Business Ideas in Haryana for Start Business in India

Exploring Lucrative Business Ideas in Haryana

Haryana is a national pioneer in both industry and agriculture. Haryana is one of the top states in terms of industrial production, particularly in the production of tractors, mobile cranes, tractors, and two-wheelers. Haryana is the second-largest supplier of food grains to India’s central pool and accounts for more than 60% of the nation’s Basmati rice exports. It is also the third-largest exporter of software and one of the top sites for IT facilities.

Haryana is swiftly rising to prominence as one of India’s most sought-after investment locations. The industrial sector in Haryana, which already has a competitive advantage because of its strategic location, basic infrastructure, and sizable trained, educated, and youthful workforce, has received a significant boost from the globalization of markets and a flourishing economy.

Profitable Business Ideas In Haryana

Additionally, the State continues to implement investor-friendly policies. Although Haryana’s economy is largely agrarian, it also produces a variety of food and cash crops in addition to dairy and fishery products. The State is also the location of some tourist attractions.

Haryana is well renowned for performing a variety of administrative and industrial activities and notably supporting India’s information technology and automotive sectors.

You will be amazed to know that in the article below, you will not just get to know about the best top 25 business ideas in Haryana 2024 but will also be able to know in detail about how to start these business types if you search longer. We are a team of experts who keep working to provide you with detailed information about all business types in India and which ones you can easily start and how.

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Top 10 Business Ideas In Haryana

SEO Expert

Jobs in SEO are in high demand in Haryana. You can learn the practical skills of SEO from several free YouTube courses in order to launch your career as an SEO consultant. You Can Make Between 30k and 50k INR as a Beginner.

If you have past experience, you might evaluate other websites while working as a freelance SEO consultant. Additionally, you can have several clients and charge by the session.

The complete SEO strategy is created, carried out, and managed by SEO professionals on behalf of their clients. Online marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, link development, and keyword strategy are typical duties. The greatest SEO experts are those who have a broad understanding of all aspects of digital marketing.

Franchise Enterprise In Haryana

A franchise is among the best businesses to launch in Haryana with any investment. Open a franchise in your neighbourhood to sell products from any respected brand, including food, apparel, and beverages.

In this business, you can get any reputable brand’s customers for nothing. There are many industries where you can launch a small business with very little capital.

By choosing an Indian franchise based on your financial constraints, you can launch a prosperous business in your neighbourhood.

The greatest and simplest business to run right now is a franchise of an established firm. Franchise agreements help franchisors because they allow for considerably faster business growth than would otherwise be possible. A company’s growth could be hampered by a lack of resources, including cash and manpower. A company participating in franchising invests minimal money or work because the franchisee supplies both.

Businesses can only grant qualified individuals franchising rights. There are certain advantages to raising funds through franchising. Most business owners choose to franchise because it allows them to expand without taking on debt or paying for inventory. First off, because the franchisee supplies all the money required to establish and maintain a unit, it enables businesses to expand by employing other people’s resources. The franchisor can virtually expand debt-free by using other people’s money.

Rental Companies

Renting cars, bikes, and homes, among other things, is one of the best small enterprises to launch in any region of Haryana. Any of these enterprises can be started for very little money.

Since many tourists to Haryana are interested in renting different kinds of cars and bikes, we may begin by amassing a variety of bikes that are on lease or with three to five bikes in the beginning stages of business.

With this rental business, you can make money by charging on an hourly or daily basis. Both online and offline resources can be used to list the company and grow it.

Event Management Business In Harayana Scope

Because the state contains various established cities, many people desire to celebrate their birthdays, meetings, and marriages there. An event management business can be started with a very modest investment.

This firm needs human resources to get off the ground, but with minimal investment, you might target the middle class to draw in customers more quickly and provide better services for less money.

These business concepts are becoming more and more popular in Haryana as a result of the potential, particularly in cities like Gurgaon, the state’s cyber powerhouse. Companies and business enterprises can benefit from the company’s effortless services by using it to organize any event, business meeting, conference, or annual meeting. Additionally, it organizes for clients, investors, employees, and others to go internationally, purchase tickets, and make hotel arrangements.

You don’t have to do everything yourself; instead, delegate it to the individuals who are most qualified to execute it. For a business to succeed, it is crucial to have strong networks with dependable service providers.

Training Instructor

The Haryana small business sector of training consultants is also growing significantly. The startup costs for this company are quite minimal.

There are many various types of consulting services, including professionals in health, marriage, career, and physical fitness.

If you wish to provide customers with consultation services, you can choose any of these based on your area of expertise.

Profitable Startups In Haryana

Decorating and Designing

If you love to design, you may start a home-based design business. Designers come in a wide variety of forms, such as graphic designers, interior designers, and apparel designers.

So starting a design firm is quite profitable, and by utilizing online marketing to your advantage, you may increase your clientele outside of Haryana.

Interior design is a service-based sector that requires both creativity and a wealth of knowledge to suit the needs of your clientele. If you are an expert in your subject, this low-risk venture could earn you money. Making a business plan is crucial before starting this project.

