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If you are a sales executive and want to know about sales manager resume format you can get them here. The main role of a sales manager in a company is to promote the sales for the owners. It is a very rewarding job profile, along with being fast-paced. A sales manager can get several growth opportunities if he has the talent to increase sales. Sales managers work full time, in evenings and weekends too and travel from one place to another to crack the deals.

Sales managers usually have a bachelor’s or master’s degree along with work experience as sales representatives. If you are looking forward to new work opportunities as a sales manager, then this article is worth reading for you.

A sales manager resume sample is a great component when you are searching for a new job. When you create your resume, you need to refer to the sales manager job description and showcase your skills, achievements and experience.

The area sales manager’s resume will include a headline and profile summary that states your goals and expertise. I am going to teach you how to write a sales manager resume to exhibit your strengths to the recruiter.

Sales Manager Resume Word Format

There are three formats of a sales manager’s resume. Chronological, functional and hybrid. Your choice depends on the skills and experience you have. You can highlight your work history using the chronological format, skills and achievements using the functional format and both using the hybrid resume format for sales managers.

Chronological CV Template 

A chronological resume format is useful for you to showcase your work experience in reverse chronological order. Candidates who have very little gap or no gap in their jobs can use this format with full confidence. A sales manager job description resume is very useful to get you the job you desire.  You can also include your sales manager roles and responsibilities in your resume for the interviewer to know.

It is the most popular sales manager skills resume format among sales candidates. It mentions your latest and past experience properly and is easy and simple to scan under ATS.

Functional Resume Format For Sales Manager

This resume format is useful for you when you don’t have any work experience and have a large job gap. If you are a fresher then this format is the best for you. Instead of experience, candidates state their objectives using this format. The sales manager’s resume objective is of utmost priority if you choose this format.

You can highlight your skills, achievements and qualifications effectively using bullets in this format.

Combination Resume Format For Sales Manager

The hybrid resume format is also very famous. Candidates using them don’t even know they use a hybrid format. It is suitable for sales candidates who have a very lengthy work experience to highlight and is related to the job position you are applying for.

If you frequently change industries, you must use a hybrid format and lure the attention of the recruiter.

Write In Short How to Make a Sales Manager Resume?

To make a sales manager resume, follow these steps:

  • You can initiate with the resume headline for sales manager in your resume. 
  • Start with a professional summary that highlights your experience and achievements in sales and leadership roles.
  • List your relevant work experience in reverse chronological order, including job titles, company names, employment dates, and key responsibilities.
  • Highlight your education and any relevant certifications or awards.
  • Include a skills section that lists your relevant skills, such as sales management, team leadership, communication, and customer relationship management.
  • Use action-oriented language and quantify results whenever possible, such as by including specific sales figures or team performance metrics.
  • Use a clean and professional format, with consistent font sizes and styles, and leave plenty of white space to make the resume easy to read.
  • Proofread the resume carefully for spelling and grammar errors, and ask a friend or colleague to review it as well.

How To Write Sales Manager Achievement In Resume?

To write sales manager achievements in a resume, follow these steps:

  • Identify specific achievements that demonstrate your sales and leadership skills, such as exceeding sales targets, increasing revenue, or developing successful sales strategies.
  • Use action-oriented language and quantify your achievements whenever possible, such as by including specific sales figures or percentages.
  • Focus on achievements that are relevant to the sales manager role you are applying for.
  • Organize your achievements in a bullet-point list under your relevant work experience.
  • Use strong action verbs to begin each bullet point, such as “led,” “managed,” “achieved,” or “implemented.”
  • Be concise and specific, focusing on the most impressive and relevant achievements that demonstrate your value as a sales manager.
  • Avoid using vague or generic language, and instead focus on specific, measurable results that showcase your skills and accomplishments.

Write In Short What Skills To Put On Your Resume For A Sales Associate?

To put skills on a resume for a sales associate, consider including the following:

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Sales skills
  • Product knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic math skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Computer and technology skills (such as proficiency in CRM software)
  • Organization and multitasking skills

Be sure to tailor your list of skills to the specific job description and the needs of the employer, and use concrete examples to demonstrate how you have used these skills in previous roles.

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Sales Manager Resume Samples

Neha Joshi

481-R Model Town

Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

Mob No: 0000000000

[email protected]

Profile Summary

Polished sales manager with eight years of experience in leading the sales team and achieving growth and success in a healthy work environment.


Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

April 2013 To 2018

Sales and Marketing/Accounting

MBA in Marketing



July 2019 to Present

  • Increased sales for the Coca-Cola company in the entire territory and increased the overall sales.
  • Took care of the entire sales team working as a sales executive and guided them to promote sales.
  • Conducted timely meetings with distributors and sales teams to persuade and motivate them for the growth of sales.


  • Persuasive
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Prospecting

How to Write a Sales Manager Resume In India?

A Sales Manager is a professional who leads the entire sales team and guides them on how to build plans to increase sales. Individuals who are pursuing their careers as sales managers can highlight their experience and skills using the resume that we have written below.

A well-written resume that is capable of attracting the attention of the recruiter is only available on our website. 

Well, it is a tedious job to write a sales manager’s resume. Although you are very good at that but still not professional. You are already very nervous about the new job you wish to crack and we don’t want you to waste time exploring and writing your resume. Why don’t you choose one from our predesigned templates and resume samples created especially for you?

They are all professionally made to resolve your problem of finding the best sales manager resume India.

Which sales manager resume templates are available for download here?

You can instantly download the following Sales Manager Resume Templates in Microsoft Word File by paying a nominal fee here.

Sr. No.Particulars
1Advertising Sales Manager Resume
2Agency Sales Manager
3Assistant Sales Manager Resume
4Auto Sales Manager Resume
5Automotive General Sales Manager Resume
6Business Transient Sales Manager Resume
7Business Travel Sales Manager Resume
8Car Sales Manager
9Channel Sales Manager Resume
10Commercial Sales Manager Resume
12Corporate Sales Manager Resume
13Distribution Sales Manager Resume
14Enterprise Sales Account Manager Resume
15Fashion Sales Manager
16Field Sales Manager Resume
17Furniture Sales Manager  Resume
18General Sales Manager Resume
19Government Sales Manager Resume
20Group Sales Manager Resume
21Hospitality Sales Manager Resume
22Hotel Sales Manager Resume
23HVAC Sales Manager Resume
24Industrial Sales Manager-
25Inside Sales Manager Resume
26Internal Sales Manager Resume
27International Sales Manager Resume
28Internet Sales Manager Resume
29IT Sales Account Manager Resume
30Key Account Sales Manager Resume
31Medical Sales Manager Resume
32Mortgage Sales Manager Resume
33National Sales Manager Resume
34Outside Sales Account Manager Resume
35Outside Sales B2B Account Manager Resume
36Outside Sales Manager Resume
37Pre-Sales Manager Resume
38Project Sales Manager Resume-
39Simple Resume Template

Why is a Sales Manager resume Important?

The sales manager needs to introduce himself before the recruiter so he states his skills and objectives in the resume for the recruiters to read. An amazing tool that lays the skills and achievements of an individual looking for a job is important.

You must state your broad vision and objective so that the recruiter thinks you are worthy of the job he is offering. The resume will open up your complete background and experience in front of the recruiter.

What to include in a Sales Manager resume?

Contact Information

You have to add your full name, e-mail, phone number and official account if any in the first section of the resume.

Resume Objective

Include the objective that states your goals for the organization in two to three lines based on skills and experience in the same sector.

Work Experience

Include the company name with whom you are working at present. Thereafter you need to list all the experience relevant to the job position in the experience section. Also, state your duties and responsibilities.

Training and Internship

Include the name of the company you did your training in. State your job duties as well.


Write about the skills that you have gained and learned from your previous job. You can list hard and soft skills as well.


Write the name of the education degree you have earned. It states the latest on top along with the college name and the marks scored.

Languages Known

You need to highlight the languages you are proficient in. You can include Hindi and English languages that are widely spoken in India.

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How To Write A Sales Manager Resume?

The following steps are important if you want to create a resume for a sales manager post In India.

Review The Job Description

It is very important to read the job description before you start writing your resume. This will help you decide which skills you must include in the sales manager resume you are writing. When you study the job description, you will get to know about the requirements of the recruiter.

Once you know about the demands of the company, you can present yourself according to them and grab the job position. Therefore include the relevant keywords to impress the recruiter.

Format the resume

The resume formatting is important so that the recruiter likes your style of presenting yourself. You can format your CV and make it look professional. Choose the right font size so that the resume content is visible, you can keep it to 12 or 14. Select the Arial font style and keep it the same for all words and sentences in the resume.

You can format your resume using the three resume formats discussed above. Present the important information using bullets and numbers in the resume.

