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You can download Corrugated Box Project Report here. The objective of the project report is to provide information to the new startups coming into the field of Corrugated Boxes. Many times you have seen such kinds of corrugated boxes when you ordered something from online e-commerce stores like Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart. Meaning of corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, paper boxes, carton boxes are premade boxes that are mainly used for packaging goods and other things. These carton boxes are recyclable.


Now, if you want to start your corrugated carton box making business then you are on the right path. Here, in this article, we will help to describe basic guidelines to start this business. This business plan mainly includes guidelines, market potential, legal permissions, machinery, raw materials and production method.

Generally, these boxes available in different shapes and sizes. These boxes come under the packaging solution category but product manufacturers use these boxes as outer packaging boxes. Corrugated boxes use for the shipping of goods as they give proper support in large packaging and during transportation. These boxes are mainly preferred by everyone due to their high durability, light-weightiness, high strength, appealing aesthetic value, cost-effectiveness, and recyclability.

Corrugated Box Making Project Report

Corrugated Box project report is a necessary document that will help you get all the necessary licenses, help you set up this shop and avail financial assistance from the banks. You can use it as a map that has all the solutions to your doubts and can resolve your problems in a gist of time.

With a medium startup investment, you can invest in this type of business. Commencing this type of business not required any major educational degrees or background although you need proper planning, good investment and networking skills. It is a B2B business. Consequently, other organizations are your customers.

We shall provide you all the information on the corrugated boxes manufacturing business, its manufacturing process, machinery and other equipment used in this box making and how to commence this corrugated box manufacturing business.

How to download corrugated box industry project report?

You can download the report in PDF format by paying on this website. The project report of Corrugated Boxes has to be added to the basket then checkout. After payment, you will get the option to download the project report of Corrugated Boxes.

Corrugated Box Market Potential

Corrugated boxes are an unavoidable part of the manufacturing sector as the packaging of material always required corrugated boxes. They completely depend on corrugated packaging for finished goods transportation and handling.

Considering different qualities of corrugated boxes like they are a lightweight, easy to store and easily disposable means recyclable and as a result, corrugated boxes are environment friendly and around 80% of industrial packaging is done using corrugated boxes. Packaging of products is always done using these corrugated boxes, as they are cheap and today many e-commerce industries like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra are using this for packaging purposes.

Growing industry, mainly in emerging economies like Brazil, China, India is expected to increase trade activities in corrugated boxes business and the Asia Pacific has maximum demand share in the global market. The demand is very high and this industry considers as the fastest growing sector of the packaging market. But in this business, freight has a major role because this product is cheap and bulky and requires a lot of space and due to this business location is always close to your customer.

Considering e-commerce is a major buyer of cardboard, the growth of this sector is expected to fuel the demand for corrugated boxes market over the coming years. Following are the major areas where corrugated cardboard boxes are used:

  • Food and beverage products
  • Electronic Goods
  • Household appliances
  • Personal and household care goods
  • Glassware and ceramics
  • Footwear
  • Paper products
  • Automobile components
  • Rubber & rubber products
  • Chemicals
  • Textile goods
  • Tobacco products
  • Other nondurable goods

Advantages of Using Corrugated Cardboard Box over the Packaging Material 

  • Cardboards have good potential to hold graphics and printing is also good and clear, therefore, to attract consumers business man fix logo, company name and other promotional details on their packaging.
  • The demand for corrugated boxes for packaging purposes is increasing in several industries because this is the cheapest form of packaging and helps to reduce final product price on basis of bundling with packaging.
  • Corrugated boxes occupy less space as they can be easily folded and stacked when not in use.
  • When compared with metal containers, they do not undergo any chemical reaction with food and beverages product therefore, highly recommendable.
  • Corrugated boxes are environment friendly due to their biodegradable and recyclable properties and they have less impact on the environment.
  • Due to lightweight and easy to handle during transportation corrugated boxes are preferred everywhere. Also, they are cost effective and sustainable.

Corrugated boxes for packaging available in different sizes and shape with 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply etc. for successful business and well growth, it’s highly recommended that you understand each and every point about the product and various factors of packaging. It is appreciable if you join some course at the Indian Institute of Packaging for more understanding although there is not any requirement for such courses this type, of course, is helpful for better understanding.

