffin delivery system so that the customers can get their food on time. The customers will also prefer your tiffin service only if it offers good quality food and delivers it on time too. The delivery system that you select should be prompt. You should also keep a flexible term contract and choose the punctual one.


There are many food tiffin centers near you henceforth you should be ready to market your business in the best possible way. You can add your tiffin service business on the map and advertise it through social media too.

This can help you gain popularity and get you more customers. Offline marketing can also help you grab customer attention. You can advertise and promote your business using pamphlets or posters medium. You can spread pamphlets in your regional language. Watsapp business can also prove to be a friendly means of promoting your business as you can personally connect with the customers and delivery services.

The best way can be to market your business in gaining organic customers. If you keep your customers satisfied with your service then they will only recommend you among their co-workers, family, and friends. Thus, you must not forget to take reviews from your customers and improve as per their demands.

Requirements Of Food Tiffin Delivery Business

When you start a food tiffin delivery business you require a well-written food tiffin delivery business project report and a few major requirements that are the following.

Culinary Skills

A Tiffin delivery business investment involves good culinary and management skills as top priority. If you are passionate to start this business, then you need to know how to cook tasty food first. You will be successful in this start-up if you know cooking. You can also hire staff having good culinary skills and involve them in making unique and tasty dishes. The more variety you offer to customers in this business the more customers you can get enjoying your food.


The menu should cater to the customers demand and tastes. The menu needs to be flexible and based on seasonal vegetables. You can fix the weekly menu or monthly one and change it as per the customer reviews. If you can improve your menu as per the requirement of the customers will help you gain an organic fan base in India.

Food Tiffin Boxes

Tiffin Boxes are important to pack the food tiffins and deliver them to potential customers. You need to make reasonable investments in buying tiffin boxes. Stainless steel tiffin boxes are recommended for use as they are ideal for packing lunch and food can last longer. You must avoid food tiffin boxes made of poor-quality plastic as harmful chemicals can be released when they come in contact with warm food.

The food tiffin service delivery service demands sturdy and good quality tiffins as the delivery process will involve high tiffin handling from one person to another.


The size of the business decides whether you will have to apply for food and safety license or not. If your food business gives a turnover of more than Rs 12 lakh per year, you need to get food and safety license from FSSAI and the legal authority of India.

Types Of Equipment

Types of equipment are important for every food business. A kitchen with good space to make food, utensils, and microwave oven for commercial purposes are important equipment you will need for this business. A chopper, food processor, flour kneader ,etc are important so that your work can be done at the earliest using these technologies.

A refrigerator is also an important prerequisite for this food tiffin delivery business in India. You can store your ready-to-cook raw material in them so that they do not get spoiled You need to buy the right equipment to get the tasty and nutritious meal ready, you can source the necessary equipment on rent or buy them. It will completely depend on the budget you have.

Customer Base

Customers are the major requirement for every business that you start. Thus, you need to apply customer target criteria. For a food tiffin delivery service, the target customers are students staying in PG, youth staying away from home for work, working couples, etc.

The advertisement you do for your business must target your preferred customers like social media is used by young people so you can advertise there. You can also distribute pamphlets as people prefer reading newspapers too.

Attracting Customers

Here arises the question of how to start a food tiffin service in India. The next question comes is how to attract customers to your service? It is very important to gain popularity in the food tiffin service business. You can easily gain customers when you open a few branches of food tiffin services in your city. You will also have to increase the food service that you provide to present customers. The healthy services you can provide to your customers are the following.

Healthy Diet Service

These days people are connected with social media and are becoming health conscious. Some individuals stay on dieting for most of the time so they might have different food expectations from your tiffin delivery service. The Keto diet involves strictly no carbohydrates in the food. Protein based food, fiber food, or food good in fats is the choice of customers only. You need to include a food menu as per customer preference so you can include sprout salad on the menu, chicken or Russian salad, or brown rice as many health-conscious people prefer eating this kind of food.

People who are planning to lose weight and are not in a state to join gyms can lose weight by changing their eating habits. You can approach a group of people and show them your menu that is planned by their dieticians. They will surely start your food tiffin service and you will earn money.

You can approach people who help people lose weight and they can recommend you too. You will also have to learn expertise and hire workforce in this context. The potential customers for this type of food service are less but regular. An app is important for this food service. You can convince customers to upload their diet charts on the app and you can offer them the same menu.