Begin with Proper Heading

The next important step is to write your full name, contact details, and e-mail in your resume. Your contact number should be verified so that when the recruiter contacts you, you can attend his call. It is basically under the header section that we write these details.

Sales Resume Objective

The introduction of the resume begins with a well-written objective that states the skills and work experience of your career. It makes your resume look presentable and the achievements get noticed by the recruiter.

You can state the objective in three to four lines starting with the professional summary that makes the recruiter understand your personality and traits.

As a sales manager, you can add your goals and state the strengths that help you convince people. A clear objective will add worth to your resume.

Skills and Certifications

You must include important skills as a sales manager in your resume. Therefore, add both hard and soft skills and tell the recruiter that you are a hard worker and compassionate. Define your professionalism using skills and write the ones matching the job description skills. You can write skills in a separate section of your resume.

The skills are as follows.

  •  Negotiation skills
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accounts management
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills

Highlight the Expertise Areas

Recruiters like to hire sales managers who have more work experience in sales. Thus, you can include your sales experience and responsibilities in your previous job.

The freshers can add information as interns. You can also add your job duties as it helps the recruiter know your abilities. Include the dates of joining and leaving the previous job in bullets so that the recruiters notice it. The action verbs that you use to show your experience attract the recruiter to the important information in your CV.

Education Details for Sales Resume

A separate section for the section is a must for you. As a sales manager, you can include details about your master’s and bachelor’s degrees in marketing and sales. Usually, sales managers are marketing experts. A master’s in business is the cherry on the cake.

You must include your accomplishments during your latest degree so that the recruiter can judge your recent talents. Add information regarding the school and college you studied in and the years of joining and leaving. The course you did and the marks scored are important for the education section of a sales manager.

Check and Proofread

It is always important to proofread and check for errors in your sales resume. The recruiter will never consider you for an interview if there are errors in your CV. Therefore, check all the sections of your resume and find out spelling or grammar mistakes. Now you have to correct the errors you have noted and proofread again. Now you can submit your resume or share it online.

Important Skills For a Sales Manager Resume

There are a few very important skills to write in a sales manager’s resume in India. A sales resume is incomplete without skills. You must add them to complete your CV. This will help the recruiter check out your abilities. You will also be able to communicate your strengths to the recruiter directly or indirectly.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication skills nowadays are of great importance especially when you have to convince people to buy your product or service. Henceforth, it is a must-have for a sales manager in India. A good sales manager has excellent communication and listening skills to exchange information effectively. Clear and effective communication is important to attract customers to your product.


Confidence is a quality of a sales manager. With confidence, you, can attract new clients as a sales manager and gain their trust. The confidence of a sales manager helps him win negotiations.

The recruiters always hire a candidate who has the potential to negotiate and this is reflected in their confidence.


A sales manager needs to have patience in his workplace and this can be told to the recruiter by mentioning in the skills section. The job of a sales personnel is to assist the customer in decision-making for buying the product or taking your service.

Patience makes you a good communicator or a good listener and this is all that is needed in a sales job.

Language Expertise

You must include in your skills section the languages you know. The reason for this is that the recruiter must know you will be able to communicate in the local language with the clients. There may be times when the local customers are not able to understand English at that time the sales manager needs to converse in the local language.

If you are familiar with the local language, you must add it to your CV so that the recruiter is confident enough to hire you.

Computer Skills

Proficiency in computers is a must for a sales representative. The sales manager must know sales software and tools so that he can stand out on this basis. Data entry and Microsoft Office knowledge will help him create documents, sheets and presentations to show his products to the clients. Include this skill in your resume for sure.

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Tips To Write Sales Manager Biodata In India

You must follow our tips to craft your resume. This will improve your CV and create a positive impression on the recruiter. Here are the tips.

Stay Professional

You must stay professional throughout the CV. Ensure that the tone and language you use to present your traits are professional. The e-mail address and personal details should be all professional.

Editing the document

Make sure that your CV contains only relevant information that is concise and crisp. Keep the resume to one or two pages only. So that it is simple and quick to read. The font size should also remain readable.


It is not compulsory to create a header on the top right side of the resume. It is only that personal information should stay on the top.


An effective resume must have relevant skills in the skills section that let the recruiter know you are worthy of the job position he is offering. A Sales resume must include at least 8 to 10 skills so that the recruiter can get to know about you.