Machinery for corrugated box manufacturing

To start this type of business, you need machinery which you can buy from local manufacturers or through online B2B marketplaces like Indiamart. Under mention machines are required for start Corrugated Carton Box making business:

  • Face Paper corrugation Machine
  • Board Cutters
  • Sheet Pasting Machine
  • Sheet Pressing Machine
  • Bar Rotary Cutting and Creasing Machine
  • Eccentric Slotted Machine
  • Stitching Machines.

The most important thing, before buying machines always check customer reviews and then negotiate for the price and also ensure that warranty period is available for the machines. 

How to Start Carton Manufacturing Business?

You need to arrange all the information about this business first so that you can start carton manufacturing business in India. Buying a corrugated box project report is a good idea as you will need it to arrange bank loan from the financial institution. Arrangement of raw material is important that you can do once you avail bank loan and buy it. 

The primary raw material used to make corrugated cardboard is fast-growing pine trees which mature, harvested and replaces with seedlings and then stripped of their limbs and only trunk used by a pulp mill to convert kraft paper. At the paper mill, the harvested tree trunks are converted by kraft process also called sulphate process because in this process chemical used to break down wood chips into a fibrous pulp and this sent directly to a paper machine where it is formed, pressed, dried and rolled into the wide heavy rolls of kraft paper to make cardboard. Other raw materials used in this are glue, stitching wire, yellow strawboard etc. 

How to Start a Carton Factory?

When you start any type of business, you need to complete legal compliances like you need to obtain a trade license from the local authority and also obtain a factory license. Also, take GST registration and side by side apply for consent for establishment and consent for operation both from the Pollution Control Board (PCB).

How do I start a Corrugated Box Manufacturing Business? 

Firstly, by using corrugated paper sheet corrugated board produce and glue application on the facings of flat paper and corrugated machine used for the corrugation of flat sheet and by this corrugated flexible 2 ply boards prepared. Now pass this paper through the heated fluted rolls to get corrugated paper and next sheet contact with the previous sheet using glue at the tips. These two sheets get pasted together to form rolls and resulting roll called single face or 2-ply corrugated board.

Using board cutter machine rolls are cut and glue applies on the corrugated side of the pasting machine and finally the third ply pasted over it. Now doing all this you get double face or 3 ply corrugated board. Similarly, by pasting the board overboard you can make thicker boards i.e. 5-ply, 7-ply and 9-ply boards.

How do you Start a Carton Box Factory? 

You can start a carton box factory by deep market research and finding out the scope of this business. Meanwhile you need to get the project report pdf for carton box manufacturing business so that you can know all the detail about this business. Along with this you need to finalize the space and location for the entire set up. If you buy the land it will become an expensive investment. You can just arrange space on land in the beginning. 

The location that you choose for this business must have ease for transportation. You need to arrange finance and buy required machinery and raw material so that production of carton boxes starts. You need to hire efficient manpower to bring this plan into action. 

How to Start a Corrugated Box Manufacturing Unit?

Once you make all the necessary arrangements mentioned on this page from market research to production of carton boxes, the manufacturing unit plan just remains a plan. To start a corrugated box manufacturing unit, everything is necessary like project report to provide you bank loan, then raw material, machinery and manpower. Licensing plays a crucial role. Thus, you need to get your firm registered to avoid problems in the future. 

How do you set up a corrugated box manufacturing unit? 

You need to keep doing all the instructions as the project report says and you will be able to set up a successful corrugated box manufacturing unit. You need to be dedicated to make this business a successful venture. 

Cardboard Box Producing

Now, first of all, dry these sheets and process further to produce corrugated boxes. For producing cartons, take orders from different clients and as per dimensions produce boxes. For carton production dimensions like length, width and depth require in the proportion of 2:1:2 or you can use another dimension as per client specifications and also you can produce printed cartons if the requirement is given by the client.

Therefore, producing cartons you must follow BI guide in the cardboard box making business and specifications published by BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) for different applications.

What are the characteristics of printing inks used for corrugated packaging?

 Oil based inksQuick drying inksFlexo inks
Ink Characteristics
 Composition of vehicleContain dissolved drying oils and synthetic resinsContain dissolved glycol and synthetic resinsAlkali aqueous solution of synthetic resins, emulsion
 Drying mechanismOxygen polymerizationAbsorption and permeationAbsorption and evaporation
 Drying time4 – 5 hours20 – 30 minutes0.5 – 1 second
 Ink viscosity100 – 200 poises100 – 200 poises2 – 3 poises

What strategic options a firm in a corrugated box manufacturing industry could pursue to be successful? 