The doctor can also make a diet chart for customers, and you can take care of supplying them with food. You will have to take care of the needs of the customers otherwise they will switch to another food service. Do your market research well so that you can take wise decisions.

Food Tiffin Service Based on App

If you can launch your app and control your tiffin service through it. This becomes easy for customers to explore your meal plan and type. They can also subscribe to your subscriptions. Not only your customers will be happy, but you will also be able to manage your business well. This can also help you extend your business to a wide network.

You can also plan to hire a reputed app development agency so that you can build a comprehensive app for your startup of the food business. You need to be transparent and clear about the features you want to provide in the food app. You can also offer different packages to your customers from the app the and freedom to choose among the dishes. The menu that you keep should be homely, cooked food as on everyday basis people don’t like to eat trending food.

You must stick to the food they prefer and can be traditional menu as they prefer certain cuisines to eat on a daily basis. You should also keep the menu that you can cook in a stipulated time.

Meal Subscription

The meal subscription needs to be flexible. A person who tries your meal for the first time may take your weekly subscription to know about your food menu, taste, quantity, quality, and service.

This way you can attract more customers and they also like to approach you to try your service for a week initially. A tiffin delivery service business plan can be given to the customers so that they can get to know about your subscription in a better way.

Monthly Meal Subscription

It is a great way to start offering food tiffin service every month and is it easy to succeed in this type of subscription. You can ask the customers to try your meals for a month and pay you. You will deliver them the food tiffin right at the location of their office and on all working days. The menu needs to be flexible and the food should be home-cooked and tasty so that they like your food.

If your food is liked by your customers, you can double your income and get huge profits. You can get customers those you work in day time and night also. You can also give promotion offers like one month of free food with an annual subscription if they avail it once.

You can also be in touch with the office groups and plan for bulk subscription from them on commission basis. It will help you make maximum profit by saving on bulk expenses.

Home Food Delivery Service

People these days prefer to order food when they feel tired. You can deliver food to the homes of people too. In this phase, your target audience can be working women, parents, college goers, old people, etc.

You can add home delivery to your service. These customers do not prefer weekly or monthly subscription, but the app can increase their presence for your business. If your target audience is not any particular area, you will need to hire more delivery persons to deliver tiffins.

You may have to deliver more orders on weekends. You may also attract customers by keeping weekend bonanza and attract people with giving special offer on tasty dishes as a surprise meal box. This strategy will help you grab the attention of the customers, and they will continue to use your service.

If your food is good, then the customers, they will recommend your service to their family and friends. Everyone needs good food tiffin when they are over occupied or stuck.

Food Tiffin Delivery Business Marketing


Before you set the menu or choose location for your food tiffin business you must check the market demand for tiffins in that area for lunch. It is significant to understand the market and learn about the favourite cuisines of the people living in your locality too. You can use your cooking skills in food tiffin delivery business in many ways.

Cooking Space

If you wish to start this business while cooking from home, then you will have big and better kitchen that can serve 50 meals per day at least. When you begin this business, you will get minimum 10 orders per day. More working hours will bring you more orders. You can work for longer hours on weekends at least. You will get minimum of 50 orders then.

If you do not have a spacious working space, you can cook and convert a part of your house for commercial setting of kitchen. You will require space for keeping utensils, grocery, packing food etc. You can also get the commercial space on lease for cooking and serving food after packing it. The rental cost will add to your expenses.

Financial Planning

When you add up any cost in this business, you need to get a clear picture of about the financial needs of this business.

  • Raw Material Expense
  • Salary to staff hired for cooking and cleaning
  • Hygiene and Safety maintenance
  • Commercial rent
  • Digital support and Marketing Expense
Marketing Strategies

Once you start this business, you need to start marketing your business. There are many ways to do so like online and offline marketing plans. You can indulge in social media marketing and distribution of pamphlets. When you choose the online marketing, the best way is to create your website and provide your menu, contact details, and post updates daily. It is the best way to show your menu, contact details, services which you offer. You can also create your social media account and spread word about your business there.

What are the steps to start a food tiffin delivery business in india?

Tiffin business is a better way to make extra income. You can get to know the basics of this start up first. Use or tips and steps to start this business in india.