Include Keywords

Use relevant keywords from the job description and include them in the sales manager’s resume so that your resume is picked by the recruiter in the ATS. The recruiter gets to know about the abilities that you have and can select you for an interview.


You must make sure that your resume sections are worth reading and consistent till the end. This will keep the flow of reading of the recruiter consistent and he will read the document till the end. You can format your CV to maintain consistency.

Customize Your Profile

The profile statement is the main attraction of the resume because it is a very good practice to highlight the qualities and skills have for the job. The recruiter surely likes to read this section so that he knows what quality you have. If he finds you fit for the job, he calls you for an interview.

Always Revise

You must always revise and write your resume according to the job description. This will help you include some unique skills that the recruiter wants in the candidate he is looking for.

Do’s and Don’ts For Sales Resume Format
Do’s For A Sales Executive Resume Format
  • You must list your skills, job experience and achievements that are closely related to the job position you are applying for. You can mention the previous job responsibilities as the recruiter likes to know what you are already good at. If you have undergone any professional course and got certified, include them in your CV and also write some transferable skills.
  • Include relevant education in your resume and skip the courses that you did and are not related to the job position you are applying for. Extra stuff makes your content cluttered and the recruiter can miss out on important information while reading the extra information that is less useful. Internships or recent job achievements and certifications can be a part of your CV.
  • While listing the personal information you must not stuff the resume with very personal information like your complete address, religion, marital status etc. It is of no use to the recruiter and just lengthens the content of the resume.
  • You must always apply for the job you deem to be completely fit otherwise you might have to bear the rejection. Check the job description thoroughly and then prepare your mind for the job position. If you are open to learning new skills, you can apply for a job that you don’t have a degree for but you need to get trained first.
  • You must use simple language to write your resume so that the reader understands it in a go. If you use unique words the resume might be good in your opinion but may take time for the recruiter to understand. Therefore he will have to spend more time on it and will not read it further.
  • Your resume content should be optimized and created according to the skills in the job description. This will enable your resume to be tracked under the ATS and will be read by the recruiter because he will come to know that you have the skills that he wants in the new employee.
  • The length of your resume should be short so you must include only relevant content in your CV. Avoid all extra stuff in the sales resume except for your skills and job experience. The recruiters review hundreds of CVs in a day and spend very little time on each so your resume should have only important stuff so that the recruiter may read it.
  • The CV should be proofread several times before finally submitting it to the recruiter. It should be free from all the mistakes and highlight very important content only. If the resume has mistakes the recruiter will lose interest in reading it.
Don’ts for a Sales Manager
  • You must not mention the experiences that are not relevant to the applied job position. The sales manager should include experience in cracking deals for the company he has worked for in the past. If you have ever worked in any other company, noting the sales position, avoid writing about that experience.
  • The recruiters are not interested to know your GPA. They are only interested in getting the information about your last degree. Include all important details about it only. Rest you can just mention.
  • You must include only the stuff that relates to the job search in the resume. Family details relating to your marital status, and the kids you have is not required by the recruiter. The recruiter may ask you about personal details during the hiring process.
  • You must not apply for the post if you can’t meet the requirements. The Employers may train you to work according to their company and requirements but they can’t teach you from 0. So you must not apply for a job outside of your field.
  • Never use a complicated format, layout and design of your resume that becomes stressful for the recruiter to read and understand. Always you the one that is simple to interpret. You must try to use familiar words in your resume and not complex words because it will consume more time for the reader to understand your resume.
  • Don’t extend your resume by more than two pages. Some job positions may require an depth resume but not the sales manager one. So keep it short and crisp.
Frequently Asked Questions on Sales Manager Resume Format
What Is A Good Objective For A Sales Manager Resume?

A good objective for a sales manager is to increase sales revenue and market share while maintaining strong customer relationships and ensuring team members meet or exceed their performance goals. We can provide you with the best sales manager resume examples on our page.

What Should A Sales Manager Resume Look Like?

A sales manager's resume should be well-structured, easy to read, and highlight their achievements in sales and leadership roles. It should include a professional summary, relevant work experience, education, skills, and any awards or certifications. It's also important to use action-oriented language and quantify results whenever possible.

How Can I Highlight My Sales Leadership Skills On A Sales Manager Resume?

You can highlight your sales leadership skills on a sales manager resume by including specific achievements that demonstrate your ability to lead a sales team, such as exceeding sales targets or developing successful sales strategies. Use action-oriented language and quantify your achievements whenever possible, such as by including specific sales figures or percentages.