Content Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most profitable work-from-home companies to start in Haryana. It is one of the easiest-to-launch business and is also one of the most lucrative ones.

Numerous media outlets and bloggers are hiring freelance content writers and paying them very high rates.

Regardless of whether you work at it full- or part-time, it is the best company you can start to make money. Use LinkedIn, Telegram, and Facebook to find your first client.

Travel Agent

You can start a local travel firm for very little money by designing the appropriate travel itinerary for your clients.

One of the most well-liked tourist attractions, Haryana is surrounded by stunning natural scenery. Booking hotels, tickets, and other arrangements while making money from them allows you to help the outside world, invite others to visit Haryana, and help them plan the perfect trip.

Start a company that is both offline and online, and to expand it, bring in customers from both sectors.

Online Business

In 2024, Haryana’s e-commerce industry has a very good chance of success. The process of selling products online and delivering them to clients is known as e-commerce.

For less than $100, you can launch an internet store and begin selling products. It Is Very Popular in Other Countries in Haryana Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and it is growing swiftly. You can sell any investments or products you have online and make money doing so.

Start a consulting business in Haryana

The consulting market is booming in Haryana, and you may start a consulting business based on your area of expertise with just a minimal investment.

There is a growing need for a wide range of consulting services, including those offered by health consultants, personal trainers, career consultants, and many more.

Therefore, beginning a business as a training consultant in Haryana is another fantastic small business you can start in a city or provide online training consultancy globally.

The act of consulting involves imparting expertise on a topic to a client in return for payment. Additionally, the service could offer implementation or consultation services. The consultant’s position necessitates that they view a situation objectively and independently. In Haryana, these economic endeavours are not for the timid.

Strong interpersonal skills and subject knowledge are necessary for the successful operation of this firm, and both are required for the capacity to recognize the specific purpose of the company’s activities.

Top 5 Business To Start In Haryana

Transport Business

If you have the money, you can start a business providing transportation services to the people of Haryana who need a range of transportation services.

You could move products for other people while making money if you worked in this field. However, you must have the necessary documentation for each of your vehicles, including trucks, buses, and many others, in order to launch a transportation company.

Truck transportation services in Haryana offer significant business potential because of the state’s substantial industrial and manufacturing base, robust road accessibility, and outstanding connectivity. If you start with a strong company concept, you could be able to make a lot of money in the transportation industry. Numerous prospects exist in this area, but one must first determine the level of local demand.

Ambulances, medical emergencies, outstations, shifting, and other crucial aspects of transportation are also covered. Additionally, the traffic congestion in many large cities has made it possible for public and private transit to use the roadways. Consequently, a large number of individuals rely greatly on transportation. Tons of commodities are carried daily between states and cities. If money is tight, start with one truck and build from there.

Fitness Trainer

Haryana residents are looking for different yoga instructors and fitness trainers as their health awareness increases.

If you have any fitness-related ideas, you may start a small gym in your neighbourhood where you could coach people for greater health growth in exchange for a monthly or session fee. As an alternative, you may start a gym.

Handyman Service

A handyman service is one of the best small companies to start in Haryana. You can start if you are skilled at maintaining your home’s interior and exterior as well as fixing its electrical and plumbing systems.

Offer a home service to the neighbourhood and charge for each job. It can be started either full- or part-time.

In addition to starting a full-time business, anyone can start a home-based part-time handyman business. The ideal location to start a handyman service is in a thriving, industrialized metropolis. There is a huge workplace in the handyman business. Among the tasks that fall under this category are plumbing, electrical, remodelling, and repairs

Web Developer Business In Haryana

There is a great need for several forms of web development, such as front-end developers, back-end developers, and designers, and you may learn web design for very little money. You may launch a front-end developer or web designer job for nothing.

You can work as a freelance web designer and offer services online in Haryana or in one of the many software firms there. Designers of front-end websites require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


There are thousands of vehicles in Haryana, making any industry involving automobiles quite profitable. Generally speaking, there are three automotive-related small companies that you can start.

  • Modification
  • Sales
  • Washings
  • Service Repair

If you have a limited budget, you can choose from a variety of brands and purchase their automobiles for local sale.

Best Business To Start In Haryana

Agro-Based Businesses

Haryana’s rich soil and advantageous climatic conditions are perfect for establishing agro-based companies. You can concentrate on sustainable and organic methods while meeting the rising demand for wholesome, locally sourced agricultural products. You might think about founding the following agricultural-based enterprises in the state of Haryana:

  • Dairy farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Organic farming
  • Unit for processing food

Information technology (IT)

Haryana appeals to companies in the IT and ITES sectors. The main reason for this is that it is close to Delhi, the capital of India. Additionally, the state government has made a lot of initiatives to promote digital transformation and encourage the growth of business opportunities in this field.

Some well-known IT-related businesses that startup business owners might consider launching are as follows:

  • Software development firm
  • IT advisory firm
  • BPO service center 
  • Digital marketing firm

Moving Food Truck

A mobile food truck business has different opportunities than a typical restaurant. Major cities in India are seeing an increase in the food truck industry. A person can launch this company on a small scale even if they have little to no prior experience in the food service industry. Some examples of frozen and packaged foods that can be sold from food trucks are ice cream, soft drinks, confections, and snacks.