Marketing is a very important part of any business and for this, you always focus on the quality of the product you produce. Always purchase high-quality raw material to produce high-quality product. For good marketing follow some points like:

  • Approach companies that required corrugated boxes.
  • Contact companies like pharma, food industry and e-commerce industry whose requirement is very high.
  • List your business in popular B2B portals like trade India and Indiamart, just dial which helps in contacting clients for further business.
  • Attend Trade fairs and join business expos that focus on the paper and packaging industry like PackPlus, PackEx and PaperEx.
  • Always keep yourself updated on the related industry and understand what is happening in the current time in the carton industry.

How much land is required to set up corrugated box business in India?

For an automatic plant 30,000 sq.ft minimum area required however if you start with a semi-automatic plant then 5000 sq.ft. minimum requirement. But it is recommended that consult with some consultants if you start the automatic plant.

Contents of Corrugated Box Project Report

The project report for Corrugated Boxes includes the following points.

Sr. No.Particulars
1Project At A Glance
2Cost Of Project
3Means Of Finance
4Plant & Machinery List
6Products And Its Application
7Industry Outlook And Trend
8Market Potential And Marketing Issues, If Any
9Raw Material Requirements
10Manufacturing Process
11Projected Balance Sheet
12Projected Profitability Statement
13Cash Flow Statement
14Computation Of Manufacturing
15Raw Material
16Computation Of Working Capital Requirement
17Break Up Of Labour
18Break Up Of Salary
19Computation Of Electricity
20Computation Of Depreciation
21Repayment Schedule Of Term Loan
22Calculation Of D.S.C.R
23Break Even Point Analysis
For whom is corrugated sheet board & boxes project report format useful?
  1. CA Chartered Accountants
  2. Tax Consultants
  3. Small Business Owners
  4. Students
  5. Engineers
  6. Who wants to self-study

In addition to those who want to prepare project reports themselves.

Sample project report on corrugated box manufacturing

In our project report format, we have covered technological details, its diagrams, flow charts etc. as and when required or deemed fit to include. We can also help you prepare in-depth financial calculations which are necessary for the Investor/bank.

You will get the report data from our Project Report in PDF. You can also modify the information according to your need. You will be able to access the data easily according to your requirement. 


Corrugated box is a labour intensive business and may not be the best choice for easy side business but it is definitely a profitable start up in India. There are many initial costs that you need to plan and invest and start this small venture. It is a lucrative business idea and you can devote required time and money to start thus business as it is a consumer oriented venture. 

This is a growing sector and demand is very high for the corrugated industry however you need some amount in your pocket to start this business as the machinery cost is high but in the end, you can earn good profit. Due to the higher number of players competition is high in the market but you earn profit margins if you are capable of making clients, have a USP and capable of building your brand.

We suggest firstly learn this business under some guidance and then go for it, as this is a highly competitive business. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Ice Cream Parlour Project Report PDF
Where can I get corrugated paper box project report for bank loan pdf?

Well you can explore the best corrugated box manufacturing project report PDF on our website and take help by checking out all the important details for your new business from it. It will serve you as a guide using which you can write your corrugated box manufacturing project report and submit it to the bank to avail loan for your new venture.

What is the right project report on corrugated box manufacturing in india format for a bank loan?

We have clearly stated the right format for corrugated box making start-up in our project report. You can check out the project report details by downloading it after making a nominal payment to us. We have covered every important aspect of this venture in our report.

Can I download corrugated box manufacturing industry project report in the format of excel or word file?

You can easily download corrugated box industry project report from our website in PDF Format and use it for writing your project report. If you want to get it in word or excel file. It is very simple to later convert the pdf to word or excel using free file converting tools.

Can I download project report of corrugated boxes manufacturing and use it for bank loan under pmegp mudra and another government scheme?

The main objective of this project report is to highlight all important aspects of this business for your new set up and to provide sample format for preparing project reports for other purposes. However, according to your need, we will prepare a customized project report for your set-up so that you can get a loan from the bank under any scheme.


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