What Are Some Key Metrics To Include In A Sales Manager's Resume?

Some key metrics to include in a sales manager resume might include revenue growth, sales targets achieved, customer acquisition rates, and customer retention rates. Be sure to use specific numbers and percentages to quantify your achievements and demonstrate your value as a sales manager.

How Can I Demonstrate My Ability To Build Strong Customer Relationships On A Sales Manager Resume?

You can demonstrate your ability to build strong customer relationships on a sales manager resume by highlighting your customer service skills, your ability to understand and address customer needs, and your success in retaining customers and driving repeat business. Use specific examples and metrics to demonstrate your success in building and maintaining strong customer relationships.

What Should I Include In My Sales Manager Resume If I Have Limited Management Experience?

If you have limited management experience, focus on your sales and customer service skills, your ability to work collaboratively with others, and any relevant training or certifications you have completed. Be sure to emphasize your potential as a leader and your eagerness to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

How Can I Use My Sales Manager Resume To Stand Out From Other Candidates?

To stand out from other candidates, you can use your sales manager's resume to showcase your unique skills and achievements, such as your ability to exceed sales targets or your success in developing innovative sales strategies. Be sure to customize your resume to the specific job description and the needs of the employer, and use strong action verbs and specific, measurable results to demonstrate your value as a sales manager.

What Is A Good Resume Objective For A Sales Associate?

A good resume objective for a sales associate should highlight the candidate's skills, experience, and career goals, while also demonstrating their commitment to achieving success in a sales role. For example: To obtain a sales associate position in a dynamic organization where I can utilize my excellent communication skills and sales experience to exceed sales targets and grow within the company.

Why Should I Buy Sales Manager Resume Format Online?

You can create your resume in a hassle-free manner as we can assist you in the same. You can now download the paid resume format for the sales manager job in a few seconds. I think you must not stress about creating a professional resume for yourself as it is not that easy. You have the opportunity to buy one at a nominal price.

What is the Sample resume of a sales manager in India?

The sample for sales manager resume is the complete format that you can get on our website and make your task of writing a sales manager resume easy. We have prepared a ready-made sales manager resume template that will help you design your resume in very little time and effort.

How to write a CV for the post of sales manager in a company?

If you are looking forward to writing a curriculum vitae of a sales manager in India then you can explore the latest layout and design of resume on our website. Let me tell you, it is very easy to draft one. If you follow the steps that we have listed in our article your work will become less stressful and your resume will be more meaningful.

Description for creating a resume in the post of sales manager in tiles showroom

What should I do if I want to submit a resume for the post of manager sales?

You must create a resume that gets tracked at the ATS so that the recruiter can pick and read your resume. For that, you need to personalize the resume keeping in mind the job description. It will state what the recruiter is searching for in a candidate. If you create your resume according to the demand of the recruiter, the demand is yours. You can submit the resume by hand to the recruiter or post it online.

Where can I get the CV for salesman Word format?

We are here to provide you with a wide range of customized resumes for all job profiles. Here if you are looking for a salesman resume in Word format, you can avail it from our website by simply downloading it and resolving your purpose.

Can you Show resumes with sales targets Achievements?

If you have experience in sales sector as a sales manager and have achieved the targets that were given to you by your boss and you have been awarded for the same, you can very well highlight that in your resume. The recruiter will check such stuff in the achievements section and will consider you for the job too.

How To Write A Resume For Sales Coordinator?

To write a resume for sales coordinator in India you need to follow the right format for the same. The format for a fresher is the functional format, for experienced, is reverse chronological and the one who has much experience in the same job position, can choose a combination resume format.

How Do I Write A Resume For A Sales Executive?

To write the CV for sales executive in India it is important to choose the correct format among the three formats of a sales associate resume in India. Functional, chronological and hybrid format. The right use of them is available on our website in our article Sales Manager Resume Format. You can read it to get complete information in detail.

How To Write A Sales Manager Resume?

To write the sales manager resume in India you must follow the right format. Along with the right format, you must have complete knowledge about the steps to write a sales manager resume in India and then create it for yourself. Explore our article to get detailed information about sales manager resume downloads in India.

Who can help me with Sales Manager Format Resume Download India?

Well, if you are facing a problem in writing a sales associate resume for yourself, you can simply download sales manager resume word from our website in minimal charge. You will get the latest updated layout of your resume from us in no time.