Medical Services In Haryana

In the state, there is an increasing need for better healthcare facilities. Therefore, starting a firm in the healthcare sector might be beneficial. Some of the potentially attractive healthcare businesses in Haryana include:

  • Center for Diagnosis
  • Specialty hospital
  • Medical consultancy
  • Facilitating medical tourism

Education and skill-building

Education and skill development are highly valued in Haryana. The state consequently provides numerous prospects for founding new educational businesses. Some of the education-related businesses with excellent profit margins in Haryana are:

  • Training Academy
  • Center for Vocational Training
  • School for developing skills  
  • Training programs in agriculture, technology, and entrepreneurship

Which Business Can I Start In Haryana?

Renewable Energies

Another business that is growing in Haryana is renewable energy. There are numerous opportunities in the state for businesses in the solar energy sector. You can consider constructing solar power plants, creating solar panels, or providing solar energy solutions to assist in meeting the growing demand for sustainable energy sources.

Pet Care Services

If you love animals, you may look after the animals while the rest of the family is abroad. You might also start a nonprofit organization that helps lost, harmed, or abandoned animals. You must adore animals if you’re thinking about beginning your own pet-sitting business. Owning pets is a great bonus, and having a love of animals is a prerequisite for the position, but there are other abilities as well.

If you’re like most new pet sitters, you’ve probably made a list of subjects you want to learn more about. Perhaps you feel like you could use more practice with large-breed dogs, or perhaps you’ve always had dogs but not a lot of cat experience. When other animal species, such as birds and fish, become more popular as pets, you might require additional training in those areas.

Employment Business

Job seekers are constantly searching for opportunities to advance their careers. Because there are so many people looking for work, placement services are more important than ever in connecting job seekers with employers. Services for placement help both employers and job seekers find the best match, which is advantageous to both parties.

For people changing careers mid-career or leaving their current jobs, job placement services are also crucial. One must make rigorous preparations and engage in considerable networking to launch a placement business.

Human resources (HR) are necessary for every business, and successful hiring helps a business grow and succeed. By partnering with reputable companies and placing eligible applicants with them, it turns into a low-cost placement service.


Hardware, software, and data on systems connected to the internet are safeguarded against online threats by cybersecurity. As more personnel, equipment, and software are used in contemporary enterprises, as well as the amount of data the bulk of it private or sensitive increases, the need for cybersecurity will only become more critical.

In Haryana, the most profitable business venture is providing cybersecurity services. Businesses that want to safeguard themselves against fraud, financial scams, and cybercrime use cybersecurity services. Sensitive client data that belongs to businesses must be safeguarded. To address security challenges and provide solutions, experts are paid heavily.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are helping small firms in Haryana grow. Virtual assistants are employed to carry out repetitious tasks including drafting reports, keeping track of appointments, trips, and calendars, responding to emails, and answering phone calls in order to stay in touch with clients. This kind of enterprise can be conveniently run from home.

Virtual assistant employment is extremely flexible, depending on your abilities, the services you want to offer, the hours you want to work, and the location from which you want to work. One of the many elements that make being a virtual assistant a competitive vocation is adaptability. The main benefit of starting a virtual assistant business is that no prior expertise is necessary.

If you want to stand out, you’ll need to have a proven track record of success in project management, communication, and other areas. Since the majority of traditional office workers naturally use these abilities on a daily basis, you won’t need additional training to start a virtual assistant firm.

Frequently Asked Questions On Business Ideas in Haryana

Which government programs and services are available to businesses in Haryana?

There are several business-friendly incentives, subsidies, and support programs offered by the Haryana government. Financial assistance, land distribution, tax rebates, and skill-development programs are all included. The Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) offers all the knowledge and assistance required to launch a business in the state.

Is Haryana a state that supports business?

Haryana is regarded as a business-friendly state in India. The state provides a welcoming environment for investment and entrepreneurship. The state government has made a number of measures in recent years to support entrepreneurship. Infrastructure, connectivity, and skilled labour are further factors that support corporate growth.

Are there any specific guidelines or licenses required to start a business in Haryana?

Yes, it is essential to follow the law and acquire the necessary licenses and permits before starting a business in Haryana. However, the particular criteria will depend on the kind and structure of the company. Engaging with legal, business, or government bodies is advised for thorough regulatory compliance assistance.

For starting a business in Haryana, are there any unique challenges?

Despite the fact that Haryana offers a wide range of business opportunities, there may still be some obstacles, such as competition, infrastructure issues, a lack of trained labour, and regulatory compliance. But with enough preparation, research into the market and adaptation, these problems can be overcome in order to establish a profitable business in the state.

How To Start Business In Haryana?

Buy a project report to avail bank loan in order to start a business in Haryana. It is needed by banks to know the feasibility of your business. You can also use it as a road map to take wise decisions.

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