  • Obtain a food business license from the local municipality. This will allow you to legally open your business on a large scale.
  • Now you need to acquire a commercial kitchen. You can get the house kitchen spacious or take it on lease.
  • Now you have got the place to cook food. You also need to buy the required raw material. So, buy important supplies from the local market. This can be pots, pans, utensils etc.
  • Once you get all the supplies in stock, you can start your business of cooking food and delivering them in tiffins. You should cook and supply food as per the guidelines of food safety.
  • Now once the meals are cooked, you have to package them for delivery. You will also have to label them with the dish name on the top and date and other instructions.
  • Now it is the time to deliver the food. You can deliver the food yourself or hire a delivery person for the same.
Tips to Success in Food Tiffin Delivery Business

Since you have started your food tiffin delivery business, you need to learn these tips to make it a successful venture.

  • Promote your business for word-to-word publicity and online marketing.
  • You can offer discounts and loyalty to attract more customers and retain them.
  • The food you serve should be fresh and of high quality.
  • A punctual delivery system is important.
  • Getting client feedback once a week or fortnightly will be good for making changes in your business. It is important to satisfy them.
  • Include the ingredients that can help to avoid complaints from customers with allergies.
  • Tiffin packing should be done wisely, and it should have your brand and logo to create good impression.
  • Small menu can be made to collect information to plan meals in menu.
  • You should not regularly change menu. It should be dynamic.
  • You can offer tasting menu to regular customers for their feedback.
  • The location of the food tiffin service business should be accessible to people. This will help people reach you. Not just the retained customers but new customers can also buy your tiffin on a daily basis.
How much can I earn from Food Tiffin Business in india?

The money that you want to earn from supplying food tiffin in India depends on a few factors like the size of the business, customers you get and the price for one meal. If you do a little more hard work then you can make extremely good money from this business.

Online Food Tiffin Delivery Business

When you plan to start online tiffin service business in India, you can get endless opportunities to invest your time in this business because you can see a high rise in the demand for your food tiffins.

You can modify your cooking passion to endless profitable opportunities. Investing your time from the comfort of your home can make you earn money. In online food tiffin delivery business, you need to cook, pack and deliver the tiffin. It states that food is being cooked at home and delivered to doorsteps.

Why should I start online food tiffin delivery business in india?

Growing Demand

Homemade food has become important for working professionals who don’t get time to cook food for them after hours of working. Although canteens are available in different part of the city nearby work areas or colleges, still home made food is preferred. The growing need for homely food has brought a rise in the food tiffin business in India.

Time Management

You can supply tiffins on time when you start food tiffin delivery business. The professionals or customers will get freshly cooked food, and this will manage your timings. You can manage the timings of your business well and accordingly supply tiffins to your customers. You can get good time to make vegetables and plan food preparation for next day as well.

Profit Margin

When it comes to food, people never mind paying a little money if they get good quality food. The food needs to be fresh and of good ingredients if you charge more money. The food tiffin delivery business can help you enjoy good profits and plan expenses well.

Hassle Free setup

Like in other food business, you need to include dining system or make a restaurant. Here things are hassle free as you need not buy those expenses furniture, softwares and other stuff. You just need to cook the food, pack it and deliver on time. You can plan to start food tiffin delivery business in a business plan of just 15 days.

Points to consider before starting a food tiffin delivery business in India

Business Registration

No business can be started in India without registration. You need to therefore register your business with the designated governing body and get license to run it legally. Once you get it sorted, you need to start your business by registering its name. You also need to get a catering license that is issued after office and kitchen inspection. An official from state authority or local government might visit you and then it shall be given to you.

Insure Your Business

The tiffin business needs insurance against damage, fire, theft etc. It is important to meet the unbearable risk. Your equipments, kitchen and other stuff requires insurance and to get it you need to check out an insurance policy for this business.

Pricing the food tiffins

Your business can function well if you make profits and get good margin after sales. You will have to price the tiffins in a manner that when the food is delivered you can bear the cost of raw material used and delivery charges. You need to keep good profit that will completely depend on the efforts you make. It should justify your efforts. If you charge a high delivery fee it involves more cost. Extra charges can be taken.

Delivering Food Tiffin

When you get online orders from customers, it is your responsibility to prepare the food and deliver it. You need to maintain a sound delivery system for this.

Safety and Hygiene

There is a very crucial thing about food business and restaurants. It is the safety and hygiene. As a food tiffin provider, it is your utmost responsibility to maintain a balance between taste and safety. The measures that can be considered to maintain hygiene in your kitchens is pest control, use of gloves, sterilizing while cooking and covering utensils properly. You also need to check the body temperature of every person handling food. Use of hand sanitizers and wearing mask is mandatory.

Digital Help

One of the better ways to manage your successful business idea of food tiffin business is through the use of technology. You can start an app or create a website to get more orders and tie up with delivery service agencies for timely delivery. You can also make better use of food delivery apps to get better advantage of this start up.

Sample Project Report Format for FOOD DELIVERY business

In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart etc. as and when required or deem fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations which are necessary for the Investor/bank. 

Contents of FOOD DELIVERY Business Project Report
Sr. No.Particulars
1Project at a Glance
2Highlights of The Project
3General Information and Location
4Promoters Background
5Project Introduction
6The Project Proposal
7Prospect for Investment
8Potential Target Customers/Market
9Marketing Strategy
10Critical Success Factors
11Process Details and Technical Aspect
12Process Flowchart
13Installed and Operational Capacity
14Raw Materials and Consumables
15Power and Utility
16Tentative Implementation Schedule
17Basis & Presumptions
18Capital Investment Estimates
19Computation of Working Capital Requirement
20Estimated Cost of The Project
21Proposed Means of Financing
22Estimated Annual Sales Turnover
23Projected Profitability Statement
24Calculation of Interest Amount
25Depreciation Schedule
26Term Loan Repayment Schedule
27Debt Service Coverage Ratio
28Break-Even Analysis
29Projected Cash Flow Statement
30Projected Balance Sheet
31Internal Rate of Return
32Pay Back Period
33Statutory Permits and Business Licenses
34Beginners Guide to Tiffin Service Business
35Smart Tips to Boost Tiffin Business
36Tiffin Service Business Case Studies

The food tiffin business will continuously grow if you offer lucrative service to your customers. You need to follow every instruction mentioned in your food tiffin delivery project report so that you can get success in this startup. You can beat the competition by providing good quality food to your customers. You need to add variety and make use of your expertise to engage more customers. Follow the tips we have listed in the project report to get extra benefits in this startup. Along with tiffin delivery business, you can get complete information about petha manufacturing and fruit and vegetable store on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions On Food Tiffin Delivery Business Project Report

How can I attract customers towards my food tiffin delivery service?

You can get more customers and retain the existing ones only if you keep on advertising your business using both online and offline advertisement modes. You also need to offer quality in your food and maintain hygiene to attract your customers. Offering variety in menu is also a good idea.

What are the important marketing strategies to expand food tiffin business in india?

You can expand your food tiffin business in India by effective marketing like advertising and spreading word of mouth. You can ask for customer feedback and post it on social media handles to grab the customers.

Do I need food and safety license to start a food tiffin service in India?

If you are planning a medium or large scale food tiffin business and it is estimated to have a yield of more than 12 lakh annually, you will definitely need a food and safety license.

How to start a food tiffin service in India?

You can easily start a food tiffin service in India by exploring the market to know the demand about the food tiffins in your area. You will also have to study the food tiffin delivery project report t get every important detail about this business.

What are the requirements to start a food tiffin delivery business in India?

You require a well written project report for food tiffin delivery business. This you can get from our website in a gist of time. It contains every significant detail about this startup that can benefit you in making wise decisions. You will also have to arrange space and buy equipments that we have listed in the project report.

Where can i get food tiffin business sample project report for bank loan pdf?

Well, you can explore the best food tiffin delivery business project report PDF on our website and take help by checking out all the important details for your new business from it. It will serve you as a guide using which you can write your own food tiffin project report and submit it to the bank to avail loan for your new venture.

What is the right food tiffin business project report format for bank loan?

We have clearly stated the right format for food tiffin start up in our project report. You can check out the project report details by downloading it after making a nominal payment to us. We have covered every important aspect of this venture in our report.

Can I download food tiffin business project report in the format of excel or word file?

You can easily download food tiffin business project report from our website in PDF Format and use it for writing your project report. If you want to get it in word or excel file. It is very simple to later convert the pdf to word or excel using free file converting tools.

Can I download food tiffin delivery business project report and use it for bank loan under pmegp mudra and other government scheme?

The main objective of this project report is to highlight all important aspects of this business for your new set up and to provide sample format for preparing project reports for other purposes. However, according to your need, we will prepare customized project report for your set up so that you can get loan from the bank under any scheme.

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