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Business Ideas Service Industry Top 10 Best Startup Ideas In India

If you are looking forward to exploring the best business ideas the service industry has blessed us with, you are at the right place because we will highlight the best of all. Presently, there are an excess number of opportunities available to entrepreneurs these days that they can leave an everlasting impression of their services with these new service business ideas in India. 

However, to begin the new startup properly is of prime importance. The reason for this is that everyone who begins a new service wishes to achieve continued growth opportunities when an entrepreneur decides to startup a service business in India.

Customers nowadays look forward to the cheap and best products and services that they can avail of by paying a minimum amount. People love the outlets that provide quick services. According to India’s GDP, 55% contributes to the service sector. Service business ideas are small-scale investment plans in India.

The service business requires less capital investment so the break-even occurs quickly in comparison to other business startups. This type of business is more appealing because it involves results that are small but once the business expands, there is no pause in the success of this business.

For entrepreneurs who are looking forward to inspiring business plans, we are presenting the best 10 sources of service ideas. You can use these entrepreneur service startup ideas with little investment and get more returns.

Coaching Classes

If you are a passionate teacher and love teaching, you can provide coaching classes to students. The students you want to teach can be from school and college. They can be professionals also whom you can teach.

Therefore if you are a passionate teacher, you can use this talent and impart knowledge to your students. It’s an attractive business idea that can provide a decent monthly income to the teachers.

It doesn’t require any investment. If you still wish to invest, you can spend on setting up your tutorial room. You can also take your coaching classes online and attract students from different countries. You can start coaching at your house only because it will lower your cost and other miscellaneous expenses. The raw material needed is a marker and a whiteboard. You can promote your business on social media and use posters and flyers also. Coaching Classes are the best business ideas the service industry can provide us. You can also start your computer institute because it has a huge scope.

Recruitment Services

Among the top business ideas service industry, The Recruitment service is an attractive and lucrative business idea that provides you with high income in return. This startup enables aspiring candidates to get a job and the ones offering jobs meet capable personnel. Your job is to match the best candidate to the industry requirements, conduct their interviews, and employ them at the right place.

You have to find suitable people for a job and earn in the form of a fee. The trend that is going on in the form of the fee is the first salary can be kept by the recruiter or he can keep half of it or whatever is discussed and finalized between the two parties.

It is an attractive service that benefits not only the job aspirants but also the hiring agencies.

Event management

If you are a party lover, then this service idea is particularly for you. There is no investment in this service idea. You just need to set up an office that you can do at your home even. It just includes innovative and creative ideas and you can lure the hearts of rich clients.

You must possess good communication skills and become a successful entrepreneur as an event planner. Your key role is to look for hundreds of venues in your city or state and sponsor meetings so that you can coordinate activities and stay available on the call of your clients.

You can be in tie-up with a digital marketing agency and follow strategies to promote your business so that you can earn high revenue from this service. Try to keep track of the events you have planned so that you are not stuck or miss out on any of them as this can put you in a mess.

Therefore try to coordinate with your customers by routine follow-ups and handle all your prospects well so that proper lead management is set.

Real Estate Agent

It is very exciting to be a real estate dealer. This can make quick money for you. All you need is to possess strong communication skills and a wide network. Using a small amount of investment, you can initiate this business.

Your job is to find the right property according to the demands of your clients and satisfy them. The commission in this business is high and that is your income.

People in a city indulge themselves in buying a house or a shop and use it for some time. Later they sell it to earn profits over property and earn money. You can assist them and make your money too. As an entrepreneur, you can choose this service as your main business or side business. Real estate is among the most profitable business ideas the service industry has offered us.

Travel Agency

People are fond of travelling in and out of India. The travel industry has gained popularity in the past years. People wish to spend quality time together with their family so they visit different places.

They wish to go on a world tour in their life. For aspiring candidates who wish to start a travelling service, this is the best opportunity. To open a travel agency is a small investment business that just requires a shop, computer, and internet connection.

You must have a tie-up with an agent who gets the travel visa ready for your clients. They can help you execute your business well. All you need to do is collect your charges from the customers. Rest can be left in the hands of your employee.

Wedding Consultant

Indian weddings are always a matter of great pomp and show. You can therefore create a company for a wedding in India. The wedding festivity provides you with several opportunities to earn good money.

Indian culture places prime importance on weddings. As a wedding consultant, you need to launch your website. You can approach your future clients with the help of your website. Being a wedding consultant you have to provide all the arrangements from venue interiors to exteriors, decorations, attires, rituals, and whatnot.

As a wedding consultant, it is important for you to take care of every demand of your clients so that you can make this event a memory for the entire family. This is the real success other than making money from weddings.

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Online Fitness Instructor

Everyone these days is a fitness freak. One wishes to go to gyms or yoga centres so that they can look lean.  Fitness is considered important these days. It is very much required by our body too.

It is bit difficult to visit the gym daily as we all are busy in our lives. You might be trying to get somebody home and start exercising. Well that somebody is fitness coaching online. You can also open your gym where you can teach students exercises and diet. Along with this online can go on.

This gives opportunity to an online fitness instructor to help people stay fit or lose weight. The coach can post fitness videos online and can attract clients from any part of the country who can enrol on your course.

This will help you to create your presence online and make money from posting your videos of fitness or teaching exercises.  It is among the famous business ideas the service industry has blessed us with.

Photography Service

Although the DSLR or mobile cameras are capable enough to give you beautiful pictures. But still, something remains missing there. Photography without artistic skills is a waste. You can capture pictures no doubt, but the attraction is lacking. This can only be filled with a photographer.

If the photographer has an artistic vision and tries to capture the moment with life in it, is an ideal photographer. The technical requirement of a photographer is high. Opening a photography studio with nice interiors is a great business plan. Try to explore online and approach freelancing sites. Create your profile out there and you can get many leads and clients. You can also associate with a photography agency and it can provide you with work.

Search Engine Optimization Service

 If you are a passionate writer and are writing for websites or blogs. One thing you must have heard of is SEO. It is very important for you to write SEO-friendly content so that you can rank it according to Google algorithms.

If you are not well versed in it, then you need not worry because search engine optimization services are available online. Therefore you can start your own online directory and list companies in your directory. You can collect long-term money by this and can even charge the customer’s lists every year.


Tea and coffee are staple drinks in India. You can never have a loss in this business. Running a café business in India is always profitable. All you need to do is to spend money on renting a shop and you can start your coffee café business.

Make your café a tea point so that you can attract the local public. Also, you can make the menu with the food items that are in demand. You must open your café in public area.


In the end, I would like to say that all service business ideas are advantageous and have limitations too. Consider other available factors also while you make a decision for choosing one service idea.

The road you choose plays an important role in your success. Therefore walk on this road wisely and cross all the hurdles with perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions On Business Ideas Service Industry

What company is a good example of a service Business?

Online Fitness Companies are the best example of service businesses because it is just related to providing you with fitness lessons either in the form of a video or music. The learners across the globe are crazy about it and wish to connect. Therefore this industry is the best example.

Which businesses are in the service industry?

All the businesses that are related to providing services are the business from the service sector like coaching classes, cafes, restaurants, hospitality, etc. These services do not offer any products for sale, therefore they are businesses from the service industry. The services that are rendered by the entrepreneurs to the public are high in demand.

What service business makes the most money?

The coaching classes make you the most money. The earning depends on the scale you have started your business. The coaching classes business can be expanded online to avail your service worldwide and therefore you can make it the most profitable service business in India. Anywhere in India, you can start a service startup.

Who are the business ideas service industry?

The business startups that provide services to the public are opportunities for service businesses. You can start them on a small scale also. There are many services that one can start from your house only. This is the best opportunity startup in the business we have known so far. Many services that you provide to the public are in evergreen demand and thus generate money as income.

Where can I start a business idea service industry?

You can start services anywhere in India in any state of the country or online. You can establish your services online so that you can meet clients online and globally. This will create your brand and give you a huge number of customers with excess income. After all, we all work only for money and profits.

When can I start a business ideas service industry in India?

Well, you can start offering your service whenever you like. The reason for this is that you need not even wait for your capital to get arranged. Therefore start your services from your doorsteps whenever you like. The client’s satisfaction is of utmost priority because word-of-mouth publicity spreads like wildfire